Sinful Love

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Chapter 11

“Nex i want you,” Idona said between kisses.

“Are you sure?” Nex asked, he knew she was a virgin.

“Yes, please Nex i need you” Idona was desperate she wanted him more than anything.

“Okay i'll be gentle, I promise.” Nex didn't wanna hurt Idona at all. He connected their lips again. His kisses were passionate. His hands carefully explore her body and he touches her thighs. Nex has to try his best not to go overboard with this even though everything in him told him to claim her right now but he wanted to make this pleasurable for her.

He slowly makes his way up her legs pushing her dress up. She is now only in the fishnets and her underwear. Nex bit his lip and Idona looked down to see him grow bigger with excitement. Idona smiled and she wrapped her arms around his neck to force him back into a kiss.

Their lips were in a constant battle to see who would get the upper hand and it was Nex who won. Then he opened his mouth and his tongue explored her mouth as their tongues danced with each other. Idona lets out a small moan that makes Nex break the kiss.

“You shouldn’t have done that princess,” he said as he started to kiss down her neck while he was playing with her breast.

“N-Nex,” Idona said, throwing her head back as her eyes rolled.

“Shhhh princess,” Nex said as he started to take off her fishnets, “ you did this to yourself.”

He slowly takes them off as he was playing at the hem of her panties. Idona looked down at him with lust in her eyes and he smirked.

“Oh look at you,” Nex teased, “ you're falling apart and I haven’t even started yet.”

“Nex stop playing with me,” Idona protested then Nex’s eyes went dark.

“Oh,” he said playing with her slit with her panties still on, “you were messing with me all day while you were wearing that dress and fishnets.”

He continued to play with her which made her close her legs but he forced them open. He went up to her ear and she could feel his hot breath on her neck.

“Princess,” he whispered in a raspy voice, “ you can’t win this one. So stop being difficult and let daddy take care of you.”

Idona says nothing and she doesn’t look at him. Nex grabs her chin with his other hand and forces her to look up.

“You see that mirror I have up there princess?” he whispered, “ I’m going to make you watch as I tease your body do you understand?”

Idona looks at him, “ I won’t.”

As soon as those words left her mouth her panties were ripped off and he was teasing her clit softly and Idona let out a small moan.

“Are you sure about that princess?” Nex said.

“Yes,” Idona protested, then Nex stopped and got off of her. Idona was confused and she was about to say something when her arms were above her head and tied up to the headboard while her legs were on either side of Nex’s legs.

“N-nex I-i was just playing-”

Then Nex’s lips smashed into her’s.

“Aw that's too bad princess,” Nex bit Idona’s bottom lip and trailed his kisses along her jaw and down her neck. He let one of his hands roam down her body. He slid his hand over her slit. Idona moaned from the sudden contact. Nex squeezed her thighs in return.

He moved his hand up and down her thigh before moving to her clit. She bit her lip as she felt him begin to circle it. Nex stopped kissing her neck to watch her face. She tried to close her legs but it was no use.

She tugged at her arms trying to reach for him but he tied her tight to the bed.

“There's no getting out of that princess,” Nex says evilly.

Idona moved her face closer to his.

She licked his bottom lip.

“Please,”she bit his bottom lip slightly, pulling it.

“I'll be good just please untie my hands,” she pleaded. She wanted to run her hands all over his body so bad.

“Not yet,” Nex answered, watching her sigh in disappointment. He slowly moved his finger in circles. Her mouth opened to an ‘o’ in pleasure. Nex smiled and watched her expressions as he continued his pace.

Idona felt a fiery ball form in her stomach. She tried to reach for Nex but he still hasn't untied her hands.

“Nex please. Please please untie me please oh my god,” She screamed as she climaxed on her first high. Her eyes clamped shut and she pressed the back of her head into the pillow. She felt Nex’s breath on her jaw as he kissed and nibbled at it.

She finally came down from her high. Nex placed a soft kiss on her lips as a reward.

Nex moved kisses down her body. He stopped when he reached her stomach. He looked up at her. As soon as they made eye contact Idona looked away. He grinned and reached his hand up to her face making her watch him. He slowly moved his hand down from her chin to her neck lightly gripping it.

He continued his kisses down her stomach. He gets to her entrance and stops to look up into her eyes while he licks his lips. Idona knew that look in his eyes he was hungry. His eyes moved down to her wet pussy as he licks his lips again and he went in. Idona’s back curls as soon as she felt his tongue move on her clit. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a loud moan. He smirks and continues to go down on her. Idona started to breathe heavy as her head flew back.

Nex looked up at the mirror on the ceiling and he smirked again, loving the way he made her feel and the faces she makes.

“Nex,” Idona moaned then he stopped.

“Princess,” he said with a lustful voice, “I’m going to put a finger in ok.”

Idona nodded and he put his middle finger in, it hurt at first when it went in but after a few seconds the pain went away. He looked up at her and saw that she was content and he started to move his finger slowly in and out of her. Idona moans and she bites her lip as he moves. Then he used his thumb to tease her clit as he added his ring finger.

Idona already on her high as she was about to cum he stopped. She looked down at him and he said nothing.

“W-why did you stop?” she asked.

“Oh stopped what princess?” Nex said innocently.

“Y-you know what you did.”

“Oh do I? Would you mind telling me princess?”

“Why did you stop...why did you stop fingering me…”

“Ah there it is princess,” Nex said evilly, “now Imma untie you and you will suck me understand?”


“Oh and you called me old for not hearing you. I said you will suck me off, do I make myself clear?”

“And if I don’t?”

“Well then I will tie you up again and leave you here for the rest of the night while I jerk off in the other room.”

Idona didn't know how to respond to that. She wasn't used to people demanding her like this. It only turned her on more to see him like this. She nodded.

Nex reached up to where her hands were tied up. He slowly undid them. Her arms dropped down one after the other. She sighed in relief. She sat up and placed her hands on his chest. She slowly kissed his collar bone. Her hands roamed everywhere desperately.

Suddenly Nex wrapped his hand in her roots and pulled her head back. “Get up” he demanded.

Idona obeyed.

“Get on your knees princess,” Nex said.

“Nex i don't know how to do this” Idona said worried as she stared Nex in his eyes.

“That's okay, I'll help you. Now get on your knees” Nex reassured her and then demanded.

Idona did as he said. She kneeled down in front of him looking up at him. He moved her hair to one side.

“Undo my pants”

Idona reached for his button. Her hand rubbed against his bulge. He grunted but kept his hand in her hair. She slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. She looks at him for what to do next.

“Now take them off”

Idona was nervous; she didn't know what to expect. She grabbed the sides of his pants and shuffled them down to his ankles. He kicked them to the side. When Idona looked up she was shocked at what was in front of her face.

“You want me to put that in my mouth” Idona said wide eyed.

“Take off my boxers” Nex didn't answer her, only smirked and demanded.

Idona hesitated. She grabbed the hem of his boxers and pulled them down. She was shocked even more when his hard dick sprung out of his boxers. Idona just stared at it for a while.

“What's wrong princess?” Nex asked evilly, pulling her head back to meet his eyes.

“I-i um” Idona stuttered.

“Speechless?” Nex said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

Idona said nothing. She couldn't, she was in fact speechless.

“Scoot closer” Nex said.

Idona scooted closer in between his legs. She suddenly got a jolt of excitement. She wasn't scared. Nervous yes but she was excited.

Nex reached down and grabbed one of her hands. “Are you ready?” Nex asked.

Idona nodded as she evened herself. Nex guided her hand towards his dick. As soon as her hand made contact with him. His head fell back and he let out a deep breath. Idona liked when he did that. It made her feel confident. Idona wrapped her hand around him. She slowly moved her hand up and down.

Nex rolls his head back. He grunts before he lifts up his head. “Suck me” he demanded.

Idona smiled before moving closer to his dick. She licked the tip watching his eyes. They were dark and full of lust. She starts to put his dick in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around. She watched his eyes roll back and his mouth fall open. She loved the way she was making him feel.

Nex wrapped his hand back in her hair. He guided her head to get used to the movements. It took everything in him not to push her head down all the way in that moment. Her mouth was driving him crazy.

“Fuck it” he grunts as he pushes her head down. He could feel her choking. Her hand gripped his leg. He let her head up. She opened her eyes that were watering as a string of saliva stretched between them.

Idona giggled. She didn't mind that. Nex released her hair and grabbed her chin. He put his thumb in her mouth.

“Wow you behave so well princess” Nex brought her up to his face placing a passionate kiss on her lips. “Are you ready for the next part? I’ll be as gentle as i can i don't want to hurt you”

“It's okay, I'm ready.” Idona reassured him.

Nex stood up letting Idona lay down on her back. He climbed on top of her, his arms on both sides on her head holding himself up. He lines himself up at her entrance. He keeps his eyes on her as he slowly pushes his tip into her.

She felt pressure but no pain yet. She nodded at him to continue. He slowly pushed in more. And there it was. Idona winced in pain. Nex stopped moving. He pressed his lips against hers hoping to distract her from the pain. He let her adjust. He finally pulled away and watched her face for any sign.

“Are you okay?” Nex asked.

“Yes'' Idona breathed out. She didn't notice she stopped breathing.

“Its okay breathe and tell me when you want me to continue”

Idona nodded. She took a few breaths. “Okay”

Nex started to continue his movements. Idonas bit her lip. It didn't hurt anymore she just had to adjust to his size.

Nex didn't push himself all the way in yet. He was waiting for her signal.

Soon Idona started to move her hips around. He slowly pulled out a little and pushed back in. He repeated that a few times till she got used to it.

He sped his movements a little. Idona was moaning and it was driving him crazy. He slowly pushed himself all the way into her. Idona breathed in sharply.

“Oh my god Nex” Idona moaned.

Nex continued his pace. Idona was turning into a hot mess right in front of him.

“Please Nex go faster” Idona breathed out. He listened to her. He sped up a little.

Idona moaned his name repeatedly. Nex smashed his lips onto hers. He picked up the pace more, making Idona scream into his mouth. He kissed on her neck while continuing his motions.

“Nex bite me,” Idona whispered into his ear.

Nex looked up at her. He didn't expect her to say that. But he loved it. He kissed down her neck still keeping his pace leaving Idona moaning. He kissed her shoulder before sinking his teeth into it. Idona moaned even louder. Nex tasted her blood and he almost forgot what they were doing. He moved from her shoulder and kissed her letting her taste her own blood.

Idona moved her arms up to Nex’s back as he sped up. She dug her nails into his back as he broke the kiss. Nex left bites all over her body. Idona loved every second of it.

She was getting close and so was Nex. Nex moves his lips to hers before they came together. Idona screamed in pleasure. She had never felt anything like that. Nex collapsed on top of Idona. Idona put her hands in his hair and kissed his neck. They stayed like that for a while.

Nex finally rolled off of her lying next to her holding her close.

“I hope i didn't hurt you too bad” Nex kissed Idonas nose.

Idona sleepily shook her head no. She nuzzled closer to Nex.

“Princess you're gonna get blood everywhere.” Nex slowly got up walking to the bathroom. He grabbed a washcloth and wet it with warm water. He returned as Idona sat up. He sat next to her lightly wiping the blood off of all the bite marks he made.

“I'm sorry i didn't mean to bite you so much” Nex apologized wiping the last few spots of blood.

“It's okay, that's what I wanted,” Idona reassured him. She loved his marks; it made her his. Nex placed a soft kiss on her lips. He threw the washcloth into the bathroom. Returning to his spot next to Idona.

He wrapped his arms around Idona placing a kiss on her forehead. “Goodnight princess”



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