Bind Me

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Elias’ POV.

“No... that isn’t right. I have a dad... Oscar is my dad.” I choked.

The guy who introduced himself as Parker sighed, shaking his head at me. “I know it’s hard to believe.” He whispered. “I promise, it will all become clear soon.”

He should have worked up to it, not just dropped it in greeting. My mind is clouded; nothing is making sense. Well, I guess one thing does make a bit of sense... the younger guy, Calvin, my brother, I look exactly like him.

“E, are you ok?” Levi whispered, taking hold of my hand.

I turned to him, shaking my head as a whimper escaped. He wrapped his arm around me as I heaved in shaky breaths. My mum had ruined countless lives. We are all victims of her cruel and twisted actions.

I had a whole other family. A dad just like me... a brother, just like me. What else have I missed?

“Is he your destined?” Calvin gasped.

I sniffled, nodding my head. I leaned up and took a deep breath. “This is Levi and his dad, Alpha Leon.” I introduced them.

“You live with wolves? You’re bonded to a wolf?” Calvin blustered.

I furrowed my brows as Parker grabbed Calvin’s shoulder and turned him to face him. “We’ve spoken about this.” Parker scolded.

“Parker, it’s ok,” I assured. “Yes, I was brought up in a pack. Levi and I are bonded. He’s my destined, and I’m his mate. If you want to be technical, I currently live with two wolves and a vampire.” I chuckled, trying to ease the tension.

“We were hidden away and we never got involved with anyone so we never knew the names of the species in the prophecy; we only knew the main part of the prophecy,” Parker mumbled.

He took a deep breath, shaking his head. “We didn’t know you were involved in the prophecy. Your mother left when she got pregnant, but never said why.” He added sadly.

I shrugged and held tighter onto Levi. I didn’t want to correct him; as far as Levi and I are aware, we are destined. We were meant to be.

Calvin’s face dropped as he sucked in a breath. “Does Novak know?” He blurted. “Does he know you are with Levi?” He questioned.

I squeezed Levi’s hand as he let out a low warning growl. “Well, I assume so. I mean, we don’t exactly hide our relationship.” I chuckled.

“Please excuse my son… He’s just eager to get to know you.” Parker sighed. “Would you like a proper tour of the camp?” He smiled at me.

I nodded and gave him a small smile. “As long as Levi and Leon can come too,” I stated.

“Of course they can. I have to warn you, though, the others might not be very welcoming... Warlocks don’t have a good reputation, which is misleading, but we don’t associate with other species.“He answered. “Having two alpha wolves inside our camp is making the residents unsettled and wary.”

I get that... I understand. We have all been taught to fear each other. I grew up thinking warlocks were the bane of all evil. They probably think the same about wolves and vampires.

“Novak will be coming with us,” Calvin commented as his eyes darted between Levi and me.

Why does everyone seem to enjoy pissing Levi off? Yes, Novak may have a little crush on me, but I’m taken. I’m bonded to Levi, and nothing is going to change that.

I squeezed Levi’s hand before he could make a sound. I think maybe he needs to get out of here. He needs to have a break before he does something he can’t take back.

I’ll be speaking to Novak and Calvin about their blatant disregard for my relationship. It’s disrespectful and certainly isn’t going to make me stay here to get to know them.

"Why don’t you and your dad go back to the castle? I’ll stay for an hour at the most then come back. The soldiers are here, so I’ll be safe." I suggested through the link. ”I hate that they’re making you uncomfortable, and I’ll be voicing my opinions to them, but we need them to trust us. We need them for the prophecy."

What? Leave you here with them? Absolutely not.” Levi growled.

"You mean leaving me here with Novak?" I chuckled. ”Levi, he’s harmless. I need to know how Parker is my dad and why he wasn’t around. I don’t think anyone will speak to me properly with you and Leon around, and I know it sucks, but I need this, Lee. Please." I pleaded through the link.

He groaned, shaking his head. “Fine. I’ll go for a run to try and calm Leo. I’ll see you back at the castle in one hour.” He groused through the link.

“I promise.” I beamed at him. “I love you,” I whispered before planting my lips firmly against his. I pulled back and smiled at him. “I love you, too.” He replied.

He turned to Leon with a grunt. “We’re leaving… I’m going for a run; you can come with me or head back to the castle.” Levi grumbled.

I know he doesn’t want to leave, but I think this is the only way they will talk to me. And it puts distance between Levi, Calvin and Novak. Although eventually, they will have to get on, especially if they want to be in my life.

“Take a couple of soldiers with you. I’ve had a message to ring home, so I’m going to do that.” Leon answered. “Just don’t stray too far from either the camp or the castle.” He deadpanned.

I raised my brow at him. “Everything ok? Do you need us to come back?” I questioned.

“It’s nothing for you to worry about.” He reassured me with a smile. “You stay here and get to know your family.”

I nodded and exhaled in relief. “If you need me at all, for absolutely anything, mindlink me, and I’ll come for you,” Levi remarked.

“Same goes for me, Son.” Leon agreed, patting my back as Levi squeezed my hand.

"Stay safe." Levi linked me before sighing and following Leon out of the hut.

I turned to Parker and Clavin with a frown on my face. I needed answers, but first, I needed them to know, Levi comes as a part of me. If they want a relationship with me, they have to respect my bond with Levi, not treat him like he’s insignificant.

“What’s up, Son?” Parker questioned, tilting his head at me.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “You made Levi feel uncomfortable.” I snapped. “I know you don’t like other species, but Levi is with me. We are together. I need to know you accept us both, not just me.” I exasperated.

“Elias, you need to understand-” Parker was cut off as Novak opened the door, letting himself in.

“No, you need to understand. I’m not doing this if you can’t accept Levi and me. You know how strong bonds are. If there’s a choice, Levi comes first and always will.” I deadpanned, crossing my arms across my chest.

“Novak, wait!” Calvin blurted as Novak trudged back to the door.

“Wait for what, Cal?” He shot, glaring at him. “Nothing is going to change...” He whined.

“You don’t know that... Elias doesn’t know.” Calvin whispered.

I huffed and shook my head. They were talking about me like I wasn’t even here. They were talking in fucking riddles and confusing the hell out of me.

“Stop being so cryptic. Tell me what’s going on... What don’t I know?” I demanded.

“I need to get your memories back,” Parker replied as Novak and Calvin left the hut.

“Memories? What are you on about?” I puzzled.

“Elias, we’ve met before. Your mum wiped your memories,” he answered with a grunt.

“Ok... Give me my memories back.” I shrugged. “What’s Novak got to do with any of this, though? I understand you and Calvin acting this way, but Novak has no reason.” I groused.

He shook his head. “You and Novak were destined to be together.” He replied, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Oh,” I whispered. “That explains a lot...” I drawled.

I feel for the guy, I do, but I don’t know him. I don’t remember meeting him or finding out we were destined. Levi is all I’ve ever known, and I’m not about to throw about our life away.

“I’ll have my memories back, but it isn’t going to make any difference to Novak; I’m sorry.” I sighed.

He nodded and smiled at me, “I wouldn’t expect it to.”

“My mum ruined more than my life. I need your help to stop the rogue army. They’re after Levi’s sisters baby, well, when she has her.” I sighed. “I want to show all the communities that each species can thrive together.”

He nodded. “We will help with whatever you need.” He replied. “I hope we can get to know each other more. I have missed you.” He muttered.

“Of course, I’d like that. Now, my memories.” I smiled.

He smiled forward and gently placed his hands on my forehead. He closed his eyes and began chanting as yellow spirals flickered around my head.

A memory slowly faded into my mind as I closed my eyes and let the memory overwhelm me. I saw Calvin, Novak and me playing around a playground. Parker sat with my mum watching us. I saw Novak and Calvin telling me what I was to Novak.

We all seemed happy playing together. Calvin and I seemed like proper brothers... I hope we can maybe get that back again. I feel more sorry for Novak now... He knew. He’s probably known all along and just waited for me to come back.

“Do you remember now?” Parker asked, raising his brow.

I nodded, sucking in a breath. “I feel sorry for Novak... But it still doesn’t change anything, I’m sorry.” I sighed.

He suddenly whipped his head around and scowled. "We need to get outside." He blurted.

"Why, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Vampires and wolves." He choked.

I darted past him towards the door and rushed outside. I ran through the campsite, following the crowds. I could hear growling and shouting. I pushed through the crowds and gasped, skidding to a stop.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled.

"Fuck sake, Elias, where have you been?" Lila fretted. "Did you get any of our mind links? I'm sure Levi tried too."

I shook my head. "I didn't hear anything?" I answered.

I turned around to the camp and frowned. It was cloaked. Maybe the cloak does more than seal warlocks inside. I groaned and glanced to Levi, who was in wolf form growling at Novak and Calvin.

I ran over to Levi and stopped in front of him. His head reared up, and he stared at me. I kneeled in front of him and held my hand out.

"Levi... Come on; it's me." I whispered.

He whined and moved closer to me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Shush. It's ok. You can shift back now." I muttered.

He trodded off as a vampire appeared with some clothes for him. I turned around and faced Novak and Calvin as I waited for Levi to come back.

Lila and Alarix were standing behind me now. Lila placed her hand on my shoulder as I glanced back at her. "Are you ok?" She whispered.

I nodded and smiled at her before I watched the tree for Levi to come back. A few seconds later, Levi walked out from behind the tree and came over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and forced his head into my neck. He inhaled, and I felt him relax.

He pulled back but stayed next to me, joining our hands together. "I have my memories back," I announced. I felt Levi tense beside me. I squeezed his hand before continuing.

"Novak, I understand that I was meant to be destined to you, but I'm with Levi." I tried breaking it to him as gently as I could. "I'm sorry that I can't be with you," I whispered.

"But you remember feeling something for me?" He whimpered.

I shook my head slowly. "No... I remember feeling happy, but it was more friendly." I replied. "I'm sorry I'm not what you thought I was, but Levi and I are bonded." I sighed.

"Elias, we need-"

"Ok, we aren't getting anywhere here." I rolled my eyes. "I'm leaving... Parker, I'll come back another time. Come on, Levi." I groaned.

We turned and walked back into the forest while the soldiers followed us. "How are you feeling?" Levi whispered.

I could feel the tension and anxiety oozing from him. "Shocked that I have another family," I answered. "I hope we can overcome our differences because this family right here will always come first." I declared.

"I love you, Elias." Levi sighed, resting his head on mine as we strolled through the forest.

"Now, we can focus on the ceremony tomorrow." I grinned. "Time to make our kick-ass she-wolf a queen."

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