Bind Me

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|how long will i love you?|

Alarix’s POV.

“Is this everything you dreamed of and more?” I asked, glancing at her.

We were sitting at the royal table in the garden. She was watching everyone drinking and mingling together.

“Very much so.” She smiled, leaning her head on my shoulder.

Lila wanted to make sure Elias was ok before we went ahead with the ceremony. If she had her own way, the ceremony would have been next week, not two days later. Her parents have to return to the pack, and Elias has been demanding we go ahead with the ceremony every day, so she gave in.

Ayla had done a perfect job with the decorations for the ceremony celebration. There is a huge white gazebo filling the whole of the garden. Surrounding our long table are white-clothed round tables scattered around. Sparkling hanging lights were hanging from the inside of the gazebo and hanging off the trees and bushes.

Apparently, this isn’t a usual conventional way to celebrate a coronation. Darius, who scolded me for still calling him king, said they usually have a ball. Big dresses, tuxedos... the works.

But we aren’t conventional. Our bond is unique, so it’s only right that we have new traditions. Plus, what my queen wants, my queen gets.

“Do you want to dance?” I questioned, hooking my finger under her chin, making her look at me.

She nodded excitedly as she rose from her seat. I stood up and led her towards the dance floor, holding her hand. I spun her around before bringing her against my chest. She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Wolves, vampires and warlocks.” Elias shouted, gaining everyone’s attention.

I raised my brow, peering over at him. He winked at me before clearing his throat. “King Alarix and Queen Lila are going to have their first dance as a married couple.” He grinned.

“Everyone is going to stare at us,” Lila yelled in a whisper.

I started swaying us back and forth as 'How Long Will I Love You?' started playing as she looked up at me with her eyes gleaming.

“Forever and always,” I whispered, tightening my arms around her.

“What?” She asked, looking up at me.

“I was answering the song,” I replied.

She giggled and smiled up at me before laying her head on my chest. I hummed along with the song and rested my head to the side of her crown. We continued swaying as other couples joined us on the dance floor.

“We need to leave soon.” She muttered before tugging on my ear with her teeth.

I gripped her waist, sucking in a breath. “We only have one more day.” She added, in between planting little kisses on my neck.

It’s been two days since Lila’s heat kicked in. She hasn’t fallen pregnant yet, but with all the stress we’ve all been under, it was bound to catch up with us. Lila’s mum said we both need to relax and just let it happen… It was definitely a strange conversation to have with your wife’s mum.

“It will happen, baby.” I sighed. “We just have to give it time… There is no rush.”

She nodded and smiled weakly at me. “You’re right. I know.” She groaned.

“Come with me,” I smirked. “I have a surprise for you.”

I held my hand out, and she laid her hand in mine with a puzzled expression on her face. “I need to check something with Darius first,” I mentioned, pulling her towards the table he was sitting at.

“Are you enjoying yourselves?” Darius asked, tipping his glass at us as we reached his table.

He was sitting at the table with Alaric, Rosa and Athan. They all turned to us with huge smiles on their faces.

“Yes, we are, thank you,” Lila replied.

“Did you manage to do what we spoke about earlier?” I asked, smiling at him.

Alaric and Darius exchanged cheeky smiles before Darius grinned at Lila, and Alaric nodded. He stood up and came over to me as he held out a large envelope.

“It’s all here.” He whispered.

He grinned at me and patted me on my back. “Thank you. We’ll be back.” I smiled at them.

I led Lila away from the crowds to a private little area. I sat down on one of the benches hidden behind a rose bush. Lila sat next to me, eyeing the envelope in my hands.

“What have you planned?” She asked, eyeing me suspiciously.

“I want you to be happy, Lila.” I took a deep breath before opening the envelope. “And I know you’ll be happiest here,” I added, glancing at her from the corner of my eye.

“Rix, where you go, I go. Wherever you are, is home.” She sighed.

Her eyes danced with excitement as she watched me pull the paper from the envelope. She has an idea what this is; I can see it in her eyes. I spoke to Darius and Alaric to see if it was possible if we could relocate to England.

I want Lila to be near her family, and I know she wants that too. I want whatever children we have to grow up surrounded by family, and here, we won’t have that.

“This is Hartland Abbey. It’s in Stoke, which is about thirty minutes away from your pack lands.” I commented, holding the paper out to her.

She gasped, taking the paper from me slowly. “It’s ours... if we want it,” I whispered.

“You want to move back?” She drawled.

“I think being back home will be good for us both… Alora and any other children we have will grow up around our family.” I answered. “If you don’t want to-”

She threw her arms around me, climbing onto my lap. “I love you. Thank you.” She chanted, again and again, planting kisses all over my face.

“I guess that’s a yes?” I chuckled.

She leaned back with an ear-splitting grin. “Yes!” She squealed. “You’re the fucking best, Mr King.”

“Back at you, Mrs King.” I smiled.

She smirked at me, beginning to grind against me. “Do you think they would notice if we left?” She whispered.

“It’s our party; we can do whatever we want.” I moaned, gripping her waist.

She buried her head into my neck, peppering little kisses. “Lila, not here.” I groaned, lifting her off me and setting her on the ground.

“Let’s sneak away before someone sees us.” She grinned.

She pulled me towards the castle, giggling to herself. I chuckled to myself as Celeste stepped out in front of us. A small growl sounded from Lila as I nudged her shoulder, snorting.

“Congratulations, Bro!” She bubbled, wrapping her arms around me. “I can’t believe you’re a king.”

“I know.” I chuckled.

She sighed and clutched my hands. “We haven’t had much chance to talk, but I just want to say, no matter what, you’re my brother.” She expressed.

I smiled at her and nodded. “And you’re my big sister.” I professed.

“Come on, you two. Come and celebrate.” She beamed, motioning her head towards the gazebo. “You’ll have her to yourself for a lifetime, Rix.” She winked at me.

"Later, baby. I’ll make it up to you," I mentioned, glancing down at her.

She huffed, but a smile spread across her face as we sauntered back to the party.

I leaned against the gazebo pole as I watched Lila dance on the makeshift dance floor, surrounded by all our family and friends.

“She’s beautiful, Son,” Alaric commented as he handed me a glass of champagne.

“She really is.” I agreed, taking a sip of the champagne.

“Go dance with your wife... it looks like she wants you.” He nudged my shoulder and chuckled.

I patted him on the shoulder before making my way through the crowd towards Lila. She wrapped her arms around my waist and beamed up at me.

“Are you happy, Alarix?” She smiled.

“I am, baby,” I replied.

“That’s all that matters.” She smiled. “No matter what our future holds, we’ll get through it together.” She laid her head on my chest and sighed.

I held her closer and buried my face into her hair. “You and me against the world.” I breathed.

We’ve made history.

King and queen of all species.

Marked and bonded completely.

She’s my wife, and I’m her husband.

Whatever life throws at us, we’ve got this, and when the others eventually come for us, we’ll be ready.

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