Sinful Love

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Chapter 9

Idona woke up when she opened her eyes it was completely dark. Is this another dream? She asked herself but she knew it wasn't because she was still wrapped around Nex. she freaked out for a minute. She let go of Nex trying to sit up. She moved the material that surrounded her.

A blanket. Nex had covered them in a blanket. It went completely over Idonas head. She relaxed knowing it was just a blanket.

“What's the matter princess?” Nex said sleepily. She had accidentally woken him up with all her movements.

“Nothing just go back to sleep,” she answered as she wrapped herself back into Nex’s arms. She fell back asleep not too long after.

A few hours later she was woken up by Nex moving around a lot. She opened her eyes to see Nex slowly trying to pry himself from Idona’s arms without waking her. She giggled and released him from her grip.

“Sorry I didn't mean to wake you. I was just gonna take a shower,” Nex said as he leaned down placing a kiss on Idonas forehead.

“It's okay,” Idona said smiling. She grabbed the pillow he was laying on and cuddled with it. She heard him laugh as he walked toward the bathroom.

Idona couldn't fall asleep again. So she just laid there thinking of everything that happened last night. Nex was a vampire. Nex was her boyfriend. She shouted in her mind. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach begin to flutter everywhere. Suddenly she heard the water turn off. She had a great Idea.

Nex walked out of the bathroom. He only had a towel tied around his waist. Idona peaked out of her eye to see what he was doing. He was fixing the towel before he looked at Idona. She quickly closed her eyes hoping he didn't see her. She heard him walk closer to the bed. He leaned over making the pillow she had engulfed in her arms dip.

He leans down close to her ear,“I know you're awake princess,” Nex whispered in her ear.

Idona began to fake snore. Nex laughs as Idona wraps her arms around his neck. His hair was dripping water everywhere. Nex leans up bringing Idona up with him. She instinctively wraps her legs around his waist. Forgetting he had only a towel around his waist that was now hanging on by a thread.

“So clingy today princess,” Nex says wrapping his arms around her.

“Sorry I just want to be close to my boyfriend,” Idona says into the base of his neck. Calling Nex her boyfriend sent shivers down her spine.

“What did you just call me princess?” Nex asks.

“My boyfriend, I mean that's what you are right?” Idona says looking at him.

“Yes I am princess,” Nex lightly kisses Idonas lips.

“What are we doing today?” Idona says breaking the kiss after a few minutes.

“Whatever you want to do,” Nex says lightly, placing Idona back down on the bed while holding his towel to keep it from falling.

“Can we get lunch and talk more about this vampire thing like what I should expect,” Idona suggests.

“Sure I'll tell you anything you want to know,” Nex says as he walks away towards his closet.

A few minutes later he comes out in only a pair of black jeans. He has some clothes in his hand. Idona couldn't help but admire the view.

“Take a picture princess, it'll last longer,” he said while placing a pile of clothes on the bed.

“I no longer have a reason to take a picture,” Idona laughs.

“Here I bought you some outfits,” he says laughing.

“Nex you didn't have to do that,” Idona says while getting off the bed.

“I know I didn't have to but I wanted to,” Nex walks back to his closet letting Idona get changed.

He comes out fully clothed. Idona was kind of disappointed. She had completely forgotten she didn't have a shirt on. She was standing in front of Nex with only pants and a bra on.

“Take a picture, it'll last longer,” She says, mocking Nex.

“Same as you, I don't have to make it last longer,” Nex says, approaching Idona. He places his hands on her sides. Looking down at her with an evil smile on his face.

Idona shivers from the contact but wasn't going to let him win so easily. She turns around grabbing her shirt off the bed. She swiftly yet slowly puts the shirt on. Nex stepped back looking Idona up and down.

“Ehh I liked it better without the shirt on,” Nex says stroking his chin like he was thinking.

“Shut up,” Idona rolls her eyes as her stomach growls,“I'm hungry, can we go?”

“Sure let's go,” Nex says walking towards the door.

Idona wasn't sure but she assumed Omisha was a vampire too. They made their way downstairs. They walk to the car. Idona didn't know why but the butterflies in her stomach only got stronger.

Nex and Idona decided to get Chick-fil-A. It was Idonas favorite place to eat at. They parked in the parking lot so they could eat.

“Alright what do you want to know?” Nex asks, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“I don't know everything I guess,” Idona takes a sip of her drink thinking of what to ask first,“mm garlic?” she felt silly asking that.

Nex laughed,“Idona mostly none of the stuff you read in stories are true. Garlic doesn't do anything. We can all walk in sunlight. Yes, we can see our reflections in the mirror. No, crosses don't faze us and no we don't say bleh bleh bleh,” Idona laughed at the last statement.

“Okay then what about the blood?” Idona says controlling her laughter.

“I feed on humans,” Nex says.

“Is it hard to be around me so much?” Idona was scared of what his answer could be; she didn't want to make it hard for him.

“Sometimes yes but I can control it.”

“Nex what does it feel like to get bitten by a vampire?” Idona didn't know what came over her but she wanted to know.

“Well if we wanted to we could make it as painful as possible or we could make it pleasurable.”

“Would you ever drink from me?” Idona looked at Nex as she asked him that and his eyes widened.

“Idona…” Nex paused as if he was debating on what to say. “Only if you wanted me to,” Nex finally says.

If she was being honest she did but she was scared. She knew he wouldn't hurt her, “Is Omisha a vampire too?”

“Yes she is”

“Oh okay,” Idona knew she was. It only made sense. Nex was a Vampire and he considered her his sister, “how old are you?”

“I turned when I was 25. That was around 300 years ago”

Idona was shocked, “so you're 325 years old?”

“Yeah,” Nex took another bite of his sandwich, “talk about the age gap right?” Idona laughs.

“Geez you're old,” Idona bites one of her chicken tenders as Nex glares at her.

“What did you just say.”

“That your old geez keep up. Do you already need hearing aids?” Idona said teasingly.

“You little,” Nex reaches over and starts tickling Idona. Idona busts out laughing squirming around telling him to stop.

“PLEASE NEX I'M SORRY I SWEAR JUST PLEASE STOP!” Idona says laughing uncontrollably.

Nex finally stops,“there. Have you learned your lesson?”

“I said you were old,” Idona tests him again. He looks over to her prepared to attack, “still hot though,” Idona adds looking out the window.

“Oh yeah?” Nex says smiling.

“Ehh I mean obviously not as hot as me but you're up there,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

Nex laughs,“I'll take it.”

They finish eating and they go back to the house. Omisha had already woken up when they got back. She didn't look very good, she looked a little pale. Nex obviously noticed immediately. He walked over to where she was sitting.

“Are you okay?” Idona heard Nex ask.

“Yeah im fine why?” Omisha answered.

“You look a little pale.”

“Hey Nex imma go grab something from your room,” Idona wanted to give them some time to talk.

She went to Nex’s room just to brush her hair. She needed something to pass a little time.

She finally exited his room. As soon as she stepped out someone ran past her. Not a human run. She felt it happen again this time Omisha was standing in front of her.

“So you actually know about us?” Omisha asks, smiling.

“Yeah,” Idona giggles.

“That's great it was getting a little boring walking around as a human.”

“Oh I'm sorry,” Idona apologies.

“No, don't be are you kidding me, it's fine, I have to do it every day,” Omisha places her hands on Idona’s shoulders,“so you know that me and Nex are vampires and you're not scared?”

“No, I have no reason to be scared. I know Nex wouldn't hurt me,” Idona wasn't sure what the right answer was,“I was a little confused at first but I wasn't scared. and Omisha, I trust you. I don't think you're a bad person. I think you kill to survive that's all.”

Omisha smiled,“that's great! I can tell Nex really likes you dont let his ego get to you its deadly.”

Omisha laughs,“Ahh we are going to be besties. We can annoy Nex together yeah?”

Idona laughs. “Yeah.”

“Okay see you downstairs,” and with that Omisha was gone. Idona laughs and starts to walk downstairs.

She finally makes her way back to the kitchen. But when she turned the corner she heard Nex scolding Omisha.

“You need blood Omisha not that shit from a bag. You need the fresh stuff and im not going to argue about this your getting ill,” Nex roared

“Nex I'm fine,” Omisha said.

“Omisha, I'm not playing with you. You are not drinking enough,” Nex turned around to look at Idona who was standing by the counter trying not to interrupt them.

Idona didn't know what suddenly came over her but she felt the need to help. She could tell Omisha was sick,“Omisha, he's right. You look sick if you need to, you can have some of my blood. As long as it means you're okay.”

Nex just stared at Idona like she was crazy.

“Oh Idona no I couldn't, I'll get something to eat later. I couldn't drink from you.” Omisha finally said. Nex still hadn't looked away from Idona.

“Why not? I mean it's just blood. And I don't want you traveling while you're sick,” Idona was truly concerned for Omisha and her well being. She knew how much she meant to Nex and if Nex cared about her, Idona cared about her.

“Idona I'm truly grateful for your offer but I'm not sure Nex would be fond of that. And..” she pauses,“and your blood is very special.”

“What? What do you mean?” Idona was confused about how her blood was different. How was it special?

“Just from the smell of your blood would drive any vampire crazy.”

“Oh,” Idona didn't know how to respond to that.

“Idona, I am very grateful for your offer. But like I told Nex im fine”

Nex suddenly turns back to Omisha,“you are not Omisha, you are sick because you are not eating properly,” Nex yells. He was angry.

“Nex please don't yell at me,” Omisha said.

“Then don't give me a reason to,” Nex roars.

“Nex hey calm down yelling isn't gonna make it any better. Go easy on her,” Idona says as she softly grabs his arm.

He immediately spins around, “Idona do you not get the severity of this situation. She is being stupid by not eating,” Nex yells in Idonas face.

Idona’s mood changes. Her eyes grow angry. She didn't like when people yelled at her,“Do not raise your voice at me, Nex. I may not understand it completely but that gives you no right to act this way towards me or Omisha!” Idona lets go of Nex holding her hand out to Omisha.

She looks at Nex. she was full of rage, “when you calm down you can find us in Omisha’s room,”
Idona and Omisha walk up the stairs they can hear banging and crashing from the kitchen. Idona wasn't fazed he was getting his anger out that way.

“Wow I've never seen anyone talk to Nex that way and live to tell that tale,” Omisha says as they make it to her room.

“Well I don't like when people raise their voice at me. It sets something off in me. I've learned to control it enough to where I don't completely lose it on people,” Idona says watching Omisha carefully.

“He shouldn't have yelled at you Omisha,” Idona says sincerely.

“I know but he was just worried.”

“I know he was but he needs to learn to control his anger,” Idona had cooled down enough to release her fists she had subconsciously balled up.

“You're a good influence on him Idona, I can tell,” Omisha smiled at Idona.

They talked for a while. The banging and crashing stopped after a little but Nex still hadn't come up stairs. Finally they hear a soft knock at the door. Idona gets up to open the door. She sees Nex standing outside.

“Idona, would you wait for me in my room? I would like to talk to my sister for a moment,” Nex said his voice was cold. His face showed no emotion.

Idona nodded as she left Nex and Omisha to talk.

She waited in his room patiently. There was no screaming, no banging, no crashing, nothing. About 30 minutes later, Nex's door finally opens. Idona immediately turned off her phone and looked at Nex as he was slowly walking towards the bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed.

Idona scoots her way next to him. She slowly looked at his face. He was looking directly at the ground. Eventually he looked at Idona with a sad smile on his face. She felt bad for scolding him but he shouldn't have yelled at her.

“Idona, I'm so sorry I yelled at you. I was angry and couldn't control myself,” Nex suddenly had sadness all over his face. It made Idona feel even worse.

“It's okay, Nex. I know that you were just worried about her,” Idona says as she pulls Nex into a hug. She runs her fingers through his hair,“but Nex I don't like when people yell at me okay. Please don't do it again.”

“I won't, I promise. I'm so sorry Idona,” Nex says in her hair.

“Shhh it's okay. I didn't want to get mad at you, I just lost my temper. And for that I'm sorry.”

“I'm just so worried about her Idona.”

“I know baby I know. But you have to realize you yelling at her isn't going to fix anything.”

“I know but I don't know how else to react when she doesn't listen to me especially when it's this serious of a matter. She's not eating Idona.”

“Hey,” Idona pulls back, placing her hands on both sides of Nex’s face,“it'll be okay, we’ll help her. But you have to be patient,” she smiles at him.

“Okay,” Nex kisses Idona lips.

They get changed and Nex falls asleep in Idona's arms. Idona wanted to be there for him. So she stroked his hair and caressed his face until he fell asleep.


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