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#2 Fall for You

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New Characters: Freddie Evans: Zac’s Mom’s new boyfriend. Taylor Wood: Vanessa’s new boyfriend from Summer Camp. Sean Hill: Ashley’s older brother. It’s everyone’s first day as 11th Graders in High School…

Romance / Humor
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New Characters:

Freddie Evans: Zac’s Mom’s new boyfriend.

Taylor Wood: Vanessa’s new boyfriend from Summer Camp.

Sean Hill: Ashley’s older brother.

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Monday Morning: It’s everyone’s first day as Junior’s in High School…

Mom: Oooh Zachary! It’s time to wake up for school!

Zac: *groans while pulling his covers over his head*

Mom: *yanks the covers off him*

Zac: Okay, okay, I’m up! *whines & sits up slowly*

Mom: Good! *smiles at him & walks out of his room*

*Zac gets dressed & runs quickly down the stairs into the kitchen…*

Mom: Whoa, slow down! What’s the rush?

Zac: Ashley! She’s picking me up! *car horn beeps outside* She’s here! *grabs his backpack off his kitchen chair* Gotta go! *kisses his Mom’s cheek*

Mom: Oh, okay, sweetie! Love you! Have a great day!

Zac: Love you back! *runs out the door & hops into Ashley’s car* Did I mention how much I love your new car?

Ash: Did I mention how much I love you?

Zac: Only a few times *smiles & kisses her*

Ash: Ready for school?

Zac: Hit that gas girl!

*Ashley laughs & turns up the music playing on her car radio & they drive off to school…*

At school…

*Ashley & Zac are laughing & walking together in the hallway, when they hear people call their names. They turn around seeing Demi & Selena. They all hug each other excitedly…*

Zac: What’s up?

Sel: Nothing much—

Demi: Well except the fact VANESSA has a new boyfriend!

Zac: Ew, really?

Ash: Seriously?

Demi: YES, and he’s kind of gorgeous


Zac: *laughs at them* Yeah, anyways

Ash: *looks over & sees Vanessa with her new boyfriend walking together down the hall* So it’s that guy?

*They all face in the direction Ashley looks & see Vanessa with her new boyfriend…*

David: *walks over to them & looks in the same direction* Yeah, I see him too

Ash: Couldn’t miss him if we tried

Dem: You could say that again *fans herself*

Zac: *raises his eyebrows at Ash*

* Vanessa & her boyfriend start walking in their direction…*

Dav: Ah crap, they’re coming over

Sel: I miss when she used to ignore us

Ash: We’re too annoying now for her to ignore. Well, you are, babe *turns to Zac*

Zac: Heeey—yeah that’s true

Ash: *chuckles at him*

V: Eh hem? *holds onto her boyfriend’s arm tightly* Just thought I’d come by and introduce you all to Taylor. My boyfriend *puts her hand onto his chest*

Zac: Ah, you have a name

Tay: *raises an eyebrow at Zac*

Ash: *waves at him* I’m Ashley

David: Hey, I’m David *shakes Taylor’s hand*

*Then Demi & Selena push through them all to get in front of Taylor…*

Sel: Hey, HI. I’m Selena *fixes her hair*

Demi: *pushes Selena to the side* AND I’M Demi. Hi *waves*

Tay: Nice to meet you both

Zac: Yeah, you too Tyler—Taylor, that’s right. My bad *pats his hand on his chest*

V: *gives him an un-humored look* Come on Tay-Tay, let’s go

Tay: Alright. Nice to meet you all *smiles at Ashley while walking off with Vanessa*

Zac: Sure *gives Taylor a short wave*

Sel: What does he even see in her?

Demi: He must be attracted to evil easily

Sel: But we’re too good to be evil?

Demi: We can change?

Zac: Oh my god enough you two *looks at his schedule* Let’s see, I have English first period…

Ash: *looks at her schedule* Me too!

Zac: Sweeeet! *hive-fives her*

Dave: *turns to Demi & Selena* You ladies mind if I walk you to your classes?

Dem: Yes please

Sel: Don’t mind at all *smiles at him*

In 1st period English class…

*Zac & Ashley are chatting before class starts. After a few minutes their Teacher Mr. Reese tells everyone to settle down…*

Mr. Reese: Alright everyone, I hope you all had a great summer vacation and—

*Just then Vanessa’s boyfriend—Taylor—walks into the classroom…*

Taylor: Um, excuse me sir, are you Mr. Reese?

Mr. Reese: Yes, I am young man, and what is your name? *grabs the attendance paper*

Zac: Taylor

Tay: *eyeballs Zac* Wood is my last name

Mr. Reese: *looks at his attendance paper* Ah, yes, you’re in the correct room. Please, take a seat

Tay: *sits behind Ashley* So you’re the fantastic Ashley, Vanessa talks about…

Ash: *turns around & whispers to him* Those words actually came out of Vanessa’s mouth?

Tay: *whispers back* I may have sugar-coated it a bit *crinkles his nose*

Ash: *laughs*

Zac: *interrupts* Heeey there. Taylor? We haven’t been properly introduced *reaches his hand over Ashley’s desk to shake Taylor’s* I’m Zac—her boyfriend *gives Taylor a firm handshake*

Tay: Ah yes, the boyfriend. How goes it?

Zac: Oh, it’s going great. Just great *gives Taylor a stern look*

Mr. Reese: EH HEM, you three, in the back, must I have to separate you already?

Tay: NO SIR *solutes the teacher*

Mr. Reese: *raises an eyebrow at him* Well good. Now as I was saying…*continues to talk to the class*

Tay: *whispers behind Ashley* I like him already

Ash: *chuckles*

Zac: *listens to them behind him & feels annoyed*

Later at lunch …

Zac: *sits down next to Ashley* Sooo, got any more classes with BIMBO?

Ash: *laughs & rolls her eyes* If you’re referring to Taylor, then yes. Chemistry class

Zac: Oh…*folds his hands together & acts all calm* How’s that going?

Ash: Pretty boring actually, and it’s only the first day too, so…

Dave: Heeey you two *smiles at them, then sits down at the table*

Ash: Heya

Zac: SUP man. SO uh, are you like going to just hang out with us from now on and be our friend…and all?

Dave: Yep, that’s what I was hoping *takes a bite out of his sandwich & looks at them* Do you not want me here?

Ash: No, of course we do

Zac: It’s cool, dude *bumps his fist with David*

Dave: Sweet

Sel: *walks over to their table* Hey people

Demi: *follows not too far behind Selena* Sorry we’re late

Ash: *smiles & waves at them*

Zac: *waves at them* Yeah hi *turns to Ash* So what are you doing in Chem.?

Ash: *gives Zac an annoyed look* Uuuh, so far? We’re just introducing ourselves, that’s all. So, you can chill

Sel: What up with him?

Ash: *waves her hand carelessly* Oh, he’s all worried about Taylor being in my Chem. class

Demi: OH MY GOD, he’s actually in one of your classes?!

Ash: Yeees, that is what I just said...

Sel: Lucky you

Dem: Tell us about it! *shakes Ashley’s arm*

Ash: Well first, ow *looks down at her arm*

Dem: Oh! Sorry

Ash: And second, there isn’t really much to tell…

Zac: *rolls his eyes while the girls chat & turns to David*

Dave: *puts his hand on Zac’s shoulder* Don’t worry dude. Taylor will be old news before you know it

Zac: I know. I just feel…

Dave: Protective?

Zac: Mmm hm. I already don’t trust the guy

Dave: Dude, it’ll be fine. Ash is a big girl. She can take care of herself

Zac: I know *looks over at Ashley chatting with Selena & Demi*

At home…

*Zac walks into his house & sees his mom reading a book on the living room couch…*

Mom: Hey, how was school?

Zac: Great! Now that I’m not the new kid anymore! *smiles then sighs*

Mom: *laughs* Well that’s good news…. *sees his distressed look* So if it was so great what’s up with your face now?

Zac: Well, that’s a little rude. It’s just my face

Mom: *raises her eyebrows at him & looks at him in an amusing way* Tell me

Zac: Eh

Mom: Zachary…

Zac: *sits next to his mom* OKAY. Well, you remember that Vanessa girl, right?

Mom: Can’t forget her. What’s she up to?

Zac: Well, she got a new boyfriend. His name’s Taylor. He seems to think he’s “all that” and has all these girls hovering over him—maybe even Ashley. And he oh so happens to be in her Chemistry class—which I’m not thrilled one bit about FYI

Mom: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it there

Zac: Sorry for ranting

Mom: *gives him a caring look* It’s alright sweetie. How bout we make some popcorn and then talk about it some more

Zac: *sighs* Popcorn sounds nice

Mom: GOOD *pats his leg*

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Tuesday morning…

At School…

*The usual gang are all hanging out together. Taylor joins them & tells some entertaining stories…*

Ashley: *tries to catch her breath from laughing*

Dave: DUDE, you’re too hilar

Tay: Thanks man! *bumps fists with David*

Zac: *gives David an unamused look* Hilar?

Dav: *shrugs* What?!

Zac: *rolls his eyes & shakes his head*

Vanessa: *walks over to them all & wraps her arm around Taylor’s arm* Hey, sexy

Sel: *snorts in disgust & walks away*

Demi: *follows Selena’s lead*

Taylor: Hi you *kisses Vanessa on the lips* Lookin’good today

V: Same to you *pokes his bicep then gives Zac & Ashley glares* Let’s go somewhere alone so we can…*raises her eyebrows*

T: Oh. I like that. Later guys. I gotta…ya know

Dave: Say no more!

Tay: *laughs* Alright, see ya

Ash: Bye!

Zac: You guys can’t be serious?

Ash: What?

Zac: We dislike Vanessa, he’s with Vanessa. Why must we be friendly with him?

Ash: Because maybe he’s friendly?

Dave: He’s actually really cool if you get to know him—

Zac: Like standing here listening to him all morning wasn’t enough?

Ash: Give him a chance, babe *rubs Zac’s arm*

Zac: *nudges her hand away*

Dave: *looks at them awkwardly* I’m just gonna head to class…

Ash: Okay, see ya Dave

Dave: Later

Ash: *looks at Zac for a minute* You ready for first period?

Zac: Sure

Ash: C’mon *takes his hand & they walk to class*

In 1st period class…

*Everyone’s sitting at their desks. Zac & Ashley are talking when Taylor interrupts…*

Taylor: Hey Zac, what’s up man?

Zac: Hey…why are we talking?

Tay: *looks at Ashley*

Ash: *laughs nervously* He’s just a little tired, aren’t you? *glares at Zac*

Zac: *answers her quickly & sharply* Yeah, sure

Tay: Was it something I said? Which wasn’t much, if I recall

Ash: No. It’s uh me he’s annoyed at *lies* Sorry

Tay: No worries


At home…

Zac: *huffing & puffing when he walks through the door*

Mom: *notices him making weird notices when he walks in* Hey sweetie…what’s… going on?


Mom: Ya sure?


Mom: Well, okY. And a heads up, Fred is coming over soon—

Zac: Oh great! Just to make my day even BETTER *sarcastic*

Mom: Zachary

Zac: Sorry. I’ll go cool off upstairs

Mom: Alright, sir

Zac: *rolls his eyes walking up the stairs*


At Lunch on Monday…

*Ashley notices for the past few days Zac hasn’t been his usual outgoing self…*

Ash: Babe, are you alright? *fixes his hair*

Zac: Yeah I’m just peachy

Ash: Mmm sounds fake to me

Zac: *gives her an unamused look*

Vanessa: *walks over to their table* Hey, can we sit with you guys? Taylor wants to…

Tay: *waves at them all* Sup

Zac: *eye twitches looking at Taylor*

Ash: *looks up at them from her seat* I don’t see any harm in it

Sel: *whispers to Ash* What are you doing?

Ash: *whispers back* You don’t want “gorgeous” Taylor to sit with us?

Dem: Yeah, shut up, Sel

Sel: *raises her hands in surrender* Never mind!

Zac: ’Scuse me *gets up & walks away*

Ash: Zac?

David: *shakes his head* Dude’s been weird this whole week

Tay: *sniffs his own breath* Hope it wasn’t me? *sits down in Zac’s seat next to Ashley*

V: *sits next to Taylor* What’s up with Zac?

Ash: *sighs* Uh, not sure. Maybe tired?

Tay: *says in a teasing way* What did you do?

Ash: Nothing!

Tay: Hmm, whatever you say

Ash: Shut up *hits his arm & chuckles*

*Demi eyes Taylor & Ashley closely then runs out of the cafeteria, looking for Zac. She sees him pacing by the boy’s bathroom. She runs over to him…*

Dem: HEY

Zac: AH…hey

Dem: What’re you doing out here?

Zac: Uh I needed some air

Dem: *looks over disgusted at the bathroom door*

Zac: “Air” away from Taylor

Dem: Well finally SOMEONE says it. He’s all over Ashley

Zac: Well at least this confirms I’m not crazy

Dem: He’s a player. A gorgeous looking model of a man—

Zac: *snaps in Demi’s face*

Dem: Sorry! All the more reason to man up, Zachary!

Zac: How can I compete with those abs?!

Dem: Oh please! You have the one thing Taylor doesn’t

Zac: Which is…?

Dem: Ashley’s heart *touches her own heart*

Zac: Okay. Fair point

Dem: You believe that, don’t you?

Zac: *looks at her anxiously*

Sel: What’re you guys doing out here?!

Zac: UH…just using the bathroom

Sel: *points at them both* Did I miss something or is this like some new buddy system you guys got going on here?

Dem: No!

Zac: I’ll…see you guys back in the café *steps into the bathroom*

Sel: For real. What’s up with him?

Dem: He just needed a little pep talk—why did you leave Ashley?

Sel: Uh, does she need to be watched?

Dem: Maybe

Sel: *squints suspiciously at Demi* What’re you up to?

Dem: Nothing! Let’s go back to lunch! *grabs Selena’s hand*

After last period…

*Ashley finds Zac in the hallway…*

Ash: Zac!

Zac: *turns around & smiles* Hey

Ash: *leaves in & gives him a kiss* Hi

Zac: Hi *wraps his arms around her lower waist*

Ash: Are you…still coming over my house today?

Zac: Of course!

Ash: *smiles* Okay great! You’ve been acting a bit off this week so just wanted to make sure…you’re good…we’re good…?

Zac: We’re fine, babe

Ash: *nods her head & lets out a sigh of relief*

Zac: I need to get a few things from my locker then we’ll go?

Ash: Sounds good to me! I’ll start the car

Zac: Sweet *winks at her & walks to his locker*

At Ashley’s house later evening: They’re on her patio sitting on a swinging chair…

Ashley: Wanna go for a swim?

Zac: With no bathing suits?

Ash: Skinny dip!

Zac: Well, I think your mom would LOVE that

Ash: *starts to take her shirt off* Come on! Don’t be shy

Zac: If you squint your eyes until they’re almost shut it looks like we’re wearing our swim clothes anyways!

Ash: You always talk too much *winks at him*

*Zac smirks at her then takes off his shirt but leaves his boxers on & reaches for her waist pulling them both into the water. Zacpushes her over to the corner of the pool until he has her back against the wall. They lean in for a long kiss…*

Ash: I love you. You know that, right?

Zac: *looks at her tenderly* I should know that

Ash: *lets out a laugh*

Zac: I love you, too

*Zac wraps his arms around her waist tighter pulling her closer to him & kisses her…*

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Tuesday Morning…

At school…

*Ashley is walking over to her locker & sees Zac leaning against it…*

Ash: *looks at him playfully* What’re you doin?

Zac: Lookin cute *kisses her & moves out of her way*

Ash: *opens her locker & puts a couple books in it*

Zac: Hey, uh, I have something…*reaches into his pocket*…for you

Ash: *gets excited* You do? *closes her locker*

Zac: Mm hm *takes a little velvet box out of his jean pants pocket* Here *puts the box in her hand & smiles*

Ash: Ooo, velvety *pets the box*

Z: *laughs & shakes his head* Try opening it

Ash: *smiles & opens it* Oh Zac… *puts her hand to her mouth & pulls out a necklace from the box*

Z: Let me help you put it on *wraps it around her neck & locks it in*

Ash: *with her fingertips she holds the half heart shaped charm* So where’s the other half?

Z: *pulls out from hidden under his shirt the other matching half heart necklace* I have it *smiles* And on the back of our necklaces they say “love”

Ash: *smiles at him & pulls her heart necklace forward & puts it together with his* Perfect match *kisses him*

*Demi, Selena, & David walk over…*

Dave: Ooo I see some kissing going on here

Ash: *shows off her necklace to them* Look what Zac got me!

Sel & Demi: OH MY GOD!

Dem: *looks over at Zac & smiles while giving him a thumbs up*

At lunch…

Selena: I still think it’s really sweet of you Zac to give Ashley that necklace

Zac: I try to be sweet

Sel: You ARE *pats his shoulder*

Ashley: *walks over to their table & sits down next to Zac* Alright, so today I’m hanging out with Taylor after school. We’re partners in Chemistry class

Zac: OH?

Dem: OH?

Selena: CAN I COME!?

Ash: No…*laughs at her*

Dave: Ooo, ME TOO! *mocks her

Sel: Shut up, Dave

Dave: How bout toning the desperation down a notch?

Sel: *nudges him playfully with her shoulder* Rude

Dave: *nudges her back*

Zac: Sooo, how did this come about—with you and Taylor?

Ash: *shrugs* He wanted to be partners

Zac: *says under his breath* No surprise there

Sel: Whose house you two staying at?

Zac: *sips his soda intently*

Ash: His

Zac: *sips his soda the wrong way*

Dem: *pats Zac’s back while giving him a worried look*

Later at Taylor’s home…

*Ashley & Taylor walk into his house…*

Ash: Whoa, your place is nice *takes a look around*

T: Thanks…I know *smiles*

Ash: *does a short laugh* So humble you are

T: Thanks—I know

Ash: *laughs* So where’re we going to work on the project?

T: This way *she follows him upstairs*

Ash: Is this YOUR room?

T: YUP, you like?

Ash: I DO like. What’s up with your white walls?

T: *grins* The walls will have some posters to cover them up. The plan is “soon”

Ash: *chuckles, then sits on his bed comfortably; she bounces up & down*

T: *laughs* Hey, so do you know what Chemistry even is? *sits next to her*

Ash: Of course. You don’t?

T: Remind me…? *moves a little closer to Ash*

Ash: Okay…what do you want to know?

T: I’ll tell you what I do know. So in Chemistry two chemicals attract—*clears his throat* react, to each other, right? And don’t opposites attract? *moves a little closer*

Ash: I don’t think you understand the concept very well … *says nervously*

T: I think I’ll get the hang of it…soon *he puts his hand on her leg & leans in closer to her face*

Ash: HEY! *pushes him away & stands up quickly* Knock it off. We’re both in relationships. You ever heard of being faithful?

T: I’m a little bit of a bad boy *raises his eyebrows giving her a flirty*

Ash: *suspiciously raises her eyebrows at him & sits at his desk chair & table*

T: Phew, I’m sweating *stands up from his bed & takes off his brown and black buttoned flannel leaving on his black tank top*

Ash: *looks up from her papers* We’re supposed to be creating our own chemistry related product—not stripping

T: You call it stripping—I call it getting comfortable

Ash: Mm hm. I can see where this is heading. I think I’m gonna head out

T: Oh come on! I don’t bite!

Ash: Oh, I’m sure you do—bad boy

T: You’re mocking me?

Ash: Little bit. I’m still leaving. See you tomorrow *gathers her books & avoids eye contact*

T: Hey, I’m sorry for my behavior…truce? *holds his hand out to shake hers*

Ash: You’re kinda weird, dude. But forgiven *looks at him warily & shakes his hand*

T: You keep mocking me but I still think you’re kinda cute

Ash: *blushes a little & shakes her hands away from his* I gotta go. See ya tomorrow

T: See ya

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Wednesday morning: At school…

In 1st period…

*Zac & Ashley walk into the classroom…*

Mr. Reese: Morning you two

Zac: Mornin’

Ash: Morning Mr. Reese

*Zac & Ashley sit down in their seats…*

Taylor: *taps her shoulder* Heeey

Zac: Quit bugging my girlfriend, dude

T: Just a friendly greeting, dude

Ash: You can greet me only if you acknowledge Zac too *widens her eyes at Taylor*

T: *thoughtfully looks at Ashley for a few seconds* What’s up, Zac?

Zac: Uh nothing much, man

Ash: *smiles satisfied* Better

T: You’re enjoying this way too much

Ash: *waves her hand at him* Oh hush

T: *smirks at her*

At lunch…

Zac: *turns to Ash* So I’m curious why you want Taylor and I to be so “kumbaya” with each other?

Demi: *clears her throat*

Ash: Why not?

Zac: Well, he’s a little annoying

Ash: True. But he is kinda my friend…

Zac: Kinda? Dude’s totally into you

Ash: He’s got a little bit of a crush you could say. He does have a girlfriend, if you’ve forgotten?

Zac: I’m just worried he’s forgotten

Ash: *caresses his cheek* You have nothing to worry about

Zac: Alright, babe

Ash: Now can we please talk about anything else?

Zac: Yeah, sure

David: No please, continue, I’m intrigued

Zac: *playfully shoves David* Shut up man

Selena: Why are you so annoying?

Dav: You both combined are just as annoying as me

Sel: Oh please

Dem: *nods her head* I think you’re right

Zac: *laughs at them*

At home…

Zac: Hey Mom, I’m home!

Mom: *walks out of the living room chuckling* How was school?

Zac: Pretty good, we—

*Just then someone yells something from the kitchen*

Person: Hey, you want me to boil these?!

*Zac’s smile wipes off of his face like someone just slapped him*

Mom: *worried* Uh, yes honey! Zac’s home…

Zac: Why is HE here?

Mom: Fred’s making us dinner. I’d appreciate if you made the effort to get to know him

Zac: *rolls his eyes* Fine, I’ll try. I’ll wait upstairs

Mom: Alright, sweetie

Later during Dinner…

*Zac is moving his food around on his plate with his fork & not looking up*

Mom: So, Fred, you want to get dessert?

Fred: Uh, sure, I’ll be right back

Mom: Okay, honey *glares at Zac*

Zac: *he notices she’s looking at him, then he drops his fork on his plate* What?

Mom: Tell him about your day. Something…anything!

Zac: Why?

Mom: Because…that’s the only way you’ll get your dessert!

Zac: *huffs*

Fred: *walks back into the room* Okay everyone, who wants some delicious jelly filled cookies?

Zac: Jelly filled cookies?

Mom: I know I want some! Thank you honey *kiss Fred’s cheek* You know Zac, we should introduce Fred to your girlfriend Ashley tomorrow. Don’t you think—

Zac: UH no

Mom: Zac *gives him a knowingly look*

Fred: I wouldn’t mind meeting her…

Zac: Not gonna happen

Mom: *lets out a sigh*

Zac: Scuse me *leaves the room & walks upstairs to his room*

Mom: *looks down at her feet* Fred I’m sorry

Fred: Hey no worries. He’s still warming up to me. Just give him more time *rubs her back with his hand*

Mom: *sighs*

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Thursday morning: At school…

In Zac’s 1st period class…

*They are all in their seats waiting for Mr. Reese to start class. Taylor walks into the room…*

Zac: *whispers to Ashley* Watch this. SUP Taylor

Tay: Heeey

Ash: Hi Tay

T: Hi. I like your shirt today *sits down in his seat behind Ash*

Ash: Oh…thanks

Zac: *raises his eyebrows at Taylor*

Ash: Zac, it’s okay, he’s just complimenting my shirt

Zac: How cute of him *sarcastic*

Ash: *playfully hits his arm*

Zac: We still on for today after school? My house?

Ash: Well duh

Zac: *laughs* Cool

Ash: *smiles at him* You’re a dork

Zac: Shhh *puts a finger to her lips*

Ash: *laughs at him*

At lunch…

*Zac & Ashley walk to their lunch table…*

Zac: You know, I still don’t trust that Taylor

Ash: He’s just a friend. And you trust me, right?

Zac: Of course, I do *smiles at her then takes out his lunch*

*They sit down at their table with their friends…*

Selena: Hey you two

Zac: Ello

Demi: *waves*

Dave: Sup?

Ash: Nothing crazy

Vanessa: *walks over to their table* ASH, we need to talk

Ash: Can I finish my lunch first—?

V: *grabs Ashley’s arm and pulls her away from her table*

Ash: *shakes Vanessa’s hand off* Ow?

V: Wanna tell me what’s the deal with you and my boyfriend?

Ash: *shakes her head* What are you talking about?

V: *lowers her voice* HE told me you hit on him…

Ash: WHAT?


Ash: No! *steps back from Vanessa & crosses her arms*

V: So, he just made it up you’re saying?

Ash: From what you’re telling me, yes. And I’m pretty HE was the one hitting on ME…

V: *snickers* Oh Ashley *points in Ashley’s face* Just make sure it doesn’t happen again, kay?


V: Shhh *raises her index finger near Ashley’s mouth* That’s all! Enjoy your lunch! *flashes a fake smile at Ashley & walks back to her lunch table*

Ash: *shakes her head & walks back to her table feeling annoyed*

Zac: What did she want?

Ash: *sits down next to Zac*

Zac: *holds back some laughter*

Ash: Oh nothing, just a little girl talk, that’s all

*Selena & Demi look at each other…*

Dave: *shakes from holding in his laughter*

Ash: *raises an eyebrow at them* What’s so funny?

Zac: I MIGHT have spilled my water on your seat a couple minutes ago *laughs hard*

Ash: *sits up from her seat* OH MY GOD *feels the water sink through her skirt* My butt!

*They all start laughing & Ashley balls up a napkin & throws it at Zac…*

At home…

Zac: *opens the front door* Hey mom I’m home! Ashley’s here!

*Zac & Ashley place down their backpacks but hear no response from Zac’s Mom…*

Zac: Okaaay, this is weird. Mom? *looks around the living room then kitchen*

Ash: Maybe she’s out shopping

Zac: Doubt it. She’s always here—

*There’s a noise from upstairs…*

Ash: What was that?

Zac: *puts his finger to her lips* Shhh

*They move closer to the steps, but then they see Zac’s Mom coming down the stairs quickly…*

Mom: Heeey, you two! *fixes her hair & flattens her shirt*

Zac: Are you…okay?

Mom: Me? Yes! Fine and dandy! Hello Ashley

Ash: Hi…

Mom: So, do you two want something to eat?

Ash: Sure, I—

Mom: We have COOKIES! FRUIT? Help yourselves *rushes back to the stairs*

Zac: UH…Mom?

Mom: *halfway up the stairs* YES?

*Just then someone walks down half the staircase & stands behind Jennie…*

Fred: What’s going on Jen—oh. Hello kiddos

Ash: *gives Fred a short wave*

Zac: Seriously?

Fred: I’m just going to head back upstairs *walks back up the stairs*

Mom: Well if you two need anything, let me know

Zac: Actually we—

Ash: Don’t worry about us Jennie. You go back to your…*clears her throat* Man

Mom: *blushes a little* Well alright *walks back upstairs*

Ash: *turns to Zac* What’s your problem with your mom’s boyfriend?

Zac: I dunno

Ash: He seems like a nice guy

Zac: You just met him

Ash: Well, I didn’t get any creepy guy vibes from him. That’s for sure

Zac: *walks over to the couch & sits down*

Ash: *follows him over to the couch & sits next to him* Would you possibly have a problem with him because he makes your mom happy?

Zac: What are you talking about?

Ash: *chuckles* You know, like how I make you happy?

Zac: *shakes his head*

Ash: You’re so stubborn

Zac: *sighs*

Ash: *plays with his hair*

Zac: *smiles at her*

Ash: Okay, movie night. Your pick

Zac: I’m in a horror mood

Ash: *looks at him with a disturbed facial expression* Oh but why?

Zac: My pick!

Ash: Ugh. Fine, go pick

Zac: Remember, you love me

Ash: I’ll just keep repeating that

Zac: Good girl

Ash: *shakes her head at him & laughs*

•🇨​​​​​🇭​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇵​​​​​🇹​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇷​​​​​ 6•

In Zac’s 1st period class: Everyone’s sitting down in their seats…

Taylor: *leans forward & whispers into Ashley’s ear* Hey, are we still on for today?

Ash: Oh, uh yeah, totally

Tay: Sweet

Zac: *turns around in his seat to face her* What’s up with him?

Ash: Oh, we’re going to work on our Chem. project after school

Zac: Ah

Ash: You trust me, right?

Zac: Yes

Ash: *gives him a funny look*

Zac: YES

Ash: Okay, babe

Zac: *grits his teeth* No worries here *turns away from her in his seat & taps his pencil impatiently*

At lunchtime…

*Taylor walks over to Zac’s table…*

Ash: You guys, quit it!

Zac: Chill Ash, we’re just messing with you

Taylor: *he puts his hands on their lunch table* Is there a problem here?

Ash: *looks up*

Zac: No everything’s just fine, bud

Dave: *clears his throat loudly*

Sel: *gives him confused glance*

T: Well alright *turns to Ashley* So, I guess I’ll see you after school…your house?

Ash: Yes sir

T: K, just checking

Ash: YUP

Dave: *clears his throat even louder*

Sel: *slaps the back of his head* Stop that

Vanessa: *yells from her lunch table* TAYLOR?!

T: *rolls his eyes at Vanessa* Well, that’s my cue. See ya

Dave: WOW *slaps his hand on the table*

Dem: Like that wasn’t obvi enough

Sel: He’s cute

Zac: *copies Selena* He’s cute

Sel: *playfully slaps his arm*

Ash: For the thousandth time—He’s just a friend

Dave: Yeah, but does HE know that?

Ash: *taps her fingers anxiously*

At home later…

*Zac is sitting on the couch doing homework when his mom walks in…*

Mom: Zac

Zac: *turns around* Hey

Mom: Hi honey. Um…I have to talk to you about something…. something I should have told you a while ago…

Zac: What is it?

Mom: Well um—you see…I may be pregnant

Zac: *stares at her for a second* Meaning…you are?

Mom: YES… and Fred is the father

Zac: *speechless*

Mom: I’ll…give you some time to process *walks away*

Zac: *watches her walk off*

*It’s starting to get dark outside. Zac decides to pack some of his stuff and visit Ashley. He’s feeling overwhelmed and wants to be with her…*

Meanwhile, at Ashley’s House: Taylor’s sitting on Ashley’s living room couch. Ashley walks into the room with some brownies…

Ash: A little reward for all our hard work *laughs*

T: *smiles* Whoa, brownies, sweet! *grabs one* Thanks

Ash: You’re welcome *sits down next to him & takes a brownie off the plate*

T: Are they…special brownies? *winks at her*

Ash: *laughs* You wish

T: *takes a bite* OOOOH YEAH I’m feeling it already! *widens his eyes*

Ash: *cracks up & hits his arm* Oh shut up

T: *grabs another brownie*

Ash: So…care to explain why you told Vanessa that I “hit on you?”

T: *stops chewing & stares at her* OH that?

Ash: Yes

T: I was just messing with her

Ash: Well, you got ME in trouble

T: Sorry. She’s just fun to mess around with like that

Ash: You’re a jerk *snorts*

Sean: *walks into the room all friendly* Hey, Ash, can I speak to you for just one little second?

Ash: I’m busy *rolls her eyes at him*

Sean: Get over here

Ash: God, fine *says to Taylor* I’ll be back

S: *pulls Ashley into the kitchen & talks in a whisper tone* Who is that dude?

Ash: A friend…what’s wrong?

S: Seems like a player

Ash: No worries Sean, I got it all under control

S: Are you sure about that?

Ash: YES. Now beat it

S: Fine then. I’ll leave you TWO. I’ll be upstairs doing my homework

Ash: Fine

S: BUT *does the “I’m watching you” sign with his two fingers*

Ash: *rolls her eyes and walks back over to Taylor* Hey, sorry bout that, my brother’s weirdo

T: *laughs* No worries

Ash: Heeey did you leave any brownies left for me?

T: Well of course *he hands her one*

Ash: *smiles* Why thank you *she grabs it from him then takes a big bite* Mmm! This is so much better than Chemistry *keeps on chewing her brownie*

T: Right… *stares at her face & then starts to laugh*

Ash: What? *smiles a little*

T: You have some brownie stuck on the side of your mouth

Ash: Oh, well that’s attractive *puts her hand over her mouth in embarrassment*

T: *gently pushes her hand away* Here, let me help you *he moves closer to her & wipes the side of her mouth with his thumb* There….

Ash: *gives him a slow confused look* Thanks….

Taylor’s hand is now on her cheek & they are very close to each other & then they lean in for a kiss. Zac happens to be watching from the window. Zac doesn’t move and stares at them while feeling his eyes well up. He turns around and runs back home…

Ash: *lifts her hands up onto his chest & pulls away from their kiss* Oh god. Why did I just let that happen?

T: What’s so bad about kissing?

Ash: *looks at him shaking her head* I think you should leave—like now *grabs Taylor’s arm causing them both to stand up*

T: But it’s so nice and cozy on this couch—

Ash: Bye! *pushes him out the door*

*Once she closes the door, she leans against it & begins to cry. She covers her face with her hands…*

•🇨​​​​​🇭​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇵​​​​​🇹​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇷​​​​​ 7•

Monday morning at school…

In the hallway Zac is hanging out with Demi, Selena & David. Just then they hear yelling & turn around to see Taylor & Vanessa fighting…

V: Whatever, Taye!

T: Well at least I’m being honest this time!


T: *grabs her arm* Ness

V: Get away from me! *slaps his face then stomps off*

T: *rubs his cheek in pain*

*Ashley witnesses what happened between Vanessa & Taylor. She walks past Taylor over to her friends…*

Ash: *sighs* Hey guys

Zac: *looks at Ash then huffs & shakes his head*

Sel: Hey. You wanna tell us why Zac is doing the silent treatment?

Ash: Why’re you asking me? *feeling guilty*

Sel: Be…cause, you’re the girlfriend, he must have told you first about whatever’s wrong

Dave: Did he?

Ash: Uuuh nope!

Zac: *glares at Ashley & walks off*

Ash: Zac?

Demi: Zac, where ya going?

Zac: *doesn’t answer them & keeps on walking*

Dave: Oh he’s gonna keep his lips zipped for sure

Demi: Ugh why?

Sel: Wow. Something must have really peeved him off. He’s not even talking to you, Ash

Ash: Well, let’s hope he’ll come to any of us when he feels a little better

Dav: True

Ash: Well, I’m gonna head to 1st period. See you guys later

Sel & Demi: *wave* Bye!

At lunch…

Everyone is sitting together at lunch, except for Zac…

Ash: Have you guys seen Zac? I texted him but he’s not responding

Sel: Nope

Dem: Haven’t seen him

Dave: Psh, who skips lunch?

Just then they hear a commotion outside the cafeteria. They all run outside of the cafeteria and see Zac & Taylor fighting each other while other students are cheering them on encouraging the fight...

Ash: Oh my god! *covers her mouth*

Zac: *grabs the front Taylor’s shirt collar*

Taylor shoves Zac off him then Zac punches Taylor in the cheek. Taylor falls to the floor…

Ash: *grabs the back of Zac’s shirt holding him back* Quit it!

Principal: *rushes over to the crowd* What’s going on here?!

Zac: Nothing sir, just a little misunderstanding—

Principal: Why is this young man on the floor?

Tay: *says weakly* I uh…fell

Principal: Well, let me help you up there, son *pulls Taylor up by the hand*

Tay: Thanks

Principal: Let me walk you to the nurse

Tay: Alright

Principal: *looks around at the crowd of students* Back to lunch everyone

Tay: *starts to walk away with the principal then looks back at Ashley & Zac*

Ash: *turns to Zac* LISTEN, I know you don’t like him, but it shouldn’t have to come to violence. What’s the matter with you?

Zac: *shakes his head at her & takes a deep breath* I saw you and Taylor yesterday night…

Ash: W-what are you talking about?

Zac: I was going over to see you—

Ash: WHEN?

Zac: LAST NIGHT! But you were too busy… *looks away from her & scratches his head while getting watery eyes*

Ash: Busy like what?

Zac: *whispers* You KNOW what I’m talking about

Ash: *looks at him with wide eyes, but stays quiet*

Zac: You can’t even admit it?

Ash: I…

Zac: I thought we had something special…

Ash: We do! *steps closer to him*

Zac: Used to *lifts his hand up to block her from moving closer*

Ash: Zac…I’m sorry

Zac: We’re done. I’m done *walks away from her*

At home…

Zac walks into the living room where his mom is reading a book on the couch…

Zac: Mom?

Mom: What is it, sweetie?

Zac: I need to talk to you about some stuff

Mom: *puts down her book* I’m listening

Zac: I’m sorry for being a pain about Fred. If you’re happy…then I’m happy for you guys

Mom: *gives him a weak smile* Thank you sweetie

Zac: *sits down next to her*

Mom: *puts her arm around him* What’s going on, Zac?

Zac: *gives his mom a pained look* Well, do you remember Vanessa’s new boyfriend I told you about?

Mom: Yes. Taylor. And?

Zac: *looks down at the ground while tears well up in his eyes* I caught Ashley and Taylor kissing. And Ashley never thought to tell me about it

Mom: *stares at him sadly & starts to hug him tightly*

Zac: *wipes his nose* I broke up with her

Mom: That seems like the right thing to do

Zac: That was the only option I could think of at the moment. Is there something else I should have done?

Mom: You did what felt right to you, sweetie *fixes his hair* Can you imagine how Vanessa is feeling now?

Zac: The same way?

Mom: Probably

Zac: *sucks in a deep breath & wipes his eyes* I think I’m going to skip dinner. I need some rest. Is that okay?

Mom: Don’t worry about it, sweetie

Zac: Alright. Thanks *hugs his mom & walks up the stairs slowly & sadly*

Later at night…

Zac is in his room getting ready for a shower; so far, he’s just wearing jeans. He looks at himself in the mirror & sees a bruise on his ribs where Taylor punched him. He hears the doorbell ring. Not too long after, someone knocks on his bedroom door. Zac opens his door to see Vanessa…

Zac: Vanessa? How did—You must be losing it more than me

V: *gives him a second look at his half naked-ness then pushes past him walking into his room*

Zac: *closes his bedroom door* What do you want?

V: Nothing. I just know you’re the only other person who knows exactly what I’m going through right now

Zac: True

V: *ruffles her long black hair* I feel stupid!

Zac: Betrayed

V: An idiot

Zac: Cheated…

V: Alone…

Zac: *sighs* Sorry you’re feeling that way. You haven’t picked on me yet. So, you must be feeling pretty lousy

V: Well duh. And you’re fun to pick on. You always clap back. Makes it more fun

Zac: Um, you’re welcome?

V: *clears her throat pointing at his ribs* That looks like it hurts

Zac: I’ll survive. I dunno about the other guy

V: *chuckles & moves closer to him gently touching his bruise* Would you like some…company?

Zac: Wouldn’t hurt

V: *looks him up & down with lingering eyes*

Zac: *clears his throat nervously*

•🇨​​​​​🇭​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇵​​​​​🇹​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇷​​​​​ 8•

At school: Tuesday morning…

Zac sees Ashley helping Taylor with crutches he now has. Zac shakes his head & turns away from their direction & finds Demi, David, & Selena talking in the hallway…

Zac: Hi guys

Sel: Hi sweetie *pats him on the shoulder*

Zac: What’s up with the crutches? *points in Taylor’s direction*

Dem: NO idea

Dav: Did you break him yesterday?

Sel: He’s got that wounded puppy dog look in his eyes

Zac: Oh, come on. I barely touched him yesterday. You don’t see me complaining

Dav: Dude’s probably faking it

Sel: Well, we definitely don’t like him anymore


Sel: Hey *pushes David & smiles at him*

Dave: *lightly pushes her back & laughs*

Demi: *kisses Zac on the cheek & smiles at him*

Zac: Thanks…

Sel: *also kisses him on the cheek*

Zac: Thanks….again? *laughs a little*

They all stare at David…

Dave: If you think I’m gonna kiss you—

Demi: GROUP HUG! *pulls them all into a big hug*

V: *slowly interrupts them* May I cut in?

Demi: SURE! *brings Vanessa into their big hug*

V: *laughs a little* Um, I didn’t mean…

Zac: *laughs* RELEASE! *escapes the big group hug*

V: It’s fine

Sel: Are you lost?

V: Actually…yeah

Demi: Well, you are kinda on our side now

V: I do come in peace

Zac: *gives her a little smile*

V: *smiles back at him*

Sel: *watches Zac & Vanessa smiling at each other* Mm hm…

Zac: Vanessa’s sorta feeling the same way that I am right now

Dav: Yeah, kinda weird how things flipped so fast

Sel: *sighs* Well, as long as she’s nice…I’m ok with this

Demi: I also agree on that

Dave: Ness, don’t you think you should say something to them?

V: Like what?

Zac: *nudges her shoulder* Maybe an I’m sorry?

V: Oh, right *sighs* Well, I’m sorry. For the things I’ve said or done—that have hurt you

Selena & Demi look at each other in agreement…

Sel: Okay

Demi: *shrugs* Fine

V: Cool *smiles at them all*

Zac: Hey, so I have some news

Sel: Really?

Dave: What is it?

Zac: It’s about my mom *stares at them all* She’s having a baby!

V: *puts her hands over mouth* Aw!

Dave: DUDE! *high-fives Zac*

Dem: No way!

Sel: That’s awesome!

Zac: I know! I’m really excited, and a little nervous

V: *fixes the back of his hair* Aw, don’t worry, you’re going to be a great big brother

*The bell rings for 1st period*

Dave: See you all at lunch

Sel: Wait, I’m coming with you

Dave: Okaaay

Dem: Me too!

V: *waves to them*

Zac: *smiles at Vanessa* Well, see ya…

V: *stops him from walking away & kisses him right on the lips*

V: Later *winks at him & walks off to class*

Zac: Uh, bye *feels dazed by what just happened*

At lunch…

Zac arrives at his lunch table…

Dave: Sit next to me, man

Zac: Sure *sits down*

Just then; there’s a scream. It’s Ashley. They all look over at Ashley & Taylor’s table…

Ash: What is your problem?!

Vanessa: YOU are

Ash: Are you insane?

V: ME?

Ash: YES. You just poured your STUPID milk all over TAYLOR!

V: So?

T: Still so heartless I see *tries to rubs the milk off his pants*

V: Oh, don’t be such a girl

Ash: Don’t mind if I do *attacks Ness*

T: Chick fight! *cheers Ashley on*

Zac gets up & out of his seat & rushes over to them…

Sel: Is he stupid?

Dave: DUDE!?

Zac: *yells at Ash & Ness* Ladies, ladies!

T: *laughs at the chaos & looks up from his seat* Why don’t you shut up and mind your own business

Zac: *says to Taylor* I am the business

T: *tries to stand up & grab Zac, but his ankle is in too much pain* OH ow

Zac: *shakes his head at Taylor then rushes over to the girls* Hey, hey! Knock it off you two! *pulls them apart from each other*

V: Fine *shakes off Zac*

Ash: Whatever

Zac: *takes Vanessa’s hand & walks them back over to their table*

V: Thanks for that

Zac: No problem. And is it possible for you to not start any trouble or does it just come naturally?

V: *nods her head* Message received

Later at home…

Zac finds his mom in the living room watching television…

Zac: Hey mom?

Mom: Yes hon?

Zac: Can I talk to you for a second?

Mom: *mutes her show* Sure, as long as you need. What’s up?

Zac: What’s been going on with Fred? Haven’t seen him in a while

Mom: Well, the truth is, he hasn’t really called me in a while—

Zac: What? That’s messed up! I feel like this was my fault…

Mom: Well…

Zac: Don’t worry; I’ll fix it

Mom: How?

Zac: You’ll see…

Mom: *chuckles* Alright. Good luck with that, sweetie

Zac: THANKS. *puts his hand on her tummy* I don’t want this little one to grow up not having a Dad around

Mom: That’s very sweet Zac

Zac: I’ve got a plan

Mom: Okay *gives him an uncertain look*

Zac: *nods his head* Like I said don’t worry *walks upstairs*

•🇨​​​​​🇭​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇵​​​​​🇹​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇷​​​​​ 9•

Wednesday morning: At school…

Zac: *finds Vanessa in the hallway* Hey, Vanessa

V: *turns around* ZAC, you know you can give me a cute nickname if you’d like?

Zac: Uuuh—

V: Like V, Nessy, Ness, or baby *puts her hand on his cheek*

Zac: Um, alright…Nessy. You want to come over today?

V:I’d love to

Zac: Great. Hey I gotta get to first period, tell everyone I say “hi”, and I’ll see you guys at lunch! *walks off*

V: Okay, bye!

In 1st period…

Zac walks into the room feeling confident. His Mom always told him to be the bigger person, so it takes all of his might to do what he’s about to do. He sees Taylor & Ashley talking in the back of the room…

Zac: *sits in a desk near Ashley & Taylor, then smiles* Hi

Ash: Hello…

T: What do you want? *says unwelcomingly*

Zac: I just wanted to say that…. I’m sorry man. If I hurt you when we fought?

T: I’m okay

Zac: What happened to your ankle? Was that me?

T: No—it was Vanessa. She may have chased after me and I sort of…well you know the rest *looks down at his ankle* It’s better today

Ash: As you can see; no crutches

Zac: I see. But really, I’m sorry. Are we cool? *holds out his hand & forms a fist, to do a knuckle touch with Taylor*

T: *frowns a little* I am getting a little tired of this war myself *smiles* Yeah, I’m sorry too. I guess we’re…cool *knuckle touches with Zac*

Zac: Cool! *looks at Ashley & waits for her to say something*

T: *watches Zac* You…need something?

Zac: Uh nope! See ya *sighs & walks back over to his actual seat*

At lunch…

Zac: So, how’s everyone’s day so far?

Sel: Great, thanks for asking

Demi: It’s been…OKAY, I guess. I got a 70% on my Bio quiz

Zac: Hey, that’s good

Demi: EH

V: Ooo, I got an 85% on that quiz

Demi: Show off

V: *gives Demi a serious face*

Dem: Kidding!

Sel: We know that

Demi: *hits Selena’s arm*

Sel: OW, meanie

Dave: *laughs at them* My day’s been well

Sel: Can I have a grape?

Dave: *takes one out of the bag & throws it into her mouth* Score!

Sel: *laughs*

V: How was YOUR day, Zac?

Zac: Pretty good

Dave: Hey, Dems, what letter comes after the letter “O” in the ABC’s?

Demi: Uuuh, “P”?

Zac: Heyyy that’s what I did before I came here

Demi: Gross

Zac: *high-fives David, laughing*

At home…

Zac & Vanessa walk into his house…

V: I love your house

Zac: Oh, thanks. Okay, so here’s the deal, we have to make this table set for two…*looks at the kitchen clock*…like, NOW!

V: Awww, you shouldn’t have

Zac: Actually…it’s for my mom *starts setting the table neatly*

V: Oh. Well, that’s nice too

Zac: *smiles* You see, she’s out today so I thought I’d surprise her

V: What surprise—? *the doorbell rings*

Zac: Could you get that? *starts getting some red candles out*

V: Sure *walks over to the front door & opens it*

Fred: Hello…

V: Hi…who are you?

Zac: *rushes over to the door* Hey man, thanks for coming

Fred: No problem

Zac: For now…maybe you can have a seat on the couch in the living room *walks back into the kitchen*

V: *waves sheepishly at Fred then follows Zac* Sooo…what’s going on? And who’s the guy?

Zac: *finally finishes setting the table* There. Okay, so that guy is Fred. He’s my Mom’s fiancé who hasn’t called her in a while. SoI wanted to set up a little romantic…dinner date thing for them…for her…

V: Wow, she’s going to love this!

Zac: I hope so

V: *kisses his cheek*

Zac still feels a little unsure what their label is together. They hear a car door slam shut. Zac’s mom walks inside struggling with some grocery bags…

Fred: *cuts in* Need some help with that, ma’am?

Mom: Yes, please—Fred? *her expression on her face changes from totally focused, to extremely surprised & happy* FRED! *she tries to hug him, but the groceries are in the way. She giggles & Fred helps her set them down so they can hug & kiss*

Mom: *looks at Zac* Zac?

Zac: Oh hey *waves at her*

V: *waves* Hi Jennie

Mom: *cringes a little when she sees Vanessa; but is too happy in the moment to be worried about her. She hugs Zac, then notices the table* What’s all this?

Zac: Dinner for two? *he smiles, not knowing if he set the table right*

V: Surprise!

Mom: *hugs Vanessa* This is so thoughtful of you! Thank you

V: You’re welcome, but this was pretty much all of Zac’s doing

Zac: Yes, I’m behind all the magic

Fred: So, are you ready for an, uh, early dinner? *smiles*

Zac: *looks at the clock* Is it really only 4:30? *sighs & drops his head*

V: *pats Zac’s back*

F: Screw the time*pulls a chair out for her* Care to join me, Jennie?

Mom: *smiles* Yes, I’d love to

Zac: Alright! You two love bugs have fun, we’ll be upstairs

Mom: *gives him a protective look*

Zac: Doing homework of course

Mom: Uh, huh

V: *giggles*

Zac: *takes Vanessa’s hand & they run up the stairs quickly*


Friday morning: At school…

Zac is digging through things in his locker. A picture of him & Ashley when they were on a date still as a couple drops out of his English book. He reads his note he wrote on the picture…

Zac sighs & flips the picture upside down and hides it on the bottom under his stacks of books. He closes his locker & heads to his 1st period class…

To be continued…


5 months later…

At Zac’s house…

*Everybody’s standing inside Zac’s kitchen excited & all preparing for the Homecoming Dance…*

Mom: Is everyone ready for the dance?

They all cheer loudly.

Mom: Okay, so let’s see there’s 1, 2, 3, 4…and 5 of you, I could probably squeeze you all into the car…

Demi: Yaaaay, she can squeeze us!

Sel: Demi, don’t get too crazy tonight

Zac: *laughs* Let her go crazy! This is definitely gonna be a night to remember!

Dave: *puts his fist into the air* YEAH!

V: Absolutely *smiles at Zac*

Zac: *smiles back at her* Now let’s get this show on the road mamma!

Mom: *laughs* OK, ok! Let’s crank up the tunes and get hip hoppin’—

Zac: Oh god mom, the slang *cringes*

Mom: ALRIGHT, alright

Sel: YAY!

Dave: Woooo!

In the car ride to the Dance…

Demi: UF! I am so squished

Dave: Sorry! Is there enough room for you Sel?

Sel: I’m not complaining!

Dav: Oh you’re enjoying being this close to me aren’t you?

Sel: *playfully slaps his arm* Shut up

Dav: *cracks up*

Mom: *starts to slow down the car*

Zac: Mom…?

Mom: Oh god! *brakes abruptly *

Vanessa: AH! *looks behind them to see if anyone’s coming*

Dem: Ahhh!

Dave: YO?!

Sel: Did we hit someone?!

Zac: Are they dead?! *leans forward to check*

V: You all are so dramatic!

Dav: Says Miss Diva herself?

V: *rolls her eyes at him*

Mom: *puts the car in park & switches on her hazard lights* I think my water just broke…

Zac: What? Oh god…*passes out*

Sel: *covers her mouth in shock* Oh my god!

V: Everyone just shut up for a MINUTE?

DAVID, drive us to the nearest hospital, Selena, Demi, you two help Mrs. Campbell with her breathing!

Dave: *panicking* And what will YOU do?!

V: Help Zac with HIS breathing!

Mom: *steps out of the drivers seat*

V: Get moving David!

Dave: Alright, alright! *hops into the drivers seat*

Demi & Selena gently seat Jennie down in the backseat with them…

At the hospital…

*They are all in the waiting room sitting down. Zac calls Fred while he’s at work. Fred doesn’t hesitate for a minute & comes down to the hospital…

Sel: Maybe we’ll get to go to next year’s dance *folds her arms*

Dave: *feels her disappointment* Yeah, hopefully. Hey um, Sel?

Sel: Yeah?

Dave: I kind of actually wanted to ask you out…to the dance

Sel: You what now?

Dave: I wanted to

Sel: Aw, really?

Dave: Yes. Sorry if it’s awkward because I’m supposed to be “just your friend

Sel: *looks over at Demi fast asleep then giggles a little & leans forward kissing him on the lips*

Dav: *shakes his head shocked* I’m going to have to test that again to make sure what’s happening is real

Sel: Well, if you insist! *leans in to kiss him again*

The next morning: At the hospital…

Everyone’s parents picked them up later the night before…

Fred: *nudges Zac awake*

Fred: Zac, hey. You want to meet your new baby sister? *smiles*

Zac: *laughs in amazement* Sister, really?

F: *laughs* Come with me

Zac: *follows Fred into his Mom’s hospital room*

Mom: *sitting upright in the hospital bed* Hi boys *holds the baby close to her*

Fred: *sits in a chair next to the hospital bed*

Zac: She’s so cute!! *gives his mom a little side hug*

Mom: Zac, would you like to do the honors in naming her?

Zac: Really?

Mom: Yes

Zac: *thinks for a second* How about…Juliet?

Mom: Ohhh, that’s very pretty

Fred: I like it

Mom: *pets the baby’s head* Hi Juliet

An hour later…

Zac is sitting in a chair by the window holding Juliet while his mom sleeps. Fred thoughtfully looking out the 3rd floor window then turns to Zac…

F: Hey, so, was that Vanessa girl your girlfriend?

Zac: Uh. Not sure

F: Well, she’s very pretty *elbows Zac’s arm*

Zac: Ha, ha, yeah thanks…

F: *gives Zac a second look* Something wrong?

Zac: Huh? No I’m fine. Just a little tired

F: I’ll get us some coffee

Zac: If you’d like to. Sure

F: Okay! *leaves the room*

Not long after Fred leaves, Ashley & Taylor walk into the room…

Ashley: Knock, knock

Zac: *looks up and sees Ashley* Oh, hi

Ash: Sorry for the surprise. Demi called me *touches the baby’s hand*

Zac: Ah. Now it all makes sense

Ash: And I may not have come alone

Zac: *rolls his eyes* Taylor’s here?

Ash: Y-yeah. He was already with me when she called

Taylor: *walks into the room with a Pepsi can in his hand* Heeey

Zac: Shhh, the girls are both sleeping

T: *whispers* Sorry. So is it a boy or girl?

Zac: Girl. Name’s Juliet

Ash: *pauses & stares at Zac* Very nice name

T: From the Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet, right?

Zac: Right you are

T: She is beautiful *looks down at Juliet*

Zac: She really is…*locks his eyes onto Ashley*

Ashley catches Zac eyeing her. She smiles at him & he smiles back…


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