All For Love

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Chapter 29

Kelly woke up the next morning and felt the bed and didn’t feel Matthew in bed with her. She sat up.

“Matt! Matthew!” Kelly said.

“Kelly, it’s Pauline, I’m here with you for now,” Pauline said.

“Oh so where did he go?” Kelly asked.

“He had an emergency at the office, his VP came down with the flu so Matthew had to go into the office,” Pauline said.

“Oh I need help to the bathroom,” Kelly said.

“Okay honey,” Pauline said.

“I might need some clothes,” Kelly said.

“Matthew got you dressed before he left,” Pauline said.

“Oh okay,” Kelly said. Pauline helped her up and into the bathroom and helped her get on the toilet. She left the room so Kelly could go in peace. Kelly finished and wiped and pulled up her pants and flushed and found her way to the sink and washed her hands. Pauline came back in.

“All done?” Pauline asked.

“Yeah, I am praying my eyesight comes back,” Kelly said.

“Matthew said there was an improvement,” Pauline said.

“Yeah, it’s not as dark as it had been,” Kelly said.

“I got some breakfast downstairs waiting for you, a breakfast sandwich,” Pauline said.

“Something easy for me to eat myself, that’s good,” Kelly said.

“Matthew said that you liked him feeding you,” Pauline said.

“I guess I got spoiled a little,” Kelly said.

“That’s what husbands do,” Pauline said. Pauline helped her downstairs to the kitchen and sat her at the counter. She put the plate in front of her. Kelly felt for it and found it and ate.

“It’s so simple to eat like this, I don’t have to worry about poking myself with a fork,” Kelly said.

“He only wants you doing that when he’s home and can do it himself,” Pauline said.

“I love him so,” Kelly said.

“And he loves you too,” Pauline said. The doorbell rang. Pauline went and opened the door and saw David and Melanie standing there.

“Pauline?” Melanie asked.

“Yes,” Pauline said.

“I’m Melanie, Matthew’s sister and this is David, my boyfriend and Kelly’s lawyer,” Melanie said.

“Come on in, Kelly’s eating breakfast in the kitchen,” Pauline said. They came in and went into the kitchen.

“Hey sis,” Melanie said.

“Hey sweetie,” David said.

“Hey guys, what brings you by?” Kelly asked.

“Just wanted to visit with you since we hadn’t had the chance with both of us being so busy,” Melanie said.

“Sorry about that,” Kelly said.

“Not your fault, sis,” Melanie said.

“Tara told us you went to visit your mother,” David said.

“Yeah I think I got closure,” Kelly said.

“Kelly, I probably should tell you that your father canceled the divorce, he’s not going to divorce her,” David said.

“Oh,” Kelly said.

“Paul said they talked and he forgave her,” David said.

“Your dad said that 35 years is too long to be thrown away,” Melanie said.

“So what happens now,” Kelly said.

“Your mom isn’t getting out any time soon, they want her to remain there for her whole prison sentence which is five years,” Melanie said.

“Oh,” Kelly said.

“Matt told us your progress,” David said.

“I’m hoping you get your eyesight back, some of the customers miss you,” Melanie said.

“I miss them too, I’m praying as well,” Kelly said.

“David, let’s hang out here today,” Melanie said..

“I knew you would want to, I brought some work with me,” David said.

“Who has the bakery going right now?” Kelly asked.

“Tara and Sarah,” Melanie said.

“They put Kate strictly on desk duty so she’s been doing the paperwork and bills and all that,” David said.

“Ryan comes with her and supervises her so she doesn’t overdo it,” Melanie said.

“He’s so excited to become a father,” Kelly said.

“I’ve never seen anyone more excited,” Melanie said.

“I miss everyone,” Kelly said.

“Who hasn’t come to visit you yet?” Melanie asked.

“Tara, Sara, Ben, Kate, Ryan, your parents,” Kelly said.

“Okay I’ll take care of that,” Melanie said. She made some phone calls. David cleaned up for her and helped her into the living room and got her settled on the couch and they sat down with her.

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