Bind Me

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|never back down|

Lila’s POV

“I’m sorry... Who?” I blurted.

He raised his brow at me, staring at me. Was I supposed to know who he is? I don’t remember meeting anyone called Alarix, with a name like his, I wouldn’t forget.

“Protecting him won’t help anyone, child.” He grunted.

A low, baleful growl reverberated from my dad. “I said you could speak to my daughter... Not badger her.” He snarled.

“Excuse me? I can’t protect someone I don’t know. Don’t treat me like a fucking child.” I growled.

I don’t care if he’s the vampire king. I don’t deserve to be spoken to like a child. I legit have no idea who he is, why the fuck would I be protecting him? I have never backed down from a mission... And this one will be no different. I've trained for this one.

Amusement whirled around in his eyes. “I can see why you're Alarix's beloved.” He grinned. "You'll make a fine leader." He quipped.

My breath hitched in my throat. The prophecy was about my mate? I have to stop my destined from destroying everything. How is that fair? I’m afraid to ask what I would have to do to stop him.

Could I take my mates life if it ensured peace between our species?

No, I don’t think I could.

His name suits him.′ Lola purred. Now is absolutely not the time to fawn over him.

“Why does he need stopping?... I don’t understand.” I muttered. “What has he done?” I questioned, glancing between them.

“If the unity goes ahead, war is inevitable.” Natalia, the witch, mentioned. I groaned and shook my head. “What unity? What’s going on?” I demanded.

They are either talking in riddles, or I’m supposed to know what this unity is. I rolled my eyes as I waited for someone to speak. No one was answering me. They were glancing between each other.

“Alpha, I think it’s best if you tell her.” Melanie, the seer, whispered.

She looked scared; actually, they all looked scared... Of me. Whatever I needed to know, they were nervous about my reaction.

I glanced over at my dad and raised my brow. He took a deep breath before standing up and coming over to me. He stopped in front of me and smiled sadly at me.

“What is it?” I asked.

He placed his hands on my shoulders, “I need you to keep an open mind, Lila, and listen to the vampire king, ok?” He advised.

I took a deep breath and nodded.

“There is a deal between two clans. Alarix is promised to another vampire to-”

A loud feral growl thundered deep within my chest. Dad’s eyes shot to black, he tried keeping me under his gaze, but my wolf was livid.

“He’s my mate.” I seethed.

I pushed past my dad and stood dangerously close to the vampire king. “And you... You want me to stop him? How?” I growled.

I knew my eyes were black. He was slightly cowering away; I can’t believe he was a king. I saw movement from the corner of my eyes. Natalia had her hand raised. I growled at her before Elias stood in between us and glared at her.

She backed away and sat back down. I was confused... I didn’t understand why they were scared of us. Elias doesn’t know much magic; he’s still learning. Levi and I are just regular wolves compared to them. The vampire could probably get out of here before I shifted, and the witch could definitely use magic to stop me.

My body was trembling, and I couldn’t see straight. Lola was pushing through. I could feel the start of a shift. I let out a low thunderous growl in his face before swerving around him and leaping out of the open window.

I shifted mid-air, landing on all four paws before I sprinted off into the woods. I ran, driving myself to go faster until the constant growl had faded away. I continued running until I reached a waterfall. I dived straight in.

I paddled back to the surface. I shifted in the water, which wasn’t a good idea; I almost drowned twice.

I drifted on my back through the lake, gazing at the night sky. The moon was glowing, illuminating the water, and usually, it would make me feel relaxed, but it just reminded me of what I can’t have.

My gift from Moon Goddess herself.

My gift from the Goddess is a vampire, but he doesn’t want me... He wants a chosen beloved.

Why didn’t he reject me? How do you even reject a vampire? I don't know if it's the same way as we would reject someone; a few little words and the bond is broken forever. Then this mission wouldn’t feel heartwrenching.

Why did he keep coming back, knowing the bond would form and grow stronger? My heart was pounding against my chest. I took a deep breath and screamed, getting all my frustration and heartache out.

"Lila, come back." My mum sighed through the link.

I choked back a sob, closing the link. I didn't want to see anyone; I needed to be alone. I had to deal with the possibility of what I might have to do.

So this is why he looked so conflicted. I thought it was because I was a werewolf. It was because he had someone waiting back home for him. I stupidly asked him to come with me. He should have told me then. He's a coward, and I'm glad he's not going to be my mate.

My head whipped around to the grass as I heard a branch snap.

"Shit... Sorry, I didn't want to sneak up on you... But I heard you scream and didn't dare come to you." She whispered.

I furrowed my brows as I stared at her. She shuffled awkwardly on her feet as she glanced away.

"Erm, could you grab me something out of the bag in the bush on your left?" I asked.

I'm not sure who she is... But she's a vampire, and Alarix's scent is all over her.

I climbed out of the lake as I pulled on the long teeshirt she had laid near the water. I didn't feel threatened by her at all, but it could have been that she smelled like him, and it's soothed my wolf.

"I'm sorry to come here unannounced. I just didn't know how to contact you." She mumbled.

I nodded slowly and raised my brow.

"I'm Celeste, and I need your help."

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