Sinful Love

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Chapter 7

Nex wakes up and something was tickling his side. He looks down to see Idona drifting in and out of sleep while she lightly traces his tattoos. He smiled trying to control his laughter as her small fingers tickle his sides.

She suddenly moved from the tattoo on his side to the one along his V-line. He breathed in sharply. She giggled. She knew exactly what she was doing. She continued to trace the tattoo. Everytime she got close to his- His breath would hitch. She smirked evilly. If she was being honest. She did it on purpose. She continued to trace his tattoo feeling his short and heavy breaths.

Suddenly he grabbed her hand. Idona jumped. She looked up at him and he was already staring straight at her. She hesitated but she held eye contact. She was basically daring him.

“What do you think you're doing princess?” Nex says with a deep raspy voice.

“Tracing your tattoos, what does it look like?” Idona says with a playful attitude in her tone.

“Watch the attitude princess, it could get you in trouble.”

“Is that so?” Idona knew she was playing with fire. But maybe she wanted to get burned.

“Very much so princess.”

Idona moves her hand out from under his. She makes eye contact before looking back down. She begins to trace the same tattoo again. He grunts.

“What are you doing now princess?” Nex says with a low and rumbly voice.

“Seriously, Nex? what does it look like? You didn't let me finish tracing” Idona was really playing with fire now and she knew it. Nex grunts again. Idona had a sudden feeling she was in trouble.

Before she could move another muscle she was under him. He had turned them completely. How did he do that so fast? Idonas heart was beating out of her chest.

“Didn't I tell you that attitude would get you in trouble princess.”

“You did but I guess I forgot you know, short term memory loss,” Idona was really testing his patience.

Nex aggressively kisses Idona catching her breath. She was praying this would happen. Idona softly moans into Nex’s mouth just by his touch. She softly bites his bottom lip. She can tell it drove him crazy as his kisses only became more greedy by the second.

He trails his kisses down her jaw to her neck pushing her head to the side where his other hand held on to her chin. She suddenly felt something sharp lightly press on the base of her neck. She jumps at the feeling.

His free hand makes its way down to the hem of her shirt slowly lifting it up just above her waist. His hand goes under her shirt holding onto her sides. She arches her back causing her chest to collide with his bare chest. His hand slowly goes up to her bra.

“If yall dont stop having sex and come downstairs I want breakfast,” A loud angry voice erupts from outside of Nex’s door.

Nex sighs, “I told you she was annoying,” He pulled himself off of her.

“Nex I can't go down there after that,” Idona was embarrassed. Nex laughed.

“Why not princess?”

“Because we were basically you know.”

“No princess, I don't, why dont you remind me,” Nex leans closer to Idona only to get her hand in his face pushing him back.

“No way mister I'm hungry too,” Idona makes her way to the door before stopping to turn around, “can I have some pants?”

“Aww but why you look so cute in only my shirt.”

Idona blushes but shakes it off. “Because I want breakfast and I'm not going downstairs without pants on. Can I just borrow some of your boxers?”

“Why my boxers?”

“Well I don’t think your sweats would fit me. Long legs.”

“Long legs?” Nex laughs as he walks over to his dresser grabbing a pair of his boxers. He throws them at her and they land right on her face. Nex laughs even harder. He technically just teabagged her.

“Nex seriously gross,” Idona throws the boxers on the floor.

“You asked for my boxers,” Nex said he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe.

“Yeah but did you have to have such great aim I mean seriously,” Idona wipes her face off with her shirt causing her whole body to show. She didn't even realize.

“Princess if you do that again we'll miss breakfast and lunch.”

Idona quickly grabs the boxers off the floor and puts them on. Even these were huge on her. She ran out of the room before Nex tried anything else. She could hear his laughter following behind her as she ran downstairs.

She makes it into the kitchen panting trying to catch her breath.

“Out of breath already princess?” Nex says behind her. How is he so fast?

“I just ran down stairs and all the way to the kitchen of course I'm out of breath,” Idona says between breaths,“what I wanna know is how are YOU not out of breath.”

“Stamina,” Nex says sarcastically.

“Whatever it wasn't helping that you were chasing me,” Idona finally catches her breath.

“Great exercise princess.”

“Shut up.”

“Mm I don't think I will,” Nex combs his fingers through her hair. She rolls her eyes and walks away. The butterflies in her stomach were going crazy.

“Good morning Idona,” Omisha says, winking at her.

Idona’s heart drops. Oh no this is so embarrassing, “oh good morning Omisha,” Idona nervously smiles.

“I'm sure it was,” Omisha shoots a glare at Nex,“I'm kidding yall are adorable. Nex if you dont cuff her I will,” Omisha winks at Idona.

“Omisha don't start with me,” Nex walks towards Idona placing a kiss on her cheek staring directly at Omisha. Idona blushes at his actions. Why was he so adorable?

“Hey no need to get all possessive. I was just kidding,” Omisha looks at Idona, “maybe.”

Nex growls. It scares Idona a little but she finds it attractive. The butterflies in her stomach become stronger. Her knees become weak as he wraps his arms around her stomach. She melts in his touch. So much so she forgets Omisha is standing right there. The butterflies in her stomach become rocks. Her stomach twists anxiously.

“Awww thats cute but lets save the pda yeah?” Omisha says walking over to the stove,“I made waffles.”

Idona’s eyes light up pulling herself out of Nex’s grasp and runs to where Omisha is,“Oh my god I love waffles,” Idona grabs 2 plates helping Omisha. She sets one in front of Nex and sits next to him.

Nex laughs as Idona scarfs down the waffles. He actually did get a little angry when Omisha made her comment about Idona. He didn't know why though. Was it possible Idona really was his mate. He felt different around her. Like he was free. He didn't feel anger. Nex knew he had to make her his forever but she needed to know the truth first.

A few minutes they were all done eating. Same as last night Idona grabs everyone's plate and washes them. Nex stands behind her the whole time. Combing his hands through her hair. Kissing her neck and cheek. Idona couldn't concentrate. He was driving her crazy. She rushed to finish the rest of the dishes.

Once she dried them she immediately turned around. She looked to see if Omisha was close by. She didn't see or hear her so she assumed she was in her room. She kissed Nex. He lifted her up onto the counter.

“Oh my god, Nex at least go to your room,” Omisha said, interrupting them once again.

Idona buries her head into Nex’s chest embarrassed. Nex looks at Omisha with a complete death stare,“Omisha, this is my house, remember,” Nex was beyond annoyed. He knew she meant no harm but she was being a literal cock blocker.

“Yeah I know,” Omisha grabs some water and leaves.

Nex lifts Idona’s head up but she doesn't look at him. He grabs her chin and forces their eyes to meet, “What's wrong princess?”

“I keep making a complete fool out of myself,” Idona’s eyes were sad,“I'm so embarrassed,” she leaned her head back into him.

“There's no need to be embarrassed, she's the one who keeps walking in on us,” Nex wraps his arms around her, pulling her closer.

“I have work today, can you take me home so I can shower and get changed?”

“Do you have to go to work? Spend the day with me,” Idona was tempted but she didn't want to spend all day with Omisha after she walked in on them 2 times in the same day.

“I don't know, Nex.”

“Okay if you insist on going to work I'll take you home then I'll drive you there and I'll get my coffee. Then later I'll pick you up and me and you can go to dinner,” Nex suggested,“Like a- a date”

A date?! Idona's heart was hammering against her chest,“Okay that sounds great,” she smiled.

They made their way back to Nex’s room. She grabbed her clothes off the chair and went to the bathroom to change. While changing she yelled out the door,“Nex remind me to bring extra pairs of clothes next time I look like a hobo.”

Nex laughed, “Okay.”

After she was ready they went downstairs. Idona couldn't help herself; she kept staring at Nex. She was wearing a black button up with black pants. His usual. But he didn't have his shirt tucked into his pants. She didn't know why but that small detail drove her crazy.

“Hey can you help me put this on?” Nex moves his hand towards Idona with a watch in his hand,“I forgot to put it on in the house and i can't do it while driving.”

“Yeah of course!” she takes the watch out of his hand and wraps it around his wrist, “you don't have to explain yourself. I would have helped you put it on regardless,” She finishes tightening it and adjusts it so it looked straight. She fixed his sleeve for him because he didnt button them either. “There you go! Looking snazzy” they laugh as nex moves his arm back to his side.

“Thank you” Nex smiled at Idona. She nods and reaches to turn on the radio. The rest of the way to her house she sang and danced as Nex laughed at her.

They both made their way to her room. Nex sat on her bed watching her as she shuffled around in her closet for clothes. She went to the bathroom to take a shower.

A while later she came out, her hair still pretty wet. She grabbed her shoes sitting next to Nex’s legs sliding her shoes on. She looked in the mirror fixing her hair for the last time.

“Alright let's go,” she says, slapping Nex’s legs.

“Do you really have to go to work?” he groans slowly getting up.

“Yes I do now let's go.”

“Fine,” Nex complains the whole way to the cafe.

They get to the cafe but Nex doesn't get out.

“You're not coming in for your coffee?” Idona asks confused.

“Not right now I have something I have to take care of first then afterwards I'll stop by for coffee okay?”

“Oh okay stay safe see ya later” Idona gets out of the car.

“I will see you soon,” Nex says as she softly shuts the door.

Idona makes her way inside clocking in for her shift. She didn't want to go to work. She wanted nothing more than to spend the day with Nex. but when he offered to take her to dinner she wanted to go so she could have something to look forward to.

A few hours later, Nex came back for his coffee. Idona’s face lit up when he walked in. she turned around to make his coffee like usual. When he went to grab it Idona noticed his knuckles were bruised.

Idona grabs his hand inspecting his knuckles, “Oh Nex I told you to be careful,” he had a few cuts on his knuckles but he had cleaned them already.

“Im fine Idona just a couple bruises you should see the other guy,” Nex scoffed.

“I figured but still Nex I don't want you to get hurt,” she hated the thought of him hurt. And that's when she knew.

“Princess, I'm fine, I promise,” Nex smiled at her before grabbing his coffee, “I'll see you at 8.” Nex winked before turning to walk out the door.

Katherine came from the back and saw Idona’s puzzled face. “what's wrong babe?”

“Katherine I don't know how to say this but, I think I have feelings for Nex.”


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