All For Love

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Chapter 22

Three days later, Kelly was home in bed resting. Matthew adjusted things so he could work from home to be with her. He hired a nurse when he had to go somewhere. Her name was Pauline.

“I should be back in an hour, Pauline, hopefully she will sleep while I’m gone,” Matthew said.

“Okay Mr. Jones, everything will be fine,” Pauline said.

“Pauline, you are taking care of my wife, call me Matthew,” Matthew said.

“Okay Matthew,” Pauline said. He left and went to the office and talked with his COO about things and went over some files with him.

“Matthew?” Alyssa said.

“Alyssa, what are you doing here?” Matthew asked.

“I wanted to see you,” Alyssa said.

“Why,” Matthew said.

“I miss what we had,” Alyssa said.

“You know what it was, Alyssa, I’m married now,” Matthew said.

“So quickly?” Alyssa asked.

“Well I actually always had been married, even when I was with you, but I thought it was annulled before I moved to Seattle but it wasn’t,” Matthew said.

“Who is the lucky woman?” Alyssa asked.

“Kelly,” Matthew said.

“I thought she was married to your brother?” Alyssa asked.

“We thought so too but my parents had connections and set it up for me and her to be married instead, thought I was the better choice for a husband than my brother, they turned out to be right,” Matthew said.

“I know that part, how is married life?” Alyssa asked.

“It’s good,” Matthew said.

“I should stop by the bakery,” Alyssa said.

“Why,” Matthew said.

“To have a chat with her,” Alyssa said.

“Why Alyssa,” Matthew said.

“Because I’m pregnant, Matthew, it’s yours,” Alyssa said.

“How is that possible when you and I never slept together,” Matthew said.

“Oh we did, Matthew, you just don’t remember it,” Alyssa said.

“Or you drugged me,” Matthew said.

“No I wouldn’t do that, Matthew, remember the night we got back to Seattle from your visit here,” Alyssa said.

“Yeah I do, I remember drinking a lot,” Matthew said.

“How were you when you woke up the next morning?” Alyssa asked.

“A huge hangover,” Matthew said.

“Were you dressed?” Alyssa asked.

“Oh god,” Matthew said.

“Yep we had sex that night, you couldn’t keep your hands off me,” Alyssa said.

“What do you want, Alyssa,” Matthew said.

“I want you back, Matthew, I want us to be a family, to be married,” Alyssa said.

“So you want me to divorce my wife just to marry you,” Matthew said.

“She can find herself a new guy, she did fine without you before, she can do it again,” Alyssa said.

“You are insane,” Matthew said.

“I want you Matthew,” Alyssa said.

“You are not getting what you want, I will never divorce my wife, she needs me now more than ever,” Matthew said.

“She will be just fine, Matthew,” Alyssa said.

“No she won’t, okay, her mother threw her into the donut case at the bakery, my wife had shards of glass everywhere in her body and in her eyes, she can’t see right now, if you think I’m going to leave her now while she is in this condition, you are crazy, I will want a paternity test, Alyssa, because who knows if it’s even mine and you are here to trap me, I will not let that happen, my family has connections, go see Melissa Foster at the prison, see what my family connections get done,” Matthew said.

“Matthew,” Alyssa said.

“GET OUT!” Matthew yelled. Alyssa went out the door. Matthew made some calls and left the office and went to speak to his dad and brothers. He went home and sat on the bed with Kelly.

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