All For Love

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Chapter 32

Three weeks later, Matthew was in the kitchen making some lunch when he heard a crash upstairs. He ran up the stairs and into the bedroom and saw a lap broken.

“Kelly?” Matthew asked.

“In here,” Kelly said. He went into the bathroom and saw her sitting by the toilet. There was vomit all over the floor and toilet seat.

“Oh baby,” Matthew said.

“I had to throw up,” Kelly said.

“Well you certainly did,” Matthew said.

“Am I a mess?” Kelly asked.

“No you avoided yourself and got it all over the floor and toilet seat,” Matthew said.

“Oh god, I’m sorry,” Kelly said.

“It’s okay baby,” Matthew said. He lifted her away from the mess and looked her over and sat her on the bed and put the trash can in her lap. She felt it and giggled.

“Thank you my love,” Kelly said.

“I’ll be right back, got a mess to clean up,” Matthew said.

“Oh babe I’m sorry,” Kelly said.

“It’s not your fault,” Matthew said. He went into the bathroom and cleaned up the mess. He changed clothes and went downstairs and came back with lunch.

“You feel like eating some lunch?” Matthew asked.

“Oh god,” Kelly said. She threw up in the trash can. He waited until she was finished and took the trash can to clean it and deodorized it and sat it back down. He picked her up and carried her out the door.

“Babe?” Kelly asked.

“I’m taking you to see the doctor,” Matthew said.

“Babe it could be something I ate,” Kelly said.

“Baby I ate the same things you did and I’m not throwing up,” Matthew said.

“Oh god babe, I think I know why I’m throwing up, I could be pregnant,” Kelly said.

“Another reason to take you to the doctor,” Matthew said. They got into the car and went to the hospital and she got in to see a doctor.

“Hello I’m Dr. Martin, and you are?” Dr. Martin asked.

“I’m Kelly Jones and this is my husband Matthew Jones,” Kelly said.

“Hello,” Matthew said.

“What brings you two in today?” Dr. Martin said.

“I’ve been throwing up this morning, I believe I know what it could be, I might be pregnant,” Kelly said.

“Okay then let’s run some tests to be sure,” Dr. Martin said.

“Doc, just letting you know that she can’t see right now, she had glass in her eyes that caused her to lose her eyesight for the time being but it’s getting better,” Matthew said.

“And how did she end up with glass in her eyes?” Dr. Martin asked.

“My mother threw me into the donut case at the bakery I own with my sister and best friends,” Kelly said.

“Her mother is in the mental hospital right now serving her prison sentence of five years,” Matthew said.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, it looks like you are healing up nicely,” Dr. Martin said.

“That’s what they keep saying, I wish I could see for myself,” Kelly said.

“You will be able to eventually, so I will need you to go pee in a cup, I guess your husband can help you,” Dr. Martin said.

“He always helps me when I need it,” Kelly said. Matthew helped her to the bathroom and held the cup while she went. He put it where it was to go and helped her clean up and he washed his hands and helped her wash hers. They went back to the room and sat down. The doctor did some other tests.

“Okay then I’ll be right back with the results,” Dr. Martin said. She left the room. Matthew stood there beside her. She leaned against him.

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