Sinful Love

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Chapter 13

A few days later. Idona woke up. Her phone was buzzing. She groaned of exhaustion and slowly turned over. She grabbed her new phone seeing who was texting her. It was Omisha.

O: Hey girl what are you up to?

I: I just woke up.

O: oh i'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you.

I: It's fine you didn't wake Nex tho this dude sleeps like a log.

O: haha. Well at least you don't have to deal with him for a while. Anyways, I wanted to thank you for what you did for me. It really helped me and I'm really grateful for everything you've done.

I: yeah of course no need to thank me Omisha. I was helping a friend as long as you're okay now.

O: I'm not 100% but I'm better.

I: That's good, I'm glad! So im guessing my blood helped

Before Omisha could answer Idona set her phone back down. She sat up as Nex rolled closer. She slowly stood up knowing he was awake. She made her way to her bathroom.

“Idona come back to bed,” Nex groaned sleepily.

Idona rolled her eyes,“can you give me a second to breathe?”

“No,” Nex said quickly.

Idona’s phone went off again. Nex looked at it. It was Omisha.

“Idona your phone is going off. Its Omisha” Nex picked her phone up and read what it said.

O: yeah it did thank you for doing that Idona. I know Nex wouldn't be happy with either of us if he found out.

Nex was confused. He scrolled up reading their texts. She sent Omisha her blood. Nex was furious. Not because she did it but because she hid it from him.

“Idona what the hell,” Nex said through his teeth.

Idona knew something was wrong. She looked at his hands. He had her phone.

“Nex what did you read?” Idona questioned.

“Your texts with Omisha. Idona are you fucking kidding me?” Nex stood up throwing her phone on the bed.

“Nex please calm down so I can explain,” Idona stepped closer to Nex.

He stepped back, “calm down? You want me to calm down after you sent my sister your blood and didn't even care to tell me!” Nex roared.

“Nex I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how you would react,” Idona tried to explain but he was so angry,“please Nex just give me a chance to explain.”

“Idona what is there to explain? You sent blood to Italy and didn't tell me,” Nex was mad he wanted to calm down but he couldn't, “I cant Idona I need to go.”

“Nex please don't go just let me explain,” Idona pleaded.

“Idona I need to cool off just...” Nex sighed “I'll be back later,” Nex started to get dressed.

Idona just stood in the same spot as Nex shuffled around the closet. Soon later he came out in a black long sleeve and black sweatpants. He was going to the gym. Idona thought to herself as she watched him slip on his shoes.

“Nex I'm sorry, please believe me. I have to go to work but I'll be back later then can we talk?” Idona said as Nex reached for the door. He paused. Before leaving.

She grabbed clothes from the closet and took a shower. She was silent the whole time. She was thinking of everything. What have I done? What if he never forgives me? God im so stupid I should have told him. Idona beat herself up over this. She knew why she kept it from him but she should have told him. She felt horrible.

She went to work feeling horrible. He obviously didn't come in to get coffee this morning. Idonas stomach twisted into knots. She texted Omisha about what happened and how Nex found out. Nex had called Omisha Yelling at her. That both her and Idona kept the whole thing from him. He was furious.

Idona felt like throwing up the whole day. She couldn't stop thinking about Nex. She just wanted to go home crawl in her bed and never come out. But she couldn't, she needed to talk to Nex. she hated the thought of him being mad at her. She wanted the day to end. It seemed to drag on forever.

Finally her work shift was over. She silently drove to Nex’s house. Once she arrived she carefully opened the door. She didnt know what Nex was doing or where he was. She made her way to his room. She slowly opened the door and as she expected he wasn't there. She wasn't going to stress too much about it. She knew he needed time to get his anger out.

She walked to the closet grabbing some of his clothes to wear. She went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she was done she dried her hair and threw on his clothes. It smelled like him. It made her sad that he was still upset with her but she understood why.

She brushed her hair and left the bathroom. She made her way to his bed. She laid down grabbing his pillow and wrapping it in her arms. She laid there for a while waiting for him to come back.

About 30 minutes after laying there waiting the door slowly opened. She looked over to see a sweaty Nex walk in. His face didn't scream rage anymore. He had a hint of betrayal and confusion. He walked to the closet grabbing some clothes and walked right past Idona to take a shower.

Idona waited there thinking of everything she wanted to say. Few minutes later the water turned off. She could hear him shuffling around. Finally he came out of the bathroom. He was starting to walk past Idona as she grabbed his hand sitting up.

“Nex please just let me explain,” Idona pleaded.

Nex looked at her. He showed no emotion.

Idona squeezed his hand tighter,“Please Nex I hate seeing you mad at me. This is all my fault just please give me a chance to apologize.”

Nex looked away before sitting on the bed in front of her. He stayed completely silent. Idona took that as he was listening to her explanation.

“Omisha texted a few days after she left for Italy she told me not to tell you because she knew you would be worried and angry,” Idona could see Nex get angry again. She held both of his hands tight in hers.

“She was getting worse and I wanted to help her. So I went to the doctors, had them withdraw my blood and I shipped it to Italy for Omisha. She didn't know i was doing it but it helped her. I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get angry at me and Omisha,” Idona explained. She looked at Nex’s face for any sign of any emotion but it was blank.

“Idona you kept this from me, something this big of a deal and you kept it from me,” Nex finally said. His voice was smothered in hurt.

“I know I know and I regret it. I wanted to tell you so bad it pained me to keep it from you. But I didn't want you to snap again. I guess that didn't really change did it.”

“Idona i just-” Nex started but he was cut off.

“Oh Nex I’m so sorry I know you probably hate me. God, I'm such an awful person. I'm so sorry just please please forgive me,” Idona began to cry. She didn't know why. She hasn't shed a tear in awhile.

Nex stared at Idona. Sure he was upset but he didn't hate her, “Idona I don't hate you. I'm just upset that you kept something like that from me.”

“You should be Nex I kept something very important from you and it was my fault and for that I am forever sorry. Just please please say you forgive me,” Idona wasn't one to give in to someone but she needed him to forgive her.

“Idona it’s gonna take me a while to get over it completely but I forgive you just don't ever keep anything from me again please?” Nex wiped a tear that trailed down her cheek. Idona shook her head leaning into his palm. “No more secrets okay?”

“I promise no more secrets,” Idona was glad he forgave her but she was still upset about it. She hated keeping it from him and it backfired on her.

Nex leaned in and kissed her forehead. “Nex im so sorry,” Idona leaned into his chest.

“Shh it's okay,” Nex wrapped his arms around her, slightly rocking back and forth,“I have some things to take care of. I'll be back in a little. Get some rest okay”

Idona nodded her head and laid down. She still had his pillow next to her. Nex slowly got up. He smiled at her before leaning down kissing her on the cheek. He turned around and slowly left the room.

Idona didn't want him to leave; she wanted him to hold her in his arms forever telling her that he forgave her. She fell asleep soon after. Her thoughts filled with Nex.

She woke up the next morning. Nex had replaced the pillow with himself. Idona smiled and snuggled closer. She was glad he was there.

Nex probably felt her move around because he started lightly drawing circles on her shoulder. Idona smiled as she looked up at Nex who was already looking at her.

“Good morning,” Idona whispered.

“Good morning,” Nex responded.

“How did it go last night?” Idona was curious about what he does when he has to take care of things. He never really told her much about it.

“It went alright nothing much happened.”

“Oh that's good, can I see your knuckles then?” Idona asked.

“Idona, I'm a vampire, remember?” Nex said.

“Yeah I remember I also remember you had bruises on your knuckles that one time before I knew what you were,” Idona grabbed his hands inspecting his knuckles for any sign of blood or bruise.

“Idona I'm not gonna have a bruise,” Nex laughed as Idona looked closely at his knuckles.

“Is there a reason you would have bruises then?” he was right he had no bruises.

“Idona I run a mafia not a book club,” Nex stated, “but no, I didn't have to punch anyone last night.”

“Okay good.” Idona kissed his hand before setting it back down,“you know you never told me what you do,” Idona said, rolling on top of him.

“What do you mean?” Nex asked as he adjusted so she could be comfortable.

“Like how the Mafia rolls. Everyone is so scared of you but I haven't seen the side of you yet.”

“Well the Mafia is a very dangerous thing. And my reputation is well deserved.”

“Well I know that. But you're so sweet to me. Ever since we met you've been nothing but nice.” Idona starts tracing circles on his chest.

“Because I feel different around you. Like I can breathe again,” Nex said, running his hands through Idonas hair, “would you prefer me to be mean to you?” Nex teased.

“No, that's not what I meant. I just mean you're not a bad guy at least from what I've seen.”

“Would you hate me if I was a bad guy?” Nex asked quietly.

“What no of course not. Nex I wanted to be your girlfriend for who you are. I don't plan on changing my mind anytime soon,” Idona was shocked at what Nex had said.

Nex leaned up, placing a soft kiss on Idona’s lip.

“Okay,” Nex smiled at Idona,”I have this club and I wanted to take you there to have fun to get a break.”

“I work today,” Idona said.

“Yeah I know I'll pick you up and we can get something to eat before coming back here so we can get changed then we will go.”

“Yeah okay that sounds great,” Idona was excited.

“Alright let's go then you have work soon.”

Idona completely forgot about work. She quickly got up and ran to the closet.

“Oh my god I completely forgot,” she ran back out and into the bathroom hopping in the shower.

She got out not long after quickly getting dressed. She ran out slipping her shoes on. Nex was already ready.

“Okay im ready,” Idona said.

They went out to the car and drove to the cafe. Idona gave Nex a quick peck on the cheek before hopping out.

“I'll come by for my coffee in a little,” Nex said as Idona shut the door. She nodded and blew him a kiss goodbye before going into the cafe.

Few hours later Nex walks into the cafe. There was a line and he obviously got to go to the front.

“Hey get to the end of the line bud,” the guy that was already in front said before even looking at who it was.

“I don't think I will,” Nex says looking down at the guy who just dared to speak to him

The guy finally looks at Nex. he stands still as he is face to face with Nex’s chest. He slowly looks up and as soon as it registers who he’s talking to he trembles in fear.

He tried to speak to apologize to beg for his life. But nothing came out. He was in so much fear he couldn't move.

“I advise you to leave,” Nex said, leaning down towering over the guy.

The guy peeled his eyes away and ran out of the cafe. Nex turned towards Idona and smiled.

How does he change his emotions so fast? Idona smiled.

“Hey there princess,” Nex said his tone completely changed.

“Hey” Idona said she turned around and made his coffee.

When she was done she placed the coffee in front of him.

“Anything else for you today?” Idona asked.

“Mmm do you want a cookie or brownie princess?” Nex asked

“Uh brownies...” Idona answered.

“Okay then 2 brownies please.”

Idona grabbed 2 brownies and handed them to him as she pressed a few buttons on the screen. She grabs his receipt and always writes notes on them for him.

‘You look so hot right now especially after you made that guy scurry away. He was a douche. Have a good day see you later <3 kisses’ Iodine quickly writes and hands him the receipt.

Nex reads it and grins evilly as he hands Idona her brownie. He picks up his coffee and begins to walk out of the cafe.

“Did he just buy you a brownie?” Katherine asked.

“Yeah he always buys me something. Sometimes he buys one for himself too. He has a major sweet tooth” Idona laughed as she handed a piece of brownie to Katherine.

“That is so sweet” Katherine eats the piece of brownie in awe.

Soon after he left Idona got a text from him.

N: Careful princess you might have to call in sick for work tomorrow ;)

I: Hmm doesn't sound too bad. I mean, a free day to sleep all day sounds amazing no?

N: We won't necessarily be sleeping

I: I will, don't know what you're talking about. Tryna take me away from my sleep no sir.

N: Whatever i gotta go see you at 8

I: okay see ya! Kisses

Idona smiled as she continued to serve the other people their coffee. Idona was so excited for later that night. She got to go out to a bar with Nex. she shouldn't be as excited because he always takes her out. But she gets to drink and dance with him.


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