Sinful Love

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Chapter 3

‘What is happening to me?’ Idona thought as Nex tangles his hands in her soft hair pulling her deeper into the kiss. Idona could feel her steal walls crumbling down more and more every second. Idona hesitates but she lets herself go. She melts completely under his touch.

Idona moves closer to Nex grabbing one of his biceps holding on for support as she moves on top of him to straddle his waist not breaking their kiss. She moves her hand from his biceps to his hair.

As she tugs at his hair she feels a low groan erupt from his throat. She smiles at the feeling it gives her. That she did that. Feeling accomplished she pulls him closer than before. His hands that were rested at her waste grip her tighter as she tugs on his hair.

Nex finally breaks the kiss only to trail kisses along her jaw and down her neck. Idona head falls back. Melting more and more into his touch. Nex plays with the hem of her shirt and he moves his kisses to her collarbone. Idona removes one of her hands and places it on his shoulder. Nex moves his hands up her shirt and places his hands on her sides. Idona giggles as his warm hands slightly tickles her sides. He smirks against her neck as he caresses her sides again, causing her to laugh even more. Her laughs turn into soft moans as Nex kisses her soft spot on her neck.

Idona tugs his head back staring into his dark eyes that are completely filled with lust. Nex stares at her with amusement. She pulls him back in connecting their lips once again. She never wants this to end but she knows eventually it will.

Nex breaks the kiss leaning back and takes off his shirt. Idona stares in awe as she runs her hands downs his muscular torso that has multiple tattoos covering parts of his perfect skin. She looked back at his face noticing his expression changed. He was now trying to control himself. Idona got a sudden idea. She ran her hands back up his torso to the top of his chest constantly looking between his face and his stomach as she lightly dug her nails into his chest and ran her nails all the way down his toned abs.

As soon as she dug her nails into his skin his head fell back as he left out a sigh of restraint. He picks his head up staring into Idonas sparkling eyes. His eyes filled with dominance. He grunts and leans forward grabbing the back of her neck pulling her into another kiss. This time it was more aggressive than the last few kisses they shared. It wasn't soft and sweet, it was hungry and dominant.

He moved his hands back down to the hem of her shirt. He swiftly pulls it off of her breaking their kiss only for a moment. He quickly flips them around lying her back against the blanket. His hands hungrily roam all across her body. Her hands tangle in his dark hair. He cups one of her covered breasts and she softly moans into his mouth and that only makes his kisses more aggressive.

‘I don't want this to end. But I have to tell him,’ Idona breaks the kiss looking into his eyes with a disappointed look.

“Are you okay?” Nex askes noticing the disappointment and slight fear in her eyes.

Idona sighs trying to spit out the words she knows she has to tell him. She takes a few breaths before speaking.

“Nex im- im a- uhh...” she breathes trying to calm her nerves, “Im a virgin,” she spits out terrified of how he might react.

Nex caresses her cheek trying to comfort her, “That's okay, we don't have to go any further,” he smiles.

Idona feels a wave of relief at his reaction. Nex sits up and helps Idona up. He wraps his arm around her shoulder pulling her closer to his body to keep her warm. They watch the city as time passes by.

Idona is still wrapped up in Nex’s arms and she feels him suddenly tense up. She looks up at his face seeing his stone cold face rid of any emotions. She tries to read his face but nothing. It is almost as if he is lifeless.

“Hey what's wrong?” Idona asks turning towards Nex.

“Nothing,” Nex answers in a cold tone. He starts to get up, brushing himself off, “I need to go.”

Idona, shocked she gets up holding her hands across her stomach trying to keep herself from shivering.

“Wait what do you mean? Is everything okay?” she asks stepping closer to him.

“That's none of your concern,” Nex says heartlessly, stepping back as she gets closer. “I will take you home,” Nex says as he turns and starts walking towards the car.

What happened? Did I do something wrong? The whole car ride back to the house Idona repeats those questions in her head. Had she said something that made him upset? Was it because she stopped what was happening earlier.

Before she knew it they were pulling up to her house. She opened her mouth to say something. But she couldn't. All she could manage to do was stare at his stone cold face. She opens the door getting out. Before shutting it she bends down and looks at him for any sign of any emotion; anger, sadness, fear. But nothing he was completely emotionless. His eyes seemed darker than before.

“Thank you Nex,” she says, shaking off the cold feeling she got from his dark eyes. All he does is nod as she closes the door. As soon as she steps back he drives away. Faster than before as if he was trying to get as far away from her as possible.

Idona shivers from sharp chilling wind. She makes her way to the house slowly opening the door trying not to wake anyone up. Especially Capala. She slowly walks up the stairs and to her room she softly closes her bedroom door behind her switching on the light. As she turns around she jumps in fear.

“CAPALA what the hell are you doing? You scared the life out of me,” Idona says as she sets her bag down on the table.

“Me? I SCARED THE LIFE OUT OF YOU?!” Capala says angrily stomping towards Idona. “You disappeared last night no phone calls, no texts, no nothing. You just now sneak into the house and you're saying i scared you?! What the hell Idona, I thought something happened to you” Capala says almost breaking down into tears.

“Well something kind of did happen,” Idona says fiddling with her thumbs anxiously, “some creep drugged me and tried to take me home with him but Nex saw us and he saved me. He took me to his house,” Idona said, scared Capala would flip out.

“And you didn't think to call me and let me know,” Capala says angrier than before,“god do you know how terrified I was,” Capala sheds a tear.

“I'm sorry I wanted to but I passed out and I didn’t wake up till late and by then my phone was dead,” Idona explains while pulling Capala in for a hug,“I'm sorry Capala, I really am please forgive me,” Idona says while rubbing her back trying to stop Capala’s tears.

“Of course I forgive you, just please all I ask is that you never do that to me again,” Capala says in between sniffles.

“I will never do that again. I promise,” Idona says, running her fingers through Capala’s long hair.

“Okay, now tell me everything that happened with Nex today,” Capala says immediately, stopping her tears. Idona laughs as they walk to sit on the bed. Idona tells Capala everything. Including how he abruptly left.

“Wow maybe you gave him a hard on and he didn't want you to see” Capala says laughing.

“CAPALA!” Idona says lightly slapping Capala’s shoulder.

“WHAT? I'm just saying,” Capala says laughing even harder.

“Whatever, I'm going to bed,” Capala says, rolling her eyes in annoyance.

Idona changes into a baggy t-shirt and shorts. She walks into the bathroom to brush her hair and teeth and realizes that she is wearing Nex’s shirts. She blushes at the smell of his cologne remembering how close they were earlier. Then she remembers how he left.

She walked over to her bed which had an already sleepy Capala in it. She moved the covers and layed down close to Capala. She felt so bad for leaving her and not even calling to let her know she was okay. But in her defense her phone was dead and she was a little busy with Nex. She giggles to herself quietly before peacefully falling asleep.

Idona is abruptly woken up by a very excited Capala jumping on her screaming in her ear.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WAKE UP!!” Capala says beating Idona with a pillow.

“I'm awake, I'm awake! Now get off of me,” Idona says pusing Capala to the other side of the bed.

It's my birthday but I don't want to celebrate. For many reasons. 1. It's my first birthday since my parents died and I don't want to do anything today. 2. It's been days since the night with Nex and I haven't seen him anywhere. He hasn't been at the club. He hasn't walked by the shop. Nothing. it's like he fell off the face of the earth.

“Get up,” Capala says, grabbing Idona’s wrists pulling her dead weight body off the bed to sit up.

“No, I don't want to,” Idona says falling backwards back onto her bed.

“I don't care if you don't want to, I'll be damned if I let you mope in bed all day for your birthday,” Capala says, pulling Idona back up, “we are celebrating and you are going to have fun.”

Idona gives up knowing she won't win this one. Capala will drag Idona by the legs all the way downstairs if she has to. So Idona decided to save herself from that pain and just agree.

“Fine what are we doing then?” Idona asks, getting up so she can take a shower before she has to go downstairs and pretend to be happy all day.

“That's for me to know and for you to dot, dot, dot,” Capala says leaving the room. She pops her head back in, “oh and I’m picking out your outfit for tonight now hurry up take a shower and come downstairs.”

Idona takes a shower changing into black ripped jeans and a black Metallica t-shirt. She slipped on a pair of black tennies, brushed her hair out one last time before going downstairs to see everyone waiting for her in the kitchen.

As soon as she enters the kitchen everyone turns around in unison. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY IDONA!!” Everyone yells as they walk up to her, each of them giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she thanks them. She sits down surrounded by everyone talking and laughing as they eat breakfast her aunt made.

Later that night Capala still wouldn't tell her where they were going. She set out an outfit for Idona and told her to be downstairs in 15 minutes. Idona put on a fancy black dress and black high heels. She quickly did her hair and makeup, put some jewelry on and made her way down stairs with 2 minutes to spare.

As she walks down the stairs she sees everyone dressed up and waiting by the front door. They averted their attention to Idona as she walked down the stairs. One by one they came up to her kissing her cheek and telling her how beautiful she looked. She thanked them and they went outside only to be greeted with a limo.

Idona stared in shock. She turned to them with excitement sparking in her eyes.

“A limo?!” Idona runs up to each of them giving them all a hug. They walk toward the limo and they all get in

A few minutes later they pull up to a super fancy restaurant. When they finally get to their table Capala grabs a sash that says ‘Birthday queen’ she places it over Idona’s head then hands her a tiara with purple gems in it. She places it on top of her hair and thanks Capala. They all sit down and enjoy a very fancy dinner.

After they all finish eating just as they were about to leave, Capala lightly taps her champagne glass with her knife casting everyone's attention towards her. Capala clears her throat before speaking.

“Today we celebrate the most amazing girl ever. Idona you are probably the strongest person I know and lately I know you've been going through a lot which is why today is all about you and cheering you up. You are so kind and so caring. Yes, you may have a rather angry side but it's understandable. Never change for any one. You are absolutely perfect the way you are. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday Idona,” Capala makes a speech that brought tears to Idona’s eyes.

Everyone raises their glasses as they clink them together.

“Happy birthday Idona!'' they all repeat. Everyone takes a sip of their champagne.

“Thank you guys seriously this is amazing! I love you guys so much,” Idona says, holding back her tears.

After they finish their drinks they all get up and make their way back to the limo. Idona thought the night was over and she was okay with that it was perfect. But Capala had a different idea in mind. They arrive back at the house. Capala leads Idona to her room as everyone goes into their own rooms.

“Thank you for everything Capala, it was amazing,” Idona says as Capala closes the door behind them.

“You're so welcome but the nights not over just yet babes,” Capala says, walking over to the closet only to pull out a small dark purple dress. She hands it to Idona pushing her into the bathroom, “I didn't think you’d want to stay in that fancy dress all night. Hurry up and get changed and I'll come get you when I'm done,” Capala leaves the room allowing Idona to get changed.

A few minutes later Capala enters Idonas room again in a light blue dress.

“Are you ready?” Capala asks, making her way to the bathroom where Idona is touching up her makeup.

Idona looks at Capala and smiles, “Yes I am,” Idona says, setting down her lip gloss. Idona follows Capala out of her room and back downstairs into the kitchen where Kai, Jeremy, and Jeremy's wife Kristina are waiting for them.

“Are yall finally ready?” Kai says teasingly. Jeremy steps on Kai’s foot causing him to back up.
“I mean wow you two look so beautiful,” everyone laughs.

Kai walks up to Idona as he offers her his hand. She accepts and everyone makes their way back outside to the limo.

A few minutes later they arrive at an extremely fancy club. They all get out and make their way inside. Kai and Jeremy walk over to the bar to get drinks. Idona, Capala, and Kristina make their way onto the dance floor. They dance while waiting for the boys to come back.

Eventually they come back with 5 drinks. Jeremy hands a can of sprite to Kristina seeing as how she's pregnant. He hands Idona her drink. They all continue dancing.

A while later Idona needed a refill so she headed to the bar. While waiting she sees a tall man walk past. Nex! She immediately thinks as she begins to follow him. He goes outside but as she steps out of the club. He's gone. What the hell where did he go?

Idona jumps as she hears a scream come from a valley somewhere close by she looks around. Finally she sees two people in a valley, a girl and a tall figure. She approaches them. As she turns the corner the tall figure is gone. The girl is laying there lifeless on the floor. Idona screams at the sight. She pulls out her phone trying to stop her hands from shaking so she could dial the police.

She finally controls her hands enough. She dials 911 and tells them what happened and waits for them to arrive. She calls Capala telling her what happened and they all come out of the club worried. They make their way over to Idona who is frozen in fear.

The police finally show up. A few detectives head towards the body as another man comes up to Idona asking her what happened. After she tells them everything. Capala grabs Idona’s hand and leads her back to the limo.

When they arrive back home Idona silently goes to her room barely processing what just happened. Of course this happens on my birthday. Idona changes and falls asleep. The image of the lifeless girl burning into her brain.


Oouu Idona and Nex got a lil freaky ;)

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