Sinful Love

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Chapter 17

A/N: im so sorry for barely updating i havent had the motivation but i promise yall i will update more ill write muliple chapters so i can release them when i dont feel like writing. im so sorry again but im so grateful for every single on of them have a good day dont forget to drink and eat something even if its little enjoy <3


“Come on, you haven't gone out with me in so long” Capala exaggerated. “Nex isn't in town come on please Idona”

“Capala if you don't stop bugging me I won't go anywhere with you ever again.” I said rubbing the bridge of my nose.

Capala looked at me with puppy dog eyes. “If i agree to go out with you tonight will you leave me alone” i say annoyed.

“Yes I will, I swear” Capala says, raising her hands in innocence.

“Fine but let me watch my shows in peace till later” I say pointing at my tv.

“Okay ahh im so excited see ya later” Capala says walking out of my room almost squealing in excitement.

I went back to my shows. Nex went out of town for a business thing a week ago even though he's called me every single day I miss him. I miss him next to me, his touch, his lips, his scent, everything.

A while into my shows my phone rings. I lift it up to my face to see who it is.

Nex was calling me. I pause my show and answer it.

“Hi,” I said quickly, sitting up.

“Idona” Nex breathes on the other side of the phone. “I need you so bad right now” he says in a low voice.

My eyes widen “W-what” I stutter.

“fuck” he curses “hearing your voice just makes it so much worse”

I stay silent trying to figure out what's happening. When I hear him growel.

“Idona baby, how long until i return” he asks, his voice still unsteady and low.

“Um i think like 3 days” I say suddenly becoming shy.

“Fuck thats too long” he whines desperatly.

“It's only 3 days Nex” I said nervously.

“An hour was long enough” he says

“You're only a few hours away, you'll be home in no time” I say trying to make him feel better.

“You're right i'll be home soon” Nex says

“Wait what” i say realizing what he's saying

And without any response no i love you bye nothing he hung up.

I take a shower anxious about what's happening.

A while later I was pacing my room when I heard the doorbell ring. I race to the front door. I slowly opened it knowing exactly who it was.

Nex was leaning waiting for me to let him in.

“Nex what are you doing here, you're supposed to be on your business trip” I say looking at him trying to control himself.

“I told you 3 days was too long, now get your stuff and get in the car” he demands quietly.

“Nex i'm supposed to go out with Capala later tonight” i say knowing im testing his already short patience

“I don't care you can reschedule” he says pushing his way inside making his way to my room.

“Nex what stop” I say quickly following after him.

He enters my room looking through my stuff.

“Nex i promised her I would go out with her tonight,” I say, trying to keep up with his fast movements.

He stopped and turned towards me. He slowly started coming closer. He wrapped his hand around my throat. He lightly kissed my lips but I felt his intentions seep through them.

“I need you so bad right now Idona i'll bring you back before it's too late just come with me” he said almost whining.

He grabbed my hand leading me to the bulge in his pants.

As soon as I made contact with it he sighed pressing his forehead on mine. He sloppily kissed me breathing hard and I moved my hand on his bulge.

“I would take you right here but you'll be too loud,” he said, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“Fine but you have to bring me back Capala will kill you and me if i don't go out with her tonight” i say giving into him. I've missed him too much to tell him no.

He smiles evilly, turning back to packing a small bag for me. I grabbed my phone and not long later we walked quickly out the door.

He raced to his house. He was so eager and it turned me on so much knowing how bad he wanted me.

We quickly walked to his room barely able to keep our hands off of each other.

He leads me into his room and pushes me into the door causing it to close. He locks it staring into my eyes.

He softly caresses my face. He kisses me passionately, catching me off guard.

“You have no idea how much I missed you,” he says, playing with the hem of my shirt.

“Show me then” I say, testing him.

He grinned evilly. He quickly pulled my shirt over my head. He stared at me taking me in like it was the first time seeing me.

He leaned down kissing my chest. He was definitely leaving marks. He came back up looking into my eyes. He kissed me pushing me further back into the door.

“Believe me i will princess” he said take his shirt off in one swift motion.

I ran my hand up his abs to his shoulders. He was extremely tall so I have full access to his chest and most of his torso. I leave kisses repaying the favor. With each touch his breathing hitched.

He really missed me if I have this much of an effect on him. I thought to myself, smiling at the thought.

He grabbed a fist full of my hair forcing me to look up at him.

“I'm going to make sure you feel how much I missed you and more” he said slowly releasing my hair.

He kissed me roughly slowly moving his hands down my sides. He started unbuttoning my pants, not daring to separate our lips.

He slowly slides my pants down to my ankles and I step out of them kicking them to the side. He runs his hands up my thighs coming back up to connect our lips again.

He lightly runs his nails between my breast and down my stomach. He plays with the hem of my underwear. I run my hands up his bare abs grabbing his shoulder as he slides his hand down the front of my underwear.

As soon as he makes contact with my skin we both groan. I'm already wet from the anticipation he grins against my lips. He slowly starts to circle my clit making me break our kiss and lay my head back against the door breathing quietly. He plays with my breasts, taking one of my nipples into his mouth. The friction between us is making me want to cum already.

As if reading my mind, Nex slides his fingers down further pressing 2 fingers into me causing me to moan his name, egging him on even more. He keeps a painfully slow pace. I grind against his hand trying to get more.

“Someones desperate” he smirks evilly.

I look into his eyes hoping he speeds up but he doesn't. I give up. I reach my hand down rubbing my hand against the bulge pressing tightly against his pants. I keep eye contact knowing exactly how to get him to pick up the pace.

“Please Nex please fuck me” i say whining. He loves when I beg him.

He growls as my words affect him. He begins to pick up the pace. He moves his free hand to my throat slightly holding me up by it.

He stares into my eyes and he begins to slam his fingers into me. He loves watching how I unfold in front of him. My loud moans fill the room. I try to keep eye contact but they force themselves shut as i cum hard around his fingers. He smiles and I tighten around him.

He removes his fingers from me bringing them up to my lips making me taste myself. He rubs his fingers against my lips and i lick them clean. He kisses me hard tasting me as well.

I reached down for his pants, unbuckled his pants and unbuttoned them. He pulls away so I can pull his pants down. I slide down on my knees as he steps out of his pants. I run my hands up his thighs to the start of his boxers. I slide my fingers in the band looking up at him watching his face as I slowly pull his boxers down. He kicks them to the side as well.

I look up at him and his hard dick i lick my hand before wrapping it around him. I start slowly pumping him returning his earlier torture. I watch him as his head rolls back. I lick his cock from the base up causing a shudder to go through both of us.

I watch as my pay back becomes too much for him to handle as I lightly lick his tip. He grunts looking down at me grabbing a fist full of my hair yanking my head back.

“Stop fucking teasing me and suck my dick” he growls.

I smile at his reaction before slowly taking him fully in my mouth. His head rolls back again, his hand not leaving my hair as he begins to guide my head. He bobs my head faster, barely able to contain himself.

I pump him as he guides my head. I pull my hands away as he pushes my head deeper. He holds me there for a second before he pulls me back up to him kissing me back into the door.

“God you are so beautiful” he says lifting me up i wrap my legs around him. He pulls back a little the door supporting me. He lines up with my entrance and slowly pushes in. We both moan in pleasure. He pushes more into me once he's fully in; he begins to slowly move, letting me accommodate him.

When he begins to pick up the pace I lean forward into his neck biting him as I try to muffle my screams. This drove him crazy causing him to start slamming into me.

I couldn't hold it anymore and my head flew back hitting the door. I screamed his name as he continued. He moved one of his hands from my thighs and started rubbing my clit. I was so close already. He kept his pace running over my g-spot over and over causing me to tighten around him. He grunted and I could tell he was close too.

“Cum for me please i want you to cum inside me” i don't know what took over me to say that but i did and it only made Nex want more. He sped up causing me to cum multiple times in a row. We come together on the last one, both of us panting trying to catch our breaths still tangled in each other.

He walks us over to the bed laying me down on my back before laying on top of me wrapping his arms around my waist.

“You have about 4 hours till you go out with Capala down for a nap?” he asks into my stomach.

“Sure” I laugh. He leans up and lightly kisses me.

We drift off to sleep. I felt so at peace with him. It was like I was under a spell.

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