Sinful Love

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Chapter 15

“Come on sweetheart, have fun,” his voice echoed throughout her head.

“N-no please,” Idona said shakily.

“Shhh you know you want me baby.”

“NO STOP PLEASE DONT!” Idona yelled as she sat up trying to catch her breath.

“Hey hey what's wrong?” Nex said sleepily while rubbing Idona’s back.

Idona quickly turned towards Nex making sure it really was him. She sighed in relief.

“It's okay you're safe it was just a bad dream,” Nex said cupping Idona’s cheeks.

Idona leaned into his warm hands,“he was in my dream,” Idona said, trying to hold back her tears.

“Who?” Nex asked worriedly.

“The guy from the club.”

Nex tensed up in anger. He hated the fact that the creep was haunting her dreams.

Idona wrapped her arms around Nex. he put his anger aside. He rubbed his hand up and down her back.

They eventually fell back asleep.

Nex has been super clingy and protective today. He calls or texts every 10 minutes.

N: Are you okay Princess?

I: Im fine Nex

N: Okay i'll be there in 10

I: What why?

N: To get coffee of course

I: Oh okay

N: See you soon
I: Okay kisses

N: Kisses

Idona blushed. She knew why he was being so protective but she didn't want to talk or think about it. She wanted to forget everything about that creep.

Lost in thought she didn't realize the lady in front of her trying to get her attention.

“I'm so sorry. What can I get you?” Idona said nervously.

“It's fine. Are you okay, you seem scared?” the lady said worriedly.

“Oh yes I'm fine, I just got lost in thought,” Idona gave the lady a slight smile.

“Okay umm can I get a vanilla mocha please?”

“Yes of course, anything else for you?”

“Uhh no that'll be all,” the lady smiled at Idona.

“Great, I'll have your coffee ready in a minute,” Idona smiled and handed the lady her receipt.

“Thank you,” The lady walked to the side while Idona turned to make her coffee.

Idona kicked herself for getting lost in thought like that. She quickly made the lady's coffee.

Once she was done she carefully turned around greeted with a very familiar face. She flinched in shock.

“Geez you scared me,” Idona said, placing the coffee on the counter.

“I'm sorry Princess,” Nex said with a smile.

The lady walked up to the counter silently. Obvious of the man standing there.

“T- thank you,” the lady said carefully, not looking or even acknowledging Nex.

“You're welcome to have a good day and sorry for earlier again”, Idona said trying to make her relax.

“It's no problem, really it's fine,” she said, trying not to say something wrong.

“Uhh this is my boyfriend Nex,” Idona said introducing them.

“Boyfriend?” The lady was shocked but quickly fixed her tone,“uhh nice to meet you,” the lady forced a smile trying to hide her fear.

“Likewise,” Nex said coldly, not even acknowledging her.

The lady quickly looked back at Idona,“uhh I gotta go thank you.”

“You're welcome,” Idona smiled.

The lady quickly walked out of the cafe. Nex still staring at Idona.

“Really Nex you can't be nice for just a second,” Idona scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Idona felt his hand tightly wrap around her throat. She gasped in shock.

“Dont roll your eyes at me unless its when im fucking you senseless,” Nex said through his teeth. “Understood?” he smiled evilly.

“Yes,” Idona managed to get out.

“Yes what?” Nex tightened his grip more.

“Yes sir,” Idona should be embarrassed but she was only turned on.

“Good girl,” Nex kissed her lips, releasing her throat, “now can I have my coffee and 2 brownies?” Nex said, looking at the menu.

“Will that be all for you today?” Idona asked.

“Yes it will.”

“Okay I'll be right back with your coffee.”

Idona turned to make his coffee.

When she was done she set it down on the counter turning to grab the brownies.

“Here you go sir,” Idona said, handing him the receipt and brownies.

“Thank you, beautiful,” Nex said,“see ya later,” Nex kissed Idonas cheek.

“Bye,” Idona blushed.

Idona was excited to get home. She didn't know why but she just couldn't get her mind off of Nex. 8 finally rolled around and Nex was waiting for Idona in the front.

Nex kissed her on the cheek and they walked out to the car.

Nex had his hand on Idona’s thigh as they raced through traffic. Idona remembers the earlier events at the cafe.

She placed her hand on his knee keeping her eyes straight. She slowly trailed her hand up his thigh.

Nex breathed in sharply. Idona smiled and continued her path.

“Im driving princess,” Nex said, glancing over at Idona.

“I see that,” Idona said sarcastically as she made her way to the front of his pants. She rubbed him as he tried to control himself.

Suddenly he slams on the brakes, “I said im driving,” Nex grabbed her hand and squeezed it making his dick even harder.

“Don't stop in the middle of the road you idiot,” Idona said not thinking.

Nex growled and pushed Idona’s hand away. She knew she was in trouble. The rest of the way home was silent.

As soon as they got home Nex got out of the car and ran to Idonas side. He quickly opened the door and pulled her out. Idona was in complete shock.

He pulled her all the way to his bedroom. He shut and locked the door.

“First you tell me what to do. Then you disobey me and to top it all off you disrespect me,” Nex listed the reasons why he was angry.

“Nex I didn't mean to. I wasn't thinking,” Idona said, scared of what might happen.

“Oh I know you weren't. I think you need to be taught a lesson,” Nex said evilly slowly walking towards Idona who subconsciously backed up.

Her back hit the wall and she closed her eyes in pain as her head hit the wall. Not long later Nex’s arms were on each side of her head. He was so close the slightest move and their lips would touch.

Nex slowly trailed one of his hands down her body only to come back up and wrap around her throat. He pulled her closer to him, moving his mouth to her ear.

“Who do you belong to?” Nex whispered, brushing his lips across her lips.

“Y-you,” Idona managed to get out.

“Good girl,” Nex licked her neck causing shudders to run down Idona’s spine,“now tell me princess, why have you been so bad today?” Nex asked.

“I-i don't know...” Idona said. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her neck but it turned straight into pleasure. Nex had bit her.

“Wrong answer,” Nex licked the blood around the fresh wound,“why have you been so bad today and give me the correct answer.”

“Because I wanted to be punished,” Idona said shyly.

“See, was that so hard?” Nex said, pulling back a little.

He moved his hand from around her throat and to her hair pulling her head back slightly looking down into her eyes,“now get on your knees,” Nex demanded.

Idona obeyed and lowered herself. She looked up before reaching the buttons of his pants. She slowly unbuttoned them.

She pulled his pants and boxers down at the same time. He stepped out of them, kicking them to the side.

She looked up at Nex before licking her hand and placing it around his cock. She started slowly pumping him watching his eyes that were staring dead at her with lust and dominance.

“Suck it,” he demanded slowly, bringing Idonas' head towards him.

She licked the tip before slowly taking him into her mouth. He pushed her head further causing her to gag a little bit.

She let Nex guide her. She enjoyed this more than she thought she would.

“Fuck,” Nex groaned Idona looked up at him to see him leaning his head back.

“Stand the fuck up,” Nex said yanking on Idona’s hair.

She quickly obeyed. Nex pulled her by her hair to the bed before ripping off her clothes shedding his own clothes in the process.

He kissed Idona eagerly.

He finally pulled away only to push her onto the bed. He pulled her to the edge of the bed so that she was on her hands and knees and he was at her entrance. He slowly pushed into her.

Once he was deep enough he pulled out a little and pushed back in he kept the pace for a little. Nex heard Idona’s moans echoing through his room. He picked up the pace.

“Ohhhhh fuuuck yesss,” Idona moaned loudly. Nex grinned evilly grabbing a fistful of Idonas hair pulling her head back till her back was on his chest. He began slamming into her. She drove him wild.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Nex watched every facial expression she made making him want her even more than he had in the moment.

Idona could feel Nex hitting her cervix, “t-too deep,” Idona tried to get out.

Nex scoffed and wrapped his hand around her throat causing him to go even deeper.

Idona started screaming in pleasure as she felt herself approaching her climax.

Nex felt Idona reaching her max. “Cum for me princess cum for daddy like the slut you are,” Nex grunted in Idona’s ear feeling himself close too.

Nex’s words drove Idona wild. Idona’s whole body started shaking as Nex kissed her neck holding her close. She screamed as she felt her body go numb as she reached her high.

She held onto Nex shaking as she tried to catch her breath.

Nex kept thrusting himself into her causing her to shake more. He finally reached his climax causing Idona to cum again. Nex slowly pulled out of her and laid her down. He climbed into bed with her. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her head.

“Goodnight my love,” Nex said, rubbing her back as she groaned. “I have to warn you the next time you disobey me i will fuck you harder than ever and tease you till the end of time like the whore you are” Nex said before kissing Idonas head and falling asleep.

Idona couldn't sleep the whole night. Nex’s words echoed through her head driving her wild as she pictured it in her head.


thank you for reading Sinful Love this chapter was woo spicy..

anywyas thank you so much for reading my story. ive seen a lot of people adding my story to their reading list and you guys dont know how motivated and happy that makes me. thank you so much.

i hope you have a good day till next time <3


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