All For Love

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Chapter 2

Two weeks later, Kelly walked into the bakery after coming home from the trip she and Mitch took. Sarah and Tara were there.

“Hello ladies,” Kelly said.

“Hey girl, how was the trip?” Tara asked.

“Amazing, it was like our honeymoon all over again,” Kelly said.

“So you guys never left the bed?” Sarah asked.

“Oh we did, we would do things like snorkeling at the Banana Reef, went to the beach, swimming, romantic dinners, and every night we would be in bed making love,” Kelly said.

“So babies could be coming soon?” Tara asked.

“I’m still on the pill, he still says he’s not ready yet,” Kelly said.

“Your parents want grand babies soon,” Sarah said.

“Well they will be getting one, I’m pregnant!” Kate said.

“Oh sis!” Kelly said. They hugged. Tara and Sarah hugged her.

“Ryan is over the moon, he’s beyond excited, he wants me to cut back my hours here,” Kate said.

“You are working four days as it is,” Kelly said.

“But eight hour days,” Kate said.

“But you are sitting in the office with me most of the time helping me with paperwork and the bills,” Kelly said.

“I told him that,” Kate said.

“Fine six hours,” Kelly said.

“No sis, I told him I’m not changing my hours, he will just have to deal with it,” Kate said.

“Oh really,” Ryan said.

“Seriously bro, she and I own this bakery and I need her help in the office, she’s sitting in a comfy chair,” Kelly said.

“Okay okay sorry, she’s just carrying precious cargo,” Ryan said.

“I get you are worried but I will be fine okay my love,” Kate said.

“Okay baby, but you call me if you need me,” Ryan said.

“I will, I love you,” Kate said.

“I love you too,” Ryan said. He kissed her and left. Kate and Kelly went to the office where Kelly told her about the trip.

“Sis, I would just stop the pills anyways,” Kate said.

“I don’t know, something is tell me not to,” Kelly said.

“Kel, you have a visitor,” Tara said.

“Who is it?” Kelly asked.

“Matt,” Tara said. Kelly got up and went out and saw her brother-in-law standing at the counter drinking coffee.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“Hey beautiful, I’ve missed you,” Matthew said.

“Oh you have huh,” Kelly said.

“Yeah, heard you just got back from a trip with your husband,” Matthew said.

“Your brother yes I did,” Kelly said.

“Have a good time?” Matthew asked.

“Yes I did, it was a second honeymoon,” Kelly said.

“That’s great, so you guys making me an uncle soon?” Matthew asked.

“Not yet,” Kelly said.

“Hey guys,” Benjamin said

“Hey Ben,” Kelly said.

“Hey boys what’s up?” Sarah asked.

“Hey Sarah, just a coffee to go, I’ve got to get back to the job site,” Benjamin said.

“I better get back to the office, see ya sis,” Matthew said.

“Bye Matt,” Kelly said.

“How are you gorgeous,” Benjamin said.

“I’m good, how’s the job?” Kelly asked.

“It’s going very well,” Benjamin said.

“That’s good,” Kelly said.

“I better get going, gorgeous, see you soon,” Benjamin said. He went out the door and she looked at the girls.

“Gorgeous? Beautiful? I think they have the hots for you,” Tara said.

“They’ve always called me those names and Mitch knows and agreed of them calling me,” Kelly said.

“He’s okay with his brothers calling you gorgeous and beautiful,” Tara said.

“Yeah because he knows that nothing will happen with them, he trusts me and he trusts his brothers, he knows they won’t cross the boundaries,” Kelly said.

“Yet,” Sarah said.

“What,” Kelly said.

“They both were looking at you,” Tara said.

“Both were eye fucking you,” Sarah said.

“Oh yeah,” Tara said.

“They wouldn’t do that to their brother,” Kelly said.

“They both want you in their bed,” Sarah said.

“You both are wrong, okay, you are wrong,” Kelly said. She went to the office and sat down and worked on some bills.

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