Bind Me

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|pause, back up and rewind|

Lila's POV

“Lila?” Dad muttered down the phone.

“Dad? Are you ok?” I asked, leaning forward.

“Melanie’s body was found a few minutes ago by our border.” He answered sadly. "She's been murdered," he murmured.

“What do you mean? When?” I choked.

“The doctor thinks she was murdered recently.” He replied.

I started shaking my head, “no, no, no.” I chanted. “She can’t be dead!” I shouted.

I took a deep breath as Alarix brushed his hand up and down my back soothingly.

“She messaged me about twenty minutes ago... Who would want to hurt her?” I whimpered.

“I don’t know, baby.” He sighed. “Lila, I need you to be safe. I need you to look after your brother.” He whimpered.

“Of course, Dad,” I whined. That goes without saying.

“Baby, give Alarix the phone. Mum and I love you.” He expressed.

“I love you both.” I inhaled shakily before handing Alarix the phone.

He took the phone from my hand and held it against his ear. “Alpha,” he greeted.

I tuned out of the conversation. My head was spinning. What was happening? Why would anyone kill her? What did she need to tell me? Goddess, I hope it was nothing bad, but then again, what could be worse than foreseeing our death again.

“Of course, Leon.” I heard Alarix say. “Yes, I’ll see you on Saturday.” He added before putting the phone beside him.

I raised my brow at him. “Why is my dad coming on Saturday?” I questioned.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” He sighed. “But we can wait until later.” He soothed.

I shook my head and sighed. “No. I need something to take my mind off everything.” I groaned.

He shifted awkwardly in his seat, avoiding looking me in the eye. He took a deep breath before looking at me again. “What I need to tell you won’t exactly take your mind off it.” He sighed.

“Tell me.” I prompted, reaching my hand out for his.

“They know we’re here, Lila... They know exactly where we are.” He croaked. “It was my mother that spoke to Arthur, you know, from the Shadow Pack.” He cringed.

I climbed onto his lap, laying my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his back. He feels responsible for his parents. I can feel it through the bond... It’s definitely not his fault. He isn’t responsible for his parents’ actions.

“The ceremony is being brought forward... on Saturday if that’s ok?” He mumbled into my neck.

I jumped back and gawked at him. “That soon?” I blurted.

I’ve not prepared to be queen!

I haven’t had any training or lessons into what it means to be queen.

Do queens even go through training?

I thought someone would at least talk to me about it. Maybe give me pointers, and hell, let me know what to expect. Instead, they’re throwing me in at the deep end.

“Woah...” He chuckled. “You’re overthinking this. King Darius said to trust your gut; it will lead you right.” He smiled. “He’s not royalty, and he’s managed it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He seems so... royal. I would never have guessed he didn’t have royal blood. I mean, you don’t technically need to have royal blood to lead, but they usually have a sense about them. King Darius does.

I suppose it’s the same with my dad and Levi. My dad doesn’t have alpha blood, but he’s every bit of an alpha. He has the aura and the temperament of an alpha; the same goes for Levi.

“The last king and queen lost their son.” He sighed. “They couldn’t cope, so they gave him the throne.”

I hummed, nodding. “Blood doesn’t mean anything when it comes to something you believe in.” I smiled.

He grinned at me, nodding. “I asked him about our marks, too... it’s the royal crest.” He stated. I gawked at him as he just kept dropping all these major things on me.

“Why do we have a royal mark?” I gasped.

“Beats me,” he shrugged. “I also have more to tell you.” He mentioned.

I took a deep breath before straightening myself on his knee. “Ok... Hit me with it.” I chuckled.

“Magdaline has premonitions... King Darius knew Lilith and what she did to Magdaline. The castle is cloaked with magic. Oh, and Awena is the seer that started all of this.” He finished with a chuckle.

My eyes were wide, and I was speechless. The hits keep coming... “I’m not sure the prophecy Melanie told us is accurate. Actually, I would bet money on it being a load of shit.” He groaned.

“Hold up! Pause, back up and rewind.” I blurted. “Premonitions?” I choked.

“Premonitions.” He repeated with a slight smirk on his face.

“She can see the future?” I gasped, gaping at him.

“Apparently, she can see some things by one touch.” He answered.

So, when she touched us and Levi and Elias, she saw a little into our future. She saw our daughter, which we don’t have yet or haven’t named. She told Levi and Elias they were going to be fine... now I understand why Alarix is questioning everything.

“We need to find Awena.” He grumbled. “There’s something not right. I can feel it.”

I leaned over him and grabbed my phone. I pulled up my dad’s number then glanced at Alarix. “Where is she from again?” I quirked my brow at him.

“New Forest, Hampshire.” He muttered as he lolled his head back against the sofa.

I pressed the call button and held the phone to my ear. Alarix grabbed my hand and pushed it under his shirt, so my hand was firmly against his chest. I smiled coyly as he chuckled.

“You aren’t close enough.” He whispered, flexing his fingers over mine.

I blushed, glancing at the bulge in his shirt from our hands. I dragged my nails down his chest slowly, feeling his cock hardened.

“Lila, is everything ok?” Dad’s voice startled me. I completely forgot I was on the phone.

I pressed my hand firmly against Alarix’s chest and glared at him. “Yeah... sorry. Are you... busy?” I stammered.

“One second, Doc.” I heard him say. “Nothing that can’t wait if you need me.” He declared. I could hear the smile in his voice. I could picture him having a boyish goofy grin on his face. It makes me miss him all the more.

“Finish your meeting. I can ring you later?” I offered.

I want to tell him I have the name of the seer, but he sounds super busy. I don’t want to distract him. I know my parents looked for her years after they found out about the prophecy.

“Stay on the phone, darling. You should hear this too.” He affirmed.

I pulled the phone away from my ear and pressed the speaker button. “You’re on speaker... Alarix is here.” I mentioned.

"Levi, come to my room... Ask one of the maids to show you. I have Dad on the phone." I linked Levi. He and Elias deserved to hear this too. It involved us all.

“Carry on, Doc.”

“It was the blow to her head that ended her life, but she looks like she’s been tortured. There are old scares and recent ones.”

The door opened, and Levi walked in before coming over to us. He sat next to me as I stayed on Alarix’s knee.

“I can feel magic emitting from her... it’s strong.” The Doc added.

“How sure are you?” My dad asked.

“I’ve attended to Elias many times to be able to pick up on magic, Alpha. Also, she has the same mark as Lilith.”

My dad gasped, “but she’s a seer.”

We kept quiet as we listened. I had so many questions, but I knew if we all started talking, it would get hectic.

“Not likely, Alpha. This is the mark of a witch. When I examined Lilith after she gave birth, I asked her about the mark on her back. She told me it was her coven mark. They have the same mark.”

“Melanie was a witch.” I choked.

“Lila, I don’t know what’s going on, but we will find out,” Dad vowed.

“Awena. You have to find Awena. She’s the seer that started this. New Forest, Hampshire.” Alarix blustered.

“I’m on it. Stay safe, kids.” He replied.

“Dad, wait!” Levi blurted before taking a deep breath. “Where is Lilith?” He asked.

“I don’t know, son. She hasn’t been seen since you left.” Dad sighed.

“Elias is in danger, isn’t he?” Levi whimpered.

“Be strong, my boy. I’ll call when I know more.” Dad exclaimed before ending the call.

“Melanie was a witch,” I repeated, dragging in breaths. “The prophecies don’t mean shit... we don’t know what is true or not,” I whispered.

“I need to find Elias,” Levi growled, jumping up.

I climbed off Alarix’s knee and went over to Levi, grabbing his arm. He turned to me, and the look on his face nearly floored me.

“What’s up?” I questioned.

“His block is up. I can’t get through.” He panicked. “Lila, what is going on?” He whimpered.

I’d like to know the same thing. Ever since we arrived here, it’s just been one thing after another.

“Come. We’ll find Novak.” I urged, pushing him towards the door.

Alarix was behind me in seconds, following us out. We raced down the stairs, heading for the foyer, only to be stopped by King Darius. He chuckled before flitting his eyes between all of us.

“What’s happened?” He shot, holding his arms across his chest.

“It’s... Elias.” Levi bleated.

“We don’t know where he is. His mind block is up, so we can’t communicate with him.” I mentioned.

King Darius looked deep in thought before pointing down the stairs. “Novak is in the kitchen. He just got back.” He explained before turning and vanishing, literally.

“Huh, he can teleport.” I drawled as I gawked down the stairs.

Alarix tugged me along as Levi darted down the stairs. I followed, trying to keep up with Alarix. Levi had disappeared around the corner; I feared for poor Novak’s life if Elias wasn’t with him.

“Alarix, go. If Elias isn’t there... Levi is going to flip.” I blurted.

He nodded before dashing off. All I saw was a blur in front of me before I heard a crash. I pushed myself faster and followed their scents to where the kitchen was.

I ran into the kitchen and froze as my eyes darted around. Alarix was stood behind Novak, who had a protective shield around them both, as Levi’s wolf stood tall and high, snarling at them.

I jumped in the middle of them. “Levi, we can’t help if you don’t shift back. We can find out, but you need to shift,” I growled.

He growled at me, shaking his big head. I sighed and dragged my hand through my hair. “Stay there. You won’t get him behind that shield.” I deadpanned.

I stepped to the side, so Leo didn’t think I was turning my back on him. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but right now, he’s not thinking clearly. I turned towards Novak and Alarix. Alarix looked terrified, and I knew it wasn’t because of Levi; it was because I was unprotected.

“Novak, tell us what happened.” I insisted.

“He got a message and pretty much ran into the forest. He told me not to follow, and I couldn’t even if I wanted to... he commanded me to stay... he’s a quick learner.” He explained.

I spun around, “Levi, don’t.” I warned, but of course, he didn’t listen.

He turned and bolted out of the kitchen.

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