Bind Me

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Levi’s POV

“Yes, I will.” Elias and I reacted together.

My dad laughed and shook his head. “You’re supposed to answer separately, but I guess that works.” He grinned with a shrug.

I smiled lovingly at Elias as we stood on stage in front of the whole pack. I’ve longed for this day. The day I take my rightful place as their alpha, making my vow and promise to every family member in our pack. And most importantly, Elias stands by my side, my equal partner in everything.

To ensure Ryder, Alora and Corbon are safe, the usual extensive celebration isn’t happening. We are keeping it private, close-knit; only the pack and members of KS Guidance are here because they are trusted.

“If you could both turn to me,” Dad instructed.

The only thing left to do was combine our blood with my dad’s. My dad wasn’t alpha born, so when he took over from Dominic Knight and Caleb Stone, he had to mix his blood with theirs so that the pack felt my dad’s wolf as their alpha.

We held our hands out as Amari stood next to him, holding a silver blade. She held my dad’s hand and slowly sliced the blade down my dad’s palm. She looked at me and mouthed, “sorry,” taking hold of my hand and cutting across my palm.

My dad snatched my hand and clutched it; a strange sensation swept over me. The intensity of my alpha aura increased. I could feel it; Leo could definitely feel it because he was parading around with his head high, chest puffed. I could feel happiness and admiration emanating from the pack through our newly formed link.

I took a deep breath, shut my eyes, and pulled my hand away. I let out my breath gradually before turning to Elias. He had his hand out with a fresh cut on his palm.

“Levi, unite with Elias. You’re the alpha now.” My dad beamed at me.

I lingered my palm over his hand, staring at him. “Are you sure?” I asked whisperingly.

He wasn’t keen on becoming the alpha because he’s not a wolf, but that doesn’t matter to me or the pack. Although if the pack had a problem, I’d simply command them to accept him.

“I am.” He nodded.

I linked our fingers together and spun around to face the pack. I peeked at Elias, watched his eyes go wide as he drew in a quick gasp. A huge grin stretched across his face as he scanned his eyes over the pack, who cheered and whistled at us.

“Now the promises and the blood exchange have been completed,” Dad placed his hands on our shoulders, “it is my honour to introduce Alpha Levi and Alpha Elias.”

The hall erupted with cheers and applause. I grinned, gazing around the hall until my eyes settled on Lila and Alarix.

" Are we doing this?" Elias asked through our link.

I squeezed his hand in response, staring straight at Alarix with a smirk. Amari tapped us on our shoulders before I could say anything, “give me your hands. I’ll heal them.”

“Not yet, but stay, please. We’re going to need you.” I whispered.

She hummed and moved away from us. I let go of Elias’s hand and glanced back at my dad. He raised his eyebrow at me, then nodded in understanding.

“First order of business, we need Alarix to come up on stage,” I grinned as I glanced back at Alarix.

Alarix furrowed his brows before taking a deep breath. He stood up after placing Alora on Alaric’s knee. He strode slowly and reluctantly towards the stage; I fought back a chuckle when I watched him.

“Lila, you should be up here too,” Elias commented.

We didn’t tell her that we had planned this. We wanted it to be a surprise, but she’s sure to know. Alarix needs to become an official member of this pack. He should have been ages ago. We had too much going on, too much uncertainty, that it never happened or wasn’t mentioned again. Although he has all the species to lead, I want him to be part of us too.

“Put Coby on my other knee,” Mum remarked, shifting Ryder to one leg.

Lila stroked Coby’s hair while she sat him on Mum’s knee. She sauntered to us and smirked at me. Lila climbed the steps as she reached the stage. She came over to us, standing beside Alarix, smiling lovingly up at him.

“We have spoken to everyone in the pack, and they have all agreed, it is about time you officially join our pack.” Elias bubbled.

I smiled, “if that’s what you want, of course.” I added.

Alarix glanced between us with wide eyes before settling on me. He beamed, “of course, I’d love that.”

Amari came over to us and held her hand out. “I’ll be quick.” She smirked, holding the knife up in her other hand.

Alarix held his hand out, and Amari gripped it, slicing the knife along his palm. He glanced at Lila as she hissed, clutching her hand.

“I will heal you both after,” Amari whispered, glancing at Lila.

I clenched my hand, glanced down and waited until my blood dripped from my fist. Once there was enough blood pooling in my hand, I covered Alarix’s hand with mine.

His eyes lit up when the bond between us formed. He won’t sense me as his alpha because he’s a king, and my wolf already feels the authority in him, but he and I will have a connection for life. He’ll be part of our pack.

As soon as the bond had completed, I pulled my hand back. Amari made quick work of healing Alarix’s hand. A red glow appeared around their hands; Alarix looked stunned. The light disappeared just as quickly as his hand healed.

“Lila, are you okay? Did it heal?” Alarix asked, spinning around to her.

She held her hand up and showed him that she was okay. His shoulders visibly relaxed as he nodded. He turned to the pack while they all cheered and clapped. He had a massive smile on his face when he took in the crowd.

“Welcome to the pack, King Alarix.” Cayla whooped.

"Welcome to the family, man." I gushed through our newly formed mind link.

He looked at me with a huge smile still plastered on his face and bobbed his head once. “Only a year and a half late,” I smirked.

“Alphas.” Amari bowed her head with a grin on her face. “How about I heal you now?”

Elias chuckled, nodded and held his hand out. I peered over my shoulder when I felt Mum and Ryder approaching me. I smiled when Ryder’s face lit up. Mum smiled at me with a warm smile and stopped next to me.

“I’m so proud of you boys,” she gushed.

“Thank you, Mum.” I smiled.

Ryder wriggled around in Mum’s arms, trying to get to me. “Dada.” He gurgled, holding his arms out towards me with a toothy grin.

Before I could take him, Elias scooped him into his arms, while Amari snatched my hand. She smirked at me as I felt the cut on my palm knit together.

"I can’t thank you enough, Levi. You’ve made his day."

I glanced over at Lila and nodded at her. Alaric and Rosa had joined us on stage and brought Alora and Coby to Lila and Alarix. Mum and Dad stood in the middle and spoke to all three children.

“All healed.” Amari quipped.

I clenched and unclenched my fist and smiled, “thank you, Mari.”

I moved to Elias and Ryder. I draped my arm over Elias’ shoulder and bopped my finger on the end of Ryder’s nose.

“There is some food and drink set up in the garden if you want to make your way outside,” Elias mentioned, addressing the pack.

Everyone began rising from their seats. Elias’s dad and brother waved at us as they ushered Novak and Callum, Novak’s boyfriend, towards the double doors to the side of the main hall.

Parker and Calvin moved to the pack six months ago. They wanted to be close to Elias and get to know him. I didn’t have any problems with that, and neither did the members of the pack. Novak eventually came to terms with Elias and me and apologized for how he acted. So when he visits Calvin, we get along.

I hold no bad feelings towards the guy; I understand why he acted the way he did. I’m glad we have put it behind us, because he’s actually a decent guy.

“Before we join them, I have something for the kids.” Elias commented.

“We’ll meet you outside.” Dad nodded. “Alaric, Rosa, Amari, would you like to join us?”

They nodded, then gave us a little wave before stepping off the stage and going towards the now open double doors.

I raised my brow as Elias passed Ryder to me. I wrapped my arms around Ryder as Elias winked at me before turning to Lila and Alarix.

“Hey, my magic man.” I cooed, brushing my nose against Ryder’s.

He giggled and gripped my shoulders while he brushed his nose against mine clumsily.

“Levi, Lila, do you remember Amaris?” He asked.

“I remember her.” She answered, smiling.

“I was only young, but I remember bits.” I shrugged.

He nodded and smiled. “I’m the same as you, Lee. I remember bits, but anyway, Amari mentioned she had a special necklace.” He commented, delving inside of his suit jacket.

He pulled out two boxes and held them in each hand. “Instead of having to mask their scents regularly, my dad and I created these.” He muttered, handing Lila the bigger one of the two.

He opened the box and showed me what was inside. There was a dainty gold chain with a black crystal on it. “They mask their scents.” He shrugged, taking the chain out of the box.

“As long as the necklaces are around their necks, no one will know their true identity.” He explained. “As they get older, I will make sure their necklaces grow with them too.”

When Ryder was born, we instantly knew he was half-wolf, half-warlock. When he cried, his eyes flashed yellow like Elias’s. We have to be extra vigilant now, because he’s not only a hybrid, he’s a dark wolf.

Years ago, rogues wanted Amaris and her twin brother because they were dark wolves. Amari must be careful when she’s not inside the pack grounds. Some wolves are scared of them. There are a few who want a dark wolf for their own benefit. So keeping him undetected is paramount until he can protect himself.

We’ll make it, though. Ryder, Corbon and Alora are surrounded by the best. I wish we didn’t have to hide them away. I wish we could fast-forward to when we can all live in peace and harmony together.

We made our way outside to join the rest of our family. The children had their necklaces on; it put us all at ease knowing they were protected all the time now. I glanced around the packhouse garden and smiled at everyone.

This pack is my family, and I will defend every one of them with my life.

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