Sinful Love

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Chapter 2

Idona wakes up with a horrible headache. She turns on her back and puts her arm over her eyes. As she turns she feels somebody beside her. She immediately thinks it's Capala because usually she falls asleep in Idonas room after a party. She turns toward the person who lays next to her and throws one of her arms and legs over them. Immediately she feels a hard muscular torso ‘That's definitely not Capala’ she thinks scared to even move a muscle.

She tries to open her eyes to see who is laying beside her but she can't, instead she drifts back to sleep. She doesn't know why but he's so warm and comforting. Idona drifts back into a deep sleep listening to his steady heart beat.

“You look absolutely stunning in that little dress of yours,” Nex whispers in Idonas ear as they dance so close to each other there's barely any space between them.

Idona wakes up starting to remember the events of last night and finally she opens her eyes to see if it is Nex who is sleeping next to her. And sure enough it is. There he is lying completely still next to Idona; he has one hand on her thigh as she drapes over him.

Idona can seem to pull her gaze away from the very handsome man laying next to her. Her eyes trail all across his face then moves down to his muscular torso. Idona is shocked at how perfect this man is; she doesn't even realize he is shirtless. Suddenly in panic Idona looks down at her chest only to sigh in relief that she had a baggy shirt on.

Idona attempts to slowly make her way out of the bed so she can go to her bathroom. Just as she starts to pull her body away from him his hand grips her thigh harder pulling her closer to his body. He leans closer to her ear. Idonas' heart is hammering against her chest.

“Leaving me already?” Nex whispers. Idona can feel his smirk against her ear.

“I- i- was j-just gonna go get some Aspirin for my headache,” Idona stutters. Nex laughs at her obvious nervous state.

He lets go of her thigh and turns on his back. Idona rolls to her side of the bed and makes her way to the bathroom feeling his eyes watching her every step of the way. She gets a cup of water and some aspirin and slowly walks over to where Nex still lies shirtless.

“Here I thought you could use this after last night,” Idona says, offering him some aspirin and a glass of water. Nex sits up allowing the blanket to fall and sit at his waist. Idona can't help but let her eyes wonder. He reaches out grabbing the water and aspirin from her hand.

Idona shivers at the contact and her eyes immediately shoot back up to his face. His dark eyes staring at her with an evil grin on his face. He puts the asprin in his mouth and takes a swig of water, never breaking eye contact.

“Thank you,” Nex says. He hands Idona the empty glass.

As she walks back to the bathroom she hears Nex stretch and get up. When she turns around she sees Nex standing right behind her in only his boxers. Her eyes roam his entire body and she immediately gets butterflies. She somehow manages to collect herself enough and makes her way back up to his face.

“Would you like to shower?” Idona asks trying to make herself seem as confident as possible. Nex nods.

Idona hands Nex a towel and he disappears into the bathroom. As soon as he shuts the door behind him, Idona runs to Capala’s room to find her still dead asleep. Idona jumps on Capala’s bed, shaking her trying to wake her up. That doesn't work. She grabs a pillow hitting Capala hoping that would wake her up. Sure enough Capala wakes up as she grabs another pillow hitting Idona knocking her off the bed.

“What the hell Capala,” Idona says standing up.

“You were beating me with a pillow, what did you expect?” Capala says, throwing her pillow at Idona one last time, “what's your problem?” Capala says yawning.

“Do you remember that guy I was dancing with last night?” Idona says climbing back onto Capalas bed.

“The super hot one? Yeah” Capala says confused as to where this is going.

“Yeah he's in my room taking a shower right now,” Idona says knowing Capala’s reaction.

“Idona what the hell are you talking about?” Capala says rubbing her eyes, “we came home together nobody else was with us.”

Idona confused she stands up.

“Well obviously not because he's in my room right now,” Idona says defensively.

“Are you sure it wasn't a dream?” Capala says, seeing how frustrated Idona is getting.

“NO IT WASN’T I'M TELLING YOU HE'S TAKING A SHOWER!” Idona says making her way angrily over to Capala's side of the bed, “look i'll show you,” Idona grabs Capala’s hand and pulls her to her room.

She makes her way to the bathroom door slowly opening it. But she doesn't hear anything. She doesn't hear water running or anything. She walks into the bathroom looking around. He was gone.

“See Idona it was probably just a dream,” Capala says following Idona into the bathroom.

“No, I swear he was here. I brought him some water,” Idona confusedly walked over to the bed looking for any sign he was there and it wasn't actually a dream.

Capala leaves the room still tired as Idona desperately searches for any signs of Nex. She walks back into the bathroom and looks in the shower. ‘He was here’ she thinks to herself as she sees the water in the bottom of the shower. She turns around looking for anything else. She picked up the towel she had handed Nex a few minutes ago and it was damp.

‘I knew it wasn't a dream. But how did he leave so fast?’ Idona confused about the whole situation. She walks to her closet and picks out some clothes so she can take a shower.

The whole time all she can think about is Nex. Nex and everything that happened this morning and last night. After her shower she heads to work.

“IDONA!!!!!” Katherine yells trying to snap Idona out of whatever trance she was in. Idona jumps at the sudden noise.

“What are you doing? Snap out of it,” Katherine says.

“Sorry I didn't mean to zone out like that,” Idona says. Which was true she didn't mean to but all she could think about was Nex.

She gets back to work serving a customer when suddenly a tall man walks by the window catching her eye. She quickly looks up. ‘Nex’ . She quickly runs out of the shop trying to follow him but as soon as she steps out he's gone. ‘How does he keep doing that’ she thinks to herself walking back into the shop quickly getting back to work.

After work she rushed upstairs trying to find Capala. She runs everywhere trying to find her. Finally she finds her sitting outside eating a salad while scrolling on her phone.

“Capala can we go to that club we went to last night?” Idona says catching her breath.

“Tonight?” Capala asks, surprised.

“Yes you can invite anyone you want” Idona says, hoping she says she'll go.

“Sure we can go,” Capala says, smirking knowing what sparked Idona’s sudden interest in going to the same club especially after last night.

“Yes omg thank you,” Idona says jumping in excitement, “cmon lets go get ready,” Idona pulls Capala all the way to the room.

They finish getting ready. Idona is wearing another black dress but it's in 2 pieces showing some of her stomach. Capala is wearing a light pink dress. Idona hurried down the stairs and just as she's about to leave the house she hears Kai behind her saying something as she turns around to face him.

“Y'all are going out again?” he asks teasingly.

“Yeah Idona wants to see her boyfriend,” Capala answers mockingly.

“Whatever, I just wanna have fun,” Idona says, hiding the fact that they were right. She wanted to go to the club hoping she would see him again.

“Mmhmm,” Capala says, grabbing the keys and walking out the door.

“BYE!!” Kai yells as the door closes.

Few minutes later they arrive. Idona grabs them some drinks and they go to the middle of the dance floor and start dancing. The whole time Idona was constantly looking around hoping to see a familiar handsome man or the tall bodyguard from yesterday.

“Can you get us some more drinks?” Capala asks Idona who is still looking around.

“Huh? Oh yeah of course I'll be right back,” Idona says walking towards the bar aware of everything around her.

As soon as she gets the drinks she thanks the bartender and turns around only to be greeted by the same creepy bald guy from last night.

“Hey baby, I think you were a little upset yesterday do you wanna come to my place? I can help you relax” he says.

Idona sets the drinks getting ready to punch this creep hoping he'll finally learn his lesson.

“Didn't you hear me last night? I said no!” Idona says getting ready for anything this creep says. Idona looks around thinking she heard her name being called.

“Yeah but maybe you changed your mind,” the creep says leaning back a little.

“Like hell I would,” Idona says laughing hysterically.

“Whatever you'll see soon enough baby,” the creep says as he walks away. Idona rolls her eyes and scoffs. She then makes her way back to Capala and hands her a drink while taking a sip of hers.

A few minutes she goes back to the bar for another round of drinks but she starts feeling sick and dizzy. She leans against the bar trying not to fall over. She sees the creep approach her through her blurry vision. She feels as if she's going to pass out. She feels the creep wrap his arm around her waist. She tries to fight back but she's too weak. She can barely keep her eyes open long enough to see where he's taking her.

She can feel the cold breeze blow against her meaning they’re outside. Fight back, open your eyes dammit. She tries everything but nothing she can't move. She's paralyzed. She hears someone approaching someone very large by the sound of their footsteps coming closer and fast suddenly she's on the hard cold hard ground. She can hear people fighting. Open your eyes!! She repeats but nothing.

Suddenly she hears someone fall to the ground. She tries to fight but she stays still.

“Oh princess what has happened,” a familiar deep voice asks. Nex. She tries to open her eyes to see his face but it's no use.

She feels herself being lifted off the ground so effortlessly.

“It's okay princess I got you,” she hears Nex whisper and he starts walking, but he's walking fast like really fast. After they start moving Idona completely passes out.

She wakes up with an ever bigger headache than the last time but she knows she didn't drink that much. Trying to collect her thoughts of what happened she sits up and looks around realizing that she's not in her room let alone her house. Panicking she looks down seeing she's clothed but in different clothes. She's in a guys baggy black t-shirt and her underwear.

Suddenly the door slowly opens. She jerks her head toward the door scared of who will enter. Her heart drops of relief and shock as she sees Nex walking towards her.

“You’re finally awake I see,” Nex says, sitting on the bed facing Idona, “how are you feeling?” he asks, caressing her cheek.

Idona leans into his warm hand.
“I have a huge headache and I can't remember anything that happened,” Idona answers staring into his dark eyes,“how did I end up here?” Idona asks, backing up a little.

“What do you remember?” Nex asks. Idona can tell he's angry. Was he angry at her? What had she done wrong?

“Um I remember going to the club and dancing with Capala looking for you,” as soon as she said it she stopped. Why did I say that?! You idiot, she swears at herself in her head.

Nex smirks, “looking for me?” he asks obviously amused,“why is that?” he asks lightly grabbing Idona’s chin bringing her face closer to his.

“Because I wanted to see you. You left my place so suddenly I honestly thought it was just a dream,” Idona says shyly looking into his eyes.

“You dream about me princess?” Nex asks, reading every inch of her face.

“What do you mean?” Idona asks confused, “ you were there I gave you aspirin and you took a shower,” Idona says wondering if she really did imagine that.

“No i didnt. You left with your cousin,” Nex answered emotionless, “are you sure you're okay?” he asked, his face rid of any emotion.

“I'm fine but can you tell me how I ended up here?” Idona asks brushing off the fact that maybe she did dream it all up.

“That creep drugged you. Who knows what would've happened if I hadn't shown up when I did. I fought him. Then had my men brought him to the cellar as I carried you here,” Nex explained.

Idona starts processing what he just said and it hits her.

“THAT ASSHOLE DRUGGED ME!” Idona yelled angrily,“Oh my god I can't even believe him. Ugh what a creep!” she says disgusted.

“Yes, he did and yes he is a creep,” Nex says reading how angry she is.

“Thank you for saving me,” Idona thanked him. Nex nodded. “Wait, how did i end up in these clothes? Did you?”

“Change you?” Nex finishes her sentence. She nods.

“I did,” he says emotionless.

“What the- why the hell would you do that?!” she asks, starting to get angry.

“Would you rather be in that tight dress which was way too short,” he says almost in a possessive way. Idona takes a breath calming down secretly thankful for him.

“No,” Idona says, annoyed that he was right.

“Then don't complain,” he says standing up, “I left some clothes on the chair for you to get changed and I will drive you home,” he says walking out of the room.

“Thank you,” she says while walking towards the chair. Picking up the pile of clothes.

She started getting changed into a black tank top and black jeans and a jacket that smelled strongly of Nex. it was his jacket she blushed. She walked over to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Damn I look good. Idona giggles and winks at herself.

There was a knock at the door.

“Hey, can I come in?” Nex says from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, go ahead,” Idona says, walking back towards the bed as Nex opens the door.

“Wow princess you look…” he pauses looking her up and down,“Hot,” he says, making his way slowly back up to her face. She's blushing, he thinks to himself.

“I know,” Idona says, flipping her hair in sass. Hiding her nervousness. Nex laughs at her confidence.

“At least you know,” he says, smirking, walking towards her. “Are you ready to go princess?” he asks, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

“Uhh yeah,” she answers, trying not to stutter under his touch. Nex held out his hand to Idona. She accepts shyly and he leads her down stairs to his car. It was super expensive, it was a black Bmw. Idona stares in awe.

“Thats your car??” Idona asks in shock.

“Yeah is that a problem?” he says laughing at the surprised look on her face.

“No of course not, are you kidding me this car is amazing!” Idona says still in awe. Nex walks to the passenger side and opens it allowing Idona to get in. He carefully closes the door and swiftly walks over to the drivers side.

Nex starts the engine with a loud roar. Idona looks at all the buttons in absolute excitement. She looks at his larger muscular hands gripping the wheel. Idona bites her lip trying to hold back excitement. He pulls out of the driveway and they drive for what seems like forever. But Nex was driving so fast Idona’s heart stammered the whole way.

Soon she realized this was not the way home. She debated asking where he was taking her but didn't as he slid a hand on her thigh lightly gripping it leaving only one hand on the wheel. Oh my lord, this man is so hot. Idona thought biting her lips once again not in excitement but trying to control herself completely.

Soon he pulls into a dark parking lot. He gets out, walks over to her side, opens the door while offering her his hand and helps her out of the car.

“Where are we?” Idona asks looking around trying to see if there is anything familiar around.

“My favorite spot,” Nex says while walking towards an opening where there is nothing but a blanket and the breathtaking view of the mountains. They sit down on the blanket watching the sunset. Nex held Idonas hand the entire time.

“I can see why it's your favorite spot,” Idona says breaking the silence. Nex nods in agreement looking over at Idona watching her eyes sparkle. He lightly grabs her chin making her look at him and he can feel her heart speed up. He grins at the thought that he was doing that to her.

“What?” she asks nervously, staring into his powerful eyes.

“You are absolutely gorgeous princess,” Nex says, leaning closer to Idona. Their lips so close one move and they would completely touch.

“Nex?” Idona says trying to figure out what's going to happen.

“Hmm?” he hums staring into her dark green eyes brushing her hair behind her ears and caressing her face, feeling her lean into his touch.

“Nevermind,” Idona says leaning into him more.

Nex leans towards her and their lips land on eachother. Idona loses herself completely in the kiss and his touch sends fireworks into her body. What is happening to me?


hi!!! thank you so much for reading chapter 2 of "Sinful Love" i hope you enjoyed!
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