All For Love

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Chapter 30

Matthew sat in his office finishing up some work before he headed home. He looked up and saw his parents standing there.

“Mom? Dad?” Matthew asked.

“Hey son,” Harris said.

“How’s Kelly?” Laura asked.

“Well you guys would know if you came to visit her,” Matthew said.

“I’m sorry son,” Harris said.

“We got a call from your sister about that, we should have visited her sooner,” Laura said.

“We didn’t want to overwhelm her,” Harris said.

“Dad, overwhelm her, she needs her family, you guys are her family, she loves you guys, I thought you loved her as well,” Matthew said.

“We do, oh god Harris, why did we not visit sooner,” Laura said.

“We should have done better, we should have been there for you both, I’m sorry son, we are going there now,” Harris said.

“I’m getting ready to head home now, come on,” Matthew said. They went out the door and went to the house. They walked in and saw Melanie, David, Tara, Paul, Benjamin, Sarah, Mitch, and Lindsay there.

“You’re kidding right, your father called off the divorce?” Mithc asked.

“Yep, he’s going to see about moving her to the house so she could be under house arrest for the rest of her sentence,” Paul said.

“He’s crazy,” Sarah said.

“I can’t believe this,” Kelly said. Matthew moved to his wife and knelt down in front of her.

“I’m here baby,” Matthew said.

“Matt!” Kelly said. She reached for him and he took her into his arms. She buried her face in his neck.

“Paul, Kelly, I can make some calls to prevent her from being able to leave the hospital,” Harris said

“I don’t want our dad to hate us,” Kelly said.

“He won’t know about it,” Harris said.

“He will figure it out,” Paul said.

“Dad, do it,” Mitch said.

“Bro,” Matthew said.

“No, after everything she did, Matt, look at what she did to your wife, she should not get out of jail free card,” Mitch said.

“He’s right, she needs to pay for what she did,” Melanie said.

“What you guys did wasn’t enough,” Tara said.

“I have to agree with Mitch,” Lindsay said.

“Me too,” David said.

“Kelly? Paul?” Laura asked.

“Sis?” Paul asked.

“Oh god,” Kelly said. She broke down in Matthew’s arms. He held her close.

“I guess go for it,” Paul said.

“Kelly, baby?” Matthew asked.

“I just pray he doesn’t find out,” Kelly said.

“Find out what?” Peter asked.

“Dad,” Paul said.

“What’s going on here?” Peter asked.

“You tell us, Peter, why would you want Melissa out of the hospital and on house arrest,” Mitch said.

“She’s my wife,” Peter said.

“Look what your wife did to your daughter!” Mitch said.

“I know what she did and she was wrong,” Peter said.

“That doesn’t give her a get out of jail free card!” Mitch said.

“Dad, I know you love her but what about Kelly, don’t you care about her at all?” Paul asked.

“Of course I do,” Peter said.

“How can you think it’s okay for your wife to get away with what she did?” Melanie asked.

“Peter, do you love your wife more than your daughter?” Tara asked.

“I’m sorry but I do,” Peter said.

“Then just get out,” Paul said.

“This isn’t your house, Paul,” Peter said.

“No but it’s mine and I say get the hell out,” Matthew said.

“Kelly?” Peter asked.

“GET OUT!” Kelly yelled.

“Leave now!” Benjamin said.

“You are no longer my father if you even think of getting our out of the hospital,” Paul said.

“Think long and hard, Peter, I do have better connections and I can make sure it doesn’t happen,” Harris said. Peter looked at all of them and went out the door. Kelly broke down sobbing. Matthew held her tight.

“I’m here baby I’m here,” Matthew said.

“I better call Grandma,” Pual said. He went to make the call. Harris made some calls.

“I can’t believe this is happening, he loves her more than me, what did I do to him,” Kelly said.

“You did nothing wrong, baby,” Matthew said.

“He belongs there with her,” Mitch said.

“Grandma is beyond pissed, she’s going to set him straight,” Paul said.

“I spoke with the judge, he’s going to make sure she doesn’t get released,” Harris said.

“I hope so,” Paul said.

“Mom? Dad?” Kelly asked.

“Yes honey,” Harris said.

“Yes sweetie,” Laura said.

“You both are my parents now,” Kelly said.

“And we always will be,” Laura said.

“We are here for you, Kelly, you are our daughter as much as Melanie is,” Harris said.

“I better go tell Kate what’s going on,” Paul said.

“How come she didn’t come over?” Kelly asked.

“She was exhausted from work today so Ryan took her home to rest,” Tara said.

“Oh god I hope this doesn’t upset her to the point where something would happen with the baby,” Kelly said.

“Me too sis,” Paul said. He hugged her and kissed her forehead and he and Tara left. Melanie and David hugged her and left. Benjamin and Sarah hugged her and left. Mitch and Lindsay left.

“Call if you need us,” Harris said.

“Thanks Dad,” Matthew said.

“Love you guys,” Kelly said.

“And we love you both,” Laura said. They hugged them and left. Matthew locked up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom and they went and showered. He made love to her in the shower. They dried off and collapsed on the bed and made love again before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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