Sinful Love

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Chapter 3

“Hello? Is anybody there?” Idona asks walking through a dark alleyway.

“I've been waiting for you Idona,” an unfamiliar voice echoed through the walls.

“What? Who's there?” Idona asks looking around ready for anything to come at her.

Suddenly Idona trips over something. She picks herself up and looks down to find a lifeless body.

“You’re next Idona,” the unfamiliar voice roars right behind her.

Idona quickly sits up trying to catch her breath. She pats herself down making sure she's still in one piece. Rubbing her eyes she sleepily walks over to the bathroom to splash water on her face.

She quickly dries her face. As she turns around she feels a sudden gust of cold wind. She looks over and sees her windows open. Huh I guess i left it open, She thinks as she shuts and locks the window.

She turns around. Before she can scream, Nex pushes her against the wall holding his hand over her mouth.

“Don't scream,” he says staring into her eyes as she stands there in fear.

He feels a tiny pinch on his middle finger. He peels his hand off her bloody lips.

“You bit me?!” Nex says wiping the blood on his pants.

“What the hell Nex!” Idona says lightly pushing him off of her. He barely even stumbles. She makes her way back over to the bed and sits down.

“How did you even get in here?” she asks, taking a drink of water to wash the penny flavor out of her mouth. She had accidentally licked her lips while talking.

“That's not important,” Nex says sitting next to her.

Idona scoffs. “Not important? That's exactly what you said last time except oh that's right you were trying to get as far away from me as possible,” Idona states angrily. She looks aways from him only for him to grab her chin and force her to look at him.

“Idona,” her name from his mouth sent shivers down her spine,“I didn't leave to get away from you,” he pauses, “something just came up,” he says sincerely.

She doesn’t know exactly why but she believes him.

“Was it something I said?” Idona says staring into Nex’s eyes watching for any emotion flicker by.

“What?” Nex says confused as to what she's implying.

“The reason you left. Was it because I stopped what was happening?” Idona quiets her voice and looks down avoiding all eye contact.

“What? God no of course I didn't leave because of that why would you even say that?” Nex says hurt that she would think that low of him.

“Then why did you leave Nex?” Idona feels how tense he is.

“Idona, I told you something came up. That is all,” Nex quickly shakes of the feeling. He knows why she asked him that but he didn't think she thought that low of him.

“Okay,” Idona decided to drop it. She wasn't going to get anywhere with him,“Why are you here, Nex?” Idona asks scooting over inviting him under the blankets. She was shivering from how cold it was so she immediately got under the covers.

“I wanted to see you princess,” Nex says, accepting her invitation,“can I not do that?” he says with an evil grin.

Idona blushes, “I guess,” Idona shivers once again. Nex laughs and scoots closer to Idona wrapping his arms around her. Immediately she's warm.

“Idona?” Nex asks his voice muffled in her hair.

“Hmm?” Idona asks as her eyes grow heavier. He was so comforting and warm. She nuzzled in closer to him.

“The club you went to last night. Never go back again,” he says as he grits his teeth.

Idona, confused, looks up at him, questioning what he was saying, “What? How did you even know where I was yesterday?”

“Just promise me you wont go back there ever,” Idona can tell he's getting impatient.

“Fine,” Idona yawns as she nestles into his warm chest. She feels him slowly stroke her hair as she drifts to sleep.

She woke up the next morning hoping he was still there. But as she dreaded he wasn't. Again he was gone just like that. How does he do that? Idona takes a shower and heads downstairs for breakfast.

During breakfast she replayed the events of last night. How did he get in here? Idona couldn't help but ask herself. He has just shown up after days of being completely MIA and poof he's there.

After breakfast she went to work. Somehow she could still taste his blood. I've brushed my teeth 5 times, how can I still taste it? She cringes at the taste of metal in her mouth. But it was proof he was there and that she wasn't just dreaming.

“Happy late birthday Idona,” Katherine said as she clocked in for her shift.

“Thank you,” Idona says smiling.

“Did you get to see you know who?” Katherine said, winking while nudging Idona’s shoulder.

“Actually.. I did,” Idona says blushing.

“Ouuuu spill!” Katherine says laughing.

“There's nothing much to say we just talked about the night when he abruptly left. And then he laid with me until I fell asleep,” Idona says reliving everything from last night. She didn't want to tell her everything just in case.

“Omg that is so adorable Idona are you kidding me,” Katherine says in awe.

“Yeah yeah whatever let's get back to work,” Idona says as she separates the money in the register.

A while later the bell on the door goes off.

“Hi, welcome to Starbucks. How can I help you?” Idona greets the customer without looking up.

“Hi, can I get a tall black coffee with 2 sugars princess?” A deep familiar voice says.

Princess? Only one person I know calls me princess. Idona immediately looks up. Nex was right in front of her ordering coffee at the place she works. Why am I freaking out? He's ordering coffee. Calm yourself Idona.

“Alright a tall black coffee with 2 sugars is there anything else i can get for you?” Idona says with the biggest smile on her face.

“Mmmm,” Nex playfully strokes his chin,“your number princess,” Nex says, flashing Idona with a wink.

Smooth Nex real smooth. Idona giggles, “I'll be right back with your drink,” Idona turns away to make his coffee. She can feel his eyes piercing a whole through her.

Idona turns back around gently placing his drink down so she can grab his receipt. Before she hands it to him she quickly wrote her number down on the receipt per request.

“Here you go sir! Have a good day!” Idona says handing Nex his receipt.

“Thank you. Have a good day yourself princess,” Nex answers smirking at Idona as he turns to walk out the door.

Oh my god how is he so perfect Idona blushes as he walks away.

“Um Idona?” Katherine asks her voice trembling in fear.

“Yeah? Are you okay?” Idona asks suddenly concerned for her friend.

“W- what was he doing here?” Katherine asks, pointing at the door with a shaky hand.

“What do you mean he was just getting coffee?” Idona is beyond confused why is she acting like this?

“Yeah and flirting with you. Do you know who he is Idona? What he does...” Katherine says her voice cracking.

“Uhh what do you mean that's Nex. you know the guy I told you about earlier.”

What does she mean do I know what he does and why is she so scared of him.

“T-thats Nex. the guy you had a makeout sesh with?!” Katherine’s eyes are filled with complete fear.

“Katherine what's wrong with you honestly like I told you about Nex a million times why are you acting like this?” Idona is getting annoyed with the fear on Katherines face. How can someone be so afraid of someone and not even know them.

“Idona he's the most dangerous heartless mafia boss in the whole world. He basically owns New York,” Katherine shakes off the fear in her voice as she explains who Nex is.

“What? No way, Nex isn't even mean,” Idona says rolling her eyes.

“Idona, I'm serious. look him up,” Katherine pulls out her phone. She types a few words and shows Idona.

Oh my god! Nex is THE Nex Grey. there's no way. How did I not see that? I MEAN HIS NAME IS NEX. I have to ask him about this.

“Oh my god. Katherine. I made out with the deadliest man alive,” Idona says reaching for her phone as she gets a text message. Nex

N:*Hey princess*


N:*When do you get off of work?*

I:*Around 8*

N:*Cool! Do you mind if I pick you up?*

I:*Uh sure. There's something I wanna ask you anyways*

N:*Ooh I'm terrified now*

I:*Haha, very funny. See you at 8*

N:* See ya princess*

“Well he's picking me up at 8 so,” Idona says carefully as she puts her phone away.

“Are you kidding me, you find out the guy is a cold blooded killer and you agree to be in the same car as him ALONE??” Katherine angrily says, making a customer's coffee.

“Katherine, I've been alone with him before. I'm still alive no?” Idona says as she gets ready to go on a lunch break.

“For now,” Katherine says under her breath.

“I heard that,” Idona says as she walks to the back.

8 rolled around faster than Idona expected. Right as she was clocking out she hears the door ring. She makes her way up to the front. She sees Nex smirk as she walks out from behind the counter.

“Hey there princess miss me?” Nex says as he offers Idona his hands.

“Ha you wish I bet you missed me though,” Idona replies teasingly ignoring his hand and walking past him and out the door.

“I sure did princess,” Nex says, grabbing her hand and swiftly pulls her closer to him. “Are you sure you didn't miss me?” Nex says softly placing a kiss on Idonas lips.

“Hmmm,” Idona says, pulling away,“I suppose,” Idona says giggling.

“You suppose?” Nex says “maybe i'll just leave her at work then” Nex slowly starts to walk away.

“Wait no! Fine I did miss you just please don't leave me here,” Idona says running to catch up with Nex.

“Mm I suppose I could take you home,” Nex says laughing.

Nex leads the way to where he parked his car. He opens the door for her then walks around to the drivers side.

“So what did you wanna talk about?” Nex asks as he buckles his seatbelt.

“Oh right,” Idona suddenly gets nervous, what if it makes him mad,“I don't know how I didnt notice sooner but,” Idona takes a deep breath,“you’re Nex Grey.”

Everything suddenly gets tense, his face is no longer happy, his face was completely motionless.

“Yeah I am,” he says, his voice sounding completely different than it did in the shop,“Is there something wrong with that?” his voice made Idona jump a little as how heartless he sounded.

“No of course not it's just I didn't figure it out until now I honestly don't know how not many people are named Nex I mean don't get me wrong it's a great name I mean its a super hot name i mean super hot name fits a super hot guy-” Idona suddenly stops her rambling processing what just came out of her mouth.

“Oh my god I did not just say that out loud,” Idona covered her face in embarrassment as Nex laughed.

“Stop laughing it's not funny omg I'm such an idiot,” Nex reaches on hand over pulling her hands down from her face.

“You're not an idiot,” he says, still laughing.,“but you think I'm hot?” Nex says concentrating on the road.

“Obviously do you not have mirrors in your house,” Idona sighs, “oh my god I did it again,” Nex begins to laugh again.

“I do in fact have mirrors in my house princess you would know that,” Nex quickly looks at Idona, “I heard you call yourself hot that one time.”

“Are you kidding me, can this car ride get any worse,” Idona says twirling her hair between her fingers.

“Worse? Ouch princess I'm hurt,” Nex holds his hand over his heart making a sad puppy dog face.

“Shut up and drive,” Idona says smacking Nex’s thigh.

“Yes ma’am,” Nex replied.

The car ride went the same; they made jokes and laughed. They got to know each other better. Nex really isn't the bad guy everyone makes him out to be.


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This story goes with the story "Unlawful Romance" by veah so check it out it you want more scenes with Idone, Nex, and her main characters

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