Bind Me

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|bonus - the beginning of the end|

Alora’s POV - Seven Years Later.

I scowled as I stared in the mirror, scanning my eyes over the skimpy blood-red dress clinging to my too much-exposed body. I’d take pants or even a full-body suit over this dress any day.

Quit your yapping. It’s only for a few hours, so suck it up.′ Allie, my wolf quipped.

You won’t be the one wearing this all night.′ I moaned, ′I’ll be the one being ogled and attracting all the unwanted attention.

She huffed and rolled her eyes. She retreated to the back of my mind again and left me to suffer alone. When my mum gave me this dress, I couldn’t say no to her. I’ve not worn a dress, probably since my mum and dad dressed me, but she seemed so pleased when I agreed; her reaction makes wearing this damn dress worth it.

It’s my and Coby’s eighteenth birthday today, and my dad thought it would be a brilliant idea to celebrate with our friends this year.

I, however, think it’s a ridiculous idea.

We’ve never celebrated with our friends. It’s always been at the palace or with the Dark Wolf Pack, only with family and friends that know about us. My friends don’t know who I am, so it’s tricky.

Alpha Dimitri offered to host our party at his pack because everyone at school thinks we are his pups. It’s going to be even riskier; surrounding packs in the area are coming to the party. Alpha Dimitri said we had to keep up with appearances. In the eyes of our school, he’s our dad, so he had to invite his allies.

Apparently, an alpha’s pup having a huge party and other packs attending is a tradition.

“You’re going to blow everyone away, Princess.” Olivia whistled with a smirk on her first, standing in my walk-in closet doorway.

I held my middle finger up and winked at her through the mirror.

“So ladylike of you,” She rolled her eyes and came closer to me.

Olivia is Coby’s beloved. She’s the only one in our friend group who knows who we are.

Coby, Ryder and I decided we didn’t want to know about our soulmate whilst we finished school. We didn’t want to have to be near them daily, knowing who they were to us. Also, not knowing if they’re part of the others whose sole purpose is to destroy us. I know they are at the school, some I have heard talking, but we can’t do anything about it without outing ourselves.

Uncle Elias modified our necklaces, so we can’t sense others either. Coby and Olivia found out about each other by accident. His necklace snapped one day at school, and luckily for him, he was out in the open, and Olivia was the only one nearby. They were both shocked, Olivia more so with who Coby is, but she accepted him. Now her clan is part of us, and we have strong fighters on our side.

Coby, Ryder and I now have a ring instead of a necklace, it’s safer, and we are protected. Mine is staying on my finger until I graduate, and maybe even forever.

She grinned at me and gestured for me to sit. I sat down on a circle pouffe and stared in the mirror. She started running her fingers through my hair and raised her brow at me through the mirror.

“Do you want your hair up or down, Your Majesty?” She questioned.

“Don’t call me that,” I groaned. “You can decide.”

My official title is Princess Alora Ayla King. I will always be a princess, but up-front and center is not where I want to be. Dad offered me the crown first, since I’m the eldest, but I don’t want it. I want to be like my mum - a warrior, a member of our guard. Coby can have the crown; it’s not for me.

“Any make-up? Red lippy to go with your killer dress.” She suggested.

I furrowed my brows at her, then shook my head. “Please,” she whined.

“Fine, but only a little.” I sighed, giving in to her.

“You can look at yourself once I have done everything.” She grinned, turning me around to face away from the mirror.

After what seemed like hours, she finally finished painting my face and curling my hair. That’s the only thing I knew she did. I’m a little nervous to look at how she’s done my make-up.

“You look flawless, Alora.” She grinned at me, obviously impressed with her handy work.

I turned around and glanced in the mirror. A small gasp slipped out as I stared at my reflection. I looked nothing like myself. My hair was flowing over my shoulders in soft waves, and my make-up was minimal. The only thing that stood out was my lips; they were bright red, matching my dress.

“I love it, thank you.” I gushed.

“You’re welcome. My turn now. Coby has linked and asked us to hurry.” She giggled.

“Want any help?” I asked.

She shook her head. “No, Lor’. You get your heels on. I’ll be quick.” She replied.

I smirked and nodded before making my way out of the closet. Heels, no, flat shoes, yes, please. There is no way I am spending the evening in heels.

I slipped the black pumps onto my feet as I picked my phone up. I had a few missed calls from Isaac, one of my best friends. I hit the call back button and held the phone to my ear as I packed a little bag to take with me.

“Hey, gorgeous. What are you wearing?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. “A dress that barely covers my ass,” I answered, groaning.

“Fuck me. Don’t put that image in my head, babe.” He moaned.

I rolled my eyes at him using babe. He knows I can’t sense others, and he knows he can’t sense me, but he still insists on me being his mate, he wants me even though I’m wolfless. That’s the excuse all three of us use when asked why we don’t have a scent.

“What did you ring for, Isaac?” I asked.

“Can’t a guy call his lover?” He chuckled, “I was just ringing to say happy birthday, and I’ll see you soon.”

“See you soon, Isaac.” I groaned before hanging up the call.

“Isaac, huh?” Olivia asked.

I glanced over my shoulder and rolled my eyes with a nod of my head. “Wow, Liv. You look stunning.” I complimented.

She was wearing a silver jumpsuit with white heels. Her hair was up in an elegant bun with curls hanging loosely from the bun. She looked incredible.

“We’re going to be the hottest ones there,” she winked.

I chuckled and nodded my head as we made our way out of my bedroom. We had a little journey ahead of us; we needed to make it to the Blood Moon Pack before everyone else showed up.

We strolled along the hallway, chatting and laughing together.

When we arrived at the grand staircase, we stopped at the top and looked down. We stared at my mum, my dad, and Coby, who was standing at the bottom, waiting for us.

“Alora, you look...”

“Wow, Sis... You...”

My dad and Coby both stammered as they stared up at us. I don’t think I have ever dressed up like this; I can understand their reactions.

“She looks stunning, doesn’t she?” Olivia bubbled with a proud, smug expression on her face.

They nodded, still gawking at me. I rolled my eyes and chuckled as we went down the staircase. Coby immediately embraced Olivia. She giggled and blushed as he whispered in her ear. I stood in front of my parents and smiled.

“I knew that dress would suit you.” Mum smiled.

I rolled my eyes playfully and giggled. “I admit, I do like it. It’s a little short, but I can put up with it for one night.” I replied.

“Lora!!!” Four little voices squealed.

I turned around in time to brace myself as four rowdy children dived at me. I chuckled and embraced each of them the best I could.

“You look like a princess,” Damon commented, looking up at me.

“She is a princess,” Silas giggled.

“Mummy said we couldn’t come to the party.” Clayton whined.

I chuckled and shook my head. “It’s a grown-up party. When I get back, we’ll have a special party for just us.” I promised, bending down, so I was at their heights.

After four miscarriages and Mum hitting rock bottom, they went to Doctor Reeves and the warlock for help. Doctor Reeves wasn’t very hopeful after the previous miscarriages. They didn’t think any of the fertilized eggs would last. I don’t think I have ever seen my parents so worried and anxious while they were waiting. When she had her scan, they were shocked when four little blips appeared on the screen.

They all nodded at me before Mum ushered them back towards Marlee, one of the housekeepers the quads will be staying with tonight.

“Bye-bye Lora, Coby, Livvy.” They all shouted as they ran up the stairs.

They turned around and stopped at the top of the stairs. “Come back soon, Mummy, Daddy.” They smiled before running off.

I chuckled and waved before turning to everyone and gesturing my head towards the door. “Yes, come on, before we’re late.” Dad nodded.

I followed everyone out. “Good evening, Your Majestie.” Davie, our drive, greeted.

“Good evening, Davie.” My dad replied with a smile.

Davie opened the door for us, and we all piled in one after the other. “How long is the drive again?” I asked as I fastened my belt.

“Just over an hour,” Dad replied, “don’t worry. It’s a straight shot to the pack.”

I nodded and took a deep breath before looking out of the window as we left the palace land. I hate leaving the ground; I always get nervous. Mine and Coby’s scents are masked, but my parents aren’t. So if we get noticed, they will know who we are. Plus, I’m the carbon copy of Dad, which will make it obvious too.

Mum reached over Dad and placed her hand on mine. “We will be there before you know it, sweetheart.” She smiled.

I returned the smile and nodded. I glanced back outside and watched the forest speed past us. We had only been driving for about twenty minutes when a loud screech sounded from behind us.

The limo swerved and sped forward until it crashed into something and started rolling. I screamed, reaching out for something to hold. Dad shoved his arm across my chest as he did the same to Mum.

I screwed my eyes shut and held my breath, waiting for the final impact when the limo stopped rolling. I didn’t know where we were or what was happening.

The sounds of shots echoed throughout the limo. I snapped my eyes open and choked as I squinted, glancing around the limo. I couldn’t move; I was between my seat and the seat next to me.

“Dad! Mum! Corbon! Olivia!” I screamed, trying to get their attention. I couldn’t see them.

The firing died down enough for me to focus on sounds. When I focused, my senses were overwhelmed with blood.

“I SAID FUCKING STOP!” A loud voice boomed.

My wolf whimpered at the voice, her ears pricked up, and she shook her head. It was then I realised my scent was no longer covered, and the voice outside, whoever it belonged to, belonged to me.

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