Sinful Love

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Chapter 6

Idona tossed and turned all night. Even in her sleep all she could think about was nex and that girl. Who is that girl? Nex never said anything about a girlfriend. All he said was that his friend from Italy was coming to visit. Nothing more nothing less. He was so closed off.

Usually Idona didn't care that he was closed off she wanted him to open up to her yes but she never pried. She knew how it felt to have a rough past and not wanting anyone to know. But Idona wanted to know who this chick was.

Idona couldn't sleep much so she just laid there her thoughts running wild. Before she knew it her alarm went off it was already 9. She needed to go to work soon. But first she had to see him.

She quickly got dressed and drove to his house. Well it was more a mansion then a house but what else would you expect from a mafia boss. She remembered the way there from all the times Nex drove her there after work.

She finally arrived. Everyone who worked there knew her by then so she easily made her way to his room. She hesitated before going to knock.

Before her fist could lightly collide with the door. It swung open. Idona stared in shock. It was the girl from last night. The girl that was hugging Nex. and she was in his room wearing his clothes. Idona felt her blood begin to boil. She managed to control herself as the girl who stood in front of her spoke.

“Uhh can i help you?” the girl says snobbishly.

“Uhh is Nex here?” Idona says trying to contain her anger.

“Uhh yeah. He's in the shower right now. Do you want me to tell him you stopped by” she said with an attitude spewing from every word.

“No it's fine just forget I was ever here” Idona swiftly walks away trying to contain every emotion she was feeling in that moment. She was wearing his clothes. Idona gritted her teeth at the thought of her standing in his room.

Idona angrily drove to work. The whole way the same thought of that girl in his clothes flashing through her mind. She was angry. She didn't know why but she was.

A little while later. The door of the cafe opened. She looked up to see Nex walking towards the counter. Her heart leaped when she saw him. But then she remembered this morning and her blood immediately began to boil all over again.

“Hi what can I get for you?” Idona asked, completely lacking any emotion. She felt angry but of course she didn’t show it. She didn't smile like she usually did when she saw him. Or even make his drink before he even asked. She treated him like a normal customer.

“Cmon princess don’t be like that,” Nex said his voice was full of sincerity.

“Excuse me but if you're not going to order can you please move so I can take other peoples orders,” Idona said, completely ignoring his princess comment.

“Just a tall black coffee with 2 sugars,” Nex answers as he sighs, “Idona,” he says as Idona turns to make his coffee.

“Hmm?” Idona turns back around looking Nex in the eyes.

“Omisha told me you stopped by that you were looking for me,” Nex said, staring into Idona’s eyes.

“Oh uh yeah I did but clearly it was a mistake,” Idona replies as she turns back around and begins making his coffee.

“Idona seriously? Don't be like that. I told you my friend was coming from Italy,” Nex says hurt by her words.

“Yeah you did and that's none of my business Nex so please,” Idona sets down his coffee grabbing his receipt.

“Idona she thought you were just some girl that I had a one night stand with,” Nex says cautiously, “I told her about you and who you are to me. So please Idona don't be like that.”

“I'm not being anything like Nex,” Idona slides him his receipt.

“Idona I'm gonna pick you up after work. And I'm gonna take you to my place. Me, you, and Omisha will have dinner and you two can get to know each other okay?” Nex said not as a question but a demand.

Who could say no to dinner though i mean its food,“fine I guess but don't expect me to be nice after the show she put on this morning,” Idona scoffs.

“Fine just trust me okay?” Nex says as he grabs his coffee.

“Okay.” Idona says. Nex turns and leaves.

Why did I give in that easily? Idona kicks herself at the thought of her becoming soft.

After work, Nex kept his word as soon as she clocked out he was waiting for her. She tried her best to give him the silent treatment but he made it way too hard for her. He kept saying things he knew would make her laugh. And it worked. But everytime she would just brush it off like what he said wasn't funny.

They arrived at his house and usually he would open the car door for her but Idona got out before he could even shut his door.

They make their way into his house. He leads her to the kitchen where the strong aroma of food floats around. The girl Omisha is at the stove making something. She turns around as Idona and Nex enter the kitchen.

“Hi! I hope you like pasta. I learned how to make all kinds of pasta in Italy so I hope it's good,” the girl says with the biggest smile on her face.

At least she doesn’t have the attitude Idona thought as she slightly smiles at the girl.

“Uhh yeah I’m sure it's great,” Idona replies, trying to hide her anger. She looks at Nex who seems nervous. Is there a reason to be nervous?

Nex leads Idona to the table and pulls out a chair for her inviting her to sit next to him. Idona was beyond nervous now.

A few minutes later Omisha walks over with a couple plates in her hands. She sets one down in front of Nex and one in front of Idona. She walks away to get her plate. She sits across from Idona and Nex.

The first few minutes were painfully awkward. We all silently ate no one daring to break the silence. Nex kept glancing towards me like he was waiting for me to snap or something.

“So Idona, how was work?” Nex asked, finally breaking the deadly silence.

“Uh it was alright I guess,” Idona said looking towards him.

“Where do you work?” Omisha asked. I awkwardly chewed my food, not expecting her to ask me that.

“Uhh, I work at a Starbucks in Central Park,” Idona answered trying to hide her awkwardness. Omisha nodded. I hesitated but I built up enough courage.

“What about you? What do you do for a living?” Idona asked.

Omisha shot a quick look at Nex then back at me,“I own a bar in Italy.”

“Oh really that's cool,” Idona says, smiling. She was genuine. It was cool she owned a bar.

“Yeah it's a lot of fun. Well most of the time,” Omisha and Idona laugh.

Idona sees Nex looking at her from the corner of her eye. She turns her head facing him smiling. He immediately smiled back.

The rest of dinner was less awkward. We talked about little things. We laughed and it was okay. I got to know Omisha and she got to know me.

“So Idona what are you doing with a guy like Nex?” Idona and Nex quickly look at Omisha in shock.

Idona cleared her throat. “Umm excuse me?” Idona was confused at her statement.

“What is a sweet girl like you doing with Nex, I mean he’s well,” she pauses, “Nex,” she laughed.

Idona giggled knowing what she meant. Nex wasn't easy to categorize. Nex was just Nex. “Honestly I couldn't tell you,” Idona giggles,“He’s a lot to handle that's for sure,” Nex glared at Idona.

“Tell me about it,” Omisha winks at Idona.

A few minutes later they were all done eating,“Oh my goodness that was amazing Omisha,” Idona says as she gets up grabbing her plate. She picks up Nex’s plate as well, and takes them to the sink.

She lightly places them in the sink before walking back over to the table holding out her hand for Omisha’s plate. Omisha hands it to her, thanking her and looking at Nex in shock.

She begins washing off all the plates and silverware. She suddenly feels Nex walk up behind her. He leans in moving her hair off to the side,”you know I have maids for that right?” he whispered lightly brushing his lips against her ear, making her shiver.

“Yeah I know but I'm fine I know how to clean dishes,” Idona says as she continues to scrub off the plates.

Nex nudges her to the side a little, rolling up his sleeves.

“You don't have to help Nex,” Idona says looking at him.

“I know but I want to help,” Nex says grabbing the sponge from her hand. She laughs as he begins to scrub the other 2 plates as Idona rinse them off and dries them.

After they are done Omisha comes in the kitchen with a bottle of wine and 3 glasses in her hands.

“Awe how cute now get over here love birds,” Omisha says setting the wine and the glasses down. She turned around to get the wine opener from the drawer behind her.

Idona blushes as they walk over to where Omisha is. She opens the bottle of wine with ease and begins to pour some in all 3 glasses. Nex picks up 2 handing one to Idona.

They all talked for hours. Omisha told stories of her and Nex before she moved to Italy.

A while later Idona was starting to get tired,“Nex do you think you could take me home? I'm exhausted,” Idona yawns.

“Why don't you just stay here?” Omisha offers.

“Oh um I couldn't intrude like that,” Idona says flustered.

“Nonsense you're not intruding at all. My room is all cleaned up so I'll be sleeping in there,” Omisah insisted.

“You can stay if you want Idona,” Nex add’s.

“Umm if you guys are sure then i guess I could spend the night let me just call Kai.” Idona pulls out her phone.

It rings for a few seconds before he picks up sleepily, “Idona? Is everything okay?” Kai asks, yawning.

“Yes everything's fine. Sorry to wake you. I just wanted to let you know I’m gonna stay the night with Nex.”

“Oh okay that's fine I'll tell Capala in the morning. Goodnight Idona I love you.”

“Okay thanks Kai. goodnight I love you too” and with that she hangs up the phone.

She looks at Nex who has a completely straight face. She smiles at him wondering why his mood changed,“Okay he said he would tell Capala in the morning.”

“That's great! May I ask who Kai is?” Omisha asks cautiously.

“Oh he's my cousin. After my parents died I had to move in with my aunt. They're all like my siblings”

“Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss,” Omisha says hugging Idona.

“It's fine, nobody really knows what happened,” Idona says holding back her tears. She pulls away from Omisha who still had her arms wrapped around her. Idona didn't care for hugs.

“Is Kai the guy you were with at the club the other night?” Omisha asked

“Uhh yeah, Nex couldn't pick me up from work that day so they wanted to go out to the club to have some fun,” Idona says remembering the night, “He’s more collected than that, he was just drunk,” Idona laughs.

“Tell me about it, you should see Nex drunk,” Omisha laughs lightly hitting Nex’s shoulder. Idona laughed.

Eventually they headed up to the rooms. Nex opened the door for Idona. She looked around his room like she's never been in there before.

“She seems nice,” Idona says turning around.

“She's annoying,” Nex says walking over to his closet pulling one of his shirts off the hangers, “I love her though she’s basically my little sister,” Nex hands Idona the shirt,“I don't think you’d want to sleep in jeans.”

“Thank you,” Idona takes the shirt from him and walks to his bathroom so she can get changed. His sister, what does he mean by that.

She walks out of the bathroom with her clothes in her hands. She changed into his shirt that was absolutely enormous on her. She sets her phone down on a chair. She walks to the bed where Nex is sitting up watching her every move. She pulls back the covers and slips under them laying on her side facing Nex.

He lies down facing Idona. He reaches out to her brushing her hair out of her face.

“I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier today,” Idona apologies slowly closing her eyes as his hand strokes her hair.

“That's alright you were confused no need to apologize.”

“Mm,” Idona scoots closer to Nex nuzzling her face into his chest. He was right but she felt so bad.

Nex leans his face down kissing the top of her head. He adjusts his body. Idona is now in his arms. One of her arms lazily slides over his bare abdomen; she traces circles on his side as he does the same to her. They both drift off to sleep in each other's arms.

This is nice. Idona thinks to herself nuzzling closer to him.


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