All For Love

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Chapter 24

Matthew got all the stuff out and helped her remove her shirt and removed the old bandages. Lindsay saw all the wounds. Mitch stood at the door.

“How bad are they?” Kelly asked.

“Let me look here,” Lindsay said.

“Bro, I could kill her mother for this,” Mitch whispered.

“I wanted to but Dad said that there was only so much we could do to her, remember,” Matthew whispered.

“Guys,” Kelly said.

“Baby,” Matthew said.

“Sis,” Mitch said.

“What are you guys saying?” Kelly asked.

“Nothing,” Mitch said.

“It’s nothing baby,” Matthew said.

“Boys talk,” Kelly said.

“All I said was that I could kill your mother for this,” Mitch said.

“And I said we couldn’t because there was only so much they would allow us to do with Dad’s connections,” Matthew said.

“I want her gone,” Kelly said.

“Baby,” Matthew said.

“Sis,” Mitch said.

“No look at me, look what she did to me, I can’t see it but I’m sure it’s hideous, I must look like a monster but she did this to me, she destroyed me, I can’t go out in public like this, she got what she wanted, she wants me dead,” Kelly said.

“Matt bro,” Mitch said.

“Go talk to Dad,” Matthew said. Lindsay finished the bandages and looked at Matthew.

“I believe they are fixable, most won’t leave scars and I can fix the ones that will,” Lindsay said.

“Which ones will leave scars?” Kelly asked.

“One on your cheek and some on your arms,” Lindsay said.

“If the ones on the arms won’t be bad then just fix the one on my face,” Kelly said.

“Okay then, you are all done,” Lindsay said.

“Thanks Lindsay,” Kelly said.

“You’re welcome and once you are healed and all that, maybe we can all do some double dates,” Lindsay said.

“I will like that,” Kelly said.

“But for now, how about we start in the house, I’ll order us some Chinese,” Lindsay said.

“That’s a good idea, Lindsay, let’s go,” Mitch said. They left after Matthew told them what he and Kelly would want. Matthew got her settled on the couch.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“Baby?” Matthew asked.

“I like her,” Kelly said.

“She’s a good match for him,” Matthew said.

“Yeah I’m happy for him,” Kelly said.

“Me too baby,” Matthew said. He sat down and kissed her softly.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“Baby,” Matthew said.

“I miss you,” Kelly said.

“I’m right here baby,” Matthew said.

“I know but I meant I miss you making love to me,” Kelly said.

“I miss it too but we have to wait until you have the all clear,” Matthew said.

“Can we ask when we go to the doctor for a checkup,” Kelly said.

“Yeah baby we will,” Matthew said. Mitch and Lindsay came back with the food and they sat down and ate. Matthew helped Kelly eat.

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