Sinful Love

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Chapter 12

Idona woke up the next morning to a text message. She reached over and grabbed her phone. It was from Omisha.

O: Idona what the hell did you send me?

I: My blood Omisha you need to drink it so you can get better.

O: Idona… Nex doesn't know I’m guessing

I: No he doesn't and I would like it to stay that way. You need your strength. Just please Omisha drink it you said my blood was special it could help you.

O: Fine I'll drink it but only cause you shipped it all the way to Italy and it would be a waste. Thank you Idona for everything.

I: no need to thank me were friends that's what we do.

Idona put down her phone back down on the nightstand. She felt a strong arm wrap around her waist pulling her closer to his chest. He nuzzled into her hair.

“Good Morning princess,” Nex said in a deep raspy voice.

“Good morning,” Idona said back.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I need a shower,” Idona giggled.

“Ooouuu great idea lets go.”

“Uhh no.”


“Yes, no Nex I’m taking one by myself.”

“I’m not too sure about that one love,” Nex said, rolling over.

“Well I am,” and in one swift motion Idona puts the cover over his face which caught him by surprise as she made a B line for the bathroom and barely makes it with her sore legs. She closed the door and locked it just to hear Nex aggressively jiggling the door handle.

“Princess,” Nex said sweetly, “let me in.”
“Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin.”

“Princess you know that i was alive when that story was written and given the fact that I have a key for every room in this house,” he paused, “you're basically in the straw house princess now be a good piggy and let me in.”

“Nope,” Idona laughed and she heard a sigh from the other side of the door then it was really quiet. She stood there for 10 minutes and she didn’t hear a sound. She was about to hop into the shower when she remembered she had no clothes.

She stayed in the same spot for 5 more minutes.

He has to be gone by now.

She opened the door slowly and saw no one was there. She quickly bolted out to get some clothes and ran back into the bathroom. She sighed a sigh of relief and locked the door. She started the shower while humming a song and jumped in.

A few minutes had passed and Idona was enjoying her shower when she heard the door unlock. She froze in her spot knowing who that was and what was about to happen.

Oh lord please have mercy on me.

She hears the door open and then shut. Her heart was beating out of her chest when she heard a familiar chuckle.

“I’m surprised you can still walk after last night princess,” Nex said in a deep voice, “I guess I won’t have to go as easy on you next time then huh?”

“Nex I-” she was cut off when the shower curtain flew open and there he was naked. Idona didn’t know what to do or say but she knew one thing: she will be needing a wheelchair after this. Nex looked at her with lust in his eyes from seeing the water trickle down her body. Then the next thing she knew she was pinned to the shower wall with Nex’s hand around her throat.

His lips crashed onto hers as he himself was getting wet from the water. Idona let out a small moan as her legs gave way. She was about to fall when Nex grabbed her waist and pulled her into him. He then started to kiss down her jaw to her neck and Idona let out another moan. Nex smirked as he went down to her breast. He put her right nipple in his mouth while playing with the other with his hand.

He started to tease her nipple with his tongue flicking it around while her head flew back. He smirked and then he then put his two fingers in her. He started to move them in and out of her fast as Idona’s moans echoed throughout the bathroom walls.

“N-nex I-i’m about to…” Idona moaned.

“Cum?” Nex asked and Idona nodded. Then he stopped. He turned around and turned off the water and walked out of the shower.

“That’s for this morning,” Nex said walking up to her and he kissed her forehead, “and that is because I love you. Now get ready, you have work in an hour.”

After that he walked out of the bathroom leaving Idona a needy mess. She couldn't hold herself up without his support. She slowly slid down to the bottom of the tub. Her whole body was shaking.

After a few minutes she built up the strength to stand up. She dried herself off and got dressed. She was so angry for what Nex did but she would get him back for it.

She exited the bathroom seeing Nex sitting at his desk already clothes. Idona slipped on her shoes grabbing her purse and phone. She starred in the mirror fixing her semi wet hair.

She made her way past Nex and left. No kiss no goodbye nothing. She got in her car and drove off. It was so hard for her to not kiss Nex goodbye but she had to get him back for this morning.

She arrived at her work clocking in. She got a few texts from Nex but she didn't read or answer them.

A few hours later she saw Nex walk in. There was a line already but he usually skipped the line. So he walked to the front.

Idona had a lollipop in her mouth. “Excuse me sir but there is a line already, can you go to the back of it,” Idona said passive aggressively.

Nex looked at her with confusion. He walked to the back of the line. He wasn't used to it. He was Nex Grey. He didn't wait for anything.

He watched Idona intensively as she made coffee for all the guys in front of him. She smiled at each one of them as she sucked on her lollipop. Nex was losing his patience.

Finally it was his turn.

“What can I get for you today?” Idona asked as she licked her lollipop staring directly into Nex’s eyes.

“Really princess? Don't play with me right now,” Nex was so close to losing his patience.

“I assure you I do not know what you are talking about,” Idona said innocently.

“Tall black coffee and 2 sugars,” Nex said coldly he was about to explode.

Idona presses a few buttons and turns to make his coffee. She could feel his eyes burning through her.

A few minutes later she turned around with his coffee. Nex was smirking. Idona sets his coffee down on the counter and grabs his receipt.

She grabs a pen writing a small note. ‘Don't get your fangs in a twist. Kisses.’

She slides his receipt to him. He reads it. He looks at Idona with rage. He knew what she was doing but it made him mad. He grabbed his coffee and left.

Idona rolled her eyes as he looked back at her. She was going to have so much fun with this.

After work she went back to Nex’s house. She walked into his room where he was sitting in his chair. He spun around staring at her as she set her purse down.

She walked over to him. She straddled him wrapping her hands around his neck. She kissed his neck. They both didn't say a word.

Idona slid her hand down Nex’s body stopping on his dick. She rubbed him up and down feeling him get hard under her hand.

A few minutes later she got off of him. She got on her knees in front of him. She reached her hand up slowly unbuttoning his pants. She pulled his pants and boxers off leaving them at his ankles.

She wrapped her hand around his dick and started stroking him. His head fell back.

After a while she put his dick in her mouth. And started with fluid motion. Nex tried reaching for her head but she smacked his hands away.

She pushed her head all the way down keeping it there till he groaned. She lifted her head up staring at him through her teary eyes. She let herself breathe for a minute before she put him back in her mouth.

She continued her movements till she heard him groan again. She knew he was close; she continued until she heard his breath hitch. She pulled away, wiping her mouth.

“That was for this morning,” Idona leaned forward, kissing his forehead. “And that's cause I love you,” she turned around and left.

As she closed his door she ran as fast as she could. It wouldn't take long for him to catch up to her. So she ran until she got to her car. She quickly got in and drove away.

She made it back to her house and collapsed in her bed from exhaustion. She closed her eyes and when she opened them it was really dark and she was thirsty. She got out of her bed and went downstairs to grab a water bottle. She went back up to her room and saw that her window was open.

I already know who is here.

Without looking into his direction she went to go and put on one of his shirts that she definitely didn’t steal from Nex. Then she laid down in the bed feeling his eyes burn into the back of her head.

Don’t give in Idona he started this.

But then she got an idea she was going to call Jeremy.

“Hey J,” I said with a smile and I heard a growl from behind me.

“Idona,” he said surprised, “ it’s late, why are you calling?”

“Oh I can’t call a man that I love at night? Wow Jeremy I’m hurt.”

“Idona Kristna is sleeping right next to me and I don’t want to make so much noise so can I call you back in the morning.”

“Ok,” Idona said as he hung up, “you have to give me a second to get up to take that picture J.”

She knew he was off the phone but teasing Nex was way too much fun.

“Ok Ok,” she said getting up, “I’ll take it now just let me take off my-”

As soon as she said that Nex had her in his left arm and her phone was crushed in his right hand. Idona started to laugh and she got out of his grip somehow.

“Why are you laughing?” Nex said with anger laced in his voice.

“Well because one J is my cousin. Two he hung up on me before I got up and three you owe me a new phone. I will like the newest Iphone please and thank you,” she said laughing.

“Idona,” Nex said throwing the phone onto her dresser, “don't play with me like that.”

“Aww is someone jealous,” she said in a baby voice.

“Idona you know how I get.”

“Aww,” she continued, “the baby is jealous.”

Then she laughed as she walked back to her bed and layed down. Nex followed her into the bed and started to rub her thigh.

“Oh no sir,” she said moving his hand, “you’re not getting anything tonight. You’re lucky I even let you lay in the same bed as me after what you did.”

Nex was at a loss for words. Then Idona turned around and kissed his forehead then turned back around. Nex let out a sigh. Then Idona backed into him, her ass rubbing against his dick.

“Goodnight,” she said evilly as Nex breathed hard and then Idona laughed as she went to sleep.


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