All For Love

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Chapter 15

Everyone stood there in shock at what just happened. Tara and Sarah went to Kelly as she sank into a chair.

“Kel,” Sarah said.

“What did David say?” Tara asked.

“That the annulment never went through, I’m still married to Matthew,” Kelly said.

“Let’s get him back here,” Melanie said.

“Why bother, he couldn’t wait to get away from me,” Kelly said.

“Kel,” Melanie said.

“No, Mel, he made his choice, he’s got a girlfriend, he wouldn’t talk to me, why should I even bother anymore, my heart is broken all over again and I fear this time it can’t be put back together, it’s shattered beyond repair,” Kelly said.

“Oh sweetie,” Tara said.

“It’s his loss,” Sarah said. Kelly and the girls cleaned up and locked up the bakery and they all headed home. Kelly walked into her house and closed the door and locked up and leaned against it and just broke down crying. She went up to the bedroom and took a shower and got into bed and curled up and just cried softly.

“I guess you want me to be alone, huh god, I guess I don’t deserve love, I deserve to be alone,” Kelly said. She cried herself to sleep. She spent the rest of the week in bed. She only got up for the bathroom and to eat before getting back into bed. She got a text from Melanie.

“Just letting you know that my asshole brother and Alyssa headed back to Seattle, no matter what, you will always be my sister, love you sis,” Melanie texted.

“Love you too sis,” Kelly texted. She put her phone down and curled up and cried softly. Her phone beeped. She looked and saw a message from Kate.

“Mother Dearest paid me a visit today, I told her to go to hell, she asked me where you were, I told her I didn’t know, she might look for you at the bakery,” Kate texted.

“I haven’t bee there for awhile,” Kelly texted.

“I heard what happened, how you holding up?” Kate texted.

“I’m heartbroken,” Kelly texted.

“Oh sis, want me to come over?” Kate texted.

“No, it’s okay, you need to rest a lot,” Kelly texted.

“It seems that’s all I’ve been doing,” Kate texted.

“Well you will need to rest while you can before the baby comes and keeps you awake,” Kelly texted.

“I guess you’re right, love you sis,” Kate texted.

“Love you too sis,” Kelly texted. She put down her phone and curled up and went to sleep.

Three weeks later, she was in her office at the bakery working on bills and paperwork. She looked up and saw Melanie standing there at the door.

“Mel,” Kelly said.

“Hey I wanted to warn you that Matthew is coming back to town next week,” Melanie said.

“Oh okay,” Kelly said.

“He’s moving back,” Melanie said.

“What,” Kelly said.

“He broke up with Alyssa and is moving back, Kel, I think he’s coming back for you,” Melanie said.

“What makes you think that?” Kelly asked.

“He’s moving back here alone, he still loves you,” Melanie said.

“Yet he will do the same as last time, walk away when I want to talk to him,” Kelly said.

“We will make him sit and listen,” Melanie said.

“I doubt it but I will try to get him to listen,” Kelly said. Melanie looked out and closed the door and locked it.

“Mel?” Kelly asked.

“Your mother,” Melanie said.

“Oh great, text Sarah and tell her to kick the bitch out,” Kelly said. Melanie sent the text and they waited there in the office.

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