Bind Me

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Lila’s POV

Every minute that drags by, my heart tears that little bit more. My eyes are set on either the door or the clock.

“Baby... We can wait longer.” My dad suggested.

I could see the pity on each of their faces. I really thought he was going to show up, declare his undying love for me, and we fly off into the sunset.

Well, maybe not undying love, but that he wanted me, and we could deal with whatever is troubling him... Together.

I was so excited that he came back again. I felt relieved to see he was suffering just like me, that it wasn’t all one-sided. He seemed so confused, he knows about the prophecy, but I don’t think he knows everything. He looked curious when I mentioned the warlock. I should have told him.

He doesn’t seem to understand much about our species... He seemed completely bewildered that I could jump that fence. I think he thought wolves were weak... Some might be, but wolves from my pack aren’t weak at all. We're trained by the best.

I groaned and looked at the clock... If we want to make it to the plane on time, we need to leave now. I’m going to have to leave him behind.

“Lila, you are welcome to stay with us...” Alpha Mateo offered.

I breathed out and sighed. “Thank you for the offer, but I want to go home.” I forced a smile on my face.

I turned to Damon, “I’m sorry we’re going to miss your birthday... I hope you have an amazing time, though.” I mentioned.

He shook his head and smiled. “Don’t worry about, Lils.” He replied.

Life could have been simpler if he was my mate... Actually, if my mate was another wolf. I wouldn’t be feeling this soul-crushing pain right now.

Luna Mila came towards me and enveloped her arms around my neck. “You kick-ass all on your own... Don’t let this be your downfall, beautiful.” She whispered.

I shook my head and sighed. I pulled away and gave her a small smile. She went back over to Alpha Mateo.

“We’ll come to you next time.” Alpha Matec nodded at my dad. He bobbed his head at him before we walked out of the packhouse.

I settled in the back seat of the SUV with Elias and Levi on either side of me. They both held my hands as I watched our parents say goodbye to the Alpha and Luna.

As we drove through the pack lands, I inhaled now and again, hoping to catch his scent. I don’t even know his name... That should have given me a hint that he wouldn’t be coming.

The boys squeezed my hands and held them tightly as we drove through the gates. I darted my eyes around, hoping to see him. As much as I knew he wasn’t coming... I still held onto that little bit of hope, even if it is futile.

As we drove further away, the little bit of hope I had left; slowly disintegrated into nothingness.

I gasped as a sob broke through; the burden of the bond crushing me. Levi pulled me against him, wrapping his arm around me. I clung to him as my body shook.

“Mum... What’s happening?” Levi whimpered.

“Hold on to her... The further we get away from him, it will pass. It’s the bond punishing her for the distance.” She commented, then took a deep breath. I saw her reach for dad and grip his hand.

Is this how she felt when she left her pack before meeting my dad? I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy... If I had one, but he’s definitely coming in close to winning the spot.

How is it fair to punish the one who doesn’t want the distance?

I couldn’t breathe properly; it felt like my lungs were collapsing. The car jerked forward as dad put his foot down.

“Hold on, baby...” Dad fretted, glancing in the rearview mirror. I could see the fear in his eyes. I could also feel the anger rolling off everyone in the car... He wants to be glad he’s stayed away because if any of these ever got ahold of him, he’d live to regret it.

“Levi, give her to me.” Elias blurted. I swapped between them both and rested my head on Elias’s shoulder.

Elias placed his hand over my forehead and started muttering to himself. He was speaking so quiet I couldn’t hear him properly. I felt a peculiar sensation spread throughout my body and the pain receded. I puffed out in relief and sat up.

“What did you do?” I asked, perplexed.

“Blocked your pain receptors.” He smiled at me. “It will only last for a few minutes, Leon,” Elias warned, glancing at my dad.

“Thank you so much, Eli.” I gasped as I threw my arms around him. “You’re the best,” I whispered.

I pulled away and smiled at him. “Levi is lucky to have you,” I chuckled. I glanced at Levi, and he was beaming at us.

I wasn’t feeling anything. The thought of him not coming to me wasn’t hurting. The distance between the bond wasn’t crushing me from the inside. I felt free and at peace. I knew it wouldn’t last long, but it was definitely better than nothing.

He smiled at me and nodded. I glanced around to see where we were. I saw the airport in the distance and breathed out in relief.

Once I’m back home. I’m not going to waste another second thinking about him. I’m going to get back into my training and better myself, and I’m going to do it for me.

If he wants to act like I’m not his beloved and overlook our bond, then I’m fine with that. I’ll do exactly the same... From this point on, he’s nothing; he’s dead to me.

I settled in my seat on the plane. The ache was back, but I was going to block it out. I’m going to focus on getting back home and far away from him.

Elias handed me a paper bag. I raised my brow at him as he smirked. “Open it, L.” He chuckled.

I glanced at him from the corner of my eye as I opened the bag. He was smirking at me. I peered inside and raised my brow. There was a keyring and new earphone. I took the keyring out and read the engraving...

Fuck the vampire... I’m a warrior!

I snorted and grinned at him. “The cashier gave me a funny look when I asked for that inscription.” He rolled his eyes. I threw my head back, giggling. “And... I don’t mean literally.” He furrowed his brows at me and pouted.

I giggled and stuck my middle finger up at him. “I can imagine her face when you asked.” I chuckled.

“It’s great. Thank you. I love it and the earphones.” I bubbled.

I opened the earphones and immediately plugged them into my phone. Before I switched my phone to flight mode, I noticed I had a text from my best friend, Amari.

Amari - Hey girl! When you’re back, let me know. I’ll meet you, and we can run back. I love you, Lils x

Me - Sure! We’re taking off in a few minutes, so I’ll see you soon. Love you x

Amari has been my best friend for years. My mum is close to her mum, Addison. Addison found out she was pregnant just before mum fell pregnant with Levi. They love to keep the name running in the family... Amaris, Addison, Amara, Amari... I snickered to myself.

The pack still talk about Amaris... I remember her pretty well. I remember her smile and her caring nature. I remember most of the Knight family that have passed on. I don’t remember some of their faces... I have memories that I can see clearly, but I can’t put a name to the face.

Amari is the double of all the woman in her pack... Red curly hair, deep blue eyes. I’ve seen photos of each generation.

I switched my phone onto flight mode before scrolling through my playlists. I sniggered to myself as I clicked on my ′fuck love′ playlist. I smiled to myself as Dua Lipa Idgaf blasted through the earphones.

'What if something is wrong?' Lola piped up, sending me into a frenzy.

'Don't say things like that... He clearly didn't want to be with us. He did say he wasn't going to give in to the bond.' I gasped as she whimpered.

'We need to accept it, Lola. I don't want to either, but for our sanity... We need to.'

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