Bind Me

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|all is not lost|

Leon’s POV.

I stared at the mountain of paperwork in front of me. After the phone call with the kids, I knew I had to try and find this seer. We have more to go on this time, but it’s still proving difficult. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fucking impossible.

I expected some challenges to find her. We have a location, but we don’t know what she looks like or anything about her; other than her name. Only New Forest isn’t a city or village... No, it’s a national park in the middle of six fucking villages. We would run out of time before we even half of the villages.

“I was thinking... Are there any packs in the vicinity of New Forest?” Ayla asked. “They might help with the search. If they are on our side, obviously.” She sighed.

“I have no idea...” I drawled. “I could get in touch with the council, though... They might be able to help.” I chirped.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. They come to us for help when they need it, so why can’t they return the favour just this once. We never ask for anything. Hope bubbled in my chest as I picked up the phone, dialling the number for the council.

I held the phone to my ear as the dial tone rang out. “I’m popping to the pack hospital. I’ll be back.” Lila mouthed before blowing me a kiss. I nodded and smiled at her as she rushed out of my office.

“Alpha Leon, what a nice surprise. It’s Mannie.” Councilman Mannie greeted.

I hummed before getting straight to it. “I’m looking for someone, and I was wondering if you could help?” I asked.

“Ah, what do you need?” He replied.

“Could you get me in touch with any alphas in the vicinity of Hampshire? Preferably New Forest area.” I leaned back in my chair as there was a short pause on the other end.

“Who are you looking for?” He inquired.

“A seer. The one who foretold the prophecy concerning my children.” I answered. “We have a name now and a location. I must find her.” I explained.

“Ah, I remember.” He hummed. “What is her name?” He asked.

“Awena,” I returned.

I heard what sounded like paper being shuffled and cursing under his breath. I bit back a laugh while I waited for him to answer. Ayla came back into the office and closed the door quietly. She went and sat on the sofa again, grabbing her laptop.

“Brockenhurst.” Councilman Mannie asserted.

“Is that where the pack is?” I questioned.

“Yes, and the seer.” He stated. “She is in the protection of White Claw Pack.” He added.

A grin spread across my face as I pumped my fist in the air energetically. Ayla glanced at me with an amused look on her face. I held up one finger and focused back on the conversation with the councilman.

“Protection, why?” I asked.

“We should have told you... Seers are being murdered. She was found injured by them, and they took her in for sanctuary.” He explained.

“Do you know who is doing it?” I asked through gritted teeth. I have an idea, but I want to hear their thoughts.

“We think it’s a witch.” He answered. “Alpha Sierra is expecting your call. I’ve emailed you the contact details.”

I growled before shaking my head. “Thank you,” I replied before hanging up the phone.

“We’ve got her.” I blurted.

Ayla’s face lit up as she gawked at me. “I’m going to link the kids and let them know.” She burst.

I let her contact the kids while I checked my emails for Alpha Sierra’s details. On my screen were her phone number and the address of her pack. I dialled the number into the phone and went to lift the phone to my ear when Ayla sighed.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned.

“I can’t get through to any of them.” She grumbled.

“Maybe they’re busy?” I suggested. “There is a lot to plan for Saturday. Our little girl is becoming a queen.” I smiled.

She nodded and smiled back at me. “I’m going to ring the alpha of the pack. Why don’t you look into travel arrangements for u as soon as possible? I want to leave as soon as possible.” I offered. Anything to get her mind off the kids; she’ll only worry herself sick.

“I can do that.” She replied, standing up and holding her laptop against her chest. She came over to me and gently pressed her lips into mine. “I love you.” She murmured against my lips before pulling away.

“Ditto, baby.” I grinned as she left the office.

I pressed the call button and waited for Alpha Sierra to answer. I’m hoping she agrees and lets us come today. We never heard about the prophecy straight from her mouth... It was all from Lilith. From what Levi and Elias told us earlier about her, I don’t know if she can be trusted.

Then there’s the whole situation with Melanie, who we thought was a seer but turned out to be a witch. The prophecy was obviously bogus, but I don’t understand why. What’s the end game here?

I need to know for certain about the whole prophecy. I need to know what Awena told Alarix’s parents because it’s clear she only visited them and then left it at that. There are so many questions surrounding this prophecy.

“Alpha Sierra.” A voice answered the phone.

“It’s Alpha Leon from the Dark Wolf Pack... I assume you were expecting my call?” I asked.

“Yes, I was. I hear you need to speak with Awena?” She questioned.

“She foretold a prophecy years ago about my pups,” I mentioned. I took a deep breath before exhaling slowly. “If it’s possible, I’d like to visit your pack today. I need to speak to Awena. Would you consider that?” I queried.

“Who would accompany you?” She inquired.

“My luna and beta.” I clarified. “We won’t stay... It’ll be a flying visit.” I offered.

“Sure. You’re in Devon, right?” She asked.

“Yes. It will take us just over two hours to make the journey.” I responded.

“Perfect. I’ll see you then.” She stated before hanging up the phone.

I sighed, leaning back in my chair. Finally, we will be able to get some answers. We will know for sure what the prophecy entails. I don’t understand why witches are killing seers, though. And why was Melanie killed when she wasn’t a seer? Why kill one of your own.

The phone began ringing. I glanced over at the machine to see who it was. As I realised it was the France area code, I quickly picked up the phone.

“Alpha Leon.” I greeted.

“It’s Darius. Something has happened. I’m not sure what, but there is something wrong with Elias.” King Darius blurted.

I sucked in a breath as I squeezed the phone in my hand. “What happened?” I ground my teeth together as I asked. If something has happened to Elias, it’s going to crush Levi.

“He was found deep in the forest. He was unresponsive, almost like in a catatonic state. I’ve got a doctor on the way to examine him.” He replied. “I wanted to keep you updated in case you tried to reach Levi. He’s not left his side.”

I exhaled shakily. “Thank you. Can you let Lila know I’ve found Awena, and I’m going to speak to her, please?” I asked. “Once I’ve seen her, Ayla and I will be on the first flight out.” I declared.

“No need. I’ve sent my jet... I will send you the details.” He mentioned.

“Thank you.” I took a deep breath. “Darius, I know you don’t owe us anything, but please, keep an eye on them. They are strong, but when it comes to your other half... Well, you can lose it. Levi...” I sucked in a breath, trying my hardest not to cry.

Levi has been a part of our life forever. If something happens to him, it won’t only devastate Levi; the whole pack will feel it.

“Of course. I won’t be allowing them out on their own... It’s for their own safety.” He stated. “I’ll see you soon, Alpha.”

I slammed the phone down a little too hard as Ayla entered the room. She dropped her laptop on the floor and ran over to me. “Leon, what’s happened?” She fretted, kneeling in front of me.

I sniffled, wiping my eyes before glancing down at her. “We need to go, baby. I’ll tell you everything in the car.” I whispered.

We set off for Hampshire. As I told Alpha Sierra, it was only me, Ayla and Wade. The pack was in safe and good hands with Owen, Lila’s brother and the warriors. There is plenty of wolves around if an attack happens. The bonus of having KS Guidance there is always strong wolves around.

I told Ayla and Wade what had happened, well, what I knew. As I figured, Ayla was ready to dive out of the moving car and go straight for the jet. I told her we need to do this. We need to find out exactly what is going on. Elias is in safe hands with Levi, Lila and Alarix around. We need to do this for their futures.

We reached Hampshire in good time. Ayla directed me towards the pack we were going to. As we drove down the windy roads and through little villages, I was beginning to feel anxious. I was nervous about what we were going to hear. After finding out Melanie was a witch, I let hope settle in my chest; maybe their destiny wasn’t what it is.

“It’s just around this bend.” Ayla pointed ahead and turned her phone off.

“I see it,” I commented as large white gates came into view.

I pulled up outside of the gates as a man stalked towards the car cautiously. “Alpha Leon. Dark Wolf Pack.” I announced.

He nodded before waving his hand then the gate slowly opened. “Follow the road round, and you’ll reach the packhouse.” He instructed.

I nodded as I pulled away and drove into the little village. Ayla and Wade were staring at everything. Now and again, Ayla would gasp when she saw something she liked. I placed my hand on her thigh and squeezed as I stopped outside of a huge house.

“This is it,” I remarked, looking out of the window.

We climbed out of the car as a woman stepped out of the packhouse door. “Alpha Leon.” She greeted.

She came towards us and stopped in front of us. “Alpha Sierra, this is my luna, Ayla and my beta, Wade.” I introduced.

“It’s nice to meet you.” She nodded. “Awena is just inside. I have to warn you she’s a little timid. Whoever hurt her did a real number on her.” She growled.

I nodded as Ayla replied. “We aren’t here to harm her. We just want to ask her some questions.” She reassured.

She pushed the door open and gestured us inside. We followed her into a foyer before she opened a door on our right. “She’s in here. I can wait outside if you would prefer?” She offered.

I shook my head and smiled. “That’s not necessary,” I remarked.

I stepped into the room and glanced around until my eyes landed on a petite brunette sat on an armchair with a blanket over her. Once we were all inside, her eyes flitted up, and she glanced at us all.

“Awena, this is-”

“I know who they are.” She whispered.

“Can you tell us about the prophecy, please?” I asked, sitting on the sofa opposite her.

“Lila Morris and Alarix King are to be mated. Levi Morris and Melanie Brooker are to be mated together. The unity will disrupt species, but not all is lost. Two special beings will be born because of this unity. Princess Alora King and Nate Morris will be the first hybrid children.” She sounded like she was reporting something.

“But that didn’t happen. Levi Morris isn’t mated to his destined. But still, not all is lost. Levi Morris has a new destiny with his chosen destined. The hybrid princess, along with the prophets, will be the key to stopping the war.”

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