All For Love

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Chapter 23

Matthew sat there watching his wife. She started moving.

“Kelly, baby?” Matthew asked.

“Matt?” Kelly said.

“I’m here baby,” Matthew said.

“I must have been tired,” Kelly said.

“Yeah I went to the office and back,” Matthew said.

“I didn’t know you were gone, I must have been knocked out,” Kelly said.

“It’s good you are resting,” Matthew said.

“You okay?” Kelly asked.

“Not really,” Matthew said.

“What’s wrong?” Kelly asked.

“Baby, Alyssa’s back in town, she came to see me,” Matthew said.

“She wants you back,” Kelly said.

“Yeah but I don’t want her,” Matthew said. He told her everything that happened at the office.

“You told your dad?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, I told him to handle it because my place is here with you, my wife,” Matthew said.

“What would you have done if I was not like this,” Kelly said.

“The same baby, I would have let my dad deal with it and I would have taken you on a trip away from here where it was just the two of us,” Matthew said.

“Matt, I can’t lose you,” Kelly said.

“You are not going to, I can’t live without you,” Matthew said. His phone beeped and he looked at it and smiled.

“Mitch is here with Lindsay, you up for meeting her?” Matthew asked.

“Yeah, I can’t see her but I can hear and talk to her,” Kelly said.

“Okay baby let’s get you settled on the couch,” Matthew said. He helped her change clothes and carried her down the stairs and got her settled on the couch. Mitch came in with his girlfriend.

“Hey bro,” Matthew said.

“Hey bro, this is Lindsay, baby, this is my brother, Matthew,” Mitch said.

“Nice to meet you Matthew,” Lindsay said.

“You as well, this is my wife, Kelly,” Matthew said.

“Hi, I don’t usually look like this,” Kelly said.

“I know, Mitch told me everything and I’m sorry for what you went through, I met your sister Kate at the bakery,” Lindsay said.

“Okay so if you saw her face then you know that’s what I looked like,” Kelly said.

“You will look like her once you are healed,” Lindsay said.

“I am not sure about that, the doctor told me I might have scarring,” Kelly said.

“Well you are lucky to have met me then,” Lindsay said.

“What?” Kelly said.

“I’m a plastic surgeon, Kelly, I know what you all are thinking, a doctor who got hooked on pain meds, I should have known better, but I know now that I’m stronger than that as I’ve got my life back now,” Lindsay said.

“So I could look normal again?” Kelly asked.

“I will do my best so we will see how things look once you are completely healed up,” Lindsay said.

“I don’t know what to say but thank you,” Kelly said.

“You’re welcome,” Lindsay said. They all sat there talking. Matthew’s phone beeped and he looked at it.

“Bro?” Mitch asked.

“It’s Dad,” Matthew said.

“What’s going on,” Mitch said. Matthew told him what happened at his office and what their dad said.

“So she is lying about everything because she wants you for herself,” Mitch said.

“Yes, she’s pregnant but it’s not mine, she confessed that she slept with her ex the night after we split up,” Matthew said.

“So it’s his?” Mitch asked.

“Yes, Dad put her on a plane back to Seattle, he told her if she came or caused any trouble for our family, she would regret it, he even showed her a picture of Melissa showing her what happens if you cross us,” Matthew said.

“So she’s gone,” Mitch said.

“Yep,” Matthew said.

“Good riddance,” Mitch said.

“Yeah really,” Matthew said.

“Matt?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah baby,” Matthew said.

“Is it time to change my bandages?” Kelly asked.

“Yes baby it is,” Matthew said.

“May I, Matthew, so that I can see what the wounds look like and see if they will leave scars,” Lindsay said.

“Yeah but I want to be with her,” Matthew said. Lindsay nodded. Matthew picked up Kelly and carried her upstairs to the bathroom and sat her down on the counter.

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