All For Love

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Chapter 17

Kelly pulled back and looked at him. He rested his forehead against hers.

“You moving in with me or am I moving in with you?” Matthew asked.

“I’ll rent my house out, I’m going with you,” Kelly said.

“Let’s go,” Matthew said. They walked out and Melanie, Tara, and Sarah hugged them. They walked out the door and went to her house and packed up her clothes and went to his house.

“Wow,” Kelly said.

“You like it?” Matthew asked.

“Yes I do,” Kelly said.

“It’s our home now,” Matthew said. They walked into the house and put her bags in the bedroom.

“It’s good,” Kelly said.

“We can change it,” Matthew said.

“No it’s fine,” Kelly said. Matthew hugged her from behind.

“I feel like this is a dream,” Matthew said.

“Yeah I know,” Kelly said.

“I’m sorry,” Matthew said.

“For what?” Kelly asked.

“Leaving,” Matthew said.

“Oh Matt,” Kelly said.

“I should have never left, I should have just stayed and slept on the couch, I should never have moved to Seattle, that was the biggest mistake of my life,” Matthew said.

“In a way I’m glad you did, it made me realize my feelings, it made me miss you, made me realize that I made a mistake by not letting you in,” Kelly said.

“If you had let me into your bedroom that night, I would have made you mine,” Matthew said.

“I am yours, Matt,” Kelly said. He captured her lips with his in a deep kiss. He ran his hands up and down her body. He slid them under her shirt and cupped her breasts. She moaned in his mouth. He slid her shirt over her head. He unclipped her bra and slid it off and massaged her breasts. He kissed her neck as he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He turned her to face him. He cupped her cheek with his hand.

“Kelly,” Matthew said.

“Matt, make love to me, make me yours,” Kelly said. He removed her panties and his clothes and pressed her body against his. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up and laid down on the bed with her and kissed her deeply

“I love you, Kelly, always have, I always will,” Matthew said.

“I love you Matt, always have and always will,” Kelly said. He began kissing her all over her body. He kissed her stomach and looked up at her.

“Baby you on the pill?” Matthew asked.

“Yes,” Kelly said.

“How about stopping it after tonight, then once you are clear of it, we can start working on a baby,” Matthew said.

“Oh Matt, you want us to start soon,” Kelly said.

“We wasted so much time, baby, I don’t want to waste any more time,” Matthew said.

“I love you,” Kelly said.

“I love you,” Matthew said. He continued down between her legs and licked her. He made love to her with his tongue.

“Mmm baby you taste so good,” Matthew said.

“Oh god I’m coming Matt,” Kelly said. He used his tongue and fingers and she came all over his face. He cleaned his face and moved up and kissed her deeply She tasted herself on his tongue as he roamed her mouth with his tongue. He laid between her legs and slid inside her body. She wrapped herself around him as they moved together.

“Kelly, baby, you feel so good, I want to be buried deep inside you forever,” Matthew said.

“Oh god Matt!” Kelly said. He went faster and harder. He kissed her deeply as she held onto him as he pounded her wetness. She came around him squeezing him causing him to release deep into her body. He collapsed on top of her and buried his face in her neck.

“Oh god baby I love you so much,” Matthew said.

“I love you too, I never want to be without you, please don’t ever let me go,” Kelly said.

“I will never let you go, baby, you are mine forever,” Matthew said.

“I should have been with you, I should have never been with Mitch, why was I with him, why didn’t I be with you,” Kelly said.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, we are together now and we will be for the rest of our lives, you are mine now and I’m yours completely,” Matthew said.

“I love you,” Kelly said.

“I love you,” Matthew said.

“I want you again,” Kelly said.

“I want you as well, I don’t think we will get any sleep tonight,” Matthew said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Kelly said. He smiled and kissed her deeply as they made love off and on throughout the night.

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