Bind Me

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|safe is my middle name|

Lila’s POV

“What do you mean, his dad and brother?” I choked.

“Elias met his dad and brother.” Dad drawled. “We were shocked too.”

I was speechless. I thought Oscar, Lilith’s destined, was Elias’ dad. I guess that explains why he left years ago; maybe he wasn’t her destined after all. I suppose it makes sense; Elias is a full-blooded witch. I overheard Lilith saying it to Oscar when I walked in on them arguing. It didn’t make sense to me then, but it does now.

“Where are they?” I asked.

“Elias is back at the camp. Levi probably isn’t far from there; he doesn’t like Novak. We left; they weren’t exactly welcoming.” Dad answered. “I think we made them nervous.”

“He doesn’t like him?” I questioned. “Dad, that isn’t right. Levi needs to be there with him. Elias has just found out his dad isn’t his dad, and he has a brother!” I blurted.

“I think Novak has a little crush on Elias,” Dad chuckled.

“And you left him out there on his own?” I shrieked.

“Levi is sensible; he’ll be fine.” Dad rolled his eyes.

I stood up from my bed, grabbing my jacket, “Not in a jealous rage, he won’t be.” I shuddered. “Dad, if Novak stands even a little too close for Levi’s liking, all hell will break loose.” I fretted.

“Oh shit, you’re right.” Dad panicked. “I need to go,” he blurted, turning around to the door.

I hurried over to him, grasping his arm. “Wait, I’ll go,” I suggested. “I’ll get Alarix to come with me. We’ll be fine.”

He sighed, shaking his head before taking a deep breath. “There are still soldiers posted around the forest. I will come with you.” He stated. “If anything is wrong, Levi and Leo will respond to me and if the others find you...” He trailed off.

“He’ll respond to me, too. I’m your daughter, so I have your traits.” I grinned. “There are plenty of vampires around. Plus, Levi and I can shift. The warlocks could help too. If we need you, you and Mum can make it to us in a few seconds, and you’ve already seen Alarix in action.” I chuckled.

We could definitely take on a few of the others. There will be enough of us to fight against them, at least until we can get to safety.

“Are you sure?” He questioned. “I don’t know how I feel about both my pups being alone in the forest.” He raised his brow at me.

I giggled, shaking my head. “Dad, I’m not a young pup anymore... I’m a warrior; this is what I do. Yes, it’s slightly different-”

“Slightly? It’s like triple the threat,” he interjected with a scoff.

“Yes, ok.” I rolled my eyes. “Dad, I promise, I’ve got this. Alarix won’t let anything happen to me.” I implored.

He took a deep breath, mulling over what I said. He knows I’m right. “Fine. I’ll stay.” He muttered.

“Stay with Mum... She’s planning my ceremony.” I rolled my eyes with a chuckle.

I don’t want a massive ceremony, but Mum and King Darius insisted. Mum said: “It’s not every day my little girl becomes a queen.”

King Darius wants a big ceremony. He said: “Everyone needs to see you being crowned queen. Vampires have always had a royal family. Wolves and witches haven’t for years or never; this will be a huge thing. It will be televised live.”

Our wolf council are attending; not all of them, just the trusted ones because they’ll be coming here. I wish we could have it at home then I could be surrounded by all of my family.

“Twenty-eight hours and counting.” He grinned. “You will be a fantastic queen,” he smiled.

I took a deep breath and smiled. Twenty-eight hours and my life will change forever; I will be queen and hopefully... pregnant. I’m excited and terrified at the same time. Tomorrow is the start of my heat then we have four days for me to get pregnant; no doubt it will work on the first day.

The sensible thing would be to wait. Wait until we are settled before bringing a baby into our lives. I don’t think we will ever be settled, not really. Not enough to have a peaceful life with the baby... Not when she’s going to be special. I’ve seen her, in my dreams, I’ve seen what Alarix and I could have.

Why should we put our lives on hold because certain beings have a warped version of what has to be normal in our supernatural world?

“Lila, make sure you’re safe.” Dad pleaded, holding my hands and squeezing, bringing me out of my thoughts. “I’ll get a map of the forest and mark where the camp is.” He sighed,

“Of course, Dad. Safe is my middle name.” I smirked. “I’m going to find Alaris. I’ll meet you at the main door,” I mentioned, pulling my jacket on. I gave him a chaste kiss on his cheek before rushing out of the door.

I walked through the hallway leading out of our quarters. I attempted to reach Levi to let him know we were coming, but he wasn’t responding. The block wasn’t up, but his emotions and feelings were closed off. Whatever wrong was with him, he didn’t want anyone knowing.

Alarix, where are you?” I questioned, linking him.

"With the king. What’s wrong?" He replied. ”Lila... I can feel your panic. I cleared my mind when I was speaking with the king; I’m so sorry. Where are you?" He blurted.

I chuckled to myself, shaking my head. ”The second hallway on the left after our quarters. Don’t apologise. It’s ok. You don’t have to check on my emotions twenty-four seven." I chuckled.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Alarix fussed as he appeared in front of me, causing me to crash into his chest.

I shrieked and stumbled backwards as he caught me before I could fall. “Shit, you have to stop doing that.” I panted, catching my breath. “Or at least give a girl a warning.” I groaned.

He rolled his eyes before wrapping his arms around me. “Levi needs-” I began.

“Say no more, beautiful. You had me at Levi needs.” He nodded, linking his hand through mine and standing next to me.

I smiled up at him and nodded. We walked through the hallway, heading for the main floor. I told him what happened between Levi, Elias and the warlocks, so he knew why we were going.

“That’s crazy,” he drawled.

“I know … Elias must be so confused, but I don’t understand why he let Levi leave? If that happened to me, I’d want you near me no matter what.” I sighed as we reached the grand staircase.

We jogged down the stairs, making our way to my dad, who was leaning against the wall next to the door. “This is where it is... I’ve marked the trail we took, so follow it, and it will take you right to the camp,” Dad explained, handing me the map.

I nodded, taking the map from him. “We’ll be ok, Dad. ” I smiled.

I led Alarix to the door as he took the map from me. “Remember, link me as soon as you get there,” Dad called out as I opened the door.

He opened the map and examined it for a few seconds before he shoved it into his pocket. He turned to me with a sly smile on his face.

“You ready?” He smirked.

“For what?” I puzzled, furrowing my brows at him.

I gasped as he hooked his arm under my legs, literally sweeping me off my feet. I giggled, latching onto him before enveloping my arms around his neck.

“Hold on, little wolf,” he whispered before darting into the forest.

I buried my face into his neck to muffle my giggling. I didn’t want anyone knowing we were here. If they could hear my ridiculous girly giggling, it would lead them straight to us.

He stopped abruptly and placed my feet on the ground. I straightened my clothes before peering up at him. “You know when we are safer than now... We are doing that again,” I sighed. “I want to experience it fully... I want to be able to watch.” I chuckled.

“We can do that.” He winked as he pulled the map out of his pocket. “The camp is just through there.” He pointed forward and whispered.

We both treaded forward carefully. We didn’t want to alert anyone and scare them. As we approached where the camp is, I could a constant growl echoing throughout the forest.

I snapped my eyes to Alarix as I gasped, “That’s Levi.”

I rushed forward as Alarix went to grab me, but I avoided his grasp and twisted around the tree. I gasped and froze.

“Levi!” I growled.

Levi was standing in his wolf’s form, holding Novak against a tree. I don’t understand... From what my dad said, Levi is surrounded by quite a few warlocks; where are they, and why aren’t they protecting Novak? Not that I want Levi to be attacked, but why isn’t Novak fighting back? He definitely could.

Where is Elias? He should be here.

And, where is this camp? I don't see anything.

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