Bind Me

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|throes of passion|

Elias’ POV.

I snaked my hand around the back of him and pushed the door open. He moaned as he shoved his hand down the front of my jeans and gripped my cock in his hand.

I moaned, thrusting my hips forward as I walked us both to the bath. I pulled myself away enough to put the plug in the bath and turn the taps on.

“Bath, huh?” He hummed.

Before I could answer, Levi hooked his thumbs into the belt loops of my jeans and yanked them down, freeing my cock in one swift move.

He dropped to his knees and made quick work of swallowing my cock down his throat. I moaned, gripping his hair as I thrust my hips back and forth frantically.

Say you're mine,” he moaned through the link.

“Fuck... I’m yours... I’m yours.” I groaned through gritted teeth.

He moaned deep in his throat, sending waves of pleasure through my cock. I wasn’t going to last long if he carried on. The pressure was building. My balls were tightening as he cupped them gently, rolling them in his hand.

“Levi... I’m going... Fuck, keep doing that.” I moaned as he swirled his tongue around my tip, then along the length. “I’m going... I’m cumming,” I came with a harsh cry as I thrust my hips forward, holding his head still while he swallowed everything I had to give him.

He stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand with a smirk on his face. “Bath now,” I growled.

I got rid of the rest of my clothes as he quickly pulled off his own. I climbed into the bath, keeping my eyes on Levi as he stood in front of the bath in just his boxers.

I groaned, watching as he palmed himself over his boxers. I grasped my cock as he pushed his boxers down then slowly dragged his hand up and down himself. “Come here,” I breathed.

He climbed into the bath then turned around as he lowered himself into the water. I moved forward, wrapping my arm around his waist and pushing him against the side of the bath. He moaned, rubbing his ass against me.

“Eager are we?” I moaned, grazing my fingers up and down his length.

He squirmed against me and whined as I wrapped my hand around him. I groaned, spreading his legs with my knees. He arched his back, sticking his ass out at me with a little wiggle. I chuckled breathlessly and stroked my fingers down his back.

With one hand wrapped around his cock, I teased him with my fingers around his ass, deliberately missing his hole as he panted, pushing against me.

“Say your mine,” I whispered huskily.

“Yours. Always yours.” He panted.

I dragged my hand up and down his cock as I pushed a finger inside him slowly. An animalistic growl reverberated from his throat as I pulled my finger out before thrusting back in.

“Elias, please, more.” He moaned. “Fuck me... I need you inside.”

I eased another finger inside gently as I thrust my fingers and pumped his cock at the same rhythm, waiting for him to adjust and let me in.

“Elias.” He growled. “I’m ready. Show me how much you love me.” He moaned.

I withdrew my fingers, grabbed my cock and pressed against his hole. “I love you so fucking much.” I moaned as I pushed inside.

“Fuck... So tight.” I groaned, pushing until I was snug inside of him. His back arched as he reached his hand between his legs and cupped my balls. I moaned, halting my movements until I could move.

I panted heavily, trying to control the urge to pound into him. He was squeezing the life out of me; any tighter, and I would be exploding inside of him.

I pulled out before easing back in again. “I love feeling you fill me,” he grunted as he covered my hand that was stroking his cock.

He quickened our hands as he pushed back against me harder. “Hold on to the bath,” I gritted.

I pulled out, holding onto his hips before slamming forward and thrusting in and out with vigour. Water was splashing everywhere, but I didn’t care. Right now, I was in the throes of passion, pounding into Levi and hearing his moans and cries.

“Fuck... are you going to cum? I need you to cum.” I choked out before a long moan interrupted me.

I held onto his shoulder with one hand as I leaned over his back, driving my cock further into him as I gripped his cock again and stroked him faster.

Before I could stop him, he shoved me backwards, my cock slipping out of him as he spun around. I gawked at him as he lowered himself back into the water, straddling my waist.

I held my cock still as he hovered above before sinking onto my cock with a loud moan. He grabbed my shoulders, pulling me up to face him. He lifted his hips before grinding against me, making us both cry out.

“Cum,” he growled as I saw his canines release. “Now I’m going... Going to make sure you stay mine.” He panted.

I furrowed my brows, lazily thrusting my hips to meet his bounces. He leaned forward, plummeting his canines into my neck. I swear I saw stars; the feeling tipped me over the edge as I came with a cry, clinging onto him. I wrapped my hand around his cock and pumped my hand quickly until he growled against my neck and hot spurts of his cum hit my stomach.

“Once we’re clean, we’re going to meet with the warlocks,” I whispered breathlessly as he withdrew his canines.

He pulled back, smiling at me. “Sure,” he panted.

After we had finished in the bath and I had to practically run from Levi, trying to jump on me again, we got ready for meeting Novak.

Novak is taking us to meet the other warlocks. If I can get permission to leave the castle grounds, that is. I know I’ll have a fight on my hands with King Darius, Ayla and Leon letting us leave, but this needs to happen; the prophecy demanded it.

“Are you nervous?” Levi asked as he rubbed a towel over his hair.

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