#2 A Zashley Story

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It’s everyone’s first day as 11th Graders in High School…

Romance / Humor
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New Characters:

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Zac’s Mom’s new boyfriend

Taylor Lautner: Vanessa’s new boyfriend from Summer Camp.

Sean Farris: Ashley’s older brother {a.k.a. Sean Tisdale}

It’s everyone’s first day as 11th Graders in High School…

Ch. 1

Monday Morning…

Mom: Oooh Zachary! Time to wake up for school!

Zac: *pulls his covers over his head* Trying to sleep here, mother

Mom: *yanks the covers off him*

Zac: Okay, okay, I’m up! *whines & sits up slowly*

Mom: GOOD *stands & folds her arms*

Zac: MOM. Privacy?

Mom: OH! Sorry sweetie—I’ll be downstairs *leaves his room*

*Zac gets dressed & runs quickly down the stairs into the kitchen…*

Mom: Whoa, slow down there, what’s the rush?

Zac: Ashley! *grabs his backpack off his kitchen chair* She’s picking me up! *car horn beeps outside* She’s here! Gotta go! *kisses his Mom’s cheek*

Mom: Oh, okay! Love you! Have a great day!

Zac: Love you back! *runs out the door & into Ashley’s car* Did I mention how much I love your new car?

Ash: Did I mention how much I love you?

Zac: Maybe just a few times *smiles & kisses her*

Ash: Ready for school?

Zac: Hit that gas girl!

*Ashley laughs & turns up the music playing on her car radio & they drive off to school…*

At school…

*Ashley & Zac are laughing & walking together in the hallway, when they hear people call their names. They turn around startled, then see it’s Demi & Selena. They all hug each other excitedly*

Zac: What’s up?

Sel: Nothing much—

Demi: Well EXCEPT for the fact that VANESSA has a new boyfriend!

Zac: Ew, Really?

Ash: No way

Demi: YES, and he’s actually super attractive


Demi: What? You ALSO think he’s hot!

Sel: PSH, no. I don’t *shakes her head & lets out a nervous laugh*

Demi: UH-HUH


Zac: *laughs at them* Yeah, anyways

Ash: *looks over & sees Vanessa with her new boyfriend walking together down the hall* So it’s that guy?

*They all face in the direction Ashley is & see Vanessa with her new boyfriend…*

Zac: He doesn’t seem like he’s “all that”

Sel: *turns to Zac* Seriously?

Demi: He’s beautiful

Zac: *rolls his eyes at them* I need some more guy friends…

David: Looks like it’s your lucky day, bro

Zac: *turns around* Oh, hey…David…what’s up?

Dave: Nothing much. Hey, did you guys see Vanessa with that guy?

Ash: Couldn’t miss him if we tried

Dem: You could say that again *fans herself*

Zac: *raises his eyebrows at Ash*

David: *sees Vanessa & her boyfriend walking in their direction* Crap, you guys, here she comes

Dem: And so is he *fixes her hair*

Sel: *checks her breath*

Dem: Oh right! *fixes her hair*

V: Um, hello? *holds onto her boyfriend’s arm tightly*

*They all turn around cautiously with a fake smile on their faces & they simultaneously greet her & Zac clears his throat loudly…*

Vanessa’s boyfriend: Tough crowd

V: It’s okay honey, it’s not you *pats his chest* Just thought I’d come by and introduce you all to Taylor. My boyfriend

Zac: Weee know who he is

Tay: *smirks* News travels fast ’round here

Ash: It sure does

Tay: *gives Ashley a second look*

David: Hey, I’m David *shakes Taylor’s hand*

*Then Demi & Selena push through them all to get in front of Taylor…*

Sel: Hey, HI. I’m Selena *fixes her hair*

Demi: *pushes Selena to the side* AND I’M Demi. Hi *waves*

Tay: Nice to meet you both

Zac: Yeah you too Tyler—Taylor, that’s right. My bad *pats his hand on his chest*

V: *gives him an un-humored look* Come on Tay-Tay, let’s go

Tay: Alright. Nice to meet you guys *smiles at Ashley while walking off with Vanessa*

Zac: Sure *gives Taylor a short wave*

Sel: What does he even see in her?

Demi: He must be attracted to evil

Sel: But we’re too good to be evil?

Demi: We can change?

Zac: Oh my god enough you two *looks at his schedule* Let’s see, I have English first period…

Ash: *looks at her schedule* Me too!

Zac: Sweeeet! *hive-fives her*

Dave: *turns to Demi & Selena* You ladies mind if I walk you to your classes?

Dem: Yes please

Sel: Don’t mind at all *smiles at him*

In 1st period English class…

*Zac & Ashley are chatting before class starts. After a few minutes their Teacher Mr. Reese tells everyone to settle down…*

Mr. Reese: Alright everyone, I hope you all had a great summer and—

*Just then Vanessa’s boyfriend—Taylor—walks into the classroom…

Taylor: Um, excuse me Sir, are you Mr. Reese?

Mr. Reese: Yes I am young man, and what is your name? *grabs the attendance paper*

Tay: Lautner, Taylor

Mr. Reese: *looks at his attendance paper* Ah, yes, you’re in the right room. Please, have a seat *he finishes reading off the attendance list

Tay: *sits behind Ashley* So you’re the fantastic Ashley, Vanessa talks about…

Ash: *turns around & whispers to him* Those words actually came out of Vanessa’s mouth?

Tay: *whispers back* I may have sugar-coated it a bit *crinkles his nose*

Ash: *laughs*

Zac: *interrupts* Heeey there. Taylor? We haven’t been properly introduced *reaches his hand over Ashley’s desk to touch Taylor’s*

I’m Zac—her boyfriend *gives Taylor a firm handshake*

Tay: Ah yes, the boyfriend. How goes it?

Zac: Oh it’s going great. Just great *gives Taylor a stern look*

Mr. Reese: EH HEM, you three, in the back, must I have to separate you already?

Tay: NO SIR *solutes the teacher*

Mr. Reese: *raises an eyebrow at him* Well good. Now as I was saying…*continues to talk to the class*

Tay: *whispers behind Ashley* I like him already

Ash: *chuckles*

Zac: *hears them behind him & feels annoyed*

Later at lunch …

Zac: *sits down next to Ashley* Sooo, got any more classes with BIMBO?

Ash: *laughs & rolls her eyes* If you’re referring to Taylor, then yes. Chem. class

Zac: Oh…*folds his hands together & acts all calm* How’s that going?

Ash: Pretty boring actually, and it’s only the first day too, so…

Dave: Heyyy you two *smiles at them, then sits down at the table*

Ash: Heya

Zac: SUP man. SO uh, are you like going to just hang out with us from now on and be our friend…and all?

Dave: Yep, that’s what I was hoping *takes a bite out of his sandwich & looks at them* Do you not want me here?

Ash: No, of course we do

Zac: It’s cool, dude *bumps his fist with David*

Dave: Sweet

Sel: *walks over to their table* Hey people

Demi: *follows not too far behind Selena* Sorry we’re late

Ash: *smiles & waves at them*

Zac: *waves at them* Yeah hi *turns to Ash* So what are you doing in Chem.?

Ash: *gives Zac an annoyed look* Uuuh, the class we’re just introducing our selves, that’s all. So you can chill

Sel: What up with him?

Ash: Oh, he’s all worried about Taylor being in my Chem. Class and—

Demi: OH MY GOD, he’s actually in one of your class?!

Ash: Yeees, that is what I just said..

Sel: Lucky bitch

Dem: Tell us about it! *shakes Ashley’s arm*

Ash: Well first, ow *looks down at her arm*

Dem: Oh! Sorry

Ash: And second, there isn’t really much to tell…

Zac: *rolls his eyes while the girls chat & turns to David*

Dave: *puts his hand on Zac’s shoulder* Don’t worry dude, they’ll be over him…eventually

Zac: I really hope so. I’m just…

Dave: You feel protective?

Zac: Mmm hm. And just the thought that they’ll be…alone…together. I don’t trust that guy

Dave: Dude, it’ll be fine. Ash is a big girl. She can take care of herself

Zac: Yeah true *looks over at Ashley chatting with Selena & Demi*

At home…

*Zac walks into his house & sees his mom reading a book on the living room couch…*

Mom: Hey, how was school?

Zac: Great! Now that I’m not the new kid anymore! *smiles then sighs*

Mom: *laughs* Well that’s good news….*sees his distressed look* So if it was so great what’s up with the “Mr. frowny face?”

Zac: Eh

Mom: Wanna tell me?

Zac: Okay, well, you remember that Vanessa girl, right?

Mom: Yeees. What’d she do now?

Zac: Well, she got a new boyfriend, and I—

Mom: AND you’re jealous?

Zac: NOOO, I don’t like that woman, mother. Seriously, you gotta keep up! *sits down next to her*

Mom: Aaah! Okay, alright. So what’s the real deal?

Zac: Her new boyfriend’s name is Taylor. He seems to think he’s “all that” and has all these girls drooling over him—maybe even Ashley—WHATEVER. And he oh so happens to be in her Chemistry class, which I SO don’t approve—

Mom: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it there

Zac: Sorry for ranting

Mom: *gives him a caring look* It’s alright sweetie. How bout we make some popcorn and then talk about it some more

Zac: *sighs* Popcorn sounds nice

Mom: GOOD *pats his leg & goes to make popcorn*

Ch. 2

Tuesday morning…

At School…

*The usual gang is hanging out together except Taylor is with them all & telling funny stories…*

Ashley: *tries to catch her breath from laughing*

Dave: DUDE, you’re too hilar

Tay: Thanks man! *bumps fists with David*

Zac: *gives David an unamused look* Hilar?

Dav: *shrugs* What?!

Zac: *rolls his eyes & shakes his head*

Vanessa: *walks over to them all & wraps her arm around Taylor’s arm* Hey, Sexy

Sel: *snorts in disgust & walks away*

Demi: *follows Selena’s lead*

Taylor: Hi you *kisses Vanessa on the lips* Lookin’good today

V: Same to you *pokes his bicep then gives Zac & Ashley glares* Let’s go somewhere alone so we can…*raises her eyebrows*

T: Mmm, I like that. I’ll see you guys, I gotta…ya know

Dave: Say no more!

Tay: *laughs* Alright, see ya

Ash: Bye!

Zac: You guys can’t be serious?

Ash: What?

Zac: We hate Vanessa, he’s with Vanessa. Why must we be friendly with him?

Ash: Because maybe he’s friendly?

Dave: He’s actually really cool if you get to know him—

Zac: Like standing here listening to him all morning wasn’t enough?

Ash: Give him a chance, hon.*rubs Zac’s arm*

Zac: *nudges her arm away*

Dave: I’m just gonna head to class…

Ash: Okay, see ya Dave

Dave: Later

Ash: *looks at Zac for a minute* You read for first period?

Zac: Sure

Ash: C’mon *takes his hand & they walk to class*

In 1st period class…

*Everyone’s sitting at their desks. Zac & Ashley are talking when Taylor interrupts*

Taylor: Hey Zac, what’s up man?

Zac: Hey…why are we talking?

Tay: *looks at Ashley*

Ash: *laughs nervously* He’s just a little tired, aren’t you? *glares at Zac*

Zac: *answers her quickly & sharply* YEAH, SURE

Tay: Was it something I said? Which wasn’t really offending, I recall

Ash: No. It’s me he’s annoyed at *lies* Sorry

Tay: No it’s cool. No hard feelings, dude

Zac: *just stares at Taylor annoyed*


Zac: *places his head into his arms and tries to fall asleep on his desk*

At home…

Zac: *huffing & puffing when he walks through the door*

Mom: *notices him making weird notices when he walks in* Hey sweetie…what’s… going on?


Mom: Ya sure?


Mom: Well ok. And a heads up, Fred is coming over soon—

Zac: Oh great! Just to make my day even BETTER *sarcastic*

Mom: Zachary

Zac: You KNOW I don’t like him

Mom: Bur I like him so please, would it kill you to be nice to him?

Zac: It might *gives her a serious look*

Mom: Come on, go change

Zac: Fine


At Lunch on Monday…

*Ash notices that Zac hasn’t been as social to her or anyone for the past couple of days*

Ash: Zac, are you alright?

Zac: Just peachy *takes a big bite out of his sandwich*

Dave: *bumps Zac’s shoulder* Wanna talk at all?

Zac: Sure man. How’s your lunch?

Dave: Pretty good

Zac: Good!

Ash: Are you being sarcastic at the moment?

Zac: Little bit

Ash: *gives him a little smile & fixes his hair*

Vanessa: Hey, can we sit with you guys? Taylor wants to…

Tay: *waves at them all* Sup

Ash: *looks up at them from her seat* I don’t see any harm in it. So sure

Sel: *whispers to Ash* But we haaate her

Ash: *whispers back* But you looove him, right?

Sel: *nods her head a lot* Yeaaah

Ash: *laughs at Selena*

Zac: I’m gonna go *gets up & leaves*

Demi: Zacky? *watches him leave*

V: *sits down across from Ashley with Taylor next to her* What’s up with HIM?

Ash: *sighs* IGNORE him, he’s just tired…really tired…AGAIN…

Tay: *says in a teasing way* What did you do?

Ash: Hey, nothing. I swear

Tay: OKAAAY, whatever you say

Ash: Stop it *hits his arm & laughs*

Demi: *watching Taylor & Ashley then runs out the cafeteria, to find Zac. She sees him heading towards the boys bathroom & she runs faster & grabs the back of his shirt*

Zac: Ahhh—*freaks out & turns around* —Demi? What?

Dem: I need to talk to you *pulls Zac away from the men’s room*

Zac: Can’t this wait? *points at the bathroom*

Demi: No

Zac: Okay…sooo, the reason you’re stopping me from peeing is…?

Dem: Yeah didn’t need to hear that

Zac: K, tell me already

Dem: Alright! I just wanted to warn you, if you give up now on Ashley then Taylor will for sure take her

Zac: So he does want her?

Dem: OBVIOSULY. And if you mix how much you want Ashley and how much Taylor wants her you get a really bad combo!

Zac: *confused by her words* Uh…huh?

Dem: As hot as he is don’t let him take Ash from you

Zac: OK, maybe DAVE should have come out here instead of you—

Dem: ZAC

Zac: I hear you, ok? Now let me pee *walks into the bathroom*

Dem: I’m not done with you!

Selena: *comes out of the cafeteria & sees Demi*

Dem: *punches the men’s bathroom door, then turns around to see Selena* Sometimes I wish I was a dude, especially at THIS moment. UGH *walks back into the café*

Selena: What?! *follows Demi back into the cafeteria*

After last period…

*Ashley is walking in the hallway, then she sees Zac*

Ash: Zac!

*Zac’s been thinking all day about what Demi said. Well, the parts that made sense that is*

Zac: *turns around & smiles* Hey

Ash: Hi. Are you… still coming over today?

Zac: YES I am women, so you’d better get rea-DY *says in a funny way*

Ash: *laughs* So you’re fine…?

Zac: Of course

Ash: Good

Zac: *changes the subject quickly & smiles at her* So I’ll see you tonight?

Ash: Yeah, yeah you will *smiles warily at him*

Zac: K *kisses her* I’m just going to go to my locker, but I’ll be right over

Ash: Okay *grins at him then walks off to her car*

At Ashley’s house later: They’re on her patio looking through one of her old scrapbooks…

Ash: *hits his arm* Stop laughing! I was three *laughs a little*

Zac: OK, ok, I’ll stop…looking through your scrapbook

Ash: AND laughing?

Zac: *cracks up*

Ash: *smirks & takes her scrapbook from him*

Zac: SO, when are we going to swim in your awesome pool?

Ash: It is awesome, right? *looks at her clock on the wall* Uhh how bout now?

Zac: Sure, but I don’t have my bathing suit…

Ash: Go naked! *starts to take her shirt off*


Ash: OK, you should have SOMETHING on *laughs* You just going to stand there? *smiles*

Zac: *smirks at her then takes off his shirt but leaves his boxers on* RACE YA! *runs past her to jump into the pool*

*Ashley strips off her clothes but leaves her underwear on. She laughs & jumps into the water after him. Zac comes to the surface for air & pushes her over to the side of the pool until he has her back against the wall. Then he kisses her*

Ash: This is so romantic. And you usually aren’t into that kinda stuff

Zac: Well, I do like…making out, does that count?

Ash: *grins at him* I dunno, you tell me? *puts her arms around his neck & starts to kiss him, but stop when the outside lights turn on. They hear the patio door open & footsteps coming towards them*

Mrs. Tisdale: Hello, how are you two making out here?

Zac: Nothing happened! *raises his hands surrendering*

Ash: Zac, stop it *pulls his hands down & squats in the pool so her mom won’t see her in her underwear*

Mrs. Tisdale: I just wanted to see how you two are doing *gives them a big smile*

Zac: Ohhh, great! *fake laughs then whispers to Ash* She’s on to us

Ash: *hits Zac’s side*

Zac: Ow

Mrs. Tisdale: So, Zac, how old are you now?

Zac: *feels uncomfortable* UM, I’m 17, ma’am

Mrs. Tisdale: Nice, very nice

Ash: *widens her eyes at her Mom*

Mrs. Tisdale: WELL, I’ll just be inside. Enjoy your swims you two…*says quickly* but not too much

Ash: Mom

Mrs. Tisdale: I’m going, I’m going *goes into the house*

Zac: *puts his hand on his head* God that was awkward

Ash: Well, at least it’s over

Zac: Do you remember where we left off? *gives her a flirty look*

Ash: Remind me? *raises her eyebrows*

Zac: *kisses her*

Ch. 3

Tuesday Morning…

At school…

*Ashley walks to her locker to see Zac leaning against it*

Ash: Hey you

Zac: Hey *kisses her*

Ash: *opens her locker & puts a couple books in it* So yesterday was fun

Zac: You could say that…and at one point painfully awkward

Ash: *whines* I’m sorry! *covers her face in embarrassment* My mom is always in my business, and all

Zac: Its fine, girl

Ash: *smiles at him*

Zac: Hey, uh, I have something…*reaches into his pocket* …for you

Ash: *gets excited* You do? *closes her locker*

Zac: Mmm hmm. I found the time to get it *takes a little velvet box out of his jean pants pocket* Here *puts the box in her hand & smiles*

Ash: Ooo, velvety *pets the box*

Z: *laughs & shakes his head* Try opening it

Ash: *smiles & opens it* Oh Zac… *puts her hand to her mouth*

…A necklace?

Z: I hope it could breathe in that tiny living space I have in there for it *grins at her*

Ash: It’s so beautiful!

Z: Likeee you. Here, let me help you get it on *wraps it around her neck & locks it in*

Ash: Hey, I think you forgot the other half of the heart on this necklace *grabs the “half” heart charm with her hand* Where did you say you bought this? *gives him a joking look*

Z: *shakes his head* Oh shoosh. If you look at the heart—half of a heart—you’ll see that your name is on it?

Ash: *looks down at the charm in her hands* You are correct

Z: And… *pulls out his own necklace, that’s hidden in his shirt* …I have the other half

Ash: Oh my…

Z: *smiles* And on the back of the necklaces it says “love.” I had it specially made for us

Ash: *smiles at him & pulls her heart necklace forward & puts it together with his* Perfect match

Z: *looks up at her* Just like us

Ash: Definitely *they kiss for a few minutes*

*Demi, Selena, & David walk over*

Dave: Ooo I see some kiss-N goin on here

Zac: Heeey guys

Ash: Zac just gave me a promise necklace!

Sel & Demi: OH MY GAWD!

*The girls chat together all excited*

Dave: *walks over to Zac cautiously* Hey man, are we cool?

Zac: Yeah, I’m sorry for being such an—

Dave: Ass? It’s ok

Zac: *rolls his eyes & smiles at David*

Dave: *bumps fists with Zac*

Sel: Hey, have you guys seen Taylor yet?

Zac: *rolls his eyes* Is Taylor ALL you two talk about?

Demi: NO, we talk about other boys too!

*Ashley laughs, & Selena wants to hit her head against the lockers & David cracks up. Zac is still all serious*

Zac: I don’t see what’s so funny?

Demi: Me neither

Zac: That’s because your so being STUPID *widens his eyes* Wait…I didn’t… *shakes his head sadly* I didn’t mean that…

Dem: *gives Zac a hurt look, then quickly walks away*

Sel: Zac, what’s your problem?

Zac: I…

Dave: Dude, that was harsh

Zac: No I—

Ash: JUST stop talking

*Zac doesn’t know what to say; he looks at Ash, but she doesn’t look back at him*

Ash: *folds her arms* I’ll see you in class *walks off annoyed*

Zac: What is wrong with me? UGH

In 1st period…

*Zac comes into the room & sits in his seat, then looks at Ashley. She purposely looks out the window*

Taylor: Hey, hey, hey *walks into the room & sits behind Ash. He notices her unhappy face* What seems to be the problem here, Mizz. Tizzy?

Ash: *gives him a little smile* Nothing, I’m fine.

T: Sure

Ash: *smiles forcefully* Really, I’m ok… *she looks at Zac, & rolls her eyes*

T: *faces Zac* WHAT did you do?


Ash: Oh it was SOMETHING!

T: What’s this “something?”

Zac: NONE of your business

Ash: He can know if he wants

T: So why don’t you tell him—I mean, ME?

Zac: *gives Ashley a long stare* GO for it *lies his head down on his desk*

Ash: *frowns & doesn’t say anything to Taylor*

T: *awkward* O-K then…

Ash: Maybe I should just…not tell you

T: K, that’s fine

Ash: *frowns & faces forward in her desk*

At lunch…

*Zac sits with his friends but they ignore him*

Ash: *sits down at the table & takes out her lunch* So I’m hanging out with Taylor after school

Zac: Are you trying to piss me off?

Ash: Oh, no, of course not. It’s for our Chemistry project

Sel: *squeals* Oh my gawd, REALLY!?

Demi: CAN I COME!?

Ash: No…*laughs at her*

Dave: Ooo, ME TOO! *mocks them*

*They all look at David*

Demi: Shut up, Dave

Dave: Ouch Dems

Sel: *nudges him playfully with her shoulder*

Dave: *nudges her back*

Ash: He wanted to be partners

Zac: *says under his breath* No surprise there

Sel: Whose house you two staying at?

Zac: *takes a drink of his soda*

Ash: Glad you asked. I’m going to HIS house

Zac: *starts to choke on his soda* Scuse me

*Zac wipes his mouth & walks out of the cafeteria. They ignore him & go back to talking. Ashley starts to feel guilty for being mean*

At Taylor’s house…

*They walk into his house*

Ash: Whoa, your place is nice *looks around his house*

T: Thanks…I know *smiles*

Ash: *does a short laugh* So where we going to work on the project?

T: This way *she follows him upstairs*

Ash: Is this YOUR room?

T: YUP, you like?

Ash: I DO like. What’s up with your white walls?

T: *grins* The walls are gonna have U2 cover them up. Soon I’m hoping. Cause I did just move here and all

Ash: RIGHT. So, you like it here?

T: Yeah, It’s pretty cool here…not cool as in cold, but you know what I mean…and I’m going to shut up now *turns on his lamp*

Ash: *chuckles, then sits on his bed comfortably; she bounces up & down*

T: *laughs* Hey, so do you know what Chemistry even is? *sits next to her*

Ash: Of course. You don’t?

T: Remind me…? *moves a little closer to Ash*

Ash: Okay…what do you want to know?

T: I’ll tell you what I think I know. So in Chemistry two

Chemicals attract—*clears his throat* react, to each other, right? And don’t opposites attract? *moves a little closer*

Ash: I don’t think you understand the concept very well … *says nervously*

T: I think I’ll get the hang of it…soon *he puts his hand on her leg & leans in closer to her face*

Ash: *stands up right away* WHAT, are you DOING?

T: Um, showing you what Chemistry is

Ash: Really, because it seemed like you were hitting on me…?

T: Now why would I do that? You’re a taken girl. We’re just partners. No worries

Ash: *feels her heart is beating very quickly & so she tries to calm down* Well just keep in mind…I’m with Zac

T: Oh right…HIM *says angrily* So what’s been going on with you two lately?

Ash: Nothing to worry bout *pats his leg & stands up off his bed*


*Ashley’s sitting at his desk chair while he sits on his bed*

T: Phew. It’s hot in here *gets up from the bed & takes his shirt off, but leaves his tank top on*

Ash: *looks up from her papers* Must you do that while we’re working?

T: It’s my house. I can do what I want, psh

Ash: I can see this is going well. I think I’m gonna head out

T: Aw, so soon?

Ash: I’m pretty sure I’ve been here for a while

T: *looks at his watch* Bout 2 hours

Ash: Yep. I have to go now, though. I’m making dinner tonight…for my family

T: You cook?

Ash: Sure, you could say that…

T: Alright, I’ll walk you down to the door

Ash: Um, ok *gathers her books & doesn’t look at him*

*Now they’re downstairs by the front door*

T: Hey thanks for helping me and being my partner and stuff

Ash: Oh, no prob, see you tomorrow

T: See ya

*they don’t know how to say goodbye really, so they shake hands, but he pulls her close to him & whispers into her ear*

T: By the way, you’re looking good today

Ash: *she blushes & give him a nervous look* Um…*he’s holding her hand now*

T: *leans in to kiss her*

Ash: *backs away from him & shakes his hand away*

T: What’s the problem?

Ash: YOU

T: Why won’t you let me kiss you? Damn woman

Ash: I have a boyfriend! Stop trying to kiss me. I’ve gotta go, bye *leaves out his front door & shuts it quickly*

T: *raises his eyebrows & laughs a little*

Ch. 4

Wednesday morning…

At school…

*Zac is at his locker*

Ash: *walks over to Zac & says softly* Hey

Zac: Ash! *he hugs her* I’m really sorry about yesterday, I just…when I’m mad…I can’t control myself…at all

Ash: I’m sorry for…rubbing Taylor in your face

Zac: Nah, I deserved that. I was an asshole

Ash: *laughs* OK

Zac: Did you actually go to his house?

Ash: *looks at him lovingly & fixes his hair* We decided to just do it in the Chemistry classroom—OUR PROJECT *widens her eyes then calms down*

Zac: *puts his arm around her waist* Yeah, I KNOW *chuckles & gives her a weird look*

Ash: Shouldn’t you be apologizing to someone else…too?

Zac: And who would that be?

Ash: *nods her head to her right*

Zac: *looks & sees Demi* Oh. I was harsh

Ash: *nods her head*

*Zac walks over to Demi. She’s talking with Selena & David*

Zac: Demi, hi

Demi: Hello, Zachary *says all serious*

Sel: Hi Zac *not pleased with him*

Dave: Sup

Ash: *walks over to them all* Hi everyone

Sel: Hi and….oh my god! How was it yesterday?! *says to Ash* You know, with TAYLOR?!


Sel: Demi, just zip-it

Zac: It’s fine. And Dems, listen, I’m really, really, REALLY, sorry about yesterday. I didn’t even realize what I was saying…really

Demi: Aw I forgive you Zac. Thanks for apologizing

Sel: Me too

Dave: Same here

*Zac & Demi hug*

Dav: *pats Zac’s back*

Zac: *looks at David & Selena* What do you two forgive me for?

Dave: For you being an ass *smirks & pats Zac’s arm*

Sel: *laughs & nods her head* It’s true

Zac: I forgot how honest you two are *gives them a sarcastic look*

Sel: Sooo, what happened?! *turns to Ash & shakes her arm*

Ash: Whoa, Sel, calm down. We just did what we had to do….

Demi: *smiles at Selena all excited*

Ash: NO. I mean we did our project for Chem. That’s all

Sel: Oh I bet there was a lot of “Chem.” *winks* going on between you two

Dave: SELENA *nods towards Zac’s direction*

Sel: *nervous* Ha, ha, hi Zac... AND now BYE! *grabs David’s arm & walks off quickly with him*

Demi: *whispers to Ash* We can talk about it later *follows Selena & David*

Zac: I heard that! *yells to Demi*

Demi: *gives him a wide smile*

Zac: She’s crazy

Ash: She sure is. You ready for class?

Zac: *puts his arm around her* First period, here we come

*Zac doesn’t notice that Ashley has a very nervous expression on her face*

In 1st period…

*Zac & Ashley walk into the room*

Mr. Reese: Morning you two

Zac: Mornin’

Ash: *immediately sees Taylor in his seat but ignores him* Morning Mr. Reese

*Zac & Ashley sit down in their seats*

Taylor: Pssst, hey *taps her shoulder*

Ash: Taylor, stop

Zac: Wanna quit bugging my girlfriend?

T: I’m JUST greeting her, dude

Ash: Well then why don’t you greet Zac too? *widens her eyes at Taylor*

Zac: Never thought about that, huh? I DON’T THINK SO—not that I would care—

Ash: OK ZAC. So Taylor, you want to greet him or not?

T: *contemplates whether to do what she says. He does want to get on Ashley’s good side…which is Zac* Hey Zac what’s happen n’ my man!

Zac: *gives Ashley a scared look* I’m doing fine…man

T: Good, that’s great to know!

Ash: Too much. Bring it down a bit

T: *smiles* Sorry

Ash: *stops smiling at him quickly; remembering what happened with them last night*

At lunch…

Ash: *walks over to her friends who are already eating lunch at their table* Hey everyone!

*They all greet her*

Zac: Where’ve ya been?

Demi: With her lover *says in a teasing voice*

Ash: Shut up, we’re just partners, ok? *laughs a little*

Dave: What ever you say…..

Ash: WE ARE, OK? NOTHING ELSE *sits down*

Dave: Whoa, ok, chill girl, I was kidding

Ash: *collects herself* Oh, well, I knew that… *takes her sandwich out & doesn’t look up at anyone*

Zac: *puts his hand on her back* You alright?

Sel: *taps Demi’s arm* Hey, let’s go to the bathroom

Demi: Okay!

Sel: Be right back

Dave: Okee doke

Dav: So what’s up, dude?

Zac: Not much *knocks knuckles with David*

Ash: *has a nervous look on her face*

Dave: *looks at Ashley* Hey, um, I think I’m just gonna leave you two…to it

Zac: Um, alright. Bye man

Dave: Peace *walks off*

Zac: *turns to Ash* So why DO you want me to “make peace” with Taylor?

Ash: BECAUSE, he’s kind of my friend…

Zac: Kind of?

Ash: He’s…*clears her throat* …really nice, and I don’t want you to be rude to him, that’s all


Ash: Yes…

Zac: Ash, the dude likes you…a lot

Ash: SO not true. We’re just friends. Don’t worry. And he has a girlfriend, remember, Vanessa?

Zac: Right, the bitch

Ash: Could we please drop the whole Taylor thing? It upsets me

Zac: Yeah sorry

Ash: Thanks *she fiddles with her necklace that Zac gave her*

Zac: *watches her* It looks nice on you

Ash: Ya think? *smiles* I haven’t taken it off since you gave it to me

Zac: Really?

Ash: Mmm hmm. What about you?

Zac: UH…yeah…same *nods his head slowly*

Ash: *laughs* It’s at home, isn’t it?

Zac: MAYBE *gives her a funny look*

Ash: *cracks a smile & kisses him*

At home…

Zac: Yo momma, I’m home!

Mom: *walks out of the living & laughs* How was school?

Zac: Pretty good, we—

*Just then someone yells something from the kitchen*

Person: Hey, you want me to boil these?!

Zac: *Zac’s smile wipes off of his face like someone just slapped him*

Mom: *worried* Uh, yes sweetie! Zac’s home…

Zac: Why is HE here?

Mom: FRED, you mean? When will you just accept my relationship with him?

Zac: Never?

Mom: ZAC

Zac: Ok, sorry

Mom: Fred’s making us dinner…or at least trying to, and I’d appreciate if you made the effort to get to know him FINALLY

Zac: *rolls his eyes* Fine, I’ll try. But I’m not eating that poison you call food that he’s “cooking”

Mom: He CAN cook…certain things

Zac: Right, what ever, I’ll be upstairs, see ya

Mom: Alright, but you have to come down when dinner is ready

Zac: Will do, mother

Mom: THANK you

Later during Dinner…

*Zac is moving his food around on his plate with his fork & not looking up*

Mom: So, Fred, you want to get dessert?

Fred: Uh, sure, I’ll be right back

Mom: Ok, honey *glares at Zac*

Zac: *he notices she’s looking at him, then he drops his fork on his plate* What?

Mom: Talk to him

Zac: Why?

Mom: Because…that’s the only way you’ll get your dessert!

Zac: *huffs*

Mom: I’m serious

Fred: *walks back into the room* OK everyone, who wants some delicious jelly filled cookies?

Zac: Jelly filled cookies?

Mom: I know I want some! Thank you honey *kiss Fred’s cheek* Hey Zacky, we should introduce Fred to your girlfriend—

Zac: NOOO. No way

Mom: Zac *reminds him to be on his best behavior*

Fred: I wouldn’t mind meeting her…

Zac: Not gonna happen

Mom: Manners

Zac: *stands up* I don’t care about my manners anymore *looks at Fred* You can take your stupid disgusting Jelly cookies for all I care and stick them right up—

Mom: ZAC

Zac: SCUSE ME *leaves the room & stomps upstairs to his room*

Mom: *gives Fred a guilty look* I’m terribly sorry, he—

Fred: No, its fine, I think I should be leaving anyways… *stands up out of his seat*

Mom: Fred no—

Fred: *kisses her on the cheek* I’ll call you *takes his cookies & leaves out the door*

Mom: He took the cookies *sighs & walks up the stairs outside of Zac’s bedroom* ZAC

Zac: *says from inside his room* What?

Mom: I’m grounding you for your behavior tonight

Zac: *opens his door* Seriously mom?

Mom: YEAH seriously. You ruined tonight AND you made him take his cookies!

Zac: I’m sorry!

Mom: Maybe next time you’ll be more of a gentleman the next time he is invited here—if he ever does come back here. After what you did… *shakes her head & walks over to her room full of anger & slams her door shut*

Ch. 5

Thursday morning…

At School…

*Ashley sees Zac at his locker & she decides to skip over to him*

Ash: Hey! *kisses him on the cheek*

Zac: Hi *says quietly*

Ash: *stares at him then rolls her eyes* OK, what’s wrong?

Zac: *says happily* Everything’s fine *slams his locker shut & starts walking off*

Ash: Then why do I get this feeling that you don’t want to talk to me—and um, are COMPLETELY IGNORING ME?

Zac: *stops walking* Sorry, I’m just….upset

Ash: When are you not these days?

Zac: *widens his eyes at her*

Ash: Sorry. It just slipped out

Zac: Its fine, whatever. It’s just, I got grounded last night and—actually can we talk about this later, as in lunch?

Ash: Sure…

Zac: Ok, see ya in first period

Ash: BYE…

*David, Selena, & Demi walk over to Ashley*

Sel: Where’s he goin?

Ash: First period *sighs*

Dave: *says in a teasing tone* What did you do?

Ash: Nothing!

Dave: That’s what you think

Ash: *gives David a slow look*

Dave: *raises his hands in surrender* I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Damn girl

Demi: Is it just me…or does it seem like ZAC has been in more mood swings then US girls? *looks at them & they nods their heads in agreement*

Dave: Dude must be a chick

Sel: Don’t let him hear that *laughs * bumps her shoulder into his*

Dave: *smiles at her & bumps her back*

In Zac’s 1st period class…

*They are all in their seats*

Ash: *she looks at Zac, then he looks at her & she looks away quickly*

Zac: Ash…

Ash: What? I wasn’t looking at you, god!

Zac: *laughs* No, it’s alright to look at me, talk to me, and… whatever else you want

Ash: Like this? *kisses him on the lips*

Zac: OH yeah

Ash: *chuckles at him*

*Taylor walks into the room…*

Zac: *whispers to Ashley* Watch this. SUP Taylor

Tay: Heeey…you’re actually greeting me?

Zac: YUP

Ash: *laughs* Hi Taylor

T: Hey. That’s a nice top you got on today *sits down in his seat behind Ash*

Ash: Oh…thanks

Zac: Quit staring at her top, BRO

Ash: Zac, it’s okay, he’s just complimenting my shirt

Zac: *whispers to her* Which is just an excuse to look at your chest

Ash: PSH, oh please

At lunch…

*Zac & Ashley walk to their lunch table*

Zac: You know, I still don’t trust that Taylor

Ash: He’s just a friend. And you trust me, right?

Zac: Of course I do *smiles at her then takes out his lunch*

*They sit down at their table with Demi, Selena, & David*

Sel: Hey you two

Zac: Ello

Demi: *waves*

Dave: Sup?

Ash: Nothing crazy

Dav: Ha, that’s funny, same for me

Ash: That’s life *smiles at him then whispers to Zac* Sooo, you wanna tell me what was bothering you this morning?

Zac: Uuuh, how bout we talk about it after school? At my house?

Ash: Sounds good to me *pats his shoulder*

V: *walks over to their table* ASH, we need to talk

Ash: Can’t I eat my—?

V: Come here *grabs Ashley’s arm and pulls her away from her table*

Ash: *shakes Vanessa’s hand off* Ow

V: Wanna tell me what the deal is with you and my boyfriend?

Ash: *shakes her head* What are you talking about?

V: *gets in a whisper tone* HE told me that you were hitting on him…

Ash: WHAT?


Ash: No! *steps back from Vanessa & crosses her arms*

V: So he just made it up you’re saying?

Ash: From what you’re telling me, yes. And I’m pretty HE was the one hitting on ME…

V: *snickers* Oh Ashley *points in Ashley’s face* Just make sure it doesn’t happen again, K?


V: B-B-But no

Ash: Fine, whatever

V: Well alright then. Have a good lunch! *gives Ashley a fake smile & walks back to her lunch table*

Ash: *puts her hands on cheeks & walks back to her table, annoyed*

Zac: What did she want? *holds back some laughter*

Ash: Oh nothing, just a little girl talk, that’s all

*Selena & Demi look at each other*

Dave: *shakes from holding in his laughter*

Ash: *raises her eyebrow at them* What’s so funny?

Zac: I MIGHT have spilled my water on your seat a couple minutes ago *laughs hard*

Ash: *sits up from her seat* OH MY GOD *feels the water sink through* My butt is soaked!

*They all start laughing & Ashley throws some of her food at them*

Ash: I hate you guys! *laughs*

Zac: Accidents happen!

Ash: *shoves him & smirks* Shut up

At home…

Zac: *opens the front door* Hey mom I’m home and I brought an Ashley with me, if you don’t mind!

*Zac & Ashley place down their bags but hear no response from Zac’s Mom*

Zac: Okaaay, this is weird. Mom? *looks around living then kitchen*

Ash: Maybe she’s out shopping

Zac: Doubt it. She’s always here—

*There’s racket from upstairs*

Ash: Oh- my -god…somebody’s up there—

Zac: *puts his finger to her lips* Shhh

*They move closer to the steps, but then they see Zac’s Mom coming down the stairs quickly*

Mom: HEY, um, you called me? *fixes her hair, that’s a bit messy*

Zac: I did…*gives her a curious look* whatcha doin up there?

Mom: I…*starts flattening & fixing her shirt*

Zac: Are you…ok?

Mom: Me? Yes! Fine and dandy! Hello Ashley

Ash: Hi…

Mom: So you two want something to eat?

Ash: Sure, I—

Mom: We have COOKIES, FRUIT? Help yourselves *rushes back to the stairs*

Zac: UH…Mom?

Mom: *halfway up the stairs* YES?

*Just then someone walks down half the staircase & stands behind Jennie

Fred: Hey Jennie—oh. Hello kids

Zac: Fred? Seriously? What’s he doing here?

Mom: Well, for one thing, he’s my boyfriend

Zac: Well, I think he should go bye-bye, now. *gives Fred a second look* NOW?

Fred: OH now?

Ash: *says to herself* Well this is awkward

Mom: No, Fred, you don’t have to go

Fred: Jen, I don’t know how else we’re going to make this work *kisses her cheek* I’ll talk to you soon *walks past her down the steps & looks at Ashley* Hi

Ash: Hi…

Zac: *opens the front door for Fred*

Fred: *says firmly* Thank you

Zac: *slams the door shut & faces his Mom*

Mom: You want me to be lonely forever. Is that? *frowns at Zac in disappointment & then leaves the room all upset*

Zac: *leans his back against the wall & sighs loudly*

Ash: I’m just guessing…but, is Fred your problem that you wanted to talk about with me?

Zac: You aren’t wrong

Ash: Okay…so what’s the problem with him?

Zac: Well it’s just…it’s him….and my mom…

Ash: He looks like a nice guy

Zac: *snorts in disgust*

Ash: I mean everyone has faults, but what could possibly be wrong with him?

Zac: HE’S….gay

Ash: *raises an eyebrow at Zac*

Zac: He is! *walks over to the couch & sits down*

Ash: *follows him over to the couch & sits next to him* Would you possibly have a problem with him because he makes your mom happy?

Zac: What are you talking about?

Ash: *chuckles* You know, like how I make you happy?

Zac: *shakes his head*

Ash: You’re so stubborn

Zac: You can’t change who I am

Ash: I know. I think we all know that

Zac: *sighs*

Ash: Alright, no more Fred-talk

Zac: Thank you

Ash: *plays with his hair*

Zac: *smiles at her*

Ch. 6

In Zac’s 1st period…

*Everyone’s sitting down in their seats*

Taylor: *leans forward & whispers in Ashley’s ear* Hey, are we still on for today?

Ash: Oh, hey, yeah, totally

Tay: Sweet

Zac: *turns around in his seat to face her* What’s on for today?

Ash: We’re going to work on our Chem. project after school, is that ok?

Zac: *says in a high pitched voice* Yeah *clears his throat* I mean, yeah, that’s fine. That’s cool

Ash: You sure

Zac: MMM HMM *turns away from her in his seat & taps his pencil impatiently*

At lunch……….

*Taylor walks over to Zac’s table*

Ash: You guys, quit it!

Zac: Chill Ash, we’re just messing with you

Taylor: *he puts his hands on their lunch table* Is there a problem here?

Ash: *looks up*

Zac: No everything’s just fine, bud

Dave: *clears his throat loudly*

Sel: *gives him confused glance*

T: Well alright *turns to Ashley* So, I guess I’ll see you after school…your house?

Ash: Yes sir

T: K, just checking

Ash: YUP

Dave: *clears his throat even louder*

Sel: *slaps the back of his head* Stop that

Vanessa: *yells from her lunch table* TAYLOR!

T: *rolls his eyes at Vanessa* Well, that’s my cue, I’ll see you then

Ash: Ok, Bye…

Dave: WOW *slaps his hand on the table*

Dem: Like that wasn’t obvi enough

Sel: Oh my god! He SO loves you!


Sel: *looks over at Zac*

Zac: *waves a hand at her*

Sel: Right, sorry

Dave: *pats her back*

Dem: *turns to Zac* We’re gonna need you to leave

Zac: Why?

Dem: So we can have some girl talk!

Sel: And take Dave with you *pushes David*

Dav: *says to Sel* Hey, hey, hey. Easy there

Sel: Ugh *stops pushing him & frowns*

Zac: Not moving *takes a bite out of his sandwich*

Ash: Listen you two, Taylor and I are only friends….OK? NOTHING ELSE, so stop bugging me about it! I’m gonna go *picks up her books & walks out of the cafeteria*

*David decides to break their awkward silence*

Dave: Sooo…who wants some chips? *they all look at him & go back to eating*

After last period…

*Zac sees Ashley at her locker*

Zac: Hey Ash, about Taylor… *she ignores him* ASHLEY

Ash: Zac, I’m trying to open my locker and you’re…you’re just DISTRACTING me!

Zac: *makes a confused face* Do you want to talk about something—?

Ash: Nope! *finally opens her locker*

Zac: *pulls on her arm gently* Ash…

Ash: What?

Zac: I just wanted to say…be careful…today…with him

Ash: *pulls her jacket out of her locker* There’s nothing to worry about, okay? I’ll see you Monday *walks away quickly*

Zac: *sadly watches her walk off then closes her locker for her*

At home later…

*Zac is sitting on the couch doing homework when his mom walks in*

Mom: Zac

Zac: *turns around* Hey

Mom: Hi honey. Um…I have to talk to you about something….something I should have told you a while ago…

Zac: What is it?

Mom: Um, well you know how Fred and I—

Zac: Oh god mom, please no more Fred—

Mom: Well he IS my fiancé

Zac: *rolls his eyes*

Mom: Now listen, I’m trying to tell you something important and you may not like it, but I’m hoping you’ll accept it—

Zac: Just say it already!


Zac: *stares at her for a second* You’re…you’re pregnant?

Mom: Yes, now before you—

Zac: Are you nuts, woman?!

Mom: —lose it

Zac: You’re pregnant!? Should I even guess who the father is? *stomps up the stairs* What kind of sick world do I live in? *stomps up the stairs* Unbelievable!

Mom: *follows him up the stairs* Fred IS the father, AND my fiancé whether you like it or not!

Zac: *slams his door shut*

Mom: *says outside his door* And reality check, Zachary, this whole situation is not about you. It’s about ME and how I need your support!

Zac: *sits on his bed silently with his arms crossed*

Mom: THINK about it *walks away from his door*

*It’s starting to get dark outside, so Zac packs some of his stuff up in his backpack & decides to go over to Ashley’s house. He needs to take a breather & to tell her everything that had just happened*

Meanwhile, at Ashley’s House …

*Taylor’s sitting on Ashley’s living room couch. Ashley walks into the room with some brownies*

Ash: A little reward for all our hard work *laughs*

T: *smiles* Whoa, brownies, sweet! *grabs one* Thanks

Ash: You’re welcome *sits down next to him & takes a brownie off the plate*

T: Are they…special brownies? *winks at her*

Ash: *laughs* DEFINITLY

T: *takes a bite* OOOOH YEAH *widens his eyes*

Ash: *cracks up & hits his arm* STOP IT

T: *grabs another brownie*

Ash: So wanna tell me why you told Vanessa that I “hit on you?”

T: *stops eating & stares at her* OH that?

Ash: Yes

T: I was just messing with her

Ash: Well you got ME in trouble

T: Sorry. She’s just fun to mess around with like that

Ash: You’re telling me *snorts*

*Sean, Ashley’s older brother sees them laughing together & having a good time. He doesn’t approve of it…AT ALL*

Sean: *walks into the room all friendly* Hey, Ash, can I speak to you for just one little second?

Ash: I’m busy *rolls her eyes at him*

Sean: Get over here

Ash: FIIIINE *says to Taylor* I’ll be right back

S: *pulls Ashley into the kitchen & talks in a whisper tone* Who is that dude?

Ash: A friend….what’s wrong?

S: I dunno I just have this weird feeling that—

Ash: No worries Sean, I got it all under control

S: Do you even know what I’m talking about?

Ash: Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure he won’t “come on to me” and blah, blah, BLAH—

S: DON’T you mean, YOU not coming onto him? Cause…you’re dating Zac…you know, your boyfriend?

Ash: Yeah, I know. And since when do you care?

S: SINCE I’m your older brother and you should listen to me because I am always right *gives her a big smile*

Ash: Oh please. Like I said, I got this aaall under control

S: Fine then. I’ll leave it up to you. I’ll be upstairs doing my homework

Ash: Fine

S: But I’ll be watching you two *does the “I’m watching you” sign with his two fingers*

Ash: Oh my god, Sean, that’s getting so old *rolls her eyes and walks back over to Taylor* Hey, sorry bout that, my brother’s just really, really weird, but I’m here now!

T: *laughs* Awesome

Ash: Heyyy, are there any brownies left for me?

T: Well of course *he hands her one*

Ash: *smiles* Why thank you *she takes it from him then takes a big bite* Mmm, I did do a good job! This is so much better than Chemistry *keeps on eating her brownie*

T: Right… *stares at her face & then starts to laugh*

Ash: What? *smiles a little*

T: You have some brownie stuck on the side of your mouth

Ash: Oh, well that’s attractive *puts her hand over her mouth in embarrassment*

T: *gently pushes her hand away* Here, let me help you *he moves closer to her & wipes the side of her mouth with his thumb* There….

Ash: *gives him a slow confused look* Thanks….*His hand is now on her cheek & they are very close to each other & then they lean in & KISS*

*What they don’t know is that Zac’s watching them from the window!*

*Zac just stands there feeling completely stupid & never wanting to see Ashley OR Taylor ever again. Zac runs back home even more furious than before*

Ash: *puts her hands onto his chest & pulls away from the kiss* Oh my god

T: Now tell me you don’t feel something? Cause that was one hot kiss

Ash: This is so wrong. Ugh. Nooo, that did not just happen

T: What’s so bad about kissing?

Ash: *looks at her feet feeling all guilty & stays silent*

T: Ashley?

Ash: *looks up at him* You have to go…NOW *grabs Taylor’s arm making them both stand up*

T: Do I really?

Ash: YES, you really do

T: But it’s so nice and cozy on this couch

Ash: Yes—no, just please go *pushes him out the door*

*Once she closed the door, she leans against it & begins to cry. She covers her face with her hands*

Ash: No, no, no, no, that did not just happen

*Her brother comes down the stairs and sees that she’s crying & he rushes over to her* Ash, what’s wrong?

Ash: Everything is wrong now. BECAUSE OF ME!

Sean: Ash… *hugs her*

Ch. 7

Monday morning…

At school…

*Zac is hanging out with Demi, Selena & David. Just then they hear yelling & turn around to see Taylor & Vanessa fighting*

V: I don’t care; I should have known it anyways

T: Well at least I’m being honest with you this time!

V: OH PLEASE! Just get away from me!

T: *grabs her arm* Ness

V: Don’t touch me! *slaps him then stomps off*

T: *rubs his cheek in pain & yells at Ness* OUCH?

*Ashley sees Zac with their friends. She walks over to them cautiously*

Ash: *sighs* Hey guys

Zac: *looks at Ash then huffs & shakes his head*

Sel: Hey. You wanna tell us why Zac is doing the silent treatment?

Ash: Why ask me? *feeling guilty*

Sel: Be…cause, you’re the girlfriend, he must have told you first about whatever’s the matter…

Dave: Did he?

Ash: Nope!

Zac: *glares at Ashley & walks off*

Ash: Zac?

Demi: Zac, where ya going?

Zac: *doesn’t answer them & keeps on walking*

Dave: He’s not going to telll youuu anything

Demi: Whyyy?

Sel: REMEMBER, the silent treatment?

Demi: Ohhh, right. Wow, he MUST be REAL mad about something because he didn’t even talk to you Ash—

Ash: WELL his silent treatment-ness could have something to do with his mom marrying someone he doesn’t like…BUT—

Sel: Okay. That’s probably it

Demi: I just hope he gets happy soon, because nobody likes an unhappy Zac

Dave: Or worse, a pissed off Zac

Sel: Definitely

Ash: OK, well, I’m just….going to go to first period now, BYE!

Dave: See ya

Demi: Bye!

Sel: Bye Ash! Ok, was it just me that noticed or did she seem a little freaked?

Demi: Also jumpy

Dave: That’s the same thing

Demi: Quit sassin me, girl

*Ashley & Vanessa pass each other in the hallway; Vanessa glares at Ash, but she doesn’t make eye contact with her*

In 1st period…

*Ashley walks into the room & sees Zac & Taylor both starring at her. She freaks out for a second & turns to leave, but the teacher stops her*

Mr. Reese: Miss Tisdale, going somewhere?

Ash: Uh yes….the bathroom actually *gives him a nervous look*

Mr. R.: Well you should’ve thought about doing that before class started; please take your seat now

Ash: *grits her teeth tightly* Alright, I’ll sit

Zac: *stares at her angrily, but she doesn’t look over at him*

At lunch…

*Everyone is sitting together at lunch, except for Zac*

Ash: Have you guys seen Zac? I texted him but he’s not responding

Sel: Nope

Dem: Haven’t seen him

Dave: Psh, who skips lunch?

*Just then they hear craziness outside the cafeteria. They hear people screaming “fight, fight!”*

Dave: What the—?

Ash: Come on; let’s go see what’s happening!

*They run out of the cafeteria to see that the noise is Zac & Taylor fighting each other!*

Ash: Oh my god!

Zac: *shoves Taylor’s back against the wall*

Taylor: AH! Please man, don’t hurt me! I didn’t mean for—

Zac: YES, YOU DID! *grabs Taylor’s collar*

T: Dude, get off of me! What’s your deal?!

*Taylor pushes Zac off of him then Zac punches Taylor. Taylor falls to the floor*

Ash: *grabs the back of Zac’s shirt* Quit it!

Principal: *rushes over to the crowd* What’s going on here?!

*The crowd scatters back to the cafeteria*

Zac: Nothing sir, just a little misunderstanding—

Principal: Why is this young man on the floor?

Tay: *says weakly* I fell

Principal: Well let me help you up there, son *pulls Taylor up by the hand*

Tay: Thanks

Principal: Let me walk you to the nurse

Tay: Alright *starts to walk away with the Principal then looks back at Ashley & Zac*

Ash: *turns to Zac* LISTEN, I know you don’t like him at all, but it shouldn’t have to come to this. What’s the matter with you?

Zac: *shakes his head at her*

Ash: And if you’re pissed about me “blowing you off” the other night. I’m SORRY, OK? I had to finish that Chem. project, you know that

Zac: *tightens his fists* You know what I also know?

Ash: What?

Zac: *takes a deep breath* I saw you and Taylor yesterday night…

Ash: What, what are you talking about?

Zac: LAST NIGHT, at your house

Ash: What…about it?

Zac: I was going over to see you—

Ash: WHEN?

Zac: LAST NIGHT! But you were too busy… *looks away from her & scratches his head while getting watery eyes*

Ash: Busy doing what?

Zac: *whispers* You KNOW what I’m talking about

Ash: *looks at him with wide eyes, but stays quiet*

Zac: Thought you could go on like everything’s fine and dandy? And that I’d never find out?

Ash: No, I didn’t—

Zac: I thought we had something special—

Ash: We do! *steps closer to him*

Zac: Used to *looks at her right in the eyes*

Ash: Zac…no. I didn’t mean for it—


Ash: Would you let me just explain!?

Zac: Explain what?! There’s nothing left to say. We’re over. Done *walks away from her*

*Ashley stands in shock then turns around to go cry in the bathroom when Vanessa walks out of it*

Ash: Vanessa…did you?

V: *gives Ashley a betrayed look then walks back to the cafeteria*

At home…

*Zac walks into the living room where his mom is reading a book*

Zac: Mom?

Mom: What is it?

Zac: I need to talk to you about some stuff

Mom: *puts down her book* WELL it’s about time you start talking to me instead of just bursting out and—

Zac: OKAY I GET IT. And I’m sooo, so, sorry…for everything. Really

Mom: *gives him a weak smile* I know you are

Zac: *sits next to her*

Mom: *puts her arm around him* So what do you want to tell me?

Zac: *gives his mom a pained look* Well do you remember Vanessa’s new boyfriend?

Mom: Yes, and he thinks that he’s “Mr. Cool” and “all that…”

Zac: *waves his hand carelessly* Something like that *he faces the ground*

Mom: *look down at him* And?

Zac: *starts to get tears in his eyes* Yesterday night I saw Ashley and Taylor making out on her couch and I’m sorry I left the house without your permission, I just….I needed some air, and to see her, but… *starts to cry*

Mom: *stares at him sadly & starts to hug him tightly*

Zac: No mom, I’m fine—

Mom: No, you’re not *she holds him tighter*

Zac: *wipes his nose* I broke up with her

Mom: That seems like the right thing to do

Zac: That was the only option I could think of at the moment. Is there something else?

Mom: Nah, you did what you had to do *fixes his hair*

Zac: *sucks in his breath & wipes his eyes* I think I’m going to skip dinner…if you don’t mind

Mom: No…it’s fine sweetie

Zac: Alright. Thanks *hugs his mom & walks up the stairs slowly & sadly*

Later at night…

*Zac is in his room getting ready for a shower; so far he’s just wearing jeans. He feels his stomach where Taylor punched him & winces*

*He hears his bedroom door squeak open, so he turns around*

Vanessa: That looks like it hurts

Zac: What are you—how did you—?

V: *covers his mouth with her hand* Shhh. Listen to me. I know how you’re feeling, what you’re feeling

Zac: *takes her hand off his mouth* Oh really? *he sits on his bed & stares at her*

V: *sits on his wheelie desk chair* Yes

Zac: Betrayed?

V: *sighs* Stupid

Zac: An idiot

V: Cheated…

Zac: Alone *he looks up at her & she looks back at him. She smiles a little; so does he*

Ch. 8

At school: Tuesday morning…

*Zac sees Ashley helping Taylor with his crutches he now has. Zac shakes his head & walks away from their direction & finds Demi, David, & Selena talking in the hallway*

Zac: Hi guys

Sel: Hi sweetie *pats him on the shoulder*

Zac: What’s up with the crutches? *points in Taylor’s direction*

Dave: NO idea

Demi: Maybe you broke something on him yesterday

Sel: He has some kind of bandage around his ankle, there…

Zac: I didn’t beat him up that hard…

*They observe Taylor for a second*

Dave: Bitch’s probably faking it

Zac: So dumb

Sel: We definitely don’t like him anymore


Sel: Hey *pushes David & smiles at him*

Dave: *lightly pushes her back & laughs*

Demi: *kisses Zac on the cheek & smiles at him*

Zac: Thanks…

Sel: *also kisses him on the cheek*

Zac: Thanks….again? *laughs a little*

*They all stare at David*

Dave: If you think I’m gonna kiss you then—

Demi: GROUP HUG! *pulls them all into a big hug*

V: *interrupts them* May I cut in?

Demi: SURE! *brings Vanessa into their big hug*

V: *laughs a little* Um, I didn’t mean…

Zac: *laughs* Yeah, hold on *gets out of the big group hug*

Dave: DEMS

Demi: *lets go of Vanessa* Sorry

V: It’s fine


V: Yes…?

Dave: You’re sure?

V: God, can’t someone be nice?

Dave: And this someone would be you, right?

V: *nods*

Demi: Well, you are kinda on our side now

Zac: *gives her a little smile*

V: *smiles back at him*

Sel: *watches Zac & Vanessa smiling at each other* Okay… what’s going on here? *waves his fingers to Zac then Vanessa*

V: What’re you talking bout?

Sel: Usually you two have daggers when you look at each other, what’s with all this smiling business?

Zac: Uhhh…

Dave: They obviously hooked up

Dem: David!?

Dave: What? It’s true right? *looks at Zac*

Zac: Uhhh, I dunno

V: I dunno what we’re doing either *laughs a little*

Dave: *sings the word* Rebooound

V: *slaps David’s arm*

Dem: *whispers to Selena* What about Ashley?

Sel: *whispers back* Dems, they’re over

Dem: *still whispers* But Vanessa—

Zac: *sees them whispering* Dems, Sel, don’t you see that Vanessa’s the good guy—girl, now

Sel: *sighs* Well, as long as she’s nice…I’m ok with this

Demi: I also agree with that

Dave: Ness, don’t you think you should say something to them?

V: Like what?

Dave: Maybe SOR—RY?

V: Oh, right *sighs* Well, I’m sorry I made your life…pretty much a living hell…all these years. Really, I’m sorry

*Selena & Demi look at each other in agreement*

Sel: Ok

Demi: *shrugs* Fine

V: Cool. So we can all hang out now in peace?

Dave: We sure can

V: Awesome *smiles at them all*

Zac: *feels uncertain about him & Ness being together. He DID just get out of a really good relationship with Ashley & it feels weird going out with someone new…especially since its Vanessa. He shakes the thought out of his head* Hey, so I have some news

Sel: Really?

Dave: What is it?

Zac: It’s about my mom *stares at them all* She’s having a baby!

V: *puts her hands over mouth* Aw!

Dave: DUDE! *high-fives Zac*

Dem: No way!

Sel: That’s awesome!

Zac: I know! I’m really excited, and a little nervous

V: *puts her arm around him* Aw, don’t worry, you’re going to be a great big brother

Dem: *cringes a little at the sight of Zac & Vanessa*

*The bell rings for 1st period*

Dave: Aw crap. I’ll see you guys at lunch

Sel: Wait, I’m coming with you

Dave: Okaaay

Dem: Me too!

V: *waves to them*

Zac: *smiles at Vanessa* Well, bye… *she stops him from walking away & kisses him right on the lips*

V: See you

Zac: Bye…

In 1st period…

*Zac sees Ashley & Taylor sitting in the back of the room & not where they usually sat—which was near him. Zac sits down & tries to ignore them*

T: *whispers to Ash* Look at him, pa-the-tic and alone

Ash: More like furious…and hurt

T: You’re really sucking the fun outta this

Ash: *rolls her eyes at him*

At lunch…

*Zac arrives at his lunch table*

Zac: Hey everyone!

Demi: Hi

Sel: Hey Zac

Dave: Sit next to me, man

Zac: Sure *sits down*

*Just then; there’s a scream. It’s Ashley*

*They all look over at Ashley & Taylor’s table*

Ash: What is your problem?!

Vanessa: YOU are

Ash: Are you insane?

V: ME?

Ash: YES. You just poured your STUPID milk all over TAYLOR!

V: I am aware of that

T: Uck, I smell like milk now, nasty *tries to rubs the milk off of his pants*

V: Oh don’t be such a girl

Ash: Don’t mind if I do *attacks Ness*

T: Chick fight!!! *cheers Ashley on*

*Zac gets up & out of his seat & rushes over to them*

Sel: Is he stupid?

Dave: DUDE!?

Zac: *yells at Ash & Ness* Ladies, ladies!

T: *laughs & looks up from his seat* Why don’t you shut up and mind your own business

Zac: *says to Taylor* I will make it my business

T: *tries to stand up & grab Zac, but his ankle is in too much pain* Ow

Zac: *shakes his head at Taylor then rushes over to the girls*Hey, hey! Why don’t you two cut it out? *pulls them apart from each other*

V: Fine

Ash: What ever. And go away Zac; you’re not helping at all

Zac: I’m not helping you *pulls Vanessa closer*

Ash: *sucks in her breath then turns to Taylor* I’ll go get you some paper towels for your pants sweetie *walks off*

Zac: *puts his arm around Vanessa* Come on, we’re done here

V: Couldn’t agree with you MORE

Zac: And you wanna try not starting a commotion for once?

V: I could say the same for you, buddy *smirks at him*

Zac: *laughs & shakes his head at her*

Later at home: Zac finds his mom in the living room watching television…

Zac: Hey mom?

Mom: Yes hon?

Zac: Can I talk to you for a second?

Mom: *mutes her show* Sure, as long as you want. What’s up?

Zac: It’s about Fred…

Mom: Zac, I don’t really want to hear any more complaints about—

Zac: They’re not….complaints

Mom: Oh…really?

Zac: I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for being such a big fat jerk to him, AND you…

Mom: Its fine…

Zac: NO, it’s not *sighs* I wanna tell you…that… I’m okay with you marrying…him

Mom: *stands up* Are you serious?

Zac: Seriously pumped for the wedding *grins at her*

Mom: *hugs him tightly*

Zac: *smiles* I guess I wasn’t ready for the whole “big change” thing

Mom: You got that right *smiles at him & then frowns*

Zac: What’s the matter?

Mom: Well, the truth is, he hasn’t really called me in a while—

Zac: Crap, that’s totally my fault

Mom: WELL…

Zac: Don’t worry; I’ll fix it

Mom: How?

Zac: You’ll see…

Mom: Psh alright. Good luck with that

Zac: THANKS. *puts his hand on her tummy* I don’t want this little tike to grow up not having a Dad when he or she, grows up.

Mom: That’s very sweet Zac

Zac: I’ve got a plan

Mom: Okay, sweetie *gives him an uncertain look*

Zac: *nods his head* I got this *walks upstairs*

Ch. 9

Wednesday morning: At school…

Zac: *finds Vanessa in the hallway* Hey, Vanessa

V: *turns around* ZAC, you know now, that you can call me Nessy, Ness, or baby *puts her hand on his cheek*

Zac: Um, alright…Nessy. You want to come over today?

V: I’d love to

Zac: Great. Hey I gotta get to first period, tell everyone I say “hi”, and I’ll see you all at lunch! *walks off*

V: Ok, bye!

In 1st period…

*Zac walks into the room feeling confident. His Mom always told him to be the bigger person, so it takes all of his might to do what he is going to do now. He sees Taylor & Ashley talking in the back of the room*

Zac: *sits in a desk near Ashley & Taylor, then smiles* Hi

Ash: Hello…

T: What do you want? *says unwelcoming*

Zac: I just wanted to say that….I’m sorry man…you know, for beating you up—

T: You DIDN’T…beat me up

Zac: Whatever you say. Hey what did I do to your ankle anyways?

T: It wasn’t you I…it was Vanessa. She might have chased after me and I sort of…well you know the rest *looks down at his ankle* It’s better today

Ash: As you can see; no crutches

T: Just bandage now

Zac: I see. But really, I’m sorry. Are we cool? *holds out his hand & forms a fist, to do a knuckle touch with Taylor*

T: *frowns a little* I am getting a little tired of this war myself *smiles* Yeah, I’m sorry too. I guess we’re…cool *knuckle touches Zac*

Zac: Cool! *then Zac looks at Ashley & waits for her to say something*

T: *watches Zac* You…need something?

Zac: UH…nope! Nothing

T: OK…well…byeee

Zac: Bye *sighs & walks back over to his actually seat*

At lunch…

Zac: So, how’s everyone’s day so far?

Sel: Great, thanks for asking

Demi: It’s been…OK, I guess. I got a 77% on my Bio quiz

Zac: Hey, that’s good

Demi: EH

V: Ooo, I got an 80% on that quiz

Demi: Show off

V: *gives Demi a serious face*

Dem: Kidding! I’m not that mean

Sel: We know that

Demi: *hits Selena’s arm*

Sel: OW, meanie

Dave: *laughs at them* My day’s been well

Sel: Can I have a grape?

Dave: *takes one out of the bag & throws it into her mouth* Score!

Sel: *laughs*

V: How was YOUR day, Zac?

Zac: Pretty good

Dave: Hey, Dems, what letter comes after the letter “O” in the alphabet?

Demi: I dunno, “P?”

Zac: Heyyy that’s what I did before I came here

Demi: Ew you guys!

Zac: *high-fives David*

After last period…

*Zac is at his locker. When he turns his head, he sees Ashley & Taylor walking by*

Zac: *sighs* Stupid Taylor *slams his locker shut, then finds Vanessa right there*

V: Hi!

Zac: *startled* AH! I mean, HEEEY, didn’t see you right…there

V: You ready?

Zac: For what?

V: I’m going over to your house today, silly! Remember…you invited me?

Zac: Right. Yes *does a small laugh* Sorry

V: It’s okay, let’s go! *pulls his arm*

At home…

*They walk into his house*

V: I love your house

Zac: Oh, thanks. Okay, so here’s the deal, we have to make this table set for two…*looks at the kitchen clock*…like, NOW!

V: Awww, you shouldn’t have

*Zac starts setting the table neatly*

Zac: Actually…it’s for my mom…

V: Oh. Well that’s nice too

Zac: *smiles* You see, she’s out today so I thought I’d surprise her

V: What surprise—*the doorbell rings*

Zac: Could you get that? *starts getting some red candles out*

V: Sure *walks over to the front door & opens it*

Fred: Hello…

V: Hi…who are you?

Zac: *rushes over to the door* Hey man, thanks for coming

Fred: No problem

Zac: You can just… sit on the couch over in the living room *walks back into the kitchen*

V: *waves sheepishly at Fred then follows Zac* Zac…what’s going on? And who’s the guy?

Zac: *finally finishes setting the table* There. Okay, so that guy in the other room is my Mom’s fiancé who hasn’t called her in a while—

Fred: *stands up from the couch* HEY, I tried to, but the line was—

Zac: AND SO, I set up a little romantic…dinner date thing for them…for her…

V: Wow, she’s going to love this!

Zac: I hope so

V: *kisses his cheek*

*They hear a car door slam shut*


*Zac’s Mom is holding some grocery bags. When she opens the door Fred cuts in*

Fred: Need any help with that, ma’am?

Mom: Yes, thank you that would be nice— Fred? *her expression on her face goes from totally focused, to extremely surprised & happy* FRED! *she tries to hug him, but she’s holding too many groceries. She giggles & put the groceries down quickly so she can hug & kiss him*

Mom: *looks at Zac* Zac?

Zac: Hey mom

V: *waves* Hi Jennie

Mom: *she cringes a little when she sees Vanessa; remembering what Vanessa did last year, but she was so happy, that she didn’t really care. She hugs Zac, then notices the table* What’s all this?

Zac: Dinner for two? *he smiles, not knowing if he made the table right*

V: Surprise!

Mom: *hugs Vanessa * Thank you, thank you, so much!

V: You’re welcome, but this was pretty much all of Zac’s work

Mom: *turns to Zac beaming* Really sweetie?

Zac: Yes, I’m behind all the magic

Fred: So are you ready for an, um, early dinner? *he smiles*

Zac: *looks at the clock* Is it really only 4:30? *sighs & drops his head*

V: *pats Zac’s back*

F: Screw the time*pulls a chair out for her* Care to join me, Jennie?

Mom: *smiles* Yes, I’d love to

Zac: Alright! You two love bugs have fun, we’ll be upstairs

Mom: *gives him a protective look*

Zac: Doing homework of course

Mom: Uh, huh

V: *giggles*

Zac: *takes Vanessa’s hand & they run up the stairs quickly*


*Zac & Vanessa are laughing & doing” their homework on his bed*

V: *pulls her lips apart from his* You know what?

Zac: What? *smiles*

V: I really like homework

Zac: *raises his eyebrows all flirty* Me TOO

*They continue to kiss, then they hear Zac’s lap top make a noise*

V: What was that?

Zac: Just ignore it

*They continue kissing but the noise just won’t go away*

V: Maybe you should—

Zac: Ugh, it’s my IM. Someone’s talking to me

V: Let’s go see who it is!

Zac: *walks over to his lap top & looks at the screen*

On the lap top

SetiZ: Hey, Zac man, I can’t believe she did that to you, that wasn’t cool, I tried to warn her—

V: Who’s that?

Zac: *looks at Vanessa*Ashley’s brother

V: Sean?

Zac: Yup *reads the screen some more*

SetiZ: You there?

SetiZ: Alright. I also wanted to tell you that Ash does miss you, she’s just really sad & stuff. Well, talk to u soon

SetiZ: This is Sean if u forgot

SetiZ: You’re really not there? Okay, later man

V: You gonna respond?

Zac: *closes his lap top & looks at her* I think I’m kind of busy *smiles at her all flirty*

V: *returns a flirty look* I almost I forgot about that… *she smiles then they start to kiss again*


Ch. 10

Friday morning…

At School…

*Zac is rummaging through his locker; he looks to the right & sees Ashley & Taylor walking by him. He takes out a picture of him & Ashley when they were a couple. He decides to write something on the back of it…*

He writes:

By now I know that Ashley and I are completely over. We don’t even talk to each other anymore. But I’ll never forget what Ashley and I had, which was special; she was my REAL and very first love. I guess this is how the story ends, but I will always love her, forever and always.

*He caps his pen & looks at the front of the picture, of him and Ashley.

He sighs, then rips the picture up & throws the pieces into his locker. He heads to his1st period class*

To be continued…


5 months later…

*Everyone’s standing inside Zac’s kitchen excited & all getting ready for the Homecoming Dance…*

Mom: Is everybody ready for the Dance?

*Everybody cheers & yells yes*

Mom: Ok, so let’s see there’s 1, 2, 3, 4…and 5 of you, I could probably squeeze you all into the car…

Demi: Yaaaay, she can squeeze us!

Sel: Demi, don’t be too crazy tonight

Zac: *laughs* Let her go crazy, cause this is definitely gonna be a night to remember!

Dave: *puts his fist into the air* YEAH!

V: Absolutely *smiles at Zac*

Zac: *smiles back at her* Now let’s get this show on the road mamma!

Mom: *laughs* OK, ok! Let’s crank up the tunes and get hip hoppin’—


Mom: ALRIGHT, alright

V: Party on people!

Sel: YAY!

Dave: Woooo!

In the car ride to the Dance…

Demi: UF! I am so squished

Dave: Sorry!

*Just then the car starts to slow down*

Zac: Mom…?

Mom: Oh my god! *stops the car completely, everyone flies forward*

Vanessa: *looks behind them to see if anyone’s coming*

Dem: Ahhh?!

Dave: Mrs. E!?

Sel: Did we hit someone?!

Zac: Are they dead?! *looks toward the front of the car in a rush*

V: *looks at Zac’s Mom* Oh boy…

Mom: *puts the car in park & turns on her right signal* I think my water just broke!

V: I had a feeling

Zac: Wait, WHAT?

Mom: *screams out in pain* Ahhh!

*Everyone screams along with her*


V: SHE’S GOING TO GIVE BIRTH, STUPID! *hits the back of his head*

Zac: *blinks a couple of times* As in…..the baby….coming OUT of her, birth?

V: YES! What other kind of birth is there?!

Demi: There’s animal birth—

V: DEMI *takes a deep breath* Not-helping

Zac: Oh god…*he passes out*

Sel: *sees Zac* Oh my god!

V: OK, everyone, listen! FIRST, calm down!

DAVID, drive us to the nearest hospital, Selena, Demi, you two help Mrs. Efron with her breathing!

Dave: *panicking* And what will YOU do?!

V: Help Zac with HIS breathing! Now everyone, go!

At the hospital…

*They are all in the waiting room sitting down. Zac calls Fred at work. Now they’re all waiting there, not knowing what to do *

Dave: Sooo, what do we do…now?

Vanessa: *paces back & forth* Well, let’s see, she’s in a hospital room, we’ve called her fiancé, and now we just have to wait…

Zac: JUST WAIT?! WE CAN’T JUST WAIT! MY MOM IS GIVING FREAKIN’ BIRTH— *Selena slaps Zac in the face* OW! *rubs the side of his face*

Sel: Okay, so who’s got a cell phone?

Zac: Me…

Sel: THANK GOD *grabs it from him*

Zac: Hey, what are you doing?!

Sel: I wanna play games!

Zac: Why?

Sel: I need to have something to do!


Sel: NO, I wanna play—


Zac: She started it *points at Selena then takes his phone back from her*

Sel: *gives Zac a surprised look*

Dave: *laughs*

Demi: *giggles*

Sel: What’s so funny?

Dave: You two

Demi: You guys are SO immature

Zac: US?

Demi: SHAH—EW, hair in the mouth, hair in the mouth! Ewww, get it out! *moves towards David*

Dave: Ahhh, get your spitty hair away from me!

Fred: *enters the Waiting Room & greets everyone* HEY! Which room is she in?

V: *she looks at all of her crazy friends who aren’t paying attention, then looks back a Fred* I’LL show you; follow me

*They get quiet when Vanessa & Fred leave. Zac & Demi slouch in their seats exhausted & start to fall asleep. David & Selena stand together*

Sel: Ugh, so much for the Dance *folds her arms*

Dave: *feels her disappointment* Yeah, really. Hey um, Sel?

Sel: Ya?

Dave: I kind of actually wanted to…ask you out to the dance

Sel: You what?

Dave: Wanted to ask you out….to the dance

Sel: Aw, really?

Dave: Yes…and I know might be awkward, and I know you like Taylor, and I’m your friend so you probably don’t like me, I understand—

Sel: *leans forward & kisses him on the lips*

Dave: OR I could be wrong

*They smile at each other & then kiss again. Vanessa comes back to the waiting room to see Selena & David sitting closely*

Vanessa: Hey, you guys, we should call our parents about this

Sel: Sure

Dave: Okay

Sel: *sees Demi’s asleep* I’ll call Demi’s

V: Cool, thanks

The next morning…

*They are all asleep in the waiting room chairs. Zac hears someone saying his name, but he’s only half awake*

Zac: Huuuh? *rubs his face all tiredly*

Fred: Zac, hey, you’re awake, finally. You want to see your new

Baby Step- sister? *smiles*

Zac: *he laughs in amazement* Sister, really? Awesome!

F: *laughs* Come with me

Demi: *wakes up hearing them* Ooo, can I follow? *yawns*

*Zac & Fred turn around & smile*

F: *nods his head*

*Demi gets excited and wakes up Vanessa, who wakes up David, & David wakes up Selena. They all go into the hospital room with Zac’s mom & the new baby*

Mom: *sitting in hospital bed* Hi everyone *holds the baby close to her*

Fred: *sits in a chair next to the hospital bed*

*David has his arm around Selena*

V: Awww, she’s so cute!

Mom: Yes she is *kisses the baby’s forehead*

Zac: *amazed* Wow…THIS IS SO COOL! *gives his mom a little side hug*

Dave: Hey, look at it squirming *cracks up*

Sel: *laughs* Aw, she is

Demi: Can she eat candy?

Dave: And here we go…

Mom: *gives Demi a confused look* No, not quite yet… *says slowly*

Demi: Can she talk?

Mom: *laughs* No. But she can make little noises

Sel: How cute

Mom: Very

Zac: Yeah that’s really cute—will I have to change her diapers?

Mom: Well, I thought you AND Fred could share that job. I’ll do it once in a while *winks at them*

*Zac & Fred look at each other unexcitedly*

Mom: Hey Zac, you wanna do the honors in naming her?

Zac: Really?

Mom: Yes

Zac: Sweet! I’ll name her…*turns to everyone* What’s a cool name?

Demi: Shemeeka!

Zac: A name that isn’t Spanish

Sel: That’s definitely not Spanish

Dave: Sounds Gibberish

Zac: *turns to his Mom* What about…Juliet?

Mom: Ohhh, that’s pretty, I like it

Zac: Me too

Mom: *pets the baby’s head* Hi Juliet

*Everyone smiles & starts to chatter with each other. Zac thinks of Ashley & him, when they first watched Romeo & Juliet together. They were happy & together then—*

F: *interrupts Zac’s thoughts by nudging his shoulder* Hey, so, is that your girlfriend over there, with the black hair?

Zac: Ness? Um, yeah, sort of

F: She’s very nice and pretty *elbows Zac’s arm*

Zac: Ha, ha, yeah thanks…

F: *gives Zac a second look* Something wrong?

Zac: Huh? No, not at all. What’s there to be upset about? I got a baby sister! *smiles*

F: *smiles back* That’s right *walks over to Jennie*


*Everyone leaves except for Zac & Fred. Zac’s mom is asleep and Zac & Fred are standing there watching them sleep. Fred is holding the new baby. Zac decides to talk to Fred*

Zac: Hey, Fred?

Fred: Yes?

Zac: I’m really sorry for being a big…butthead the whole time you and my Mom were…you know; I guess I wasn’t really ready for all of that…change…stuff, you know?

F: Hey, it’s alright, I forgive you. If I were you, I would have done the same thing

Zac: Seriously?

F: Yup. And change can suck sometimes

Zac: It really can

F: But change isn’t suppose to be like, “the end of the world,” as you teenagers say, it can also be a new beginning; something good *kisses the baby*

Zac: *in thought* I guess so. Thanks

F: No problemo. Hey, I’m gonna get some coffee, you want any?

Zac: Nah, thanks, I’m good

F: Okay. Hold Juliet while I go *gives Zac the baby* I’ll be right back! *leaves the room*

Zac: *sits down in the chair next to his mom’s bed while holding the baby*

*Just then Ashley & Taylor walk into the room*

Ashley: Knock, knock

Zac: *looks up and sees Ashley* Oh, hi. How’d you find out about my mom?

Ash: Demi called me *touches the baby’s hand*

Zac: That’s cool

Ash: And I might not have come alone

Zac: Whatdya mean?

Ash: Taylor’s here

Zac: *annoyed* How come?

Ash: He was already with me when Dems called. Sorry

Zac: *rolls his eyes*

Taylor: *walks into the room with a Pepsi in his hand* Heeey

Zac: Shhh, my mom’s sleeping

T: *whispers* Sorry. So is it a boy or girl? *touches the baby’s head*

Zac: Girl *pulls the baby away from Taylor*

Ash: What’s her name?

Zac: Juliet

Ash: *she pauses & stares right at Zac. Then breaks her silence* Very nice name

T: Wow, she’s so beautiful *bends down to get a closer look at the baby in Zac’s arms*

Zac: She is…*looks right at Ashley, & doesn’t look away*

*Ashley catches Zac’s eye on her. She looks up at him and they smile at each other. Zac’s mom wakes up; she secretly watches Zac & Ashley starring into each others eyes. Zac & Ashley continue to look at each other & smile*


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