Sinful Love

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Chapter 10

A few days later Omisha had already left for Italy. She told Nex she was fine but he knew better. He tried everything. He didn't want to yell at her because of what Idona had told him.

Only a few days after Omisha left Idona got a text from her. Omisha and Idona had become close in the short period of time she was in the US.

O: Hey Idona are you busy?

I: No just making Nex breakfast what's up? Is everything okay?

O: Aww how cute. Lol. but I just wanted to tell you something but you can't tell Nex okay?

I: Uhh Omisha you're scaring me. What's going on?

O: Idona I'm sick worse than I was in the US. I just wanted to let you know in case something happens to me so you can break it to Nex he’ll be okay with you.

I: Omisha don't say that you're gonna be fine. I promise. I won't tell Nex but you need to eat hun.

O: I know I'm trying, I promise.

I: okay I have to go. Nex gets grumpy when he doesn't have his

O: ugh I hate coffee but I understand. :P Isn't he always grumpy? But thanks for not telling him about this.

I: Yeah of course. Keep me updated yeah?

O: Yeah talk to you later.

Idona knew what she had to do. She just had to find a way to do it. She finished making Nex coffee. She carefully brought it up to his room trying not to spill it.

“Here's your coffee babe,” Idona said, setting his coffee in front of him.

“Thank you princess,” He gave Idona a quick peck on the cheek.

Idona felt horrible for not telling Nex about Omisha but she knew he would only get angry. She didn't want him to stress out himself and Omisha. She needed to eat and rest. And she certainly wouldn't be able to do that if he was constantly screaming at her.

“Hey hun, I have a doctor's appointment in a little while,” Idona says as she walks to the closet.

“Oh really what for are you alright?” Nex asked.

“Yeah I'm fine it's just a check up. I'll only be gone for a few hours” Idona comes out with a pile of clothes in her hand walking towards the bathroom.

“Oh alright you want me to come with you or anything?”

“Nex I'm a big girl. I can go to the doctors by myself,” Idona says, peeking her head out of the bathroom.

“Okay fine,” Nex says laughing.

Idona takes a quick shower. She was nervous. But she needed to help Idona. When she came out, Nex was on a call and he didn't sound very happy. She loved seeing him all bossy though it lowkey turned her on.

She snapped out of it and finished getting ready. She slipped on her shoes, grabbed her purse and her phone before making her way over to where Nex was. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before she left.

The doctors weren't far. She drove there the entire way she was nervous. She hated needles but she needed to help Omisha.

She finally arrived and checked in. While was in the waiting room she got a text from Nex.

N: Princess when are you coming back? I miss you.

I: Nex I just left. I'll be back soon okay?

N: okay but hurry I'm bored.

I: oh my god you're such a child.

N: yeah yeah whatever. I'm bored there's nothing to do around here. And these idiots who work for me can't do anything right.

I: oh do you have to go help them?

N: not yet but I might soon.

I: oh okay. Well the doctor just called me. see you soon.

N: okay bye.

Idona shook her head. I'm dating a literal child. I just left and he's already asking when i'll be home.

She got up and walked towards the hall where the doctor was waiting for her.

“Good afternoon Miss Pierce I see you came in today for a blood withdrawal.” the doctor says as they walk into a room.

“Yes, I did. I need a sample for a genetic test,” Idona came up with the first thing that came to mind.

“Okay well if you could take a seat up there I need to check everything to make sure you can get blood drawn.”

Idona walked over to the table and sat down. The doctor did the normal. Checked her blood pressure, her breathing, her heartbeat and all the necessities.

“Okay everything seems good. Are you on any medication that makes you drowsy or faint?”


“Okay let me go grab what I need and I'll be right back!” the doctor walked out of the room Leaving Idona to her hammering heart beat and the empty room.

She tried to calm herself down. She didn't want to pass out.

Few minutes later the doctor came back in. He set down everything he needed next to Idona. He grabbed the elastic material they use to find the vein.

He wrapped it around Idonas arm and tied it. He grabbed the needle and the tube that was connected to a small vile of blood the perfect amount of blood for Omisha to heal.

“Okay are you ready?” the doctor asked.

Idona really wished Nex or Capala were there to hold her hand. She hated needles.

“Yes,” Idona said quietly. She bit her lip and clenched her fist to distract herself from the needle.

“Okay just relax it'll be over before you know it,” Idona took a deep breath as the doctor slowly pierced her skin with the needle.

A few minutes later he was done. He closed the vile and took off the elastic band.

Idona felt like she could finally breathe.

“Okay here you go,” the Doctor said as he threw away the gloves and washed his hands.

“Sir is there anyway I could send this through the post office without it going bad. Like really fast shipping?”

“Yeah I could give you a box to put it in. Just take it to the post office and give them this note and tell them where you need to send it.”

“Okay thank you so much,” Idona didn't want the blood to go bad because then it wouldn't be useful.

The doctor walks back in with a box labeled blood. He grabbed the vile and placed it in the box and taped it up. She didn't know how well this would work but she prayed it did.

Idona grabs the box, thanks the doctor, and leaves. She makes her way to the post office the doctor told her to go to.

She enters making her way to the front desk.

“Hi, I have a package that needs to be at this address as soon as possible,” Idona slides the note that had the doctor's instructions and the address.

“Okay so you want this to go to Sicily, Italy correct?” the receptionist asked.

“Yes as fast as you guys can get it there.”

“Okay and this box contains blood?”


“Okay we’ll take it and send it off right away,” The lady grabs the box and carefully puts it in the fridge they had in the back.

“Thank you,” Idona left all she could do was hope it would get there in time.

She drove back to Nex’s house. She knew what she did was right but she knew Nex would never agree.

She finally got back and made her way to the Kitchen. She heard Nex in there shuffling around for something.

“What are you up to?” Idona asked walking up to the counter.

“Your back,” Nex turned around and walked towards Idona giving her a sweet kiss,how was it? I missed you.”

“It was alright and I missed you too,” Idona says smiling at him.

“What happened to your lip?” Nex asked, running his thumb over her lips. She had forgotten she had bit down on them.

“Oh I guess I bit them too hard when the doctor was giving me a shot. I'm terrified of needles.” Idona confessed.

“Why didn't you tell me I would've gone with you if i knew you were getting a shot.”

“I didn't know but I'm fine, see,” Idona said as she tickled him.

He started laughing, “No princess, stop,” Nex said between laughs.

“What is the magic word?”

“Please,” Nex was laughing so hard he could barely breathe. Idona finally stopped. Nex glared at her. She knew she was in trouble.

She ran. She ran as fast as she could. She knew she couldn't outrun a vampire but she tried. She made it to his room and quickly shut the door.

Just when she thought she was safe. Nex ran out of the closet and pinned her against the door.

“To slow princess,” Nex smirked wickedly.

“You're a vampire I'm not gonna be able to outrun you,” Idona rolls her eyes.

“Ah ah ah watch the attitude princess,” Nex says.

Idona leans closer to Nex, their lips almost touching.

“I don't know what you're talking about,” Idona whispers against his lips.

Nex grins and places his lips on Idonas pushing her head back against the door.

“You're never gonna learn, are you princess?” Nex says as he walks them over to the bed slowly letting Idona fall onto it.

Nex pulls away from her.

“Let me take you out on a date tonight,” Nex kisses Idonas cheek waiting for her answer.

“Is the Mr.Grey himself asking me on a date?” Idona says playfully.

“I guess he is,” Nex smiles.

“Uhh fine, I guess,” Idona laughs, placing a quick kiss on his lips.

“Is the Ms. Pierce saying yes to a date with me? Wow, I'm honored.”

“I said I guess but okay,” Idona said teasingly.

“Oh hush. Come on let's go we're gonna be late for our reservations,” Nex says standing up offering his hand to help Idona up.

“Wait what, you already made reservations?” Idona said standing up.

“Uhh yeah so hurry up and get changed or whatever you need to do,” Nex said walking towards his closet.

“Oh my god you drive me insane you know that,” Idona says as he walks away.

“Yeah yeah hurry up or I'll eat dinner alone,” Nex laughed.

Idona quickly runs to the closet to get clothes so she can take a shower. Nex laughed as she ran in grabbing the first dress she saw. She ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

After her shower she quickly got dressed. In her rush she had grabbed a black dress that looked like a knitted sweater.

She slipped it on and made her way out of the bathroom. Nex was just sitting there on his phone. She rolled her eyes at how calm he was. She was still running around trying to get ready.

“Nex fishnets or not fishnets?” Idona asked Nex who had finally looked up from his phone. His eyes widened.

“No fishnets if you wear those we’ll miss our reservation,” Nex said, looking Idona up and down.

“Fairpoint,” Idona threw the fishnets on the bed,“alright let's go.”

“Our reservations are not for another half hour or so and it's not that far from here,” Nex says smiling evilly.

“NEX GREY ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!” Idona roared; she had just ran a mile trying to get ready in time. “Why didn't you tell me that I just rushed to get ready.”

“I just wanted to see you run around like a chicken with its head cut off,” Nex laughed.

“You are unbelievable,” Idona was annoyed. She would get him back for this.

She walked away with the fishnets in hand. She made her way into the closet. She slipped them on and walked out. Nex’s eyes widened. He growled under his breath.

“What are you doing princess?” Nex’s breaths were sharp. He couldn't stop staring at Idona.

“Getting dressed, what does it look like?” Idona said annoyed.

“Looks like you want to miss our reservations.”

“No I don't know what you're talking about,” Idona walks over to Nex, his eyes never leaving her body.

She walked so close to him his leg was in between hers. She put her hand under his chin lifting his face up to meet hers. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

“What's wrong Grey? Cat got your tongue,” Idona kissed along his jaw down his neck. His head automatically fell back. Idona was waiting for the sign.

Finally he groaned and tightened his grip around her waist. She smiled against his neck. She suddenly pulled back and pried his arms from her waist and walked away. Nex lifted his head, staring at Idona as she walked over to the bed sitting down.

His eyes never left her. Idona didn't pay any attention to him. She looked at him from the corner of her eye. He had an amused grin on his face. She turned to lay down on her stomach, her feet facing Nex.

She checked her phone and it was almost time to go. She slowly got up. She was so glad for her dress it made it easier to get her revenge. As she got up she heard a guttural growl from Nex.

She turned towards him. He was still staring at her, “are you ready or what,” she walked over to the door and opened it. She heard him follow after her shortly after.

They silently made their way to the car. Idona got in before Nex could open her door. She wasn't mad at him; she just wanted to teach him a lesson.

They finally arrived at the restaurant. They made their way over to the table. Nex wouldn't stop staring at Idona. They ordered their drinks and food. Nex never looking away. It made Idona nervous.

“What are you staring at?” Idona asks.

“You princess is there a problem?” Nex answered with a deep voice.

“No but you haven't said anything you've only stared at me.”

“You teased me earlier if I said something it wasn't going to be a hello,” Nex smirked at Idona.

“I don't know what you're talking about,” Idona shrugged.

“Oh I'm sure you dont princess,” Nex nugged Idonas foot under the table.

They got their food and drinks. They didn't talk a lot. Nex started at Idona the whole time. She knew he was planning something but she didn't know what.

They were done eating. Nex paid and they went home. They walked up to Nex’s room as soon as Idona heard Nex shut the door. She was pinned against the wall. It all happened so fast.

“Gee thanks for giving me whiplash,” Idona said, finally collecting her thoughts.

“This is all on you princess,” Nex said before Idona could even think of a response, Nex smashed his lips against Idonas.

Idona could barely catch her breath. Nex’s hands roamed all over Idona’s body. Like he was urgent for her. He peeled off her dress leaving her only in her bra and fishnets.

He cupped her breasts as he never broke the kiss. Idona reached for the hem of his shirt. She was basically asking permission to take it off.

He finally steps back and takes his shirt off. Less than a second later they were right where they left off. They both couldn't keep their hands off each other. Nex walks them over to the bed. The back of Idona’s knees hit the bed causing her to fall back.

Nex follows holding his weight with his hands so he didn't crush her. Their lips meet again just as passionate. Nex trails kisses along Idonas jaw all the way down her neck hitting her soft spot causing Idona to let out a soft moan. Nex grinned amongst her neck.

Nex snaked his arm around Idona’s back. He played with the clasps on her bra until they came undone. He pulled her bra off her arms and threw it aside. He trailed kisses from her neck along her collarbones all the way down to her stomach. Idona pulled him back up to her face and she kissed his lips.

“Nex I want you,” Idona whispered, reconnecting their kiss. She was about to lose her virginity to a vampire.


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