Bind Me

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|epilogue - one year later|

Alarix’s POV - One Year Later.

Athan picked up a piece of paper from my desk and sighed. “How many do we have now?” He queried.

I looked up from the file I was reading and glanced at another file on my desk. “Twenty three packs, sixteen clans and... nine covens,” I replied as I set the down the file.

I groaned, hanging my head against my chair. “Wolves are easy to reach. They listen because Lila is a wolf and Leon is an alpha.” I mumbled. “Vampires and witches, not so straightforward.”

“Everyone has been intimidated by Lilith and our parents so much that they won’t speak to us,” Athan grunted. “If they listen to what we have to say, they would know we are on their side... We aren’t a threat.”

“Elias and the rest of the warlocks are gathering as many witches and warlocks as possible. It’s not easy when everyone is wary of warlocks, “I sighed. “Once more and more vampires learn I am an actual royal and not simply taking over from Darius, they might be a little more indulgent in listening.”

Athan is my second-in-command; well, the official title is viceroy. I couldn’t imagine anyone I would rather have by my side than my brother. I know he will always have my back, and he will protect the twins with his life.

“I don’t think they know about the twins yet, so that gives us time.” I asserted. “If I have to keep the twins inside the palace for the rest of their lives, that’s what I’ll do.”

The past year was unquestionably overwhelming. We were both afraid of the thought of the others discovering Alora and Corbon. Now there are two hybrid children; they will want both.

We’ve been worried about the safety of our twins, aiming to bring more species together while striving to make our mark as king and queen.

“So, what’s on the agenda today?” Athan quizzed. “I noticed your calendar is empty.”

I hummed, nodding. “Celeste is due back soon, so I wanted to keep it open today if she had any luck with the clans she was looking for,” I explained.

“I’m sure she did.” He contemplated, kneading his temples.

“Levi, Elias and Amari will be here later,” I shrugged. “They have some news.”

He leaned forward, his hands flat on the desk. “If we’re done here... I wanna watch Lila in action,” he smirked.

I chuckled at him and nodded, “She’s incredible, right?”

Lila trains with our soldiers for a few hours per day. It’s remarkable; she puts them through the wringer and keeps up with each of them. It’s a bonus for her; she keeps up with her training and gets to make sure the soldiers meet her standards... as she says.

I stood up and gestured my head to the door, “Come on then.” I grinned and made my way to the office door with Athan close behind me.

We strolled down the hallway to the ground floor. Athan stared curiously at me now and again. I furrowed his brows as he sighed.

“I know you want to say something,” I insisted.

“I know it’s been nearly two years, but I don’t think I’ve truly apologized for taking you away from Lila,” he murmured.

I stopped and turned to him when we reached the main entrance. “You’ve apologized and made up for it, don’t worry,” I stated, holding my hand on his shoulder.

He breathed deeply before exhaling in relief. He bobbed his head and smiled warmly at me. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to you being king and a dad,” he chuckled.

“It’s all still surreal,” I said slowly with a little chuckle.

Athan nodded as Rosa approached us. “Good afternoon, your Majesty,” she bowed.

“How often do you have to say it’s Alarix?” I chastised playfully.


I looked over and saw Alaric staggering towards us, struggling to keep hold of them. I immediately reached for Coby, and Athan reached Alora.

Alaric bent over, grabbing his breath. “They kept asking for you,” Alaric laughed breathlessly.

“I’m going to Lila, so I’m going to bring them with me,” I remarked.

He nodded, stood straight and patted Coby’s nose. “They’re constantly moving,” he grinned.

I snickered and bobbed my head. “Yes, they are definitely.” I agreed.

They’re always up to mischief together. You turn around for a second; boom, up to no good. When you have children, six arms, six legs, and eyes on the back of your head are needed.

I glanced between the twins and grinned. “Shall we go see Mummy’s wolf?” I bubbled.

They clapped excitedly with their little hands, bouncing in mine and Athan’s arms. I knew mentioning Lila’s wolf would make them all excited. They love to play with her. All their favourite things involve wolves; teddies, books, toys.

“Come on, my little wolves.” I chirped and moved towards the door.

I peered back over my shoulder, “You can come too,” I offered, smiling at Alaric and Rosa.

"Levi, Elias and Amari are almost here. I’m coming back." Lila’s voice appeared in my head, which made me stop.

I held up my hand and signalled to everyone to stop.

"I was bringing Alora and Coby to you; they wanted to play with Lola. How long do we have?" I replied.

"We have about fifteen minutes before they arrive. Bring the kids to the private garden at the back of the palace." She answered.

I spun around and looked at the group. “Lila is in the private garden around back. Levi, Elias and Amari are almost here, so we’ll take the twins to her there.” I repeated what Lila said.

They nodded before turning. We wandered down the small gravel road that leads to the back of the palace. “I hoped to see Lila in action,” Athan grumbled.

“Next time, Bro.” I cackled. “I’m sure she will be eager to spar with you later.”

We walked on until we reached the gate to our private garden. Athan fiddled with the lock on the gate after passing Alora on to me. I manoeuvred myself, so I held both of them comfortably as Athan swung the gate open.

I went into the garden as everyone entered. The twins were keen to be let down as soon as they saw Lila. I chuckled and held tight as I kicked the gate and closed it.

“Wolf!” they both cheered.

“Yeah, little ones, hold on.” I chirped.

I bent down and let their feet drop to the ground. I let go of them as they pulled away from me and darted straight at Lila, who laid down and braced herself for the impact.

I sat on the grass with my legs straight, and both my hands resting on the grass as I leaned back. The twins were giggling and squealing. Lila rolled around with them, licking and nudging them, and occasionally pushing them gently down.

There is nothing better than watching the love of your life with your children. It does not get any better than this. Times like this, I wish I was a wolf; I’d love to bring the same joy to the twins as they get from wolves.

"They love you unconditionally, Rix. Wolf or not, they’re part of you." Lila’s voice broke me out of my trance.

I glanced up from the grass and grinned. Lila stood over me with Alora wrapped around one leg and Coby wrapping around the other.

"Oh, I know, baby. I know they don’t love me any less," I reassured her through the link.

Alora beamed at me before running to me. She held her arms out as she barrelled into my open arms. She giggled and clung to my shirt.

“Dada, wolf.” She gushed.

I chuckled and wrapped an arm around her as Coby began toddling towards me. I crossed my legs in time so that he could flop down on my lap. Lila cocked her head to the side as she lay in front of us.

I reached forward with my free hand and pushed it through Lila’s fur. She growled in appreciation as she edged closer to us. Alora and Coby put their hands next to mine and shoved their fingers through her fur back and forth.

“Gently, remember?” I coaxed.

I took hold of their hands and slowly moved them through her fur. I let go of their hands while they copied what I was doing. I brushed my hands through their hair and smiled.

“That’s fantastic, well done,” I praised them.

I spun around as Lila raised her head and looked behind us. Jennifer, our housekeeper, was standing by the gate and smiling at us.

“I’m sorry for the intrusion. Your family has arrived, Queen Lila,” she announced.

Lila bobbed her head and stood. “Thank you, Jennifer,” I replied.

I stood up and held Alora’s and Corbon’s hands. I gently tugged them towards the gate. “Let’s meet your uncles,” I said in a sing-song voice as we headed back to the palace.

“We’re going to head home. If you need us tomorrow, let us know.” Alaric stated as he kissed the twin’s head.

“Thanks for today,” I replied, smiling at him and Rosa.

“Don’t mention it. We love spending time with the twins.” He chuckled before they waved over their shoulders and disappeared around the corner.

"I’ll meet you all in the kitchen," Lila mentioned before running around the other side of the palace.

Ok, beautiful.

When Lila is in wolf form, she uses the conservatory to come inside. It’s private, away from prying eyes; she can shift safely without being sighted.

“There’s my favourite niece and nephew!” Elias resounded, bending down and outstretching his arms as we walked around the corner.

The twins pulled my hands until I let go. They hurried towards Elias, giggling. “Oh, my babies,” Elias gurgled as he laughed, catching them as they jumped on him.

I went to them and snickered as Alora and Coby dived all over him. “I guess they missed you,” I grinned as I stopped in front of Levi.

“It’s been too long, Rix,” Levi growled, wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me in for a hug.

“It’s been two weeks...” I tittered, slapping my hand against his back.

He grinned and shrugged after he pulled away. “Where’s Lila?” he asked, searching for her.

“She’s just getting dressed; she’s been training,” I replied.

He nodded before bending down to face Elias and the twins. I glanced over my shoulder at Amari. She was standing a little further away from us and looked like she was about to throw up.

I raised my brow as I went over to her. “Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded slowly and took deep breaths. “I’ll be right back,” she squeaked before running into the palace.

“What’s wrong with Amari?” I asked, spinning around to face Elias and Levi.

They exchanged awkward glances before Levi took a deep breath. “That’s what we have to talk to both of you,” he murmured, rubbing the back of his neck.

I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at them. I had hoped they would give me more information, but I knew they wouldn’t, not without Lila here. I sighed and nodded, gesturing my head to the main door.

They picked up the twins as we walked to the main door. When we reached the door, I pulled it open and let them go through. “Lila is waiting in the kitchen,” I remarked.

As Levi and Elias entered the kitchen, I heard the twins shout, so I knew Lila was in there. I followed them and smiled as Lila’s gaze caught me, and she gave me a huge smile.

“I thought Amari was coming?” She questioned, looking around us.

“I’m here,” Amari said, appearing behind us.

I glanced at her and frowned. She looked worse than before. “Are you sure you’re okay, Mari?” I asked, going over to her.

She smiled at me and nodded. She looked at Elias, then Levi, as they placed the twins in their chairs. Lila went to them and gave them both their little cups before coming and standing next to me.

“So... I wasn’t around much for a reason.” She started. “We wanted to keep it a secret until we knew it would work for sure.”

“What would work?” Lila and I asked at the same time.

“It was a joint decision between James and me… We wanted to help them.” She sighed. “Do you remember Kieran Reeves? James’ best friend?” She asked Lila.

Lila nodded. “The one that went abroad to study medicine?”

“Well, one of the things he could study with training to be an obstetrician was in vitro fertilization.” She explained.

I glanced at Levi and Elias, who was being unusually quiet. They seemed apprehensive. They smiled shyly at me as I raised my brow.

"With the help of an elder warlock and Doctor Reeves, I'm four months pregnant with their pup." She smiled, squeezing their hands. "We don't know if the baby is a hybrid yet, and we won't until they're here."

A huge smile spread across my face as I stared at them. Lila gasped, holding her hand across her mouth.

"Hybrid or not, this baby will be a Dark Wolf."

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