All For Love

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Chapter 19

Mathew sat in the waiting room. Paul, Tara, Sarah, Kate, and Ryan came in after closing up the bakery. Peter came in. Melanie, David, Benjamin, and his parents came in.

“Matt,” Laura said.

“Hey Mom,” Matthew said.

“Mitch is coming,” Laura said.

“Why,” Matthew said.

“Honey, he’s your brother and he’s family, you need us all,” Laura said.

“Matt,” Mitch said.

“What,” Matthew said.

“I’m here for you, bro, I’m glad you are her husband, you two belong together,” Mitch said.

“Mitch, thank you,” Matthew said.

“I can’t believe her mother did this to her,” Mitch said.

“She’s not her mother,” Matthew said.

“I could kill her for what she did,” Mitch said.

“I think you will have to get in line, bro,” Matthew said.

“I can make it happen,” Harris said.

“Dad,” Mitch said.

“Dad,” Matthew said.

“I’ve got connections in the jail and the prison,” Harris said.

“Dad why,” Matthew said.

“Kelly is my daughter now, Melissa deserves what she gets,” Harris said.

“Do it, Dad, give that bitch what she deserves, for my sister,” Mitch said.

“For our sister,” Melanie said.

“Harris, you have my permission,” Paul said.

“And mine,” Kate said.

“I speak for my wife, do it,” Matthew said.

“I’ll go make some phone calls,” Harris said. He went to make the phone calls. Matthew looked at Mitch.

“Kelly and I were never meant to be, she was always yours,” Mitch said. Matthew hugged him. Melanie and Benjamin joined the hug.

“Family of Kelly Jones?” a doctor asked.

“That’s us,” Paul said.

“I’m her father,” Peter said.

“I’m her husband,” Matthew said.

“Twin sister,” Kate said.

“Brother,” Paul said.

“Brother-in-law,” Mitch said.

“Sister-in-law,” Melanie said.

“Best friend,” Tara said.

“Best friend,” Sarah said.

“Brother-in-law,” Benjamin said.

“Mother-in-law,” Laura said.

“Brother-in-law,” Ryan said.

“Friend and lawyer,” David said.

“Grandmother,” Martha said.

“How is my wife, doc?” Matthew asked.

“We removed all the shards of glass she has embedded in her skin, I’m afraid some got into her eyes so we won’t know the extent of that until she wakes up, she might have scars on her face and arms, we will see how it all looks once she’s completely healed,” the doctor said.

“So when will she wake up?” Peter asked.

“We don’t know right now,” the doctor said.

“Doctor, she’s awake,” a nurse said.

“I’ll be right back,” the doctor said. He went to Kelly’s room. Matthew stood there waiting. Melanie hugged him. The doctor came back to them.

“She’s asking for Matthew,” the doctor said.

“That’s me,” Matthew said. He went to her room and walked in and saw her all wrapped up in gauze. Her eyes were covered.

“Kelly baby?” Matthew said.

“Matthew? Matt?! Oh Matt I can’t see you,” Kelly said. Matthew went to her side and took her hand in his.

“I’m right here,” Matthew said.

“Where is that bitch?” Kelly asked.

“In custody,” Matthew said.

“Matt, I want her gone forever,” Kelly said.

“She will get what she deserves baby,” Matthew said.

“I can’t believe this happened to me, please don’t leave me!” Kelly said.

“Oh baby I’m not going anywhere, you are stuck with me forever, you will never get rid of me,” Matthew said.

“I just hope I won’t be too ugly for you,” Kelly said.

“What, baby, you’re kidding right, I would never think that, you will always be beautiful to me, you are beautiful inside and out, you really know how to wear the gauze,” Matthew said.

“I love you Matt,” Kelly said.

“I love you baby more than anything,” Matthew said.

“I’m going to get some sleep,” Kelly said.

“Okay baby, I’ll be right here with you,” Matthew said. He sat down in a chair beside her and held her hand as she went to sleep.

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