Bind Me

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|i'll be the one in white|

Lila’s POV

“Come with me,” Alarix instructed, standing up.

I stood up and followed him to the balcony door. He opened it, motioning for me to accompany him out onto the balcony. I moved forward, breathing in as soon I was outside. I sighed in content as all the different scents of nature overflowed my senses.

I’m so glad the king didn’t live in the middle of a city. I don’t know how I would have coped without living in the countryside, nor would Lola.

He was gazing out into the forest. He was nervous; his whole body was stiff. I could see his back muscles tensing as he drew in deep breaths, then let them out shakily.

“When I spoke to the king yesterday, he told me something that vampires do... especially royal vampires.” He babbled. “I don’t know if it’s something wolves do or you would like to do.”

He turned around with his hands in his pockets and took a deep breath before taking one hand out of his pocket and shoving it through his hair.

“When we first met, I was starstruck by you… by your wolf and I-”

I scoffed, rolling my eyes playfully at him. “Um, no. I believe you ran away.” I smirked.

He smiled, shaking his head. “Yes, I did.” He sighed. “I shouldn’t have done that, but I was feeling all kinds of feelings.”

I stepped forward only to be stopped when he raised his hand in front of him. “Let me get this out first.” He groaned.

“Before you continue, I understand why you ran away. That doesn’t matter; the past doesn’t matter.” I reassured him.

He smiled shyly at me and nodded. “I love you, Lila, more than anything, and I want you to be mine in every way possible. My traditions, your traditions and… well, human traditions.” He whispered.

My breath hitched as my eyes went wide. Human traditions? Humans get married... Wolves don’t, not usually, anyway. I didn’t know vampires do, but then again, I don’t know an awful lot about them. The thought of being Alarix’s wife excites me; it’s giving me all sorts of feelings in my stomach.

“I asked your dad for his permission, but now I need yours.” He remarked.

He pulled his other hand out of his pocket and opened his fist. He was holding a little red velvet ring box. I gasped, slapping my hand over my mouth as he puffed in a few steadying quick breaths before dropping down on one knee.

“Lila Morris, will you do me the... honour of... becoming my queen and... my wife today?” He stammered.

I was speechless. My eyes were blurred with tears. I couldn’t form any words; my thoughts were all jumbled. He stood up slowly, dragging in a shaky breath as his hands shook.

“Yes.” I blurted; once, I had gotten over the initial shock. “Of course I’ll marry you.” I held my hand out and beamed at him.

He took the ring out of the box and grasped my hand. “A princess diamond for my princess.” He smirked, sliding the ring on my finger.

I gazed at my hand in awe. The ring wasn’t too big or too small; it was perfect… just like him. I jumped on him, wrapping my arms and legs around him as he caught me. Our mouths collided in a desperate and frenzied kiss as we stumbled about the balcony.

“I love you.” He mumbled as I clawed at him, trying to get closer.

“Ok… that’s enough of that. Your parents don’t need to see anything else.” Someone called out.

I snapped my head towards the voice. I leaned back, holding onto Alarix so I didn’t fall. I gasped, shrugging out of his hold as I moved to the balcony rail, looking over.

“Although... I am all for the heavy makeout session.” Amari quipped with an amused smile on her face.

All of my family were standing under the balcony. I would be utterly mortified that my whole family had witnessed Alarix and me groping each other if I didn’t feel like I was floating on cloud nine right now.

“Why are you all here? How did you get here?” I blurted. I spun around to face Alarix, “did you know?” I choked.

“I couldn’t let your friends and family miss out on your big day.” He smiled. “King Darius sent for them. They were eager to be here too.”

I grinned, tearing up again. I threw my arms around Alarix and squeezed him as he chuckled. I looked back over the balcony railing and grinned at everyone.

“Come on… we need to get ready.” Mum beamed.

“I’m going to get ready with Levi and Elias, so I’ll see you at the altar.” He whispered, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Are your brother and sister here?” I asked.

He shook his head and took a deep breath. I pulled back and frowned. “Did you tell them? I’m sure they would want to be here.” I expressed.

“I left them a message. They weren’t answering. I don’t know if they’re safe or where they are.” He replied with a shrug.

I nodded before giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. I’ll find them myself... hopefully, they aren’t too far away, and they can make it. I know it will mean a lot to Alarix if they’re here.

“Goddess, just say I’ll see you soon, and we can get this show on the road,” Levi shouted with a groan.

“Ok, I guess we’re doing this.” He whispered as a huge smile lit up his face.

I nodded, sucking my bottom lip between my teeth. “I love you, Mrs King." He smirked before giving me a swift kiss and sauntering off.

I went inside and leaned against the wall, watching Alarix put on his shoes. I can’t believe that I will not only be a queen in a matter of a few hours, but I’ll also be a married woman. I will be Queen Lila King.

“Wait!” I blurted, pushing off the wall.

“What’s wrong?” He replied, standing up and looking at me.

“I don’t have a dress… What am I supposed to wear?” I shrieked.

“You look beautiful in anything, but don’t worry, I got you. baby.” He winked.

I raised my brow at him as he blew me a kiss and winked before walking out the door. I groaned then huffed as I began tidying up the breakfast.

I never expected our morning to turn out like this. I’ve had more than one amazing moment this morning. My cheeks flushed as images of Alarix and me this morning flashed through my mind. As much as I enjoyed my wake-up call, nothing will ever compare to Alarix asking me to be his wife.

As I finished picking up the last remaining plates, Alarix’s phone was beneath a blanket on the floor. I picked it up and went over to the bed, sitting down as I stared at it.

"Can I use your phone? Mine needs charging." I asked through the link.

I didn’t want to go through his phone behind his back. Well, not really go through his phone. I only want to get either Athan’s or Celeste’s number to try and ring them myself.

"Sure, baby. You didn’t need to ask. The passcode is two, zero, one, two, nine, eight." He replied.

Twentieth of December, nineteen, ninety-eight... My birthday.

"My birthday." I smiled even though he couldn’t see me. It warmed my heart and gave me an intense feeling in my stomach.

"My new passcode will be this date... The date I made you completely mine in every way possible. I’ll see you soon, beautiful." I could picture his stupid, daft grin on his face, and I hated that he wasn’t here right now.

I unlocked his phone and pulled up his recent call list... If Celeste or Athan are the last calls he made, I’ll use his phone. If I get them here without him knowing, it’ll be an amazing surprise for him.

"Ahh!! We’ll be with you in a minute." Amari bubbled through the link.

I groaned when I saw Levi was the last person he called. I scrolled through his contact list, looking for Celeste’s number. Once I had found it, I typed it into my phone. I hit the call button and held the phone to my ear.

The phone rang and rang until it went to voicemail. I sighed, pulling my phone away from my ear. I found Athan’s number and typed it in my phone as my door swung open.

My mum, Amari and Cayla walked through the open door, humming the wedding song. I chuckled, shaking my head.

“Give me one minute.” I held one finger up and grinned.

They all nodded and sauntered around the room as I pressed the call button and held the phone to my ear. I waited and waited until he finally answered.

“Hello,” Athan answered, curiosity in his tone.

“Athan! Hey, it’s Lila.” I chirped, relieved he actually answered.

“Is everything ok?” He questioned.

I took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. “Alarix asked me to marry him. I know it’s short notice, but we’re getting married today, and I was hoping you would be there, you and your sister.” I mentioned. “He said he left you a message.”

“Oh shit! I never received a message,” he sighed. “I wish I could be there, but I’m stuck in America.”

“Aw, it’s ok. He’ll understand.” I proclaimed.

“I’m not sure he will, but he won’t-”

I pulled the phone away, frowning as the call ended. “Huh, the call just cut off.” I mused.

Mum went over to the door as someone tapped on it. I whipped my head around and grinned as I saw who was on the other side of the door.

“We’d never miss your big day.” Celeste quipped.

“I sorted it with Levi… It’s a surprise for Alarix.” Athan smirked.

I clapped excitedly and squealed. “Ah, he’s going to be so made up… You have to go to him, Athan.” I bubbled. “Celeste, you can join us if you want.”

Athan nodded before strolling down the hallway. Celeste stepped inside as my mum closed the door.

“Some fizz to start the day?” Cayla smirked as she pulled a bottle of champagne out of her bag along with four glasses.

“It’s a little early, isn’t it?” I chuckled.

“Never too early to celebrate a wedding.” Celeste smiled.

I glanced at her, returning her smile. I don’t know if she knows about her dad not being Alarix’s. I’m not going to tell her; it shouldn’t come from me. You can see the love between all three of them... this news isn’t going to change anything.

As soon as Cayla started pouring the champagne into glasses, the door opened again, and loads of women strolled into the room, carrying bags, boxes and racks full of dresses.

“Woah, what’s all of this?” I drawled, watching as they began setting everything up.

“You are Lila?” A woman turned around and asked, addressing me.

I nodded as she came towards me. “I’m Amelie. I’ve been tasked with your dress.” She mentioned as she circled me, darting her eyes everywhere.

“Prince Alarix requested the best. His papa was right; you will look spectacular in one of my designs.” She smiled.

I smiled at her as she used Alarix’s title. I still find it hard to believe he’s royalty… He’s a prince. I’m about to marry into the royal vampire family. Everything feels so surreal.

“So, first, you shower, then hair, makeup, dress, and then your wedding.” Amari gushed.

“I’ve already had a shower.” I shrugged.

“Go.” Amari groused, pointing towards the bathroom door.

I rolled my eyes and giggled. Everyone rushed around me, continuing to set everything up. The girls helped as my mum came over to me and stopped in front of me.

“I’m so proud of you, Lila.” She professed.

I beamed at her and wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her in for a hug. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you... I hope you know that?” I whispered.

“Me either,” she countered.

I pulled back and smiled at her. “I know we have professionals, but would you do my hair for me, please?” I asked, a grin forming on my face.

“Of course. How would you like it?” She replied, smiling at me.

“Like Elsa’s.” I grinned.

A bright smile spread across her face as she nodded. “Sure, I can do that.” She exclaimed. “Let’s start getting ready before Alarix thinks you aren’t going to show up.” She furrowed her brows playfully at me and pushed me towards the bathroom.

I took a deep breath as I closed the bathroom door behind me. I went over the shower and switched it on. I leaned against the wall while I waited for it to heat up.

"Athan is here. He told me you rang him. I fucking love you, and I can’t wait to make you my wife. See you at the altar, mon amour." (My love.) Alarix burst through the link.

"I love you, Prince Rix... See you there, I’ll be the one in the white," I replied, grinning like an idiot as I stripped off my clothes.

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