Bind Me

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|gut-wrenching, heartbreakingly, soul-destroying|

Levi’s POV.

I followed Mum as she continued leading me through the hallways. She’s on edge and nervous about something. I can sense it through our bond and the fact that she keeps giving me sad sideways glances. Whatever she has found out is bad enough for her to have travelled across the country.

“Mum,” I groaned. “Come on. I want to get back to Elias... I want to be there when he wakes up.” I sighed.

She peered at me over her shoulder and shook her head. “It won’t be long, I promise. Your dad and I need to talk to you.” She muttered.

I suppose the quicker I cooperate and do as I’m told, the quicker I can get back to Elias and stop these ridiculous thoughts he’s having. I continued following Mum like a good little pup, occasionally sighing before she stopped in front of two large wooden doors.

She turned to face me, taking a deep breath. “What we are about to tell you isn’t going to be easy to hear.” She attested as she placed her hands on my arms and stared at me.

“Got it. Keep my wolf on a tight leash.” I replied with a smile.

She took a deep breath before she pushed open the double doors. I went in after her, scanning my eyes around. We were in a conference room. Dad was sitting next to King Darius with Lila and Alarix opposite them. It seemed very formal.

Dad’s glanced at me and gave me a tight smile before his expression faltered, and he glared at the table. King Darius looked as stoic as ever. His eyes were fixed on the table, never once looking in my direction. At least Lila and Alarix looked as clueless as I felt.

“Sit next to Lila, Levi,” Dad instructed, pointing to the empty chair next to Lila.

I moved around the table, stopping behind the chair he pointed to. I pulled the chair out before sitting down and glancing at Lila. She smiled, shrugging at me before we both focused on our parents.

“We think... We think we know what’s wrong with... Elias.” Dad stammered, fiddling with his hands on the table.

I furrowed my brows at them as Mum dragged in a deep breath, gripping onto my dad’s hand. “We need to tell you what Awena said. It will explain Elias’ condition.” Mum croaked.

They both exchanged awkward looks between themselves before Mum took a deep breath. “Leon... I can’t tell him,” Mum whimpered.

I reached my hand over the huge table, placing my hand over Mum’s. “It’s ok, Mum. Did she tell you the prophecy?” I asked, smiling reassuringly at her.

Mum stared at me, looking like she wanted to burst into tears. I glanced at Dad, watching as he swallowed hard and nodded.

“Ok... Tell us exactly what she said.” I deadpanned, pulling my hand away.

I was getting worried now. They were both focused on me, like the whole prophecy was about me... which I know it’s not. What could be worse than one we’ve already heard? They can’t foresee our death twice.

“Lila Morris and Alarix King are to be mated. Levi Morris and Melanie Brooker are to be mated together. The unity will disrupt species, but not all is lost. Two special beings will be born because of this unity. Princess Alora King and Nate Morris will be the first hybrid children. But that didn’t happen. Levi Morris isn’t mated to his destined. But still, not all is lost. Levi Morris has a new destiny with his chosen destined. The hybrid princess, along with the prophets, will be the key to stopping the war.”

I fell back into the chair and gaped at them. Surely I heard them wrong. My mind was trying to catch up with what they said... my brain trying to come up with different things to overlap what they said.

My body was shaking, and I couldn’t control it. Leo was forcing his way forward. He was angry... angry with our parents for spouting such nonsense. I thought they couldn’t possibly say anything worse... how fucking wrong was I?

“Levi, you need to calm down.” Dad warned.

I chuckled harshly, shaking my head. “Calm down?” I snarled. “You’ve just dropped a huge fucking bombshell on me, and you want me to calm down?” I raged.

I couldn’t catch my breath. Every breath I dragged in felt like my chest was on fire. I didn’t think my heart could shatter more than it already had when I found Elias... boy, was I wrong. This was pain like I’ve never felt.

“I know you are scared, but you need to watch who you’re talking to. Now, calm down.” Dad growled.

I stood up abruptly, causing the chair to scrape across the floor, making a sickening sound. “When your life is ripped apart, and you can keep calm... then and only then you can tell me to calm down.” I snapped.

“We understand this is a shock for you, Levi, but please, sit down, and we can talk about it.” Mum tried soothing me. I could hear the softness in her voice and her eyes pleading with me.

“No. No one understands. How could you?” I shouted. “You’ve all had your mates and destined... My mate isn’t even my mate.” I grunted.

“My mate was Melanie... a fucking girl. Do you realise how confusing that is?” I shivered. “How the fuck did Elias end up being my mate? You brought them into the pack, how could not sense something wasn’t right?” I shot.

I could hear myself saying these things but couldn’t stop. I have never been attracted to girls... it’s always been Elias, but now I’m confused... did something happen to me for me to only see him? I had to get out of here before I said something I would later regret.

“We had no reason to suspect it wasn’t true.” Dad sighed. “We think Elias knows what happened.” He added cautiously.

“Elias was in on it?” I choked, leaning over and clutching my chest.

My heart dropped at the thought. Nothing made sense anymore. My mind was jumbled, a thousand questions swirling around. I heaved, choking as I let the tears fall. This was gut-wrenching, heartbreakingly, soul-destroying... had my whole life been a lie?

Mum jumped up, rushing around the table. She placed her hands on my face and turned me to face her. “Oh, Levi, no, we don’t think that. In fact, I would say he didn’t know any of this... he’s a mess right now too.” Mum whispered, wiping the tears away as they kept falling.

“Mum, I don’t know what to do.” I whimpered.

Leo was destroyed. My wolf was curled up, whimpering at the loss of what could have been. A pup... a pup we were destined to have. That’s all he kept murmuring. I felt the same to some extent... but that isn’t what hurts the most.

She reached up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around my neck. “I don’t know,” she whispered as I laid my head on her shoulder. “It doesn’t have to change anything, baby.” She sighed.

Doesn’t it? It sure as hell feels like everything has changed.

“I... I need to go.” I choked, stumbling away from her.

“Go? Go where?” Mum asked, panic written all over her face. She grabbed my arms, stopping me from moving.

I shrugged out of Mums hold and moved around her before dashing out of the room. I need to run. Leo needed to run. I was starting to feel suffocated. My whole body felt like it was crumbling.

As soon as I made it outside, I let the shift take over. I coiled over in pain as my whole body pulsated. The shift doesn’t usually hurt, but this was painful. A pain that was needed. I welcomed the feeling as I gave full control to Leo as our shift was complete.

I sat back, holding my knees to my chest. Leo shook out our fur before he darted into the forest. My eyes were burning as my tears fell from my eyes. It was like each tear tore apart my heart.

Leo let out a harrowing howl before falling to the ground. I tried clearing my mind so I could think of one painful thing at a time. If I can work through them, I can figure out why the prophecy is tearing me apart.

I don’t understand... You can’t miss something you never had. Sure, you can think of the what if’s and maybes, but you can’t really miss something you never had. I had what most wolves dream of... the perfect mate, the loving family, the loyal pack. So why was I beginning to question everything?

Was it because I was denied my birthright? The prophecy was foretold before I was even thought of. I was destined for Melanie... a girl. I never had the chance to have what I should have had.

Was it because of the pup I was destined to have? A pup that I won’t have now... Every wolf dreams of their pups at one point in their life. Watching them grow up... accomplishing things, and just been overall proud of your offspring. Something I won’t have.

Or is was Elias... Knowing he wasn’t supposed to be my mate. I wasn’t supposed to have the life I do now. If the prophecy had played out how it was supposed to... Elias wouldn’t be my mate and that thought alone scares the hell out of me. Leo lifted his head, his canines showing as he growled.

Flashbacks of our life together played through my mind like a film. Every memory I have of him, from the very first to the last. The first time I told him I loved him and vice versa... the first time we kissed. Leo was showing me all of our first times together. He was showing me what we had was real... what we had is real.

Maybe Elias wasn’t meant for me in the beginning, but we sure as hell overcame that together.

Leo stood up and turned towards the castle, whining. He wanted Elias; we both wanted our mate.

I don’t know how Elias came to be my mate, but there is one thing I am damn sure of... Elias Kemp is and always will be my mate.

Go to him.

He dashed forward, winding and jumping around fallen down trees and branches. He didn’t need telling twice. He pushed faster than he ever has, moving quickly to get to him faster.

We have to get to him. He has to know we want him no matter what. Levi, he’s our mate. It doesn’t matter what has happened.′ Leo growled.

If he wasn’t supposed to be with us... we wouldn’t have been able to mark him. You don’t mess with the fates. He was made for us. He belongs with us just as we belong with him.

I truly believed that. I’ve learned so much about destiny, fate and mates over the years. If we were supposed to follow the prophecy, the fates would work against us. Melanie would have found her way to us, stopping Elias and me before we finalised our bond. Fate would have made sure.

As we reached the outskirts of the forest, Leo skidded to a stop and held his snout in the air. My heart started racing as I was overwhelmed by Sandalwood and Vanilla. Leo started getting giddy as the scent drew closer.


“I was looking for you.” He muttered as he climbed over a fallen tree before coming over to me and stopping a few feet back.

I fought with everything I had for Leo to give me back control. Eventually, I won as the shift hit me. Elias’ eyes stayed on me as my body twisted and morphed back into my human form.

“Elias,” I whispered.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” He whined. “My mum told me... Once the spell wore off, I didn’t believe it, but you... you...” He choked.

I reached my hand out and touched his face. As the little bolts of electricity shot up my arm, I breathed out in relief.

“You feel that?” I whispered as he leaned into my touch, closing his eyes.

“I’m yours. You’re mine.” I breathed.

His eyes went wide as he sucked in a breath. “But you don’t know the whole story.” He whimpered.

“You’re my mate, end of the story.” I declared, stepping in front of him and pulling him flush against me.

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