All For Love

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Chapter 21

Matthew sat there watching her sleep. He had watched them change her bandages and he felt like crying as he saw all the wounds on her body and face. He sent a message to his father asking for an update on their plan.

“I talked with your brothers and Paul, we wanted to wait and let Kelly get her revenge but we didn’t know how soon she would recover or regain her eyesight so Kate stepped in,” Harris texted.

“Dad, she’s pregnant, she should have been resting,” Matthew texted.

“Ryan said that she was doing so well and it would be good exercise,” Harris texted.

“What did Kate do exactly?” Matthew texted.

“Kate threw her out the window, we were on the ground floor, your brothers were waiting until Kate could come outside,” Harris texted.

“She hit the glass just right so they were pretty bad, we let Kate beat her with a stick before taking her to the infirmary center there,” Harris texted.

“So she lives?” Matthew texted.

“That was the condition of being able to do all this, to keep her alive,” Harris texted.

“Dad, she deserves to die,” Matthew texted.

“I know son, but she’s feeling what Kelly is feeling right now, minus the blindness, we want her to see what she has done to her daughter,” Harris texted.

“Remind me never to piss off my sister-in-law,” Matthew texted.

“Yes I will, anyways so she’s now going through what Kelly is going through, Paul asked her how she feels,” Harris texted.

“What did she say?” Matthew texted.

“She asked them what she did to deserve this which caused them to go off on her and gave the list of things she did, they told her that she was now going through what Kelly was going through, Melissa broke down crying after that and she realized all she did and now regrets it all,” Harris texted.

“It is too late for redemption,” Matthew texted.

“Yes it is,” Harris texted.

“Thanks Dad,” Matthew texted.

“How is my daughter?” Harris texted.

“She’s asleep, they had me watch them change her bandages so I could do them once she’s home, Dad, I almost broke down at the sight of her wounds, I can’t believe this happened to her,” Matthew texted.

“Son, if you can’t handle changing her bandages, we can hire a nurse to do that,” Harris texted.

“I might do that, I hate that this happened to her,” Matthew texted.

“All we can do is be there for her and for you,” Harris texted.

“Thanks Dad, love you and tell Mom the same and give her a kiss for me,” Matthew texted.

“Love you son, and your mom will be coming soon so you can give her one yourself,” Harris texted. Matthew put his phone down and looked at his wife in bed.

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