Sinful Love

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You are forbidden from each other but you can't seem to stay away. He screams danger and death but that only attracts you more. People fear him. They tremble when his name is spoken. He's the most dangerous and heartless mafia boss, but he's hiding something deeper.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"Atta girl! Nice job princess," my father exclaimed with a proud smile on his face as I punched his padded hands.

"Thanks dad! Can we go again!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Not today. I've prepared you two lunch," my mother said kissing my father on the cheek

"Okay momma!" I said hugging my mom and dad, "let me wash up. I'll be down soon," I said while walking out of the gym.

As I walk down the stairs after my brief shower I hear faint laughter of my mother and father from the kitchen.

"So momma what did you make?" I asked as I sat down at the table across from my parents watching as their smiles grew bigger.

"I made you..."

I jolt awake. I quickly look around only to realize it was a dream. I take a shaky breath as I burst into tears. I sit there as my whole body shakes from the sadness erupting inside me it had been only a month since my parents died. I had to move in with my aunt. She was my mothers eldest sister.

She has two sons and a daughter. They were all older than me. Jeremy was the oldest he was in his early 30's and had a wife and a baby on the way. Kai is in his mid to late 20's. Then there was Capala she was the closest to my age she was 23. We were all always so close. They’re like my siblings.

They all had pity towards me since my parents died and I hated that. It was like they were constantly walking on eggshells like one wrong move and I would explode. I have been known for my anger and my heartless side that I've always had, but it makes me feel like a kid and they basically do everything for me. Except for Capala she always finds a way to cheer me up. She doesn't pity me. She takes me out to clubs and parties to distract me and it works until I fall asleep.

Every night I have dreams of them. Of my parents every night I dream of all our memories. Like flashbacks but I only see their faces at night. When they first died I stayed in bed all day trying to fall asleep just to see them again. To hear them call my name. To hear their laughs echo throughout the now empty halls. Soon after, Capala got tired of seeing me miserable in my room so she started to take me out almost every night.

I finally peel myself from my warm comforting bed making my way to the bathroom. I take a shower to wash my tear stained cheeks. After my quick shower I get dressed in my usual black jeans and baggy tee. I brush my hair and shake it loose. I head downstairs for breakfast. As I reach the kitchen I am met with an obviously overly excited Capala.

"IDONA GUESS WHAT!!" Capala loudly exclaimed for being only a few feet from me. 'It is too early for this' I thought to myself, debating turning around and running back to my room and locking the door.

"What Capala? What happened?" I breathed out knowing she would break my door down if I locked her out.

"We got invited to a party tonight," she said, jumping around in excitement.

"Oh cool where is it?" I said laughing at her excitement.

"It's at a super fancy club," she walked towards me grabbing my hand looking me in my eyes with her puppy dog eyes."Please say you'll come with me," she said, looking as if I said no her heart would shatter.

"Of course I'll go with you silly," I said while squeezing her hands in comfort, "I need a distraction anyways," I say trying not to burst into tears thinking of the dream I had this morning.

"Another dream?" Capala asks sincerely, pulling me towards her for a hug. I rest my head on her shoulder and sigh, holding back my tears.

"Yes but I dont wanna talk about it," I say as I pull back. She smiles a sympathetic smile and nods, "So when is the party?" I asked, changing the subject.

"It's at 10 tonight," she says, her eyes shining from excitement. I walk over to the fridge to make me and her an iced coffee as she tells me about the party and who's gonna be there. I hand her a glass of coffee and we head out back to the garden to sit at a little round white table that has rose bushes surrounding it acting as though it's a fence guarding them.

Hours pass by, Idona doing the normal everyday things. She hangs out with her cousins, her aunt and uncle, she eats lunch and goes to work. her shift ends at 8. She heads home and tiredly walks upstairs to her room not even paying attention. She doesn't realize Capala is standing in her wardrobe shuffling through her clothes.

"Idona! get up get over here and help me pick out your outfit for tonight!" Idona jumps as she hears Capala's stern voice. Idona sighs and drags herself over to her fully raided wardrobe.

"Honestly I think I should just give you something out of my closet," Capala says as she puts the clothes back on the hanger.

Idona protests against Capala's offer but fails. Capala makes her way back into Idona's room with a couple outfits folded in her hands. She lays them out of the bed. 3 different colors all short and revealing. There's a light blue one, a pink, and a black one. Idonas' eyes immediately fall on the black one. She picks it up and moves in front of her mirror holding the short dress up to her chest.

Capala comes up behind her and moves her hair to one side,"You'll look stunning in that Idona."

Capala turns and walks over to Idona's desk and grabs a velvet black box,"I was going to give this to you on your birthday but it would go so well with your dress tonight," Capala smiles. Swiftly, she walks back to where Idona stands looking at Capala in the mirror. Capala slides the necklace around Idona. As the cold metal slides across her chest Idona picks her hair up so Capala can clasp the necklace. She sets her hands on Idona's shoulder and smiles at her through the mirror.

"It's gorgeous! Thank you so much Capala," Idona turns around and hugs Capalla.

"Your welcome. Now go take a shower so we can eat before we leave," Capala says tickling Idonas' sides, making her laugh while holding her stomach.

"Fine, fine- ...just please- ...stop tickling me," Idona says between laughs.

Idona makes her way to the bathroom as she hears Capala giggle and leave her room. After her shower she puts on a baggy shirt and shorts so her hair can dry. She walks down stairs where she hears Capala shuffling around in the kitchen. She walks in to see a rushed Capala fixing something for both of them to eat.

“Whatcha making Capala?” Idona asks while sitting at the island that sits in the center of the kitchen.

“Just some sandwiches” Capala answers as she turns with two plates in her hand walking towards Idona setting a plate in front of her. They both eat while talking about the party.

After they finish eating they both head up to Capala’s room. Idona sits on her phone while Capala does her hair, straightening it. After Capala finishes Idonas hair she moves onto hers. Idona walks over to the bathroom and gets changed into the small, backless, black dress that shows off her tattoos on her shoulder and down her back. She moves her hair about and adds some small earrings.

Soon after Capala walks into the bathroom wearing a short dark blue dress with curled hair that was half up half down. “Wow you look amazing,” they both say at the same time. Laughing afterwards. They both do their makeup so it matches with the dress they're wearing.

Few minutes later they both exit the bathroom. Capala set out a pair of black high heels for Idona. She slips them on and buckles them at the ankles. She stands up and walks back to her room Capala following behind her. Idona grabs her purse and everything she needs. They both exit and walk down the stairs. Capala grabs the car keys and they both walk out to the parked dark blue car.

20 minutes later they're walking into the club. Idona looks around looking for any familiar faces but finds none. Capala walks toward the bar and Idona follows. Soon later a group of people come up greeting Capala. Idona looks over and sees Capalas best friend and what she guesses to be a couple of her other friends. Idona smiles as Capala introduces them to her.

An hour passes by and Idona finds herself dancing with Capala in the middle of the dance floor sharing smiles. “I'm gonna go get us more drinks, okay?” Idona says, trying to talk over the loud music. Capala nods and Idona makes her way to the bar.

While Idona waits for the drinks she feels a strong hang grab her wrist. Out of shock she yanks her wrist out of the unknown grasp. She turns to see an old bald guy maybe in his 40’s standing there with the ugliest smirk on his face.

“Hey baby, why don't you come with me?” the creep once again reaching for Idona this time trying to grab her hips to pull her forward. Idona takes a step back thinking of any way to get away from him.

“Uhhh no thanks, I'm good,” Idona says, getting ready to put up a fight if she has to. The old guy leans forward. Getting a little too close for Idona’s comfort. She immediately smacks him as hard as she could sending him back. She makes her way back toward Capala to get away from the guy completely forgetting about the drinks.

“Hey girl where's our drinks?” Capala says dancing. She notices Idona’s worried face and stops dancing,“What's wrong?” Capala asks worried something happened to her.

“Nothing, some creep grabbed me and tried to get me to go with him but I took care of him” Idona says smirking her evil grin at Capala. Capala giggles and grabs Idonas hand bringing her back into the dance floor.

While dancing Idona notices a tall man. He looks like a security guard. He's dressed in an all black suit with an ear piece. He walks up to them as they stop dancing and watch him carefully.

“Sorry to disturb you ladies but would follow me?” he asks looking at Idona. Confused she points at herself and he nods.

“May I ask what for sir?” Idona asks thinking if she may have done anything wrong.

“My boss would like to meet you,” he says politely.

“Umm I suppose” Idona says cautiously not knowing what's to come. She looks at Capala who was with her other friends. She follows the guard to a small room with a purple curtain as a door. They enter the small velvet room only to see 3 very attractive men.

“Here she is boss,” the security guard says, stepping off to the side allowing me to see all 3 of the men sitting there staring at me.

“Umm why did you-” Idona starts.

“Sit,” the guy in the middle interrupts Idona as he gestures to the seat in front of him. Idona hesitates feeling the rage start to bubble as he demands her to sit. Idona does not like being told what to do. Especially by a stranger.

“No thank you, I'm good,” Idona answers trying to control herself while clenching her fists. The 2 men on the sides of the one who demanded Idona scoff as though they were surprised. The guy in the middle stands up not breaking eye contact with Idona. As he stood up it finally hit Idona of how very handsome and large this man is. He has dark black hair, silver eyes that scream power and dominance. Idona gets nervous but immediately hides it remembering who she is.

“I don't even know you and you think you can tell me what to do?” Idona says and she feels as though she is challenging the devil himself. His presence makes her weak. His eye staring a hole straight through her.

He signals to the other men and they both simultaneously get up and walk towards Idona. She prepares for anything but nothing happens; they walk right past her, the wind allowing both of their colognes to hit her nose.

As the curtain closes the very handsome man walks up to her. The closer he gets the faster her heart beats. He gets close to Idona, his body almost touching hers he leans forward and brushes her hair behind her ear. She flinches at his touch. He smirks feeling her response.

“Would you like to sit?” he says fiercely. Backing up and walking back over to his original spot sitting back down watching Idona waiting for her response.

Idona hesitates again in confusion. He didn't demand her this time but his voice was still as stern and powerful as last time. She slowly walks toward the chair and sits keeping her confident demeanor.

“Can I at least know your name?” Idona asks, staring into his dark eyes adjusting herself. He stares at her keeping his almost evil smirk on his face.

“Nex” he says. His name is short yet held so much meaning and power.

Idona shivers from the sound of his name but it doesn't affect her much. She shakes off the feeling, still keeping eye contact with him. “Idona,” she says just as powerful as Nex.

He smirks at the confidence in her voice while talking to him. “Lovely name” he says seeing the not so obvious effect he has on her. She hides it well but not well enough.

Idona shifts in her seat as she feels butterflies. Confused as to why she feels this way she fiddles her thumbs.“Thank you, Nex,” she says with a smirk hiding her nervousness.

“I saw you at the bar with some bald creep,” he said trying to make conversation,“nice slap by the way” he says with an amused smirk on his face.

Idona smiles at his comment ,“Thanks.” Nex nods.“Hey my cousins out there and she's probably looking for me,” Idona says worried about Capala,“if you want you could join us,” she offers.

He laughs and walks towards Idona and extends his hand as an acceptance of her offer. Idona takes his hand as he leads her out of the small room and onto the dance floor.

Idona catches up to Capala and talks with her while they dance. Capala makes her way back to her friends and Idona feels a certain presence behind her. Large strong hands land softly on Idona’s hips and pull her closer to him. Idona feels a very sculpted muscular torso pressed against her small back. As they dance together.

Idona faces Nex and wraps her arms around his neck as they look into each other's eyes she leans her head forward and rests it on his chest as they continue dancing suddenly he lightly grabs her chin making her look up at him while his other hand is still on her hip.

Idona feels a sudden urge of confidence and leans up and places a kiss on Nex’s lips. Realizing what she did she pulled away but he grabbed her chin again forcing her to look at him. He stares into her eyes and leans back in as they kiss for the second time of the night.

The rest of the night was the same; they danced; they kissed in the spur of the moment here and there and the rest of the night went on as a blur. Except for him. Everything around her was blurry except for him and his powerful eyes and evil grin.


Thanks for reading Sinful Love! i will try to updates as much as possible.

just incase you here is how i pronounce the names of the characters!
Idona- (I-doe-nuh)

anyways till next time.XX

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