Bind Me

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|exactly like me|

Elias' POV.

I hummed, pulling my trainers on. “We’ve been taught to fear them... I know they obviously aren’t all bad, but I’m still a little anxious.” I sighed.

“I’ll be right by your side, don’t worry,” Levi exclaimed, nodding at me.

I smiled and nodded as I stood up and took a deep breath. I moved towards the door as Levi pulled me back. As I spun around, he crashed his lips against mine, moving against me frantically.

I moaned, sucking on his lips as I pulled back. “Haven’t you already had enough?” I laughed breathlessly.

He shook his head slowly and sighed. “You may not say anything, or you may not actually think about it, but I do know you have been questioning... us.” He muttered.

I sucked in a breath and brushed my thumb back and forth against his cheek as his eyes darted between mine before continuing.

“Elias, I know how you became my mate, and I know you blame yourself for what I could have had.” He cringed. “It doesn’t matter to me. None of it does. I chose you.” He declared.

“We may have been forced together right at the beginning, but we chose to be together. I don’t regret marking you.” He smiled sweetly at me.

I smiled, holding my hand against his face. “Is that what it was all about? You know... In the infirmary and the bathroom? And marking me again?” I asked.

“No, yes, I don’t know.” He groaned. “I just wanted to feel close to you,” he whispered.

“I’m your mate, end of the story.” I quipped, repeating what he told me.

He grinned at me as a huge smile spread across his face. “Come on... It’s time to meet your people.” He bubbled, pulling me towards the door.

As we approached the top of the staircase, Leon, Ayla and King Darius turned to us. They watched us walk down the stairs as Leon cleared his throat, drawing our attention to him.

“Novak tells me you’re going off the castle grounds.” Leon raised his brow and crossed his arms over his chest as we reached the bottom step.

I nodded as Levi answered, “Dad, he needs to do this... These are his people, which means they will be important to us.” he groaned.

I linked my fingers through his and squeezed his hand. “Leon, I promise I’ll keep him safe,” I affirmed as we stopped in front of them.

“Oh, honey, it’s not Levi we’re worried about.” Ayla fretted. “You are as important to us as Levi, Elias.” She smiled.

“A few soldiers will be accompanying you, but they will stay out of sight.” King Darius mentioned.

“I’ll be joining you too,” Leon proclaimed. “I can keep both my boys safe that way.” He asserted.

Warmth spread throughout my body as Leon and Ayla both smiled lovingly at me. “The soldiers know the layout of the land and where the warlocks are located. Be careful, and we’ll see you later.” King Darius nodded. “Novak is outside.” He added.

Leon kissed Ayla on her forehead before whispering something to her before ushering us out of the door. As we stepped outside, Novak, who was leaning against a wall, pushed off it.

“Are you ready?” He asked, smiling at me as he came over to us.

I nodded as he glanced between us all before nodding. “Let’s go... They’re expecting us.” He commented as we headed towards the forest.

I was nervous. I’ve felt like an outcast my whole life, I was never made to feel like one, but I knew I was different especially growing up in a pack of wolves. Now, I’m finally going around my kind... Beings like me. Male witches. The emotions flowing through me were overwhelming. I either wanted to turn and run back to the castle or run straight there so I could get there faster.

As we followed Novak through the trees, now and again, I would see the soldiers. If I didn’t know they were there, I wouldn’t have noticed. It’s like they were in stealth mode. Spy ninja vampires, I chuckled to myself.

“How much further?” Leon queried as he scanned the forest.

Leon and Levi were both tense; their whole bodies were rigged and on edge. As much as I’m a little excited about what we’re doing... I know they’re are apprehensive. We’re pretty much going into the unknown, and we don’t know if they can be trusted... not really.

“We’re here,” Novak announced, stopping abruptly.

I looked around and frowned. There was literally nothing here apart from trees and more trees. Up ahead, I could see a small clearing, but that’s all it was, a small patch of grass with nothing or no one in sight.

“I can hear them,” Leon grumbled.

“Elias,” Novak blurted. “Time for your lesson.” He smirked, turning around and facing me.

"How old is Novak?" Levi asked through the link.

I raised my brow at him, glancing at him. The hostility in his voice definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

Nineteen, why?” I linked back.

I wanted to make sure he was old enough... so I wouldn’t feel guilty when I ripped his throat out.” He growled lowly, glaring at Novak.

I darted my eyes to Novak, who didn’t seem affected by Levi’s outburst. Even though he couldn’t hear him, he could certainly see the look on his face.

I gasped, gripping his shirt and dragging him backwards. “What the fuck? Why?” I whispered, raising my voice a little.

“If he keeps making fuck-me eyes at you, I won’t be responsible for my actions.” He snapped.

I chuckled before grinning at him. “Baby, your eyes are the only ones I see.” I tittered.

He growled at me, wrapping his arm around me possessively and leading us back to Leon and Novak. Leon smirked at us and shook his head. Novak was still staring at me, waiting for me to ask what the lesson was.

“Ok... What do I need to do?” I questioned.

“You are going to unveil the campsite.” He beamed. “Only a warlock can do this. I’ll help you.” He added as he walked over to me. Levi let out a small growl as Novak stopped behind me and grabbed my hands.

"Levi, stop." I groaned.

Leon gripped Levi’s arm and pulled him away as Novak lifted our arms and held them in front of us. I tensed as he moved closer to me, and I swore I heard him inhale.

“Now, what?” I asked.

“Imagine a wall in front of you... Now imagine taking that wall down brick by brick. Bring your arms down slowly as you do, and it should work. Focus all your energy.” He explained.

He stepped around me and nodded. “You’ve got this, Elias. You are already a strong warlock... let me bring out the best in you.” He smiled.

I glanced at Levi, who looked murderous... maybe he was right.

“I can do this.” I declared.

I took a deep breath and did exactly what he instructed. I closed my eyes, imagining the wall and tearing it down. I felt the magic flowing as I motioned my hands down.

I opened my eyes when I heard Levi and Leon gasp. I gaped as I stared ahead. I had done it. There were about fifteen guys who stood staring at me with their eyes wide and mouths parted.

Little hunts were planted around the forest, with fire pits littered around. There were little stalls that had food and clothing, all the necessities one would need. They were a little community. I was stunned... They were all like me.

Levi stepped beside me and linked his fingers through mine. “You did it, E.” He gushed.

Everyone’s eyes moved to our joined hands, and they gasped. A young guy, not much older than me, was standing in the middle of the crowd with tears streaming down his face while an older guy had his arms around him.

“Elias... He looks-.” Levi whispered, gripping my hand tighter.

“Exactly like me,” I choked.

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