Bind Me

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|we need the prophets|

Lila’s POV

As soon as the wheels connected with the tarmac, I let out a breath. I was itching to get out of this stuffy plane. The feelings I was getting from the bond with these were disturbing, I needed to be as far away as I could before they started humping each other, and I was scarred for life.

I grabbed my bag as the door opened. I was the first one to the door. I stood in the open door and breathed in the air. It was so different here, a good different. The only scent I was picking up was nature and home... It smelled of home.

“Lila!” Seth called out.

I glanced around until my eyes landed on him. I felt a smile widening across my face. I watched as he jogged towards the plane. As I stepped off the last step of the stairs, he pulled me into a bone-crunching hug.

“How are you?” He mumbled.

I inhaled and let his scent wash over me; he smelled like home too. “I’m getting there,” I answered honestly. He breathed out in relief as he pulled away.

"I'm back! Half an hour and meet me at our normal spot." I linked Amari.

He waved at everyone behind me and smiled. “Did your dad send you?” Mum asked, giggling, shaking her head.

"Got it! See you soon," She linked back.

My Uncle Owen and Uncle Wade adopted Seth when he was sixteen. He’s originally from a pack on the other side of England, but he didn’t have a good upbringing there. That pack was one of the worst we have ever infiltrated.

The wolf council come to us for help when a situation gets out of hand, and they can’t handle it anymore. I’m one of the warriors that go on the missions... Dad tried stopping me, but I’m one of the best warriors this pack has seen since Cory Knight retired. I was taught everything I know from him and my dad.

“Dad was on the phone to the council when I left.” He explained.

Dad groaned, shaking his head, “I wonder what they want us to do now.” He grunted. I chuckled and glanced at him. “It doesn’t matter... We’ll be ready.” I declared.

He frowned at me and started to say something until mum nudged his shoulder. She doesn’t try and stop me; she embraces my abilities as a warrior. My dad does too, but his worry outweighs sometimes.

“I’ll drive halfway with you... I’m meeting Amari to run back.” I beamed as I tossed my bag into the boot.

There were two cars behind Seth’s SUV. I raised my brow and glanced at Seth. “They’re for your parents and brother.” He shrugged.

“We’re making a stop before home... Levi and Elias are... Well, they’re doing what they do.” Dad griped as he glanced over his shoulder.

I peered over at them, and Levi had Elias pushed up against the car. I think they were kissing each other... Although, it looked like they were attempting to eat each other. I snickered and rolled my eyes.

“Got it... You all need space.” I chuckled. “Well, I guess I’m with you for a bit.” I grinned at Seth.

I'd take the car ride with Seth any day then having to watch either my parents being all touchy-feely or my brother practically having sex right in front of me.

Levi isn't shy when it comes to talking about his sex life... I'll all about openness, but there are several things I don't need to hear about.

I climbed into the car and sank into the seat as Seth did the same. "How's the training going?" I questioned as he started the car.

"It's... Going." He chuckled awkwardly.

"Aw, Seth, you've got this." I grinned.

He's been taking the intensive training course at our KnightStone Guidance centre. I've done it; it's a killer. I couldn't move for days after I'd completed it.

We sped along the countryside, and I felt content and happy, more than I had in days. I saw the familiar tall oak tree to my right and knew I had made it to the spot I was going to meet Amari.

"Ok... Seth, this is me... I'm meeting Amari. Could you make sure my bag gets back to the packhouse?" I asked, smiling at him.

"Sure! Have fun. I'll see you later." He replied.

I grinned at him before climbing out of the car. I strolled along to the tree as I waved at Seth as he zoomed past. I reached the tree and saw a huge wolf darting towards me. I knew it was Amari... Not many wolves are black with red on them.

Amari is a Dark Wolf. They run in the family. All Amaris's pups were Dark Wolves. They don't have abilities as Amaris had, but they have the speed, strength and red eyes when angry.

Dark Wolves were originally used for war... Amaris and her twin brother Alex gained their Dark Wolves to defeat an evil in the wolf community. Now, any children that Addison has will have the Dark Wolf gene; not all of Addison's pups transformed into a Dark Wolf, though. It's only Amari and Rowan. It will continue through their bloodline.

She's pretty impressive. She's huge compared to my wolf and scary looking. I chuckled to myself as she skidded to a stop in front of me.

"Hey, Arora." I greeted, holding my hand out.

She edged forward and swiped her tongue along my palm. I cringed and wiped the saliva from my hand. I stripped off my clothes as she turned away. I shifted into my grey wolf and nudged her side.

She turned and nodded her head at me before we sprinted off into the forest. I could keep up with her speed. She pushed herself further, which meant I pushed myself.

We raced along together. Playfully shoving each other and having races until we reached the pack. It felt amazing; I was feeling on top of the world.

"Lila, I need you to come to the packhouse." Dad insisted.

"On my way," I replied.

I didn't think they were home. I thought they were going off somewhere. Maybe it's something to do with the council ringing. Now I was intrigued. I was ready for a mission.

"Dad needs me back at the packhouse. We'll head there," I explained to Amari.

We rushed off in the direction of the packhouse. As we slowed down in the pack grounds, I could feel the tension from the packhouse. I was worried that something had happened. I raced ahead and slid to a stop as I saw mum standing by the doorway with some clothes in her hand.

I took the clothes and went behind a tree. I shifted and pulled the clothes on. "What's wrong, mum?" I asked as I rounded the tree, coming back into her view.

"It's best if you come inside, baby." She replied.

I furrowed my brows at her but followed her inside. She was nervous; I could feel it. I followed her up the stairs towards dad's office. She pushed the door open and ushered me inside.

My eyes went wide as I glanced around. My dad was sat behind his desk with Owen and Wade on either side of him; their eyes were pitch black. Elias was stood in front of Levi protectively. Mum went over to dad and stood by his side.

"Who are you?" I blurted. "I know who you are..." I pointed to one of the Elders on the wolf council, I can't remember his name, but I have seen him before.

"My name is Melanie Brooker."

"I'm Darius Crane."

"I'm Natalia Brookhaven."

I was confused. I had no idea who they are...

"I don't know who you are?" I puzzled.

I couldn't scent them either. They just smelled like humans, and I knew that was impossible because they wouldn't be in the pack lands, let alone sat in the Alpha's office.

I glanced around at everyone, and they were all still stood protectively and in an offensive stance.

The woman, who introduced herself as Natalia flicked her wrist and the power emitting in the room nearly floored me.

"Vampire... Witch..." I drawled, stunned.

"I'm a seer." Melanie smiled sweetly at me.

I blinked a few times and furrowed my brows. I was still confused... Why were they here?

"I'm the king of vampires." Darius stood up and extended his hand out to me.

I stared at it. He chuckled, a deep husky rumble coming from his throat.

"We need your help, Lila... And Levi's, Elias's." He mentioned. "We need the prophets." Natalia appended.

My mouth dropped, and my eyes went wide.

"We need you to stop Alarix King." He deadpanned.

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