Sinful Love

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Chapter 16

Authors note-

Hi my lovelies, I just wanted to tell you I am so thankful for all of you and i'm so glad yall are enjoying my book. Yall motivate me everyday. Someone suggested I should write in first person so yall can see what the characters are thinking and what they are feeling. Thank you so much for that if yall have any advice or suggestions on what I should change about the stories let me know. If yall need i can make an instagram so yall can DM me. Also don't forget to read Unlawful Romance by Veah_1225 it connects with my story and it will clear up some things from previous chapters and give you an inside look of Nex and Omisha. Anyways back to the story.

Ps. don't forget to drink lots of water and eat today i believe in you i love you<3 enjoy my love.

Idona’s POV

I woke up to Nex running his fingers up and down my arms. I smile up at him seeing that his eyes are still closed. I turn so my leg is draped over his side. She smiled, finally opening his eyes to look at me as I started tracing circles on his stomach.

“Good morning,” Nex said in a sleepy voice.

“Good morning,” I said before leaning up and giving him a small peck on the lips.

We laid there tracing circles and hearts on each other's skin. I love this side of Nex. He's so soft and sweet.

“Can I know more about your world?” I asked, I have always been curious, I just never had the courage to say it.

“What do you mean?” Nex asked.

I took a deep breath not knowing what to say. “You're a vampire are there other creatures like werewolves fairies you know that stuff?”

Nex laughed softly, “yes they are also real,” Nex said as he moved his hand to my hair twirling it between his fingers lightly tugging on it every once and a while.

“What is the most dangerous creature out of all of them?” I ask, trying to keep my eyes open.

Nex takes his other hand and tilts my chin up to look at him. He leans closer, giving me a kiss.

“Me,” he says, looking down at me smirking evilly.

I laughed, “I'm not scared of you, '' I say. I looked down at his dick that was covered by the blanket,“I'm scared of him.”

Nex busted out laughing. His laugh is the cutest laugh I've ever heard.

Nex slowly sat up. I pulled my leg off of him.

“You're funny babe,” Nex stood up still giggling.

He slowly turned towards me holding his hands out to me, “let's go take a shower.”

I smiled as I got up following behind him to the bathroom.

45 minutes later we got out of the shower. Nex picked out the clothes he wanted me to wear. It was a part of our routine now.

I got dressed and finished getting ready. I grabbed my phone and purse before slipping on my shoes.

I walked up to Nex who was looking at his phone seeing if anything was wrong.

“Imma head to work” i leaned up kissing him. Butterflies aggressively flying around my stomach.

“Okay have a good day i'll see you when i get my coffee” Nex said pulling me closer to him running his fingers through my hair.

“Sounds good to me” I smiled. I gave him another peck on the lips before slowly pulling out of his grip dreading every second without him next to me.

Nex walked me to my car, opening the door for me.

“Thank you” I said as I got in the car.

“You're welcome. Have a good day and be careful” Nex said, leaning down to put a peck on my lips before softly closing the door.

I roll down the window. “I'll see you later and I'll be careful. I'll text you when i get there”

“Sounds good see ya” Nex leans back so i can drive off.

“See ya” I say admiring the view of how handsome this guy is.

I slowly drive off reminiscing on how lucky I am. Corny i know but can you blame me.

Not long later I arrived at work. I hated getting up early but I love my job. And the people who work there too. But my favorite part of the day.

“Hey there beautiful” Nex says as he leans on the counter.

“Hi” I say blushing hoping he doesn't notice.

“All I said was hey and you're all red” Nex laughs lightly.

“Shut up” I say, turning away from him in embarrassment.

Nex reaches over the counter grabbing my chin to force me to look at him. My eyes were shy.

“Don't hide it i love it” he gives me a quick kiss on the lips. Making me blush even more.

He pulls away looking at the menu as I turn to make his coffee.

“Princess, what's your favorite coffee from here?” Nex asked me.

“Uhhh the iced caramel macchiato why?” I said putting a lid on his coffee.

“Can I get one of those and 2 cookies?” Nex said, smiling as I turned around setting his coffee down.

“Yeah of course” I say as calmly as I can as I scream internally.

I turn to make the other coffee. My stomach is in knots and I feel my cheeks get red.

I finish the coffee turning to set it on the counter before reaching and grabbing the cookies.

“Is that all for you today sir” I ask him hoping to get some sort of reaction.

“Yes thank you” he said, adjusting himself not realizing he let out a low growl.

“Okay” I said, smiling proud of myself.

I turn to grab the cookies and the receipt.

“Here you go” I say as I hand him the cookies before grabbing a pen to write a note on the receipt.

He smiles seeing what I was doing.

‘You are so handsome today can't wait till work is over. Have a good day kisses’ i quickly write before handing him the receipt waiting for him to read it.

He smiles as he pushes the cookies and coffee closer to me. “Thank you beautiful, have a good day yourself” He winks before grabbing his things and leaving.

God I hate to see him go but I love to watch him leave. He's got a fatty like sir. Anyways

I get back to work dreading every second I'm not talking to him.

A while later I got a text from Nex.

N: hey babe im sorry but i'm not gonna be able to pick you up after work something came up

I: oh okay thats okay ill just go to my house and you can pick me up later if you can

N: okay sounds good see you then and be careful

I: i will Nex see ya later kisses

N: kisses beautiful

I put my phone away blushing but kind of upset. I missed him but I understood.

8 finally rolled around. I had been dreading the rest of the day but I got over it. I clocked out before walking out to the car. Nex let's borrow one of his cars for when I need it other than that he drives me everywhere else.

I drove to my house hoping someone was home. It was 8 pm on a friday.

Halfway to my house I realized I was being followed. I immediately panicked but tried to keep as calm as possible.

I took a couple turns to try to lose them before going home. But they continued to follow me.

I called Nex praying he would answer.

‘Hey babe you okay?’

‘Uhh yeah but I think I'm being followed.’

Nex immediately got quiet.

‘Where are you’

I could hear the rage that laced his words.

‘I dont know im still in town i took a few turns to try to get them to stop but they're still behind me’

‘Idona in the glove compartment there's a gun grab it and dont use it unless you have to’


He hung up. I didn't want to have to use the gun but I had no other choice if they tried something.

I took a couple more turns. They didn't give up. I turned but this time it was into a dark alleyway.

I panicked even more, making sure the doors were locked and grabbed the gun from the glove box. I tried to call Nex but he didn't answer. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I was terrified for my life.

I hear people. But they weren't talking, they were fighting. Then silence fills every void. I sink down in the seat holding back my cries for help.

Suddenly the car door opens. Someone grabs me. I immediately start screaming for help, kicking and punching the person in front of me.

A hand quickly covers my mouth to muffle my screams.

“Its me its okay”

I snap my eyes open to see a bloody Nex. I started crying again but this time in relief. Nex grabs the gun from me before pulling me into his embrace.

I cry into his chest gripping his shirt scared to let go.

“Nex i was so scared,” i said through tears.

“Shh it's okay princess i'm here you're safe they wont hurt you ever again i promise” Nex gripped me tighter. He was scared too. I could feel it.

I pull away from him glancing at the lifeless bodies on the floor.

He grabs my chin making me look away from the bodies.

“Remember the conversation we had this morning?”

I shook my head yes.

“You should be scared of me too” he let go of my chin to grab my hand. He walked me to the passenger side of the car.

I got in while he ran to the other side. He drove us to his house.

I laid down while he took a shower. My brain replayed everything that happened today. The fear, The blood, The bodies.



thank you so much for reading let me know what you think.

i made an instagram so if yallhave any suggestions or if you just want to chat you can DM me. ill post updates and part of the story on there too. instagram- sinfullove_poison

i hope you have a good day. stay hydrated and make sure you eat even if its something small. till next time my loves <3


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