Sinful Love

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Chapter 5

Few days went by in the same order. She would go to work, he came by to get coffee, he picked her up at 8, and sometimes he would take her out to eat. If it was late she would even spend the night at his house. Idona and Nex spent everyday together. Laughing, talking, getting to know each other.

Idona adored every minute. She wasn't one to show emotions. But she's never felt like this before. Nex was nothing like the Nex people made him out to be. I'm sure he had that side to him. He was the biggest, strongest mafia boss in the world.

But to Idona he was sweet and funny. I mean he had his moments where he would suddenly go cold. His face rid of any emotions. But Idona grew used to it and she just brushed it off.

Nex told Idona he wouldn't be able to pick her up today because he had a friend coming from Italy. Idona was sad about not being able to spend the day with Nex but she didn't want to be clingy. She was curious about who the friend was. But she didn't want to pry. She knew he hated that. He was very closed off about his past.

Nex still came into the cafe for his daily coffee. He entered and caught everyone's attention. They quickly looked away not daring to make eye contact.

As soon as he entered I turned around to make his coffee. It wasn't hard, he wanted the same thing everyday. Tall black coffee with 2 sugars. Some days he would order a cookie but it wasn't for him he would give it to Idona so she would have a snack. She always blushed when he would secretly hand it to her over the counter.

“Here you go” she placed his drink down as she started to ring up his order. “Anything else sir?”

“Umm can i have 2 chocolate chip cookies?” He said watching her press multiple buttons on the screen.

Hmm 2? Thats different. “Alright 2 Choclate chip cookies, anything else for you today?” she asked, smiling.

“No, that'll be all, thank you,” he answered, pulling out his wallet.

Idona grabbed 2 chocolate chip cookies. And grabbed his receipt,“here you are have a wonderful day”

“Thank you princess you as well,” Nex secretly slipped her one of the cookies he bought. He walked out taking a bite out of his cookie.

He does love sweets. Idona laughed as she broke off a piece of the cookie.

The rest of the day went by slowly. Painfully slow. Nex wasn't going to be able to pick Idona up so she didn't have anything to look forward to after work.

Nex texted Idona throughout the day. Which brightened her mood a little. He was telling her that he was sorry he couldn't pick her up today but that he would make it up to her. She told him not to worry about it that she understood. Which she did. His friend was coming from Italy which made her assume they haven't seen each other in a while.

When she got home Capala was waiting for her and she knew what that meant.

“Where is it?” Idona asked, putting her purse down.

“What do you mean?” Capala says knowing exactly what she was talking about.

“Capala just tell me where so I can get ready”

“Fine it's at this one club downtown. Since you're not hanging out with Nex today we could go have some fun together,” Capala says with puppy dog eyes.

“Of course we can Capala you know I would never say no to hanging out with you.”

Capala claps in excitement, “yay omg i already set out an outfit for you in the bathroom. Not go take a shower so we can go.”

Idona makes her way to the bathroom laughing. She quickly takes a shower and gets changed into a long t-shirt.

She went downstairs to eat something before they went to the club. But when she made her into the kitchen she saw Capala standing there with 2 shots in her hands.

“Capala really were going to a club. They will have plenty of drinks there.”

“Yeah but it's more fun if you start buzzed,” Capala says, handing one of the glasses to Idona.

“Yeah whatever, I'm hungry so,” Idona takes the shot and makes her way to the fridge to see if there's anything to quickly eat.

“I made us mac and cheese,” Capala says, setting a bowl on the table. Idona quickly turns around and walks towards the table beginning to scarf down the mac and cheese.

“Oh my Capala you are a lifesaver,” Idona says her mouth full of mac and cheese.

After they finish eating they make their way back upstairs. They get ready. Doing their hair and make up. Idona was wearing a black dress that showed off her sides. Capala was wearing a neon green dress that was the same style as Idona, just a completely different color.

They went downstairs and Idona sees Kai waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the Kai is tagging along,” Capala says, grabbing her keys.

Kai opens the door allowing Idona and Capala to exit before closing the door and locking it behind him.

They eventually arrived at the club it wasnt super fancy but it was nice. Kai parted ways as he left to get drinks at the bar.

A few minutes later he arrives with 3 drinks in his hands. Idona and Capala carefully grab a drink. And begin to dance again.

“Kai don't be a bum and dance with us,” Capala says, grabbing his hand.

“No thanks you know I don't dance,” he replied looking around.

“Whatever tonight you are,” Idona says laughing at how awkward Kai was.

“Yall arent gonna give up are you?” Kai says, shaking his head.

“Nope,” Idona and Capala say in unison. They all laughed afterwards.

Kai gives up and starts dancing. Well he wasn't dancing more like just moving. They all laughed and had fun.

A little while later Kai and Idona went outside to get some fresh air. It was way too crowded in there for them.

Kai and Idona laughed the whole time they were outside. They still had their drinks in hand. Idona knew how to control her alcohol so she wasn't too drunk.

Her and Kai were walking and he was definitely drunk. He was laughing at literally everything and his laugh made Idona laugh.

Idona suddenly stopped laughing as she sees Nex. She gets excited. She was going to call out his name but she stopped herself as she saw someone with him. A girl. They were hugging.

Idona didn't know why but it made her sad. Maybe it was all the alcohol but she was sad to see Nex with another girl. Is that the friend from Italy?

Kai didn't stop walking so she walked really fast to catch up to him but also trying to get as far away from Nex and the girl as possible. She felt like a complete fool.

They went back into the club and the rest of the night all she could think about was Nex and that girl. Who was she? They seemed close. Nex never seemed like the hugging kind.

Idona just wanted to go home. She wanted to be engulfed in her bed. She wanted to go to sleep.

She didn't know why she felt like this. Nex and Idona were just friends. So why did it hurt seeing him hug another woman. God what is wrong with me? It's not like he's your boyfriend.

As soon as they got home Idona rushed to her room quickly changing out of her dress so she could go to sleep praying the night would end.

She laid her head down wanting to just fall asleep immediately. But it didn't happen. She closed her eyes, tossing and turning but she couldn't go to sleep. All she could think about was Nex. Nex and that girl. Nex hugging that girl. She gritted her teeth at the thought of his arms around her.

She put her face in her palm in shame. He is not your boyfriend, stop acting like this he can do what he pleases.

After hours of tossing and turning Idona finally fell asleep.


thank you so much for reading Sinful Love! i know this one was a little short.

dont forget to check out Unlawful Romance by Veah.

it goes along with story so it will add more context.

have a great day till next time <3


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