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|scare tactic|

Alarix’s POV

We arrived back at the castle a few hours ago. King Darius requested my presence in his chambers. I’m hoping to get some information about this whole King Alarix situation. As much as the thought of being king scared me, being here surrounded by vampires who are already treating me like their king has made me all the more excited despite the reasoning behind my becoming royal.

Novak and Elias got to work pretty much as soon as we set foot back on the castle grounds. I saw a little of what Novak could do, and I was amazed. Lila and Levi decided they would train together... Lila is a warrior; she isn’t liking not doing anything. With Levi being an alpha wolf, he gives Lila a run for her money. I couldn’t watch Lila being thrown about, even though she gave as good as she got, so I was glad when King Darius sent for me.

I’ve been in his chambers for the past ten minutes, and he hasn’t uttered a word. He looks exhausted and like he’s aged ten years since this morning.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“The vampire that spoke to Arthur from the Shadow Pack, it was your mother.” He shivered.

I snarled, clenching my hands into fists. How the hell did she know we were here? Why do they insist on ruining everything? We aren’t doing any harm. The gods or whoever decide the fates of vampires wouldn’t have bonded me to Lila if it wasn’t supposed to be.

“Who knew you were coming here?” He questioned, quirking his brow at me.

“Apart from Lila’s family and Elias’ mum, I don’t think anyone knew,” I answered.

I know for a fact, Lila’s family wouldn’t have given away our location. From what we learned today about Elias’ mum, I wouldn’t put it past her to give up our location.

“Wait. Natalia.” I snarled. “She was there when you first made the offer.”

“Shit.” He cursed, banging his fist on the table. “We need to have the ceremony of throne change as soon as possible.” He exclaimed, rising from his seat.

“But I have no idea what it takes being a king!” I fretted.

He smiled and shook his head. “My boy, there isn’t any lessons in becoming king. Go with your gut; it will always lead you right.” He professed. “I wasn’t of the royal family when I took over.” He added.

I stared at him as he sat down again. “The previous king and queen, they lost their son twenty years ago. He was five.” He remarked. “They searched for him for years but had no luck... It took a toll on their leadership. They resigned and pretty much forced me into this position, but I think I’ve done ok with the kingdom.” He smiled.

“I had no idea. I don’t remember anything about the old king and queen.” I mused. “For as long as I can remember, you’ve always ruled.”

He ran his hand down his face and sighed. “They live on the other side of France. No one sees them anymore.” He explained. “But enough about that... Will Lila be ok with a quicker ceremony?” He questioned.

“I’ll speak to her, but I don’t think she will object,” I answered. “How will we be safer if I’m king?” I asked.

He grinned at me and leaned back in his chair. He looked like he’d been waiting for me to ask this question. “Ah, you see... You will gain power, not only of the vampires but of wolves too because of Lila and Levi. With Elias by your side, you gain power over some if not most witches.” He explained.

“It sounds more like a scare tactic.” I sighed.

“If it secures your daughter’s life and maybe yours too, is that so bad?” He raised his brow. “Be just and fair; you soon will gain their respect and trust.” He added.

I suppose that sounds better. I don’t want them to follow me because they’re scared. I want them to follow because it’s the right thing to do.

“While we are talking... I have a strange mark on my neck.” I announced.

“A mark from Lila?” He asked.

I nodded and pulled my shirt away from my neck as he stood up from his seat. He pulled my shirt down more, practically strangling me while he examined it closer.

“Does Lila have the same or?” He pondered.

“Identical.” I clarified.

He moved back, looking deep in thought. He looked like he had an idea, but he didn’t say anything. “The crest looks royal...” He mused. “Leave it with me. I’ll do some digging and get back to you.” He stated.

I nodded, straightening my shirt out again. “We’ll do the ceremony on Saturday in two days.” He muttered. “It gives me plenty of time to invite their families.” He added.

I nodded. “What do we do in the meantime?” I asked. “What if they attack?”

He spun around and smirked. “It’ll be impossible to find this place without given access.” He grinned. “The castle is cloaked... did I not mention that?” He chuckled.

I chuckled. “No, you didn’t.” I sighed.

That probably would have been a good thing to start with. It would have stopped all this worrying.

“How is it cloaked?” I questioned.

“Magdaline.” He smiled fondly. “I’m the one that helped her when Lilith exiled her.” He explained.

“So you knew when you sent him there?” I choked.

That could have been a good thing to tell us too! What else is he keeping from us?

“I did, but I knew he wouldn’t believe me until he spoke to her himself or at least met Novak.” He smiled.

“Can I ask you something?” I inquired.

“Of course.” He smiled, sitting down again.

“I know you had been watching me for a while... How long exactly? Did you ever speak to the seer who visited my parents? Because I know it wasn’t Melanie.” I asked.

I vaguely remember the seer from years ago. She didn’t come to us until I was nineteen. I wasn’t young like Lila. I was old enough to understand what happened, even though I didn’t hear everything.

“No... I couldn’t find her. I searched. It was Melanie that came to me.” He answered. "I've been watching you since you were eight years old." He mentioned. "It's when I took over the throne... You've always shown leader traits, but it was the deal between the two clans that got my attention." He added.

Something isn’t quite adding up. The seer, in the beginning, was obviously correct... I’m Lila’s mate, and Levi and Elias are bonded together. If this was the whole prophecy, why wasn’t it mentioned in the beginning?

“You know Magdaline pretty well, don’t you?” I asked.

He nodded, furrowing his brows at me. I know was being cryptic, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Nothing was making sense.

I took a deep breath before sighing. “Ask me, son.” He leaned forward, watching me.

“Can she see the future?” I asked.

What she said to us before she left has been bugging me. Levi and Elias were going to be ok, and she looks forward to meeting Alora... Lila isn’t pregnant yet, and we haven’t even spoken about names. How would she know all of this if she couldn’t?

“She said something to you, didn’t she?” He questioned.

“Yes.” I sighed. “She is looking forward to meeting Alora.”

He smiled at me and nodded. “She can see certain things about a person by one touch.” He admitted.

“Now, this just confuses me more.” I groaned.

“Don’t dwell on it, Alarix. Focus on you and Lila,” he nodded.

How the hell am I not supposed to dwell on it? It’s like we’re being told different things. I know what I need... I need to find this damn seer that started all of this. I’ll get answers one way or another.

“What was the seer’s name?” I asked.

He sighed, rolling his eyes. “Awena.” He answered. “The only lead I had for her was New Forest, Hampshire.” He added.

“Thank you.” I stood up and smiled at him. “I’ll let Lila know about the ceremony,” I mentioned.

“I’ll find out about that mark for you.” He uttered as I moved towards the door.

“Alarix?” He stated.

I glanced over my shoulder and raised my brow. “Magdaline has never been wrong with a premonition.” He remarked with a nod before I walked out of the room.

"Meet me back in our room, babe. I need to talk to you." I linked Lila as I made my way back to our room.

The conversation with King Darius has left me with question after question. My head feels fried. If Magdaline is right... Are we not going to die? Is the prophecy even right? The mark on my neck? He looked like he knew more than he was saying.

"I’m in our room. Melanie sent me a message. I’m waiting for her to get in touch," she linked back, breaking me from my thoughts.

Oh, for fuck sake. Now what?

I darted to our room and pushed open the door. “Wow... that was quick.” Lila blurted, looking a little startled.

“Sorry.” I sighed as I went over to her on the sofa.

I placed a kiss on her cheek as I plopped down on the sofa next to her. “What did Melanie say?” I asked.

“Just that she needed to talk to me urgently about the prophecies.” She answered, staring down at her phone. “I’ve tried ringing her, but she’s not answering.” She sighed.

I laid my hand on her knee and squeezed. “If it’s urgent, I’m sure she’ll ring soon,” I reassured.

“Yeah... I just hate it when she-”

She was interrupted as her phone started ringing. She answered without even checking the caller id, “Melanie?” She blurted.

“Dad? Are you ok?” She leaned forward, her brows drawing into a thin line.

I leaned forward and watched her expressions as she listened. “What do you mean? When?” She choked.

She started shaking her head, “no, no, no.” She chanted. “She can’t be dead!” She shouted.

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