Bind Me

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Lila’s POV

"Levi... What’s going on? Why did you let Dad leave when you clearly needed him here?" I begged through the link, attempting to get his attention.

I’m not one hundred per cent sure if Dad told me why he came back without Levi. Or why he even left him there. I never thought to ask why; I was too shocked at the fact... Elias had a whole other family.

Levi hasn’t moved; not even acknowledged I’m here. I glanced around to see if I could see the soldiers. They were hiding in plain sight. They were guiding us at every angle. I felt a little safer with them here.

I glimpsed behind at Levi before staring at Novak. I sighed, focusing on the soldiers again. I waved over at the vampire closest to me. “What’s your name?” I called out, pointing towards him.

He stepped further into view and bowed, “Damien,” he answered.

“Could you get me some clothes for my brother, please? He’s going to need something to wear when he shifts.” I asked, side glancing at Levi as I threw a sly dig at him.

He bobbed his head once before disappearing. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to them vanishing into thin air. I took a deep breath before looking at Alarix.

"I’m going to try and talk Levi down. I may need to ask Novak what happened. Will you stand near Novak in case he says something that triggers Levi?" I asked, through the link, with a sigh.

"Of course, babe." He answered before going over to Novak and standing next to him.

I scanned my eyes as I moved closer to Levi slowly. I’m not sure who is in control, Levi or Leo. I glanced at Novak; he wasn’t saying anything. He had his eyes fixated on Levi.

Lola, can you reach Leo?′ I asked.

He’s angry. They both are.′ She replied. ′Leo won’t respond to me.

I took a deep breath before stepping sideways in between them both. Levi wasn’t going to answer me, so my best bet was trying to get it out of Novak.

“What happened?” I asked, furrowing my brows at him.

“He’s fucking crazy.” He snorted. “I only came to find him to tell him Elias will be back at the castle later, and he went off on me,” Novak whined.

I whipped my head around, glaring at Levi while he padded the ground with his paw before edging towards Novack.

“If you have something to say, Levi, shift back, otherwise shut your muzzle,” I growled.

I was harsh on him, but if he wasn’t going to let me in, there wasn’t a lot I could do. I had to take Novak’s word for it... I know something has happened. I know whatever Novak says isn’t the whole truth. Levi can be quite hot-headed, but he wouldn’t turn on someone for no reason.

“Here, your majesty,” Damien whispered, appearing next to me, holding out some sweatpants and a hoodie.

I sucked in a breath, glaring at him before exhaling shakily. Everyone seriously needs to stop doing this to me... I’m going to have a coronary one of these days.

I heard Alarix snicker as I took the clothes from Damien, “Thank you. Would you stay close?” I asked.

He hummed in response before waving his hand in the air. Roughly ten vampires stepped out of the tree line and stood guard. I smiled and nodded in appreciation.

Levi took the clothes from me gently before disappearing behind a tree. I focused back on Novak and sighed, rolling my eyes.

“Where’s Elias and the camp? It’s supposed to be here, right?” I questioned.

“Elias is inside of the camp, which is behind us cloaked.” He replied, keeping his eyes on the tree Levi went behind.

“Why isn’t Elias out here? Surely he heard Levi growling... he would have come straight away.” I puzzled.

“Anyone inside of the camp can’t hear outside.” He shrugged. “Elias won’t know what’s going on.”

I shook my head and groaned. “Will magic be binding him from anything?” I questioned.

He raised his brow at me, a small smirk appearing on his lips before he shrugged. He’s an idiot... An idiot that’s asking for trouble.

“I need to know exactly what happened, Novak?” I proclaimed.

“I didn’t do anything,” he rolled his eyes. “All I did was-”

“That’s a fucking lie.” Levi snarled, emerging from behind a tree.

I glanced between Levi and Novak. I didn’t miss the smallest hint of mischievousness in Novak’s eyes. He’s definitely playing with fire.

“Apparently, Elias doesn’t want me anymore. He’s staying here, with his rightful people and his true destined.” He growled.

Oh, Goddess. True destined? I suppose it makes sense; Levi and Elias weren’t destined... it’s only right Elias had a destined too.

I gasped, turning to look at Novak. “I never said anything of the sort.” Novak scoffed.

“Novak, it would be in your best interest, to tell the truth,” I groaned. “It’s not going to do you any favours lying.”

“Fine,” he groaned, rolling his eyes. “Elias was supposed to be mine.” He shot, glaring at Levi.

“Unless you met Elias years ago, there is no way you can sense your bond with him.” I raised my brow at him.

“I want to see him. Let me in.” Levi growled. “I can’t link him, and if I have to tear apart anything in my way, believe me, I will.”

“I can’t take down the cloak. It’s blood magic,” he chuckled.

“Is he safe?” Alarix asked. “We need to know he’s ok.”

“Of course, he’s safe.” Novak snorted. “He’s with family.

“You have to see it from our point of view. Elias is a part of our family and has been for many years. We are just worried.” I sighed.

If he can’t figure that out, then he’s delusional or really unsympathetic. How the hell does he expect us to accept that he’s ok in there without actually seeing him?

If we can get him to understand, he might stop being so hostile towards us.

“Levi and Elias are together. They are bonded. When one feels, so does the other. Elias would want to know that Levi is worried. He will kick himself when he finds out... Isn’t there any way you get a message to him?” Alarix questioned.

No matter how many times I see Alarix defend my brother, it will always warm my heart.

“We can sense our destined from as young as ten, but it’s more of a friendship bond until we get older. It’s a strong bond; we have to be around them all the time.” He mentioned as he slid down the tree.

Gone was the defensive Novak. He looked broken and defeated.

“I met Elias when I was thirteen; he was twelve. I knew who he was to me when I first laid eyes on him.” He murmured.

I stepped in front of Levi as he growled. His fists were clenched at his side. I laid my hand on his chest and growled back at him.

"We need to listen to him, Lee. I know it hurts to hear, but it’s the only way we’re going to get answers." I mind linked him. ”Please, keep your cool. I know it’s easier said than done. Please, try."

His lips pressed into a thin line, and he nodded. “I’ll stay next to you. You don’t have to go through this alone, Levi.” Alarix declared, standing by Levi’s side and placing his hand on Levi’s shoulder.

I smiled, nodding at them before turning back to Novak. “So, why didn’t Elias remember you? I know why he didn’t sense the bond with you, but how do you sense it? How does he not remember meeting you?” I asked.

Whatever he’s going to say, I hope and pray Levi can keep a lid on it.

“Lilith allowed Parker and Calvin to see Elias once when we still lived in England. Calvin begged his dad for me to come along; he wanted me to meet his brother. When I laid eyes on him, I knew... I knew he was mine, but he didn’t. All he could talk about was his best friend, Levi.” He sighed.

I glanced at Levi, who was staring at Novak with a blank expression. I pleaded with him with my eyes for him to hold on and let him finish.

“I told Calvin who he was to me... He was so excited that I was destined for his brother. He thought it might make Elias stay with us. We told Elias, and he was happy. His mum overheard us and flipped out... Parker and Lilith started arguing because Parker said Elias had to stay with us, with his people.” He inhaled shakily before continuing.

“Lilith wiped mine, Elias’ and Calvin’s memories before she took him away. Parker got us our memories back, but he couldn’t find Elias.” He sighed. “We had to flee when Lilith started hunting us all one by one.”

“That’s awful, Novak. I’m so sorry that happened to you.” I expressed. “But Levi isn’t to blame. He is as much a victim as you and... Elias’ brother is.” I shook my head dismissively.

“Levi got what he wanted, though, didn’t he?” Novak snarled.

“I didn’t ask for any of this!” Levi growled. “And neither did Elias. I’m sorry, but he chose me. I know that must really hurt, but what’s done is done.” Levi sighed.

I glanced at Levi, a small smile playing on my lips. I’m so unbelievably proud of well he’s handling all of this. Someone else is claiming his mate is theirs... Anyone would go insane; I know I would. I feel for Novak, I do, but acting like this isn’t going to help anyone.

As Levi said, what’s done is done... We can’t change the past; neither Levi nor Elias would want to either.

“Well, when he’s gotten his memories back, and he remembers me and the little time we had together… We’ll see who he chooses.” Novak smirked.

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