All For Love

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Chapter 28

The next day, Matthew helped Kelly into the doctor’s office and got her settled into a chair.

“I hope we get good news today,” Kelly said.

“Me too baby,” Matthew said.

“I want to see again, I want to see my handsome sexy husband,” Kelly said.

“I love you my wife,” Matthew said.

“I love you more,” Kelly said.

“Matthew, Kelly, how are you both today,” the doctor said.

“I’m okay,” Kelly said.

“Doing well,” Matthew said.

“Let’s see how your wounds look,” the doctor said. He removed all the bandages and examined them. He removed the ones on her eyes and looked into her eyes.

“Doc,” Kelly said.

“Yes Kelly,” the doctor said.

“I see light,” Kelly said.

“Kel?” Matthew asked.

“Is he shining a light in my eyes?” Kelly asked.

“Yes baby he is,” Matthew said.

“You see this light,” the doctor said.

“It’s brighter that what I have been seeing,” Kelly said. He moved the light away from her eyes.

“And now?” the doctor asked.

“Now as bright but not as dark as it has been,” Kelly said.

“This is a good sign,” the doctor said.

“So I could get my sight back?” Kelly said.

“It is looking that way,” the doctor said.

“How about my other cuts?” Kelly asked.

“They are healing very nicely, I have been in touch with Dr. Lindsay Craven, she said she’s your brother’s girlfriend,” the doctor said.

“Yes,” Matthew said.

“She said she could see which cuts would scar and I agree with her and she said she would fix them,” the doctor said.

“Yes so I could look as I did before,” Kelly said.

“Yes,” the doctor said.

“Doc, what about sex?” Kelly asked.

“Kel,” Matthew said.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“You are healed enough for that,” the doctor said.

“Thank you doc,” Kelly said.

“Thank you doc,” Matthew said.

“I’ll see you back here in a couple months, if anything changes, come in sooner,” the doctor said.

“Okay doc,” Matthew said. He helped her up and dress and they left and went home. He helped her get settled on the couch.

“I’ll get you some lunch, baby,” Matthew said.

“Okay my husband,” Kelly said. He went into the kitchen and fixed her some lunch. He came back and sat down.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“I made you a sandwich baby,” Matthew said.

“Okay, will you help me?” Kelly asked.

“Don’t I always, baby, you don’t have to ask, I would gladly feed you,” Matthew said.

“I love you,” Kelly said.

“I love you more,” Matthew said. He helped her with the sandwich. He took the trash to the kitchen and cleaned up and came back and sat beside her. She snuggled up against him.

“I can’t imagine my life without you,” Kelly said.

“I can’t imagine my life without you either,” Matthew said.

“Matt, what if I never regain my eyesight, what if it’s this way forever,” Kelly said.

“Baby, don’t think like that,” Matthew said.

“I have to be prepared for the possibility,” Kelly said.

“We will take it one day at a time, but know that I am not going anywhere, I’ll always be here with you,” Matthew said.

“What about your job?” Kelly asked.

“I’m the boss, I can work from anywhere and I have an awesome VP who is in charge at the office,” Matthew said.

“What about kids, Matt,” Kelly said.

“You still want kids, right?” Matthew asked.

“Yeah but if I can’t see then how will I be a mother,” Kelly said.

“You will be a great mother,” Matthew said.

“A mom who can’t see her children,” Kelly said.

“Baby, let’s not think about that right now,” Matthew said.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“Yes baby,” Matthew said.

“I need you,” Kelly said.

“I’m right here baby,” Matthew said.

“I need you to take me upstairs and make love to me,” Kelly said. He got up and locked up the house and carried her upstairs to the bedroom and set her on the bed and removed his clothes and hers. He helped her lay on the bed and he climbed over her and kissed her deeply.

“Matt, I want us to start trying for a baby,” Kelly said.

“Oh baby,” Matthew said. He kissed her softly and he gently made love to her off and on throughout the afternoon and evening. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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