Sinful Love

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Chapter 8

WARNING: this chapter may have some sensetive scenes so be advised.

“You what?” Katherine asks Idona in shock.

“I- I think I have feelings for Nex”

“You? Have feelings for Nex?” Katherine said it like she was confused

“Yeah I think I do,” Idona says contemplating what she just said.

“Wow that was a little unexpected” Katherine laughs “what are you gonna do now?”

“I'm not sure he's taking me on a date after work”

“A date? And your just now figuring out you may have feelings for him”

“Uh yeah I guess so” Idona said as she made a customer's coffee.

“So are you gonna tell him?” Katherine asked.

“I don't know I might. I’m nervous”

“Don't be, I've seen the way he looks at you, the way he talks to you. I'm pretty sure he feels the same.” Katherine was hesitant because of who Nex was and what he did.

“Wait really?” Idona knew what Katherine was talking about. Nex acted completely different towards Idona than he did to anyone else.

“Just be careful Idona I don't want you getting in trouble or hurt.”

“Nex would never hurt me,” Idona didn't know what Katherine was getting at.

“I didn't say he would Idona but he is the biggest mafia boss in the whole world just be careful okay,” Katherine knew she was testing Idonas temper. So she chose her words carefully.

“Katherine he would never hurt me or let anyone hurt me,” Idona was trying to control her anger.

“Can we just stop talking about this and get back to work?” Idona said annoyed as she immediately got back to work not allowing Katherine to say another word.

A few hours later 8 finally rolled around. Idona was excited but nervous about the date. Idona clocked out and Nex was there waiting for her.

“Hey there princess,” Nex says holding out his hand towards her.

“Hi!” Idona smiles at him as she takes his hand,“can you take me home so I can get changed first?”

“Yeah of course let's go,” Nex opens the car door for her.

They drive to her house. Idona takes a quick shower and gets dressed into a black dress that went to her knees. It was skin tight so all her curves were shown off. She looked into the mirror as she applied some lip gloss.

She walked out of the bathroom to see Nex sitting on her bed. He had her teddy bear in his hands. As soon as she opened the door he looked at her. His eyes widened. She blushed as she walked over to him grabbing the bear out of his hands.

“You look gorgeous princess,” Nex says as he slowly stands up.

“Thank you! You look very handsome yourself,” Idona looks him up and down. He was in the same outfit as this morning. She wasn't complaining he looked hot as always. She places the teddy bear down on the bed.

“Thank you! Are you ready to go?” Nex asked as Idona turns back around.

“Yeah let me just grab my phone and pocket book,” Idona walks over to her vanity grabbing her black pocket book. She places her phone in her purse. She double checks that she has everything, “alright, I'm ready,” Idona says, walking towards Nex who is standing next to her door.

“Alright,” Nex offers Idona his hand. She accepts and they walk downstairs. As they make it to the bottom. Kai walks in from the kitchen.

“Hey shortcake where are you going?” Kai asks, eating a tangerine. Then he sees Nex. he stands in shock, “um Idona what is he doing here?”

“Uhh Kai this is Nex we're going on a date,” Idona says nervously.

“This is Nex?” Kai says pointing at him,“damn shortcake I can see why you like him.”

“KAI!” Idona was so embarrassed because of what Kai said.

“What I’m just stating the obvious shortcake,” Kai says winking at Idona,“take care of her man.” Kai says as he walks right past Nex.

“I'm so sorry about him,” Idona says as Nex laughs.

“It's fine shortcake,” Nex says as she rolls her eyes,“I mean you are pretty short,” Idona smacks Nex’s shoulder.

“Shut up, I could still kick your ass long legs,” Idona walks out the door as Nex laughs.

“So feisty princess,” Nex says as he catches up to Idona opening the car door for her.

The drive was about 30 minutes long. When they arrived Idona noticed the restaurant was really fancy. She felt a little out of place but she was fine with it because she was on a date with Nex.

“Wow this place is amazing” she says as she sits down.

Nex stares at her the whole time, “what?” Idona says trying not to blush.

“You look stunning,” Nex says smiling at her.

“Thank you,” she says blushing.

They eat and talk. Idona never wanted this night to end. She was thinking of if she should tell Nex that she has feelings for him or if she should wait.

After they were done eating, Nex paid and they left. She was hoping the night would go on. And it did. They drove around listening to music. As always Idona was the only one singing but Nex was laughing at her the whole time. And she loved that.

They drove for hours. Idona wasn't sure if they were going somewhere or if they were just driving around. Eventually Nex pulls into a parking lot.

“Where are we going?” Idona asks. Nex exited the car without answering her. She was beyond confused. Nex walks over to Idona’s side, opening the door for her.

“Nex where are we going?” Idona asks again, taking his hand.

“That's a surprise princess,” Nex finally answers as they start to walk.

After a few minutes of walking they finally made it to the top of some hill it had a blanket on the ground. Idona got flashbacks from the first time Nex and Idona hung out after they met at the club. Idona blushed remembering his hands all over her body that night. But she also remembered how they sat up there watching the sky and talked for hours.

“Come on princess,” Nex says snapping Idona out of her thoughts. Idona smiles at him as they walk over and sit down on the blanket.

They watched the stars and talked. They already knew a lot about each other so they just talked about what they were gonna do tomorrow or anything that came to mind.

Idona became deep in thought. Should I tell him I have feelings for him? Would he feel the same? Would I make a complete fool out of myself? Idona’s thoughts were going crazy.

“Whatcha thinking about princess?” Nex interrupts her thoughts.

“Oh uh nothing,” Idona says, still having a fight in her mind.

“Oh come on princess you can tell me.”

“Just different things, no big deal.”

“Okay and what are these different things that aren't a big deal,” Nex says while smiling sarcastically.

Idona gives up,“just that i really like hanging out with you.”

Nex smiles,“I really like hanging out with you too.”

“And that you're really sweet to me,” Idona adds,“Nex I just…” Idona hesitates,“nevermind,” she looks away.

“No tell me Idona,” Nex says, grabbing her chin forcing her to look at him. He smirks evilly.

Does he already know? No that's impossible he can't know. Idona takes a deep breath. she tries to look away but he has a strong hold on her chin.

“Come on princess tell me please?”

“Nex i-” Idona can't build up the confidence to say it.

“Yes princess?”

Idona breaths again trying to control her heart beat. She closes her eyes. You can do this Idona she repeats to herself. She opens her eyes again,“Nex i- i think i have feelings for you,” Idona finally spits out.

Nex said nothing just stared at her. Idona was freaking out. I just made a fool out of myself. Why did I say that? Ugh I'm such an idiot. She tried to pull away. She couldn't look at him anymore. She was too embarrassed.

Nex wouldn't let her look away. Why isn't he letting me look away? Why isn't he saying anything? Idona’s mind was running wild.

Before she knew it, Nex placed his lips on hers. Was this his way of saying it back? Idona was so confused why he didn't say anything.

“You have no idea how much I've wanted to hear that princess,” Nex says finally breaking the kiss.

“Wait so you feel the same?” Suddenly all of Idona's thoughts went away.

“Yes I do but I have to tell you something first,” suddenly Nex lost all emotion. “Or rather show you,” and with that he stands up. He offers his hand to Idona helping her get up.

Idona was beyond confused. She didn't say anything till they got into the car, “Nex just tell me what is it?”

He didn't answer.

The whole car ride back to his house was long and silent. But Idona could sense that Nex was nervous. He didn't seem like the type to be nervous.

Finally they made it back to his house. Nex immediately got out of the car and went to Idona’s side. Nex walked faster than usual like he was in a rush. They made their way up to Nex’s room. Nex still hasn't said a word.

Nex shuts the door behind them,“Nex what’s going on, why aren't you saying anything?”

“Idona before anything goes further with us I need to show you what I really am,” Nex was debating if this was the right thing to do.

“What do you mean, Nex? You're scaring me, what's wrong, are you hurt?”

“No Idona I'm not just please don't be scared of me,” Nex sounded almost fearful.

“Nex I'm not scared of you, just tell me what's going on?” Idona was confused at what Nex meant.

Nex takes a deep breath,“Idona before I do this I need you to promise me you wont be scared of me. And you can't tell anyone. Just Idona remember that I would never hurt you ever”

“Nex I know you would never hurt me, why would you even say that,” Idona was so confused. “Nex nothing can ever change the way I feel about you just tell me what's going on.”

Nex walks closer to Idona. He doesn't say anything just stares at her. He reaches into his pocket pulling out his pocket knife. Idona's eyes widened. What was he going to do with that?

“Princess I need you to hold this,” he hands the pocket knife to idona. Idona hesitates but she grabs it from him.

“Nex what are you doing,” Idona asks as Nex begins to take off his shirt.

“Idona im a-” Nex looks away.

“Hey it's okay just say it you don't need to hide from me,” as soon as Idona says that Nex kisses her again.

He pulls away sighing. Idona gasps at the sight. Nex had veins forming under his eyes that were darker than before. Idona looked at his mouth and he had extremely sharp K-9 teeth. What was going on. Idona stands there in shock.

“Idona I’m a vampire.” Nex spits out.

Idona laughs nervously, “Idona i'm not kidding this isn't a joke,” Nex says, grabbing Idona’s hand which held the knife. He pulls it closer to his chest,“Cut me Idona then you’ll see i'm not joking.”

“What? no I'm not going to cut you, Nex,” Idona pulls her hand back a little.

“Fine, I'll do it,” he grabs the knife out of her hand staring deep into her eyes looking for any sign of fear,“just Idona please don't hate me.”

Nex lightly drags the blade across his skin. Idona freaks out and grabs his hand trying to make him stop.

“Nex what are you doing, stop,” Idona pulls the knife out of his hand, staring at the cut along his chest. It was healing. Only seconds later all that was left was blood.

Idona grabs his shirt from the bed to wipe the blood off his chest. There was nothing. No cut, no scar, nothing, it was completely healed.

“How did it?” Idona looks back up at Nex who was carefully watching Idona,“you're a vampire,” Idona finally says it.

“I am,” He says coldly.

It all made sense now. His strength. His speed, “oh my god you're a vampire”

“Idona please don't be scared of me I'm still me it doesn't change the way I feel about you”

“Oh Nex I could never be scared of you,” Idona says and she meant it she didn't know why. She should be in fear, terrified for her life,“I know you would hurt me and it doesn't change the way I feel about you either,” Idona may be a fool for this but she could resist him anymore.

“Idona, will you still be my girlfriend?” Nex asks sending Idona back. She didn't expect him to ask her.

“Yes,” that's all she said but it was more than enough.

Nex walks closer to her, watching her eyes. He wraps his hand in her hair. She had her hands on his chest running her fingers over the spot that had just healed itself. It still has some blood around it. She leaned down and kissed the spot.

“Nex this might make me an idiot but what you just told me changes nothing. I might need some time to adjust,” Nex nodded.

“Spend the night with me Idona,” Nex asked as he kissed her cheek.

“Okay,” Idona answered. Nex leaned down again only to place a soft kiss on her lips.

Idona changes into one of his shirts and climbs into his bed. Idona knew she should be at least a little scared but she wasn't. She just needed to get used to the new information about him. She was excited to be his girlfriend though. It sent shivers down her spine just thinking about it.

She scoots closer to him. He wraps his arm around her tracing circles on her side. She falls asleep smiling. She couldn't stop smiling.


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