All For Love

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Chapter 12

Kelly stood there with her arms crossed looking at Matthew.

“You know what, fine do whatever you want, you get the couch,” Kelly said. She heads up the stairs to her bedroom and closes the door and locks it and lays on the bed.

“Kelly,” Matthew said.

“Blankets in the hall closet,” Kelly said.

“Kelly please,” Matthew said.

“No Matthew, I can’t right now,” Kelly said.

“Why?” Matthew asked.

“You know why, okay, everything is all jumbled up in my head and I can’t deal with it all right now,” Kelly said.

“Do you want me to leave, Kelly, because if I do, you won’t ever see me again,” Matthew said.

“Matthew,” Kelly said.

“I mean it, Kelly, I will walk out of this house and out of your life forever,” Matthew said.

“Why can’t you understand that I need time,” Kelly said.

“Fine, Kelly, have a nice life,” Matthew said. She heard him walk away and she heard the front door open and close. She got up and went to the window and saw him get into his car and drove off. She went downstairs and locked up and went upstairs and collapsed on the bed and felt tears running down her cheeks. She cried herself to sleep. She got up the next morning and showered and went to the bakery and went to the office and sat down and just stared at the desk. Tara and Sarah came in.

“Hey,” Tara said.

“Hey Kel,” Sarah said.

“Hey,” Kelly said.

“We heard about what happened,” Sarah said.

“I can’t believe it,” Kelly said.

“How could she do that to your dad, how could she throw away her marriage like that,” Tara said.

“I don’t know but I want nothing to do with her ever,” Kelly said.

“Ben told me before I left, he got a text from Matt,” Sarah said.

“Oh?” Kelly said.

“Ben said that Matt told him he was leaving town for good,” Sarah said.

“Oh,” Kelly said.

“Kel, he filed for an annulment,” Sarah said.

“Oh I see,” Kelly said.

“Kel?” Tara said.

“What?” Kelly said.

“You aren’t going to stop him,” Sarah said.

“I know Matthew, once he makes a decision, there is no stopping him” Kelly said.

“So you are okay with him leaving,” Tara said.

“Leaving was his choice, he could not understand why I needed time,” Kelly said.

“And now you will have all the time in the world,” Sarah said.

“I’m better off alone, I’ll be less likely to have a broken heart,” Kelly said.

“Hey ladies,” Melanie said.

“Hey Mel,” Tara said.

“Hey Mel,” Sarah said.

“Hey,” Kelly said.

“Matthew’s gone, he left town just awhile ago, he said he was starting a new life and would let the family know where he settles,” Melanie said.

“So he really did it,” Kelly said.

“Yep,” Melanie said.

“Hello ladies,” Benjamin said.

“Hi baby,” Sarah said.

“These are for you, Kel,” Benjamin said. She took the papers and looked at them and saw they were annulment papers. The marriage was annulled. She was officially a single woman. She sat there thinking about everything and she laid the papers down.

“I guess this is it, I’m no longer a Jones, I’m just a Foster,” Kelly said.

“Kel,” Tara said.

“I guess I messed up,” Kelly said.

“You let a great guy go,” Sarah said.

“Matthew loved you so much, you broke him last night,” Melanie said.

“Oh god!” Kelly said. She broke down crying. Tara and Sarah hugged her.

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