Sinful Love

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Chapter 14

Few hours later 8 finally rolled around. The whole day Idona was excited to go out with Nex. she clocked out and there he was waiting for her.

“Hey you” Nex said, wrapping his arms around Idona giving her a quick peck on the lips.

“Hi,” Idona said blushing. They spent everyday together but he still made her blush with one word.

Nex held Idonas hand as they walked to his car. He opened the door for her and she got in. They made their way to his house so they could get changed.

“Race you” Idona said as soon as they got to the house.

Nex laughed as he watched Idona run as fast as she could.

Idona did not stop running she ran with all her might she was determined. She finally made it to Nex’s room. She swung open the door quickly, closing it behind her, locking it. thinking she actually beat him.

Suddenly her whole body was against the wall. A strong hand was holding the back of her head so her face was slightly smashed against the wall.

“You locked my door, that's cheating princess” Nex whispered in her ear.

“Not cheating, just being smart,” Idona said.

“Not very effective when the one you're running from is already in the room.” Nex said as he kissed Idonas cheek.

“Can you stop pushing my head against the wall?” Idona said.

“I don't know princess can i?” Nex said grinning evilly.

“Please,” Idona said, trying her best to look at him.

Nex smiled and let go.

“Thank you,” Idona said, turning around. As soon as she was completely facing him. He pushed her back against the wall.

“Really Nex” Idona said trying to catch her breath.

Nex said nothing, he smashed his lips against Idona’s. He moved his kisses along her jawline down to her neck.

Idona let out a soft breath. Nex grinned and moved her arms behind her back.

“Nex what about the club?” Idona said lightly.

“What about it?” Nex said against her neck, making Idona shiver.

“I thought we were gonna go”

“I have better things in mind”

“Nex” Idona breathed out.


“I wanted to see your club,” Idona said innocently.

“Okay we can go,” Nex said, breaking the contact. “Let's get ready then” Nex said smiling.

“Okay would you like to pick out my dress” Idona asked while they walked to the closet.

“Uhh sure”

Nex shuffled through her clothes for a few minutes. He pulled out a short black dress. He walked towards Idona holding it up to her. Seeing how it would look on her.

“Here I like this one,” Nex said, handing it to Idona.

“Okay i'll be waiting for you in the shower.” Idona winked and left the closet.

Idona walked towards the bathroom, setting the dress on the bed. She went into the bathroom lightly closing the door trying to listen for his footsteps. She started the water. Once it was the perfect temperature she got in.

While she was washing her hair she heard the door open. She smiled. She heard shuffling before Nex slowly pulled back the shower curtain.

Idona didn't pay him any attention. She had her eyes closed as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. She could feel his eyes burning multiple holes all over her body.

“You just gonna stand there watching me or are you gonna take a shower.” Idona said, opening her eyes to look at Nex.

“Mmm how can i not stare” Nex said switching spots with Idona so he can get his hair wet. He leaned his head back.

Idona put conditioner in her hand rubbing it into her hair while watching Nex she couldn't stop looking all over him.

“Who's starring now?” Nex said, looking at Idona.

Idona rolls her eyes as they switch spots again. Idona brushes her hand along his thigh as she shuffles by. Nex smirks as he grabs his shampoo.

They continued switching back and forth making contact every once and a while. It drove Idona crazy watching the water trickle down his body.

Idona was already done with her shower and Nex was rinsing off. Idona stepped forward placing her hands on Nex’s chest. She slowly slid them down his sleek abs.

Nex looked down at Idona who was staring at his chest. She felt him looking at her and she looked up. Nex grinned evilly.

He leaned down while tipping her head up. He placed a sweet yet passionate kiss on her lips.

Idona slid her hand further down.

“I thought you wanted to go to the club,” Nex said, breaking the kiss.

“I do,” Idona said. And with that she got out of the shower smiling evilly. She heard Nex grunt as she grabbed her towel.

“Just you wait for tonight princess,” Nex said, turning off the shower.

Idona dried her body off trying not to look at Nex who was walking towards her dripping water. He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist. He shook his head causing water to go everywhere.

“Really Nex you're not a dog” Idona said looking away.

Suddenly Idona felt a strong grip around her throat. He turned her around to face him. Water dripped on her chest rolling down to where the towel was covering the rest of her body.

Nex’s face was only inches away from Idona’s. She could feel his breath on her cheeks.

His hands now made their way to her waist and one of his hands roughly grabbed her ass. She let out a small moan and his fangs were now out and he licked his teeth and smirked at her. He brought her closer to him. He now has his fangs grazing her ear and she can feel his tongue teasingly licking her ear which forces a shiver to go down her spine. He let out a small chuckle and smacked her ass hard.

“Now who do you belong to princess?” he whispered in her ear.

“N-no one,” she said.

“Oh?” he said, raising one eyebrow, “ really now princess?”

In one quick motion he had her on the bathroom counter and he was kissing her neck as his fangs were grazing it. His hand which was once on her ass was now grabbing her thigh and the other was making its way up her other thigh slowly.

“What was that princess?” he whispered on her neck, “you belong to no one?”

“I-I don’t,” she said, holding back moans.

He chucked again and then started to suck on her neck and she let out a moan. She tried to push him away but it didn’t work. He stopped and touched the new purple hickey on her neck.

“This mark says otherwise princess. You want to rethink that?”

She said nothing as he smirked his hands went up to the bottom of her towel and he licked his lips.

“I am kinda thirsty right now, now that I’m thinking about it.”

She blushed and looked at him with lust in her eyes.

“Oh looks like you're getting needy princess…”

She said nothing looking down.

“Oh come on baby,” he said, putting his thumb under her chin to make her look at him, “use your words.”

“I-I want…”

“You want what beautiful?” he said looking at her lips.

“I want you Nex.” she said.

He smirks and then whispers, “like I said before will have to wait until tonight,” and then he walks away.

Idona’s head dropped as he walked away. She was so flustered. She caught her breath and hopped off the counter. She finished drying off trying to shake the feeling between her thighs.

She walked out of the bathroom and over to the bed. She heard Nex shuffling in the closet. She gathered her bra and panties from one of the dressers. She threw them on the bed.
She dropped her towel and slipped on her panties as she got a great idea.

She grabbed her bra and walked towards the closet where Nex was getting ready.

“Hey babe can you help me with this” she said as she held out the bra to him staring into his eyes.

He grabbed it from her as Idona turned around. She had nothing to cover her chest.

He brought it to the front of her as she slipped her arms in the holes. He started messing with the straps to hook them together.

Idona moved one of her hands and placed it on Nex’s thigh. She heard him breath in sharply. She moved her hand closer to his crotch.

Nex shakely clipped her bra and turned her around. He put his thumb under her chip making her look up at him all the way. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers roughly.

He finally broke the kiss. “Stop fucking teasing me.” Nex growled.

“Or what?” Idona dares squeezing her hand.

“I could show you what” Nex smirked and kissed her again moving his hands down to her ass.

Idona rubs his hard dick more before she moves her lips to his ear. “Gotta wait till tonight...princess” Idona licks his ear and walks out of the closet.

She smiles to herself proud of herself. She slips the dress on before walking to the closet to pick out some heels.

Nex was still in the closet getting ready. He was wearing black on black like always. He chose one of his favorite watches.

‘He's so hot, omg.’ Idona thought to herself biting her lip as she walked past him. She bent down looking for her black heels.

She grabbed them and slipped them on. She stood up straight and brushed herself off to flatten out the dress.

“You ready?” Nex asked, looking Idona up and down as he smirked. “Damn you look good”

“You don't look too bad yourself Mr. Grey” Idona said smiling.

“Why thank you Mrs-”

“Grey” Idona interrupted.

Nex smiled and walked closer to Idona. He leaned down, planting a soft kiss on her lips.

“You ready?” Nex asks softly.

“Yes sir” Idona smirks, taking Nex’s hand.

They make their way outside to Nex’s car. Nex starts the engine with a roar. He places his hand on Idona thigh as they drive off.

A few minutes later they arrive at a really fancy looking club.

“Wow this looks amazing Nex” Idona says staring in awe.

“Why thank you princess, I worked hard to design and build it” Nex squeezed Idonas hand as they made their way inside.

They walked through the door. All eyes were immediately on the 2 of them. Once they realized who it was they looked away in fear.

“Wanna drink princess?” Nex asked, looking down at Idona.

“Yes please,” Idona said smiling.

They made their way to the bar. Idona looked around while Nex asked the bartender for drinks.

“Here you go” Nex said while handing Idona a red looking drink.

“Thank you” Idona smiled while grabbing the drink from Nex’s hand.

They drank their drinks for a little Idona looking around in awe while Nex stood behind her scary as ever he was like her bodyguard.

“Lets go dance” Idona suggested looking up at Nex a little tipsy.

“I don't dance,” Nex said, his voice stone cold.

“Come on please,” Idona begged him.

“Princess i don't dance” Nex said looking down at her glancing up every once and a while.

“Ugh fine i'll go dance by myself” Idona rolled her eyes as she turned and walked to the dance floor.

Nex obviously followed closely behind her.

Idona started dancing on Nex. running her hands all over his body. Nex wasn't as tense as he was but he still wouldn't dance.

“Babeeeea dance with me were supposed to be having fun” Idona said leaning her head into Nex’s chest.

“Idona i said i don't dance” Nex said a little more aggressively than before.

It scared her a little. She felt like she did something wrong. She looked down sad.

“Princess, I'm sorry I just don't want anyone looking at you.” Nex said, lifting Idona’s chin to meet his gaze with hers. Nex lightly kissed her lips trading the taste of his very strong whisky and her fruity tequila.

Idona smiled as she pulled away. “Okay” Idona wrapped her hands around his neck. They swayed back and forth, their foreheads pressed together.

A few minutes later a guy came up to them. “Boss” he started talking to Nex Idona guessed.

Nex straightened his posture. “Yes”

The guy and Nex stepped aside. Idona didn't know what they were saying but she was nervous.

Nex finally came back. “I'm sorry baby, they need me in the back for just a minute. Do you think you'll be okay out here alone? If not, I can get you a private room to wait in till I come back” Nex said, rubbing Idonas back.

“No i'm okay i'll wait here for you” Idona said smiling a little tipsy.

“Okay i'll be right back stay here and don't get into trouble” Nex gave Idona a quick peck before turning and walking towards the back door.

Idona watches Nex walk away. She felt a little nervous and she already missed him. She kinda stood there swaying waiting for him.

A few minutes go by and she feels someone come up from behind her. She leaned back into him guessing it was Nex.

She felt arms wrap around her waist but they were different. They weren't Nex’s. Idona quickly spun around to see a creepy looking dude looking her up and down.

“Aww come on baby have a little fun” the guy says walking closer to her.

Idona keeps backing up. “I-i have a husband” Idona blurts out.

“I don't see a ring or a husband so”

Idonas back hit the corner and she was panicking now. She was praying that Nex would come back any minute.

“Just have fun sweetheart” the creep says getting closer.

Idona closed her eyes trying to control herself. When she heard a familiar voice.

“The hell do you think youre doing” Nex roars getting closer to the creep.

“Just having fun man chill out” the guy says clearly oblivious.

“Having fun? With my girl?” Nex was angry.

The creep didn't know what to say. Nex punched the creep causing him to fall down. Nex leaned down picking the guy up by his shirt.

“Never come here again or the next time you'll be leaving in a body bag” Nex pushed him back to the ground. They guy quickly got up and ran out of the club.

“Are you okay? Did he touch you” Nex asked lightly, grabbing Idonas shoulders.

Idona didn't answer.

“Idona princess look at me it's okay im here” Nex stroked her cheek.

Idona didn't realize she had closed her eyes again. She slowly opened her eyes to look up at Nex. As soon as she saw him she wrapped her arms around him tightly as she started to cry into his chest.

“I wanna go home Nex please take me home” Idona said into his chest.

“Okay baby let's go” Nex said, grabbing her hand as they walked towards the doors.

Idona got into the car as Nex quickly walked to the driver's side. The car ride back home was silent.

When they got home Nex helped Idona change out of her dress and into one of his shirts. He helped her into bed before he went to take his clothes off.

He made his way to the bed. He slipped under the covers and Idona immediately got closer to Nex. he wrapped his arms around him as she nuzzled into his chest.

Nex was still angry at the guy he wanted to kill him for even looking at her for thinking about her let alone getting that close.

He snapped out of his anger when he felt Idona move around a little bit. She was uncomfortable. Nex laid on his back so she had more room to move. She threw one of her legs over him and laid in his armpit.

Nex smiled at the sight of her. He ran his hand up and down her back watching as a smile appeared on her face.

thank you so much for reading Sinful love. sorry i havent updated in a while ive been busy with school and i just moved.

i hope you liked the chapter till next time<3


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