All For Love

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She finds her husband with another woman and finds comfort in another man's arms. One problem, it's his brother? Will they find love with each other?

Brianna Breckenridge
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Chapter 1

Kelly sat in her office at the bakery she owned with her twin sister and best friends.

“Sis, what’s wrong?” Kate asked.

“It was our anniversary yesterday and he never showed up, he called and said he had to go out of town for work, but I called my father-in-law and he said there was no reason for him to go out of town,” Kelly said.

“So, he lied about it,” Kate said.

“Yeah, it’s becoming a habit, I don’t know what to do,” Kelly said.

“Divorce his ass,” Kate said.

“Sis,” Kelly said.

“He’s an asshole who left his wife alone on your anniversary and lied to you,” Kate said.

“Hey guys,” Melanie said.

“Mel, where is that good for nothing brother of yours,” Kate said.

“At work I assume?” Melanie said.

“Do you have any clue where he was last night?” Kate asked.

“Home?” Melanie asked.

“Nope,” Kelly said.

“What happened?” Melanie said.

“He called and said he was going out of town for work, I called your dad, he said there was no work out of town for him to go for,” Kelly said.

“That lying sack of shit, I’ll be back, sis,” Melanie said. She left. Kelly sat back in her chair. Kate sat down at her desk.

“Hey girls,” Tara said.

“How’s it looking out there?” Kelly asked.

“It’s okay, Sarah has it covered,” Tara said.

“Where’s my beautiful wife?” Ryan asked.

“Baby!” Kate said. She jumped up and went to him and hugged him.

“I missed you today,” Ryan said.

“I missed you too,” Kate said.

“Hey bro,” Kelly said.

“Hey sis, what’s going on?” Ryan asked.

“Not much, just my husband is a lying sack of shit,” Kelly said.

“I’m what now?” Mitch asked.

“You’re in trouble man,” Ryan said.

“Asshole,” Kate said.

“What did I do?” Mitch asked.

“You lied to me that’s what,” Kelly said.

“You didn’t go out of town yesterday,” Kate said.

“I called your dad,” Kelly said.

“Kel, baby, I’m sorry,” Mitch said.

“It was our three year wedding anniversary yesterday and you couldn’t come home and made up some excuse, where were you,” Kelly said.

“I went on a road trip to get something for you,” Mitch said.

“What did you get,” Kelly said.

“It’s outside,” Mitch said.

“Mitch,” Kelly said.

“Kel, come on,” Mitch said. She shook her head and got up and walked out the door and went to the front door and opened it and and saw it.

“What the?” Kelly asked.

“It’s the one you wanted right?” Mitch asked.

“Yes,” Kelly said.

“I found it at a car dealership about two hours away,” Mitch said.

“But there are dealerships here,” Kelly said.

“They didn’t have your color baby,” Mitch said.

“Mitch,” Kelly said.

“Happy Anniversary, baby,” Mitch said.

“Wow, I guess this made up for missing the actual day,” Kate said.

“Kate,” Kelly said.

“Baby,” Ryan said.

“It’s fine, I’ll be making it up to her for awhile, this is a start, next week is birthdays,” Mitch said.

“Better not come up with an excuse to forget it,” Kate said.

“No because she is going with me to the Maldives,” Mitch said.

“What?” Kelly asked.

“Happy Early Birthday baby, a second honeymoon,” Mitch said.

“Okay I was wrong,” Kate said.

“What’s that, Kate?” Mitch asked.

“Sis,” Kelly said.

“Sorry,” Kate said. Kelly looked at her husband and hugged him tight. He buried his face in her neck.

“I love you and I’m sorry about yesterday,” Mitch said.

“Just don’t do it again,” Kelly said.

“I promise baby,” Mitch said. He kissed her and they went for a drive.

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