All For Love

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Chapter 13

She went home after that and collapsed on the couch and stared at the ceiling. She laid there sobbing. She knew she made the biggest mistake of her life by letting Matthew go.

“Oh god what do I do now, why did I let him go,” Kelly said. She got something to eat and locked up the house and she went to her bedroom and laid in bed where she stayed for the next few days. Sarah and Tara kept the bakery going with Melanie’s help. She decided to send a text to him.

“Matthew, Melanie and Ben said you left town, and you annulled the marriage, I don’t understand why you couldn’t just give me time after finding out that the last three years of my life was a lie, that I thought I was married to him but married to you instead, finding him with another woman and then finding out that my mom had been hooking up with him, that’s a lot to process but I guess you just couldn’t understand that, I hope you have a great life. Goodbye,” Kelly texted. She blocked his number and put it down and went to sleep. She got up the next morning and took a shower and got dressed and went over to Kate’s house and spent time with her.

“Do you think I screwed up?” Kelly asked.

“I don’t know, sis, a part of me says yes and the other part says no, he should have understood that you needed time, you found out that the last three years of your life was a lie, that you thought you were married to one brother but was actually married to his brother,” Kate said.

“I just need to move on with my life,” Kelly said.

“That’s about all you can do I guess,” Kate said.

Three months later, Kelly moved on with her life. She just took things day by day. Melanie told her that Matthew was now living in Seattle and he has a girlfriend. She knew she made a mistake by letting him go. It is something she will regret for the rest of her life. They all tried to get her back into the dating world but she couldn’t do it. She would rather stay single so she wouldn’t get hurt anymore. She sat in the office doing paperwork. Sarah came in.

“Hey Kel, um Matthew is here with his girlfriend,” Sarah said.

“I’ll just stay back here then,” Kelly said.

“Okay, just thought I would let you know so you won’t have to face him,” Sarah said. She went back up front. Kelly sat there in the chair. She peeked out and saw Matthew with a young woman standing beside him. She sat back down and held her head in her hands. Her phone beeped and she saw a message from David asking her to meet him at his office quickly. She got her stuff together and went out and saw Matthew and his girlfriend sitting at a table. She walked out the door and got into her car and she looked up and saw Matthew watching her. She drove to David’s office.

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